Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kids Martial Arts Peabody MA

How Do Martial Arts Make Kids Better in Studies, Sports and Life 
written by: Master McCorry

It is the dream of a parent to see his/her child excelling in studies, sports and extracurricular activities. You provide your kid with the best of everything – the best education, nutritious food, coaching classes, memory boosters, study aids and so on – but nothing really seems to make a difference. However, there is something, which will make a difference. It is martial arts.

Kids and Martial Arts: The Advantages How does martial arts work wonders on your kid? Here are some ways: Martial Arts Makes Kids Better Students Many martial arts like Karate and Kung Fu aim at sharpening your kid’s mental skills. These include memory, concentration, quick thinking, analytic powers and reasoning abilities. A kid who has learned martial arts applies these skills to his/her studies. Surveys have shown that martial arts learners have better analyzing abilities and memory, which help them to understand and remember what they study.

Martial Arts Make Kids Better Persons The power of martial arts is not limited to studies. While learning martial arts, especially the Chinese and Japanese arts, your kids learn the underlying philosophy also. They get exposed to a new view of life. This broadens their vision. Kids who are martial art learners develop self-confidence, self-esteem and boldness. They approach life with a positive view.

Martial Arts Foster Discipline and Punctuality Learning a martial art demands some discipline from kids. Kids who learn martial arts are asked to keep punctuality in their classes, be disciplined, obey their instructors and cooperate with others. As a result, they become more punctual in their school. They finish tasks such as homework, projects and class assignments in time. They behave in the proper way with their classmates and teachers.
Martial Arts Makes Kids Better in Sports and Arts Excelling in sports and arts are as beneficial as excelling in studies. Martial arts assist kids in this too. Through martial arts practice, their motor skills and hand-eye coordination considerably improves. This helps kids in sports like basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey. This also comes handy in dance, ballet and aerobics. Martial arts boosts the physical strength as well. This helps kids to spend more time in their extracurricular activities such as gym and sports without being exhausted.

Martial Arts Makes Kids Healthy Kids today have no physical exercise at all. Spending hours before the television and video games without any outdoor activity makes them prone to obesity and much more complicated problems later in life. Martial arts are a solution. It provides them the much-needed exercise. Obesity and child health problems can be curbed through martial arts. Martial arts provides stamina and energy to kids who are unhealthy and fragile.

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Programs When you choose something for your kid, you always choose the best. Then why not do it in martial arts as well? Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts, located in Peabody, MA, is the best place to learn martial arts in the North Shore. A tradition of forty years makes the academy unique. The academy is blessed with a serene campus. The teachers here are internationally recognized martial art gurus. Bruce McCorry’s provides courses in Karate, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts to name a few. For kids, there are special programs like the Afterschool Program [AMP] and the very popular Summer Program. A specially designed syllabus and high quality safety measures make the academy the best around.


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