Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Deal with Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts - Your Ultimate Anti-Bullying Advocate!
written by: Master McCorry
In 2006, when the PACER’s Bullying Prevention Center declared October as the month for National Bullying Prevention, it was an attempt by some insightful minds to recognize the threat bullying poses to safety of childhood. Since then, the national anti-bullying campaign has remained alive. However, despite awareness campaigns and prevention programs since then, it hasn’t yet been possible to bring about a complete prevention of this danger. This is partly because of the fact that total prevention of a deep-rooted problem like bullying can only be done by those who are immediately involved in it. In spite of the awareness programs and self-help campaigns, ultimately it is the victim who can stand up and put an end to bullying. What can you do if you are faced with such a situation? Here are some ways to deal with bullying. How to Deal with Bullying? 1. Assert Yourself: Mostly, bullies target children who are unassertive. If you are being bullied, it is important for you to assert yourself and let others know that you have a voice. It is important to have the courage to say no when you are forced to do something you don’t like.
2. Make friends: What you need the most when you are bullied is support. Often, kids who find it difficult to make friends become the victims of bullying because the bullies know that the victim will lack the support of others. It is a good thing to make friends in a new class so that your friends will stand up for you when you are in difficult situation. 3. Stand up for Your Friends: One thing to remember is that bullies take advantage of your fear. If there’s only one person to resist bullying, it won’t make much of a difference. But if there are many of you to resist a bully, you will make a difference. So it is a good thing to stand up for your friends if you see them being bullied. 4. Share your Concerns: Victims of bullying may not feel like sharing their problems with others, especially adults. There are many factors that may prevent them: humiliation and fear are some. You need to realize is that if you are being bullied, it is not your fault. Though you may hesitate, intervention from an adult – a parent or a teacher – can put an end to your problems at once. The more you open up to others, the less difficulty you will have to face. 5. Defend yourself: Most of the times, a bully overpowers a victim using physical might rather than assertiveness. Verbally asserting yourself is important, but it is more important to physically defend yourself. If you feel that you are not strong enough, it would be useful to learn some self-defense technique. It can be anything from Karate to Taekwondo. Any fighting sport or martial art will come to your help if you are at a position of disadvantage. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts – Your Anti-Bullying Advocate Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy offers lessons in more than ten useful martial arts. Martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s will teach you how to protect yourself when you have to deal with a bully. Bruce McCorry’s does not tell students to be aggressive toward others. Rather, the academy will teach you how to be confident, defensive and self-assertive when others take advantage of you. Sign up today for Bruce McCorry’s Martial Art lessons – your ultimate anti-bullying advocate. Please spread the word about October being National Bullying Prevention Month.

Friday, September 26, 2014

How Karate Makes Better Students

Karate Kids - How Karate Makes Better Students
written by: Master McCorry
Psychologists have come to agree that a child’s performance in studies more or less depends upon psychological factors like intellectual quotient, memory and so on. These faculties differ from person to person since most of them are the products of either one’s genetic disposition or the situations in which one grow up. In the wake of this knowledge, it is important to think whether any external factor at all can make a difference to a child’s performance in school. Nothing can alter a person’s genetic disposition. So, even if an external factor can influence a child’s grades, it will have to enhance a person’s memory and intellect through external circumstances. Martial arts, especially Karate, is one such external training method that can enhance a child’s intellectual faculties and make him/her excel in the classroom. How Karate Kids are Born: The Link between Karate and Studies Training in Karate influences the human mind in different ways and enhances its capabilities. This will eventually help in making our children better students and better human beings. On one hand, increased physical strength will help them to spend more time for studies without being tired. Apart from that, Karate also helps in the following aspects of studies:
Reasoning, Thinking and Focus: Physical moves in Karate can develop the qualities of concentration, quick thinking, reasoning and spontaneous responses in a child. Concentration helps a child to focus more in studies and reduces the chances of distraction. Thinking, reasoning and quick response helps them in subjects like mathematics and physical sciences which demand these skills. Karate improves memory as well. Confidence: Those times are gone when memorizing could fetch your grades in classrooms. The modern educational system assesses the potential of a child throughout the term through various methods. By learning Karate, a child develops not only the critical thinking ability to arrive at one’s own opinions but also the confidence to articulate this without fearing failure or criticism. This is possible because Karate can foster self esteem in your child.
Dealing with Stress: Schoolwork often creates situations in which children are forced to work under pressure. These circumstances may come from time constraint, competitive atmosphere, the demand for perfection or even highly demanding systems like relative grading. Karate imparts to a child the courage and determination to work under stress and still come up with the best results. Performance beyond Schoolbooks: Studies are no more confined to schoolbooks. Extracurricular activities like sports and arts are counted among the achievements of children. These activities can open up chances of higher studies for your child. Karate comes to help here as well. Enhanced physical and mental potential can help your child to excel in sports and arts.
Unique Children’s Karate Classes: Bruce McCorry’s Academy Any martial art lesson becomes unique when the strength of traditional martial arts joins hands with innovative outlooks. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) is one of those academies where the essence of traditional Karate blends with the innovative approach of professional martial arts. Here, children have many options to choose from. At Bruce McCorry’s they can also learn Karate in afterschool hours in such a way that it does not come to conflict with their school hours. Bruce McCorry’s Karate classes have many other benefits like a specially designed curriculum, effective teaching methodology and a dedicated team of teachers. Make the choice today!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Martial Art Programs - Which One is Best for You?

Martial Art Programs - Which One is Best for You?
written by: Master McCorry
For years, martial art has remained the buzzword in fitness circles. Those who wish to be fit and those who want to be healthy started pursuing martial arts. Even today, the influx of martial art aspirants haven’t stopped, because, every day more research studies come up that unveil a new discovery about the benefits of martial arts. Just as the number of martial art aspirants grew, there was also a corresponding increase in the number of choices. Today, you have around fifty different variants or sub-variants of martial arts to choose from. This huge number of options encompasses all kinds of arts – Western and oriental, traditional and innovative, arts for the body and arts for the mind. All this makes the act of choosing a difficult one. Before you choose, you need to realize what is best for you.
Martial Art Programs – Which One is Good for You? Though they all belong to one large family, each martial art is different from another in its nuances and structure. Here is what each martial art does for your body and mind: 1. Health and Fitness: This is not a traditional goal of martial arts, though each martial art has the potential to make you fit and healthy. Still, innovative martial arts like Cardio Kickboxing and Judo have a better impact on physical health and fitness. 2. Stress Relief: Stress relief is one of the main reasons why martial arts are so popular among working communities and students. If this is your goal, you can opt for simpler and milder martial arts like Tai Chi or Yoga. 3. Self Defense: Modern societies are also attracted to martial arts because it can teach them to protect themselves. Though all martial arts can teach you to defend yourselves, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and Karate are more effective in this sense. However, these arts are also popular in terms of the health benefits they can offer. 4. Thrilling Arts versus Soft Arts: If you need a martial art that is challenging and thrilling, you can opt for radical and power-packed arts like Mixed Martial Arts, Krav Maga or Xtreme Martial Arts. If you are in for a milder one without much power involved, it is better to choose simpler arts like Tai Chi. Soft martial arts are also better for beginners. 5. Confidence: Most martial arts can instill self confidence in you. Karate, Judo and Kung Fu can fortify your mind and nurture self esteem in you more effectively than others. Seeking Professional Aid and Choosing Martial Arts Though we can say that some martial arts are better than others for some purposes, these are all highly generalized statements. This is so because each person’s needs and capabilities are much different from another person. So the question of what is best for you always boils down to your individual disposition. Seeking the help of professional martial artists and martial art instructors is always a better way to find out what is best for you when it comes to martial arts.
There are many institutions that offer thorough guidance on which martial arts is the best for you. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) is a platform where you can meet martial art veterans who will assist you to realize your ideal martial art. Bruce McCorry’s Academy runs more than ten programs with qualified teachers and supervisors, from which you can choose your suitable art. Choose the best and learn the perfect martial art at Bruce McCorry’s!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Parents and Martial Arts: Why Parents Love It

Parents and Martial Arts: Why Parents Love It
Written by: Master McCorry
If you ask parents what is their most helpful companion in bringing up a child, their answer may be anything ranging from school to daycare. However, if you ask the same question to the parents of a martial art learner, all of them would give you the same answer – martial arts! More and more parents have started loving martial arts because they have realized that it does more good to their child than any other activity, pastime or hobby put together. What makes martial arts a prized term to so many parents? The answer lies in the unbelievable change that it can bring about in your child.

Parents and Martial Arts: Why Parents Love It Parents love martial arts because it helps them to easily accomplish many tasks which would have been otherwise drained them out. With martial arts, parenting is easier than before. How can it be so? 1. Martial Arts and Health: If you have ever been a parent, you know the effort it takes to keep your children away from illnesses. There are parents who worry before and after each routine visit to a doctor, anxious that children would get sick. Martial arts makes kids healthier, stronger and immune to common diseases. It also gives them enough physical activity that reduces the chances of obesity or lifestyle diseases in future. 2. Studies and Martial Arts: There is nothing that a parent would not do to make sure that children don’t falter in studies. Here also, martial arts comes to their aid. If your child chooses to practice any martial arts at all, it would naturally improve his/her grades. This is so because kids achieve sharpened memory, better capability to retain concepts and the ability to concentrate in studies through martial arts. Increased energy levels is an add-on to all these. 3. Martial Arts for Extra-Curricular Activities: Martial arts is not only for studies. It also aids your child in a number of other fields such as sports, athletics and games because it provides a lot of energy. Martial arts is a good brain-booster and thus helps in the fields of arts, creative thinking and innovation. Once children realize that there is a world beyond their studies in which they have a chance of excelling, they grow up as broadminded and optimistic persons. 4. Self Defense with Martial Arts: Many classroom problems such as bullying, cyber bullying, peer pressure and stress take their told on kids. Parents can do little to help them because children are very hesitant to share such problems with others. We usually see that kids neither stand up for themselves, nor share their problems with anyone who can help them – perhaps a parent or a teacher. Martial arts comes to their help in this as well, since it can make children confident and courageous. Children who learn martial arts develop the capability to manage their problems without fuss. It is a solution to those worries which parents have been dreading for years.
Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy Martial arts is the best asset you can give your children to make them happy and fortify their future life. Bruce McCorry’s Academy offers beneficial martial art lessons for youngsters and adults in many different arts. You too can experience the fulfillment that many other parents have already attained by choosing martial arts for children. Try it today!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Magic of Manners - The Martial Arts Way

The Magic of Manners - The Martial Arts Way
written by: Master McCorry
It has been a while since we have started lamenting the devaluing of etiquette and manners in the present society. It is true that the 21st century mindset, driven by the thoughts of individual prosperity and money, has started giving less importance to our duties toward society as a whole. Whatever excuses we may make, we need to acknowledge that our popular culture and widely altered value concepts influence us. Movies, internet and social media have desensitized our minds to violence, rudeness and lack of mutual respect. This is ironic because, on one hand humanity is making leaps of progress by abandoning redundant concepts like discrimination and gender oppression , whereas, on the other hand we are forgetting those values which are important in our daily lives: those of proper behavior, mutual respect, consideration and friendliness. Why Do We Need to Be Bothered? If we think of what we see before us every day, it will tell us why we need to be bothered. Despite the attempts to mask offensive language in popular media, the usage of strong language has become rampant, and often it is used to hurt the sentiments of marginalized people. Though we value the concept of respect, there is a general increase in abusive behavior and violence against vulnerable sections of society. We teach our children to esteem elders, protect women and be more sympathetic to the disadvantaged. Yet, in today’s world, women are less safe, the disadvantaged are more vulnerable, and old age is a less happy place. Relationships are easily strained and broken because people don’t realize it when they hurt the sentiments of others. We need to be bothered because only through the values of proper behavior, manners and etiquette can we make the world a better place tomorrow.
The Magic of Manners – The Martial Arts Way The easiest way to change a society is to instill good values in youngsters. If you want your child to grow up admiring good manners, proper etiquette and respectful behavior, martial arts is a good way to teach these values. Psychologists have noted that those who learn martial arts tend to be more careful of the sentiments of others. How can martial arts change a person by changing his/her manners? Every martial art has a doctrine beneath it which is built upon values of mutual consideration. In the case of children, martial arts can teach them principles which will help them to grow up as good persons. They will learn through martial arts to obey elders, be more considerate toward those who need help and behave properly. Martial arts can change the life of adults as well. It's proven that martial art learners err less in relationships, sustain relationships better and fulfill their social duties more effectively. This happens because their art has taught them how to behave in a way that would not hurt others.
If this is what you wish for your children, then you should lead him/her to the world of martial arts. Institutions like Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) offer martial arts lessons for children and adults with a view to instill good manners in them. It is in your hand to make a successful person out of your child through martial arts. It is also not too late to change your own life. Do it today!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - The Best Choice Martial Arts School

Since 1990s, we witnessed what can be called the boom years for martial arts. Since then, there has been a greater awareness of the innumerable benefits of martial arts as well as an unvarying increase in the number of martial art learners. This has also given birth to more and more martial art schools in every city, leaving the responsibility of choice to the hands of the learners. Choosing the best is the success mantra when it comes to martial arts. Bruce McCorry’s Academy for Martial Arts, a martial art school situated in Peabody in Massachusetts is  the favorite choice of new learners.
The Academy – An Overview Established in 1978, Bruce McCorry’s Academy was one of the earliest institutions of its kind in the United States. Started under the supervision of Master Bruce McCorry, the academy fuses the strength of tradition and innovation in martial arts. Over the past four decades, Bruce McCorry’s has grown into a top-ranking martial arts institution available, which provides courses in more than ten different martial arts for people of all age groups, starting at 3 years of agr.. Courses, Syllabus and Method: Bruce McCorry’s Academy follows recognized syllabus in each course. Each program is inclusive, professional and at the same time adaptable. Children’s programs like the After School (AMP) and Summer Programs follow special syllabi intended to suit the potential and interest of kids. At present, Bruce McCorry’s offers Adult classes as well in Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, XMA, MMA and Yoga. Children can learn the best of these courses in the After School and Summer Programs, Adults can learn the best from during the daily schedule. An attempt to make the classes as inclusive as possible led the academy to design a special course for people with special needs, intending to make them explore their own unique abilities and potential through martial arts.
Staff and Instructors: The strength of Bruce McCorry’s Academy is a team of expert instructors, most of them with an experience ranging from ten to forty years as learners or teachers of their respective arts. Headed by Master Bruce McCorry, this team comprises of the best martial artists around and people with an insight into the potential of martial arts. There is also a team of non-teaching staff whose dedicated work ensures safety, hospitability and smooth working at the academy at all times. Campus and Amenities: Bruce McCorry’s owns one of the most student-friendly campuses in the locality. Equipped with professional facilities and safety measures, the Bruce McCorry’s campus is also a hub of student activity. Whichever age group you belong to, Bruce McCorry’s will give you the space to build bonds with people of your same age and learn much from your seniors and teachers. Don't forget it's for Adult too! :)

The Legacy of Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy
With forty years of experience, Bruce McCorry’s has a vibrant alumni spread over two generations. The people who were initiated to martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s have been successful and confident in their lives. Martial arts have helped many of them to overcome their personal challenges such as lack of self-confidence, weak health, illnesses, stress and much more. With the enrollment to various programs having started, now it is your chance to feel the magic of martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy. If you are in lookout for the best martial arts school, Bruce McCorry’s is your destination. Hurry now!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why an After School Program is Important

Why an After School Program is Important
written by: Master McCorry
Studies show that there is an unbelievable increase in the number of working parents since the recent economic depression. When more and more parents forsake their stay-at-home status for better living conditions, they have a number of challenges to deal with, especially concerning their children. Many parents have started seeking out after school programs. However, there are some who are still not convinced of the importance of after school programs in a child’s life. Many parents hesitate because they believe that any activity after school will be too much for a child after dreary school hours. Why is an after school course so important after all? Dangers of Leaving Kids Unsupervised If there is no one to watch over the kids, the after school hours can prove the most risky time during a day. Leaving smaller kids alone at home is like inviting danger without reason. Child Alert, an organization dedicated to child safety, has come up with a detailed study on why children under 10 years of age should not be left alone at home as the chances of danger from falling, fire, water and poisoning are more among home-alone kids.
In the case of older children and teenagers, the danger is of a more damaging kind. William Gladden Foundation, a child-help organization based in Florida, shows how kids who spent after school time unsupervised develop emotional and social consequences. Most of the kids who belong to 12 plus age groups choose to roam the streets with friends rather than watch television in their living rooms. Any child may fall to these traps due to peer pressure. As a result, the chances of drug abuse, alcoholism and underage driving are more among the unsupervised children. There is also what the psychologists have started calling the "stranger danger" as more children are made victims by strangers during after school hours.

After School Programs: The Importance
Until a few decades back, stay-at-home parents or grandparents helped in averting these dangers. However, in these changed times, the only solution is an after school program. Whether an after school program will or will not burden a child depends upon the nature of the course. If you pick something like a second language course for your child, it may exhaust him/her. The best after school programs are those which a child can enjoy without much effort, and at the same time, will be useful to them in some way. Martial arts is one such program!

After School Martial Arts
After school time is considered fitting for learning martial arts since martial arts is something that refreshes kids after studies. In school, they work with their mind. Physical activities after school can compensate this and restore their vigor. Martial arts also provides numerous other benefits including enhanced health, better immunity, sharp memory, increased self-confidence and much more.
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) has a one-of-a-kind after school program in martial arts. Here, children get to learn the martial art of their choice in a manner and amount that suits them personally. After school programs at Bruce McCorry’s has additional highlights like nationally-recognized syllabus, transport facility, veteran teachers and a friendly campus atmosphere. After school programs at Bruce McCorry’s will help your child to excel in learning, sports and extra-curricular activities alike. Enroll today!

Friday, September 5, 2014

How Martial Arts Helps in Sports

How Martial Arts Helps in Sports and Creates Better Athletes
written by: Master McCorry
If you ask children why they want to be a champion in sports, they will have their own reasons. Being sports champions helps them to be popular in school, to remain fit and healthy, to get a possible position in college and much more. Beyond all this, the reality is that more and more children take up sports just because it is their passion. Being a better athlete or a better sportsman is, for them, a dream come true. Despite their love for sports, many kids fail to achieve their sports dreams either because they doubt their caliber or their talent. Can martial arts help these children?
Martial Arts: A Stepping Stone to Being Better Athletes Any martial artist will vouch for the fact that martial art is an aid to your performance in sports. This is not only in the case of children, but even for adults who wish to build up a career in sports, martial arts may be useful. Here are some instances of how martial arts and sports are bound together in different ways.
1. Enhanced Physical Capability: Many children cannot excel in sports because they are not strong enough, even though they are really passionate. Martial arts gradually enhances physical strength. When it comes to athletics, this enhanced capability will help you to endure longer practice hours, and have an advantage over those who are not as strong as you. 2. Better Reflexes: In many games, reflexes have a great role in determining victory. Reflexes are those quick and spontaneous actions that one makes during a game, which may prove extremely useful. Martial arts like Karate and Tai Chi improve reflexes by teaching you how to make swift, impulsive and explosive reactions even under pressure. 3. Enhanced Reasoning: Many believe that you need reasoning and analytic abilities only for intellect-based games like chess. The reality is that you may have to apply reasoning in every single sport to scheme out and understand strategies. Even in athletics, especially in long-distance ones, it is important to analyze the task at hand and refine your speed so that you can cover long distances in the shortest time without being tired. Martial arts also involves a lot of calculation and reasoning, which will help you to come up with winning strategies in sports, games and athletics. 4. Building Self-Confidence and Sportsman Spirit: The final and inevitable ingredient in a champion’s success is self-confidence. Self-confidence is not just the courage to face your opponent. It is also faith in your own capability and a will to take even setbacks positively. Only those who master the skill of sportsman spirit can be a champion in any sport. Above everything, the most precious value that martial art teaches you is self-confidence.
Excel in Sports through Learning Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy Bruce McCorry’s Center for Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) is one of those academies that give importance to professional and customized martial arts. Teachers at Bruce McCorry’s know what exactly their students need in their individual context. In lessons for children, Bruce McCorry’s strikes the precise balance between simple and quality martial arts. Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy will be an add-on to your sports career. Martial arts and sports are interlinked in many ways, and learning martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s will help you to know how to make the link work. Admissions are open to a number of courses including the Afterschool Martial Arts Program for children. Hurry now!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why Martial Arts to Stop Bullying

How to Handle Bullying: Martial Arts to Help.
written by: Master McCorry
Bullying has remained an incurable threat in our classrooms for years. Despite the attempts by authorities to make the classrooms more student-friendly, bullying has never been totally erased. In older times, it was confined to classrooms, school grounds and dormitories, and could be controlled with a little attention from the part of teachers. However, with most children having access to the internet, bullying too has taken new forms, especially that of cyber bullying. This is a technologized form of classroom bullying, in which bullies victimize others through messages, rumors and pictures circulated through smartphones, tablets and internet. This has a larger impact on victims – on one hand, such destructive messages reach more audience at once. Secondly, it remains there forever to remind victims of their past difficulties. Why Martial Arts to Stop Bullying? It is not a surprise, when Stop Bullying - the anti-bullying initiative by the US government - reports that 70.6% of the people admit to having been bullied, and only 30% of all the bullying incidents are revealed to adults. There are many self-help groups that help children to overcome the negative effects of bullying and start a new life. It is worth asking how many kids are really benefited from these initiatives in a country where the 70% of the victims don’t even share these incidents or seek help. We need to understand that averting bullying is always more helpful than trying to heal the damage. That is why children need martial arts. How to Handle Bullying: Martial Arts to Help Martial arts aids to prevent bullying in many ways:
1. Self Confidence: Martial arts gives kids the self-confidence not to lose resolution when they are bullied. Many bullying incidents continue because the victims are either powerless or hesitant to offer resistance. 2. Physical Strength: Even weak children can achieve physical strength through martial arts. This is important because most often the weak and fragile children are the victims. 3. Unity and Cooperation: Stop Bullying initiative notes that most instances of bullying cease within ten seconds once a bystander interferes. Martial arts teaches team spirit and values of cooperation, which help children to stand up for others and check bullying. 4. Martial Arts and Bullies: Though we usually sympathize with the victims and despise bullies, the other side of the coin is that bullies too need help. They are also young kids, and they do this mostly because they have been victimized or badly treated somewhere else. No parent wants his/her own child to turn into a bully. Martial arts will instill the values of friendship, compassion and respect in children. It is a good channel to divert the aggressive energy of children and make them compassionate human beings when they grow up.
Bruce McCorry’s Academy for Martial Arts More parents now realize that martial arts will give their children the courage to protect themselves when they are victimized and the ability to calm themselves when they are provoked. In order to eradicate bullying, we have to erase the circumstances that cause it, and martial arts is a great way. Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, Massachusetts) has a number of courses for school-going children, where they get to learn the values of confidence, compassion and self-respect through different martial arts. A student-friendly atmosphere at Bruce McCorry’s motivates friendships, mutual respect and cooperation. Enroll today at the best martial art institution in Massachusetts!