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Martial Arts - A Family Sport

Martial Arts - A Family Sport
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Even when the numerous benefits of martial arts are trending topic around the world, many adults still reject it as a pursuit of the kids. Even those adults, who realize the value of martial arts, do not often think about family martial arts. Even though it hasn’t been as widespread, many psychologists are of the opinion that the best martial arts experience that you can have is when you do it together with your family.

Martial Art of Living: The Advantages of Family Martial Arts
There was a time, in not that very old past, when families used to spend much time together and share a lot of little things in their lives. Even as late as 1950s, we had many happy homes where parents and kids had a lot of time to share together. Many research, which have gone into the dilution of family bonds in the post-war world, point to the loss of this precious time as the reason.

One major factor is that, in the modern times, there are very few activities in which parents and kids can take part alike. This is where martial arts stands out, because it is one unique activity which you and your kids can take part together. More than that, it is something which both of you can enjoy together. Family martial arts are not just about learning martial arts, but coming to know of the values and morals inbred in them, and applying them to strengthen family ties. It helps to heal broken homes, and sustain relationships by instilling values and bonds in learners. It will also help your kids to course through their lives later.

And the advantages of family martial arts does not stop there. Again, it is one activity that has something to offer to everyone in the family. Adults can gain better physical health and a toned and fit physique through martial arts. You can also develop confidence and gain a stress-free mind. On the other hand, martial arts can help your kids to grow up healthy and immune to illnesses. It can assist their studies by improving their mind, and it can make them confident and determined humans. If you have a senior in your family, he/she too can enjoy health and happiness through martial arts. It is the vital family sports!

Martial Arts - A Family Sport: Bruce McCorry’s Academy
There are only a few trustworthy places that allow you to sign up for martial arts as a family. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy, one of the foremost martial art schools in Massachusetts since 1970s, is the top choice. Family martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy is in every way unique. It is not just martial arts for everyone in the family: it is martial arts for each of you in the family. Here you can get a customized experience, where each person in the family gets to learn martial art at a pace and formula that suits his/her age, needs and physical capability. We also have experienced and caring instructors who provide special attention to each member. It is a fun and rewarding experience for anyone who loves martial arts and wants to spend quality time with their family. Say yes today!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Inspiring Stories of Two Champions - Meet Nico and Alfred

Wonders that Martial Arts can Work: The Inspiring Stories of Two Champions - Meet Nico and Alfred


Every other place you go, you get to see write-ups that tell you what is right for your kids – what you should do for them and what not. In this maze of choosing the right life options for your child, the one option that actually stands apart and makes a true difference is martial arts. These true stories of two little champs from one of the finest martial arts school in Massachusetts - Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy - is an honest testimony of what wonders martial arts can do to your child. 

Martial Arts to Show the Way: The Story of Nico
Nico was a pleasant, happy child as a toddler. However, until he was four, his life was more or less similar to the lives of other kids. Nico liked to spend a lot of time with his friends and his family. He liked cuddling with his adorable dog Mia and having his favorite steak tips and dessert. He loved his playtime as much as any other child, and enjoyed Minecraft and Laser Tag at Laser Craze. He had also shown a precocious predilection towards soccer and drawing as a toddler.

However, when he was four, something happened which changed his life and gave him a true vision of life. In May 2012, his parents enrolled him in Karate lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy. The very first day came with a surprise, as Nico broke a board in the very first class. His exciting first day instilled a confidence in him unlike anything else he used to do before. It made him feel like he could achieve anything if he truly wants it. Since then, martial arts has been his passion. 

The young champ, who started off with the Bruce McCorry's Little Ninjas Program , has proceeded to the Junior Course and he is currently in the Afterschool Program. He is still the life-loving happy child he has always been, but martial arts have made him very persistent and hard-working. Within three years, Nico, who is a first grader now, has been selected for the Black Belt Recommendation program, advanced to basic training in weapons, and also works hard for the school. That’s a young winner-in-the-making!

Being Human, Being Champion: The Story of Alfred Nicoli
What martial arts have given to Alfred is equally surprising and inspiring. When little Alfred’s parents enrolled him in martial arts in January 2012, he was just three. Alfred was an active toddler with an overflowing supply of energy, and his parents thought this was the best option to channelize his energy. But their choice proved much more rewarding than they thought.

Within a month since the classes, Alfred had an injury to his right femur while playing at home, and was immobilized till May. His resilience made him walk again, though his leg was weak. He insisted on going back to Bruce McCorry’s, which the instructors and doctors agreed. Once he came back, the care of the teachers and his own willpower helped Alfred recover in just six months! This experience, and martial arts in general, made Alfred determined to achieve his aims, and compassionate toward others’ suffering. In the Kick-A-Thon fundraiser, organized by Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts to help children of Saint Jude’s Hospital, Alfred strived hard and emerged as one of the best fundraisers. He cherished this more than the medals he won.
The next year, at the annual tournaments, he won a gold in breaking with the same injured leg! And when he was awarded a gold medal instead of a bronze one by mistake for another competition, the 6-year-old gave it back with a true sportsman spirit and was given a special award for his goodness.

What martial arts have made of Alfred is a compassionate, goodhearted, resilient child just as it made Nico a persistent hard worker with true goals in his life. Martial arts can do this and much more to your kids as well, but if only you choose it for them.

Transform Your Child’s Life: Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts
There is one decision that the parents of these two martial art ninjas are thankful for in their lives: that is sending their kids to an organized and caring martial arts school like Bruce McCorry’s. As Nico’s and Alfred’s experience show, Bruce McCorry’s Academy tries to mold the students to human beings with a healthy body, determined mind and a sympathetic heart, not just martial artists who can fight. And this exactly what makes all the difference. Your children are who make your home and family special. Make the choice today!

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Magic of Meditation and Martial Arts

The Magic of Meditation and Martial Arts
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Most often we compare martial arts with workouts, and even interpret martial arts as a workout. However, there is one thing you miss out then - you altogether ignore the greatest potential of martial arts: their meditative quality. Meditative techniques and meditation itself is one factor that places martial arts above all the workouts out there. Meditation adds a charm to martial arts, and enhances its advantages by three-fold.

Meditation and Martial Arts: Through the Ages
Most martial arts are born with the birth of civilizations, and have ages of tradition embedded with them. The Asian martial arts, which are the most popular, often come with centuries of tradition associated with religions, rituals and even war. The most important of these is meditation.

Over the ages, the religious and ritualistic dimensions faded out, and these arts became universal, practiced by people of all regions and belief systems. When Asian martial arts became popular over the world, their meditative facet was not widely practiced. This was because, for a war-crazy and physically oriented world of the early and mid-20th century, strength and ability was the mantra. Toward the late 20th century, the peaceful atmosphere that prevailed finally diverted the attention of people to their health, and especially mental health. Martial arts were already well-loved, and the meditative aspect went an upsurge, when many artists started practicing them. Even today, meditation is as significant as the physical movements in most martial arts.

The Magic of Meditation: Facts, Advantages and Details
Is there any benefit in choosing martial arts that have meditative techniques embedded in them? For this, we need to know what meditative martial arts can do to you.

1. Meditation, in most martial arts, is done through a combination of breath exercises and focus (and postures in some). They aid your physical health by increasing lung capacity and blood circulation.

2. Meditation can de-stress you more than anything else. It is extremely beneficial for those who want to combat work stress, study stress, depression and anxiety. 

3. Meditative part is also good for pregnant women, cardiac patients and those with special needs. It is an aspect of martial arts which they can participate without any worry.

4. Meditation can improve focus and concentration in kids. It can effectively improve their attention span. Kids with attention deficiency are often asked by physicians to take up meditative martial arts.

5. Meditation refreshes you. It is like a power nap, but only with greater effect. A few minutes of meditation within your daily martial art session can refresh your body and mind and prepare it for a day full of tasks.

6. Though not scientifically proven, meditative martial arts provide a kind of spiritual bliss as well. It is as much for the health of your soul as it is for your body and mind. People of any belief system usually testify experiencing this intense calm and soothing moment, which is the culmination of meditation in many arts like yoga.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy: Life the Magic of Meditation and Martial Arts
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) is where you need to be if you want to live the greatness of meditative martial arts. With more than ten different courses available for both kids and adults, you can experience the perfect martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s. For better body, mind and soul, try out the magic of martial arts with meditation at Bruce McCorry’s Academy. Enrollment to various courses are open now. Call now to get a free trial before making a choice! 978. 535.7878  or

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Adult Martial Art Classes

Though different kinds of statistics place the starting of adult life at different points of time, physically, a person steps into adulthood somewhere in the early thirties according to recent studies. Your mind may still have the juvenile thrill of youth, but your body starts showing its age. A few silver lines in your hair and a skin which loses its supple smoothness usually proclaim your age to you. Also your physician starts warning you to get a total body check-up each year, because the lifestyle diseases are on the threshold now. Being young even in adulthood is not that difficult, if you have the power of martial arts with you.

Adult Martial Art Classes: Why Say Yes to It?
Many of us have this preconceived notion that martial arts is something which school-going kids perform as a co-curricular activity. There is no doubt martial arts are extremely beneficial for kids, but what you need to know is that they are as useful and significant in adult life as well. Here are some of the miracles that martial arts alone can bring about:

1. The Ultimate Workout: It is the perfect solution for those who simply hate plodding on to the gym, because martial arts is the perfect work out with maximum benefit and less difficulty.

2. Health and Fitness Booster: Martial arts can keep situations like diabetes, thyroid, hypertension and high cholesterol in control. It can boost up immunity. It can also tone your body by burning up the excess body fat and redistributing the rest in a healthy way. It is the perfect adult life companion.

3. Self-Protection: Many learn martial arts for self-defense. In an age when crimes are in increase, particularly against women, martial arst is what you need to protect yourself anytime.

4. Yes to Confidence; No to Stress: For many, lack of confidence is what prevents them from attaining heights in life. Martial arts is the panacea for this, because it boosts your self-confidence and instills self worth in you. In the spring of your career, this is exactly what you need as an adult. It de-stresses you and reduces anxiety.

5. Recuperation and Martial Arts: Latest stats show how adults are more prone to chronic diseases, and the chances of lethal diseases increase as one ages. Martial arts aid the recovery of those who suffer from such diseases by improving their health, instilling confidence in them, and soothing their mind.
Quality Martial Arts Lessons for Adults: Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy
For the past four decades, Bruce McCorry’s Academy is the numero uno institution for adult martial arts in Massachusetts. You can either enroll alone, or you can enroll along with your family. It is a great chance to reap all the benefits of adult martial arts from the best martial art talents in the country. It is also a hub of engaging activities where you can de-stress and have a rejuvenating time with peers and friends of your age. It can give you not just these listed magical benefits, but it can also be a portal to a whole new world: a life-long hobby or a prospective career choice for some of you. Hurry today and grab a seat! You can even have a free trial as a special offer. Admissions are open, come join the fun!

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Best Martial Arts Academy in Ma

Massachusetts’ Best Martial Arts Academy – Bruce McCorry’s

Even though martial art-like traditions have existed in America right from the pre-Colonial times, modern martial art instruction with a global standard was introduced to Massachusetts only during late 60s and 70s. In the 40 years since, martial arts education has undergone a boom with millions of enthusiasts signing up for it, and many new institutions coming up. If you choose to learn martial arts in Massachusetts, it is important to make a choice – the choice of the best martial arts academy from amongst these hundreds of academies.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy – A Success Saga since 1978
Bruce McCorry’s is one of the earliest martial arts institutions in Massachusetts. A venture of the internationally acclaimed Taekwondo and Kung Fu instructor Master Bruce McCorry, the academy came into existence in 1978 when martial art was still a new word in Massachusetts. Since then, hundreds of new schools have come up, but Bruce McCorry’s always remained and still remains at the forefront, providing world-class martial arts education in terms of quality, curriculum, instructors and variety. What began as a small innovative endeavor has today branched into a substantial institution in US with a variety of courses, veteran instructors and a vibrant corpus of students.

Best Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s – An Overview

1) General Courses and Programs 
Courses at Bruce McCorry’s are open to learners of any age group, divided into three categories.
* Preschoolers (3-6 years) can join the Little Ninjas Program, which is a light yet comprehensive introductory course with emphasis on motor skills development.

* Children between 7-12 years can be a part of the foundation course called Juniors’ program that blends theory and tradition of martial arts with safe practicing sessions.

* Those above 13 years fall into the Teen/Adult category where you can experience professional martial art lessons customized to meet your individual goals (fitness health, confidence-building or defense) and your physical capability.

Among these, juniors, teens and adults can have lessons spanning over various arts including Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga and Cardio Kickboxing.

2) Special Courses to Meet Your Needs
Apart from the Little Ninjas Preschooler Program, there are other special courses to suit your needs.

* After School Martial Arts Program: Bruce McCorry’s AMP is a mutli-benefit opportunity for school-going children to learn martial arts in their after school hours.

* Summer Program: This is a unique combo of the fun of summer camp with enjoyable martial arts sessions for kids, conducted each year during summer holidays.

* MMA and XMA: Mixed Martial Arts and Xtreme Martial Arts are two intense programs for those who wish to experience adventurous and professional martial arts with career opportunities and competitions in mind.

* Special Needs: A uniquely designed course for those students with special needs. Students who are specially-abled can improve the quality of their life through this course.

3) Masters and Instructors
Bruce McCorry’s Academy is proud of a team of veteran instructors who make the experience of learning unique. At the helm is Master McCorry, the globally acclaimed instructor who has the rank of 7th Dan in Taekwondo and Moo Duk Kwon as well as a Hall of Fame member since 2002. With more than 30 years of experience, Master Sandra LaRosa leads the Kickboxing and Taekwondo programs. The team also includes Chris Szeto and Jonathan Ring, both adepts in Taekwondo for three decades. Among this lively team, we also have Jake Alman and Ashly Deprisco, both experts in training since 1990s. We also have a younger vibrant batch of long-term black belt holders including Brian Feldman, Zach Limardo, Paul McCarthy, Melissa McFarland, Mike Talbot, Pat Tracy-Callahan and Alyssa Shiner.

4) Campus and Students
The academy has its campus at Peabody, MA which is not just a practicing ground, but a hub of martial arts activities - a place where students can meet and socialize with people of their own age as well as seniors. The ex-students of the academy are today a thriving lot among which there are those who achieved success and happiness through martial arts. There are also those who still cherish martial arts as a hobby or career.

Join Bruce McCorry’s – the Best Martial Arts Academy in Massachusetts!
Bruce McCorry’s is the best place if you are looking for world class learning experience at affordable rates. With admissions open to a range of programs, now is the time to be a part of this 40 year old heritage of martial arts excellence. Those who join now can also get a free trial without any obligations before you say yes, for you ARE bound to say yes once you experience it! Hurry now!  Call Today - 978. 535.7878

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Martial Arts: A Better Alternative for Traditional Exercises

Healthy Body, Free Mind and Happy Soul: Martial Arts 
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

When it comes to other forms of exercise, many of us realize that it is not perhaps our cup of tea after all. The demands from traditional workouts may be a put-off factor for some. Whatever be the reason, it is true that many of us might have wished for an alternative.

Martial Arts: A Better Alternative for Traditional Exercises
If we look for something that provides the same (or even more) benefits as traditional exercises, without any of the discouraging factors, the first word that comes to our mind is martial arts. These have their roots mostly in Asian cultures. But this is not what makes martial arts an easily accessible and better substitute for traditional exercises.

Though martial arts do not demand rigorous body discipline like traditional exercises, it has immense physical benefits like better health, more immunity and better control over lifestyle diseases. It can make you stress-free, confident and positive. Qi Gong, for instance, uses breath control and meditation to soothe your mind. There are both soft and hard martial arts which you can choose based on your self-assessment. They are useful for combating anxiety and depression. They also aid people who have survived major illnesses and those who have special needs.

Spiritually also, martial arts can help you by giving a positive outlook and an aim to your life. Though many arts have origin in religious practices and monasteries, the spiritual benefits offered by them are not bound to any particular religious beliefs – they are universal and trans-religious. Most of them, especially the soft arts like Tai Chi, work in the same way as Yoga does. They trigger your inner peace through a communion between you and the universe.

What Makes Martial Arts Better?
Apart from the fact that martial arts are less demanding and equally useful as traditional exercises, they definitely have some plus points over the latter. Traditional exercises, which is not a movement-based art, cannot equip you for self defense. But most martial arts can do this. It also follows that martial arts are more rapid in burning calories than slow-paced arts like Yoga. Just like traditional exercises, there are no age limits to learn martial arts. You can make it a part of your life at any point in your life.
Live Happy through Martial Arts: Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy
Bruce McCorry’s Academy is your holistic martial arts institution where you can learn quality martial arts from experienced teachers. The academy offers courses in as many as ten different arts, with special courses for children, adults, seniors and people with special needs. Here, you learn martial arts with all its benefits – spiritual, mental and physical. If you wish to bring a change to your life, martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s is what you need – the ultimate traditional exercises alternative. Join today and not lose the chance!

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Summertime Madness and Martial Arts

Summertime Madness and Martial Arts 
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Summer is the time when the world lapses into a mood of leisure and parents are the only ones who can’t enjoy the stress-free mood of summer. Running around your kids, keeping up with them and managing the busy hours of the day with them at your heels can be really tiring for parents. Along with that, you have your own worries of maintaining health and fitness. After all, it is the beach time, and you need to flaunt your fit body! With all this summer madness around the corner, what any family needs is the ideal summer solution – martial arts.

Summer Time Martial Arts for Children – Why They Need It
Summer martial arts courses introduce your child into a new world which is both fun and useful. 
How do kids benefit from summer martial arts?

* After months of regular physical activities in school in gym and playtime, holidays bring about a sudden reversion to video games and television. Martial arts compensate for this lack of physical activity during holiday months.

* Martial arts keep children healthy and fit

* It sharpens their brain and refreshes it before the school begins

* It aids their study skills and prepares them for the coming academic year

* It makes them confident and develops a positive attitude in them, which is very useful in dealing with classroom worries like study stress, peer pressure and bullying

* Martial arts is a useful and fun pastime during summer months. While your kids enjoy at their martial art session, you can be sure that they use their summer months productively.
Summer Time Martial Arts for Adults and Parents

Summer months are the ideal time for you also to join martial arts lessons. Many schools now offer family lessons in martial arts where you can join along with your kids. 
What makes summer time so apt for martial arts?

* The leisurely mood of summer often makes you loosen your grip on your regular diet and workout. Summer martial arts will be a perfect alternative.

* It can keep you healthy and immune to many illnesses that the season usually brings in

* It can also give you a fit and perfectly toned body that you can be confident about in parties and beach holidays.

* Martial arts refresh your body and mind, reduce stress and instill a positive energy in you. This will make your holiday special, by healing the work stress that usually accumulates through the year.

Summer Time Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) is your summer destination for quality martial arts. Here you can join with your family and spend quality time with your kids, be a part of their summer mood. Our academy has a special summer program for children, which is equipped with all the fun activities that a summer program can think of – right from field trips and workshops to quality martial art sessions. Adults can have customized martial arts lessons with their individual needs in mind.You can realize your aim of health, fitness, self-defense or confidence-building through Bruce McCorry’s Academy. This is also the place to make friends and socialize. Admissions are open – hurry now!