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The Story of a Little Star: Zachary Malo

The Inspirational Story of Zachary Malo's Success – 
A Little Star from Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

There are very few things in the world that can bring about a total transformation in your life. Martial arts is one of them. If this statement looks overstated, you haven’t yet met Zachary from Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts – a little champion who rewrote his life through martial arts.

The Story of a Little Star: Zachary Malo from Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts
As a baby, life had already played a game with little Zachary, when he was diagnosed with Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). As a toddler, Zachary started having problems with focusing on something for a while or sustaining his attention at the task in hand. As is usual for kids in the ADHD spectrum, he was a storehouse of energy. But it was difficult for him to channelize this energy to the task he was doing. If he failed to accomplish something the way he wished to, it would at once lead to frustration. Even something as small as not being able to understand the directions would make him upset.

The life-changing moment, in Zachary’s case, happened as a result of a decision made by his caring parents. They wanted nothing less than the best for him, and they were particular that he should have a good, positive outlet for his inexhaustible energy. After Zachary’s diagnosis, a lot of research helped his parents to realize that martial arts can channelize his energy in constructive ways. This led them to search for a good institution where Zachary will get special care and at the same time would get to form good friendships with kids of his age. This eventually led them to Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy. 

At three, Zachary started martial arts in the Little Ninjas program at Bruce McCorry’s with other kids of his age. At once, the positive results began to be seen. Gradually, the little champ developed confidence. Training in martial arts helped him to maintain his attention span. Today, at around six years of age, he is not just confident and happy, but also has a goal-oriented life in the making. From Little Ninjas for preschoolers, he has proceeded to the After-school Martial Arts Program last September. He’s hoping to achieve his purple belt soon, and loves his martial arts.

However, the greatest happiness for Zachary’s parents is the warm relation that he has built with his instructors. Their caring hands had made the academy a happy and comfortable place for the young winner. The unconditional love of his parents, and the warm welcome he got from his instructors and friends were the crucial factors in shaping his success story. His own indomitable will helped him to conquer success and transform his energy into the positive driving factor in his life.
A Step Toward Positive Life – Martial Arts
Zachary’s inspiring story has a lot to offer for parents of specially-abled children. Martial arts can be that one life-changing decision that will encourage your child and lead him/her in a positive and meaningful direction. It can be a motivating factor for any child, whether he/she is specially-abled or not. Like Zachary’s experience shows, it can be much more than a mere sport – it can be the maker of your life. Under caring hands of professionals, martial arts can rewrite your child’s destiny.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Fitness Martial Arts for Everyone

Summer Fitness Martial Arts for Everyone 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

 With the sun shining gloriously, we are sure this is the time to enjoy our life, especially after that terrible winter we had. But, there is one thing that all the summer fun and enjoyment can ruin for you – your fitness. We know this, but who wants to spend tiring hours working out in such warm, humid sunny days! That’s where summer martial arts come to your rescue. It is your brand new fun pastime where you can enjoy with your family and friends – all the while maintaining your fitness!

Summer Martial Arts for Adults and Seniors
So why is martial arts a better option for adults than a traditional workout? Martial arts are known for their quick calorie-burning capability. This means losing more weight in less time, with less effort. Martial arts are endowed with the wisdom of tradition. They tone your body not just by burning calories, but also by redistributing excess fat. It is exactly what you need in the summer, because after all, summer is the time when you would want to flaunt your toned body!

For seniors, martial arts in the summer gives not just fitness but, health benefits as well. A recent study in the University of Cambridge has shown how summer is the healthiest time of the year. Professor Mike Turner of the Wellcome trust has shown that this happens because of the immunity changes according to seasons. Martial arts can help you to tap this potential of summer health, especially for seniors and adults who face the challenge of lifestyle diseases.

Summer Martial arts for Kids and Preschoolers
Summer holidays are a big disruption in a child’s biological calendar. After months and months of running about in school and physical activities in gym, they suddenly fall to a pattern of inactivity. When this inaction is backed up with junk food consumption, this can actually become reason for obesity and depression. Studies have shown how  the Body Mass Index shoots up in kids during summer more than any of the school months. Martial arts during the summer can break this inaction and keep them fit. It can also be a fun pastime, the best physical and mental refreshment while they prepare for the upcoming school year.

Summer martial arts can benefit kids who await another school year, and preschoolers who are yet to start school. Along with keeping them in shape, martial arts can actually aid them in studies. It also develops motor skills, social skills and language ability in preschoolers.

Summer Fitness Martial Arts for Everyone - Keep your Family Fit!
Thus we see that summer martial arts is essential for everyone in a family, right from toddlers to seniors. In one of the best martial art destinations in Massachusetts, the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy, (Peabody, Massachusetts) you can even enroll in martial arts as a family. This means sharing the fun and the benefits alike with your dear ones. Bruce McCorry’s also has individual summer martial art courses for each one in your family.

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is also special because nowhere else in MA can you get professional martial art lessons under such experienced faculty. It is also the ultimate summer platform to socialize and have fun. Let Bruce McCorry’s be your fitness mantra this summer – enroll today or try a free trial!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Kaiden Anastas – A Little Ninja with Big Dreams

Kaiden Anastas – A Little Ninja with Big Dreams from Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

Being at the right time at the right place is said to be the success mantra for many. But that time is gone when a child’s life, passion and success were determined by some talent and sheer luck. Nowadays, right choices are the only thing that can take anyone through the right path. And if kids are too young to make the choices, it is important for parents to take decisions for them. The story of little Kaiden Anastas from Bruce McCorry’s is a testimony to how one right choice can transform a kid’s life.

Anastas– A Little Ninja with Big Dreams from Bruce McCorry’s Academy
When Kaiden’s parents brought him to join the Little Ninjas Martial Arts program three years back, he was just a toddler of three years of age. This was the defining choice that changed Kaiden’s life. 

Even at such a small age, martial arts became a passion for Kaiden and he totally enjoyed his lessons. In these three years, his curiosity and passion for martial arts has made him try out different kinds of training and he has loved them all. And he has also personal favorites like weapons. The quality training at Bruce McCorry’s Academy under professionals has helped him to try out different kinds of training in a safe and age-accustomed manner.

Today, at six years of age, little Kaiden has transformed himself into an active and vigorous martial artist with a lot of big dreams. At this young age, he has a clearly defined goals for where his martial art training should take him – Kaiden has moved up to the after school program, wants to be a part of the demo team, and wants to train himself for a black belt later. He is finishing up kindergarten, and he is very smart in his classroom. He has equally shown his potential and ability in co-curricular activities. His energy and his passion for sports has made him excel in games and sports. Kaiden loves to play ice hockey, baseball and soccer in his free time. He also enjoys games like Minecraft. Martial arts have helped Kaiden to top in studies, outdoor sports as well as intellectually demanding games.

Martial arts has molded his character as well. His experience in martial arts has made him an extremely determined boy. His indomitable energy has made him a boy who loves challenges. Martial arts has made him a child who remains stubborn even at the face of challenges. Apart from being smart, he is also extremely lovable, of which sometimes he is oblivious in an adorable way. What martial arts has given to him is that even when he is the same sweet six year old that everyone adores and loves, still it has given him a vision at a very young age and the determination to fulfill his goals.

Bruce McCorry’s for your Little Ninja
Bruce McCorry’s Academy has a role in his character formation. It is the safe and professional atmosphere of the Little Ninjas program that has made Kaiden enjoy the experience as well as take it seriously as a possible hobby for future. The customized and age-oriented teaching also helped. Due to many misunderstood notions, often parents are apprehensive of choosing martial arts for their children at tender ages. But Kaiden’s story is an encouraging tale of how beneficial martial arts can be for toddlers. Choose Bruce McCorry’s for your Little Ninja and make a difference!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

After School Martial Arts Program

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Bruce McCorry's After School Martial Arts Program 
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Transportation from school.

Summer is nearly here and children will be enjoying their holidays, trying to fit in all that they want to do before another school year begins. For parents as well, these might be busy times. Along with managing your homebound champion whose energy levels seem to be out of control, you also have to make arrangements for the upcoming school year, organizing everything from admissions to schoolbooks to after school hangouts. Whether your child is just going to step into school, or moving to a higher grade, he/she needs more preparation than you think. And it involves not just preparing for school, but also preparing for what lies beyond.

After School Martial Arts Program – What can it Do?
Whether for school or for life in general, martial arts will always be a valuable add-on to your child’s experience. After school martial art is doubly beneficial because it is the most suitable way of balancing martial arts with daily school. What exactly does this mean to your child?

First of all, all martial art training helps your child to be healthy, strong and fit. In other words, it provides the foundation of all other activities including studies. The inexhaustible energy that your kid will gain from martial art training is what he/she needs to do well in studies, sports and extra-curricular activities. The lessons in martial arts can also make them sharper and logical. These qualities come to their aid not just in their classrooms but throughout their lives.

Scientists and doctors had proven the all work and no play idiom true, when they pointed out how the excessive work pressure can actually affect kids in a negative way. Even when physical activities and gym were included in the daily school syllabus, none of them can provide the same health and fitness benefits martial arts can give. Martial art sessions in the after school hours are most ideal, because it is like rejuvenating your children after their tedious school day.
Making friends before class.
After school lessons have a whole new meaning in the modern era, when teen crimes and violence against children mostly peak in the after school hours. More and more working parents, who fear the safety of their kids, have started seeking out after school programs. If you choose after school martial arts instead of a regular daycare, it is the best way to assure that your kids’ hours are not wasted by doing something that is neither useful nor enjoyable.
Prepare for AMP – Now is the Time!

When Bruce McCorry’s Academy introduced the After School Martial Arts Program (AMP) with its nationally approved syllabus that blends martial arts, personality development, activities and playtime, it was an instant hit. It became the most sought-after solution for all the problems of the parents. Kids took the course to their hearts as their ultimate companion in studies as well as a safe after school harbor. The steady flow of students to AMP continues even today. To make your kids’ school months as interesting and enjoyable as their summer, start preparing them today for this amazing course! The admissions are open and the seats are filling up quick - this is the time to make a choice and say yes to AMP. 

Hurry now and ensure a seat for your child, 
seats fill up fast! 
Call today, (978) 535-7878 or email: info@brucemccorrys.com

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tyler Jodoin “Blue” – A Martial Art Success Saga from Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

Tyler Jodoin “Blue” – A Martial Art Success Saga from Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

 There's no one in this world who hasn't had some passion or other at some point in life. Only some of them show the courage to pursue it, and only a few among them stays with their passion for long. And, only the best can make it their success. Tyler Jodoin “Blue” from Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is such a name who found true success in life through the right academy.

From Toddler to Martial Artist - Tyler’s Martial Art Journey
Tyler joined the Little Ninjas program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy when he was three. A child with beautiful blue eyes, he was nicknamed “Blue”. He too started out like many others, but soon, his growing passion for the sport and the encouragement by the academy made martial arts the keyword of Tyler’s life. Once he started school, the pattern of the lessons at the academy made his parents decide that Bruce McCorry’s is the right place for him. The after school lessons that did not clash with his studies were a unique combo that worked for him.

Tyler’s martial art journey was one of steady progress. By the young age of seven, he became part of the after school demo team, which was a proof of his great potential to come. He gradually ascended to the Black Belt program, with additional training in weapons. Today, at seventeen, Tyler has become adept in broadsword, longsword, staff, sai, kamas, nunchaku, and tonfa. He is also an expert Taekwondo artist. At the last Bruce McCorry's annual tournament, when he won numerous awards in sparing, form and weapons, it was a moment of pride for his parents.

Tyler and his parents also speak of many other, perhaps more valuable achievements that martial arts and Bruce McCorry’s have given him. The magic of martial arts manifested for the first time, when Tyler came out strong from bullying in his young school years. When Lacrosse, his other hobby, proved to be a little too difficult when he took it up, the lessons of perseverance that he learned from martial arts made him stay on and succeed in it. His experience on the demo team has taught him to be an individual expert and a good teammate at the same time. In his parents’ opinion, his experience in Taekwondo has been the positive driving factor through his career. It gave him not just fitness, but also taught him to be responsible, respectful, balanced, socially active and above all, a true sportsman.

To Tyler, Bruce McCorry’s has also given him some of the most unforgettable moments in life. Along with loving his training, he also thoroughly enjoyed the field trips, afterschool activities and socialization, which made his experience at Bruce McCorry’s so very special.

The Story Goes On…
The story of Tyler’s success does not stop, as he is striving towards being a martial arts teacher, and going to give a new meaning to his black belt. Earning a black belt is a mark of expertise, and the training is a further step forward, in which he is going to learn to impart his experience to young curious minds like he was once. Tyler’s success is an inspiration for many youngsters who wish to achieve happiness and success through martial arts. Choosing the right place was what worked for Tyler. You too can be a part of the academy that led Tyler to his dream. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cardio Kickboxing - History & Benefits

Cardio Kickboxing - History & Benefits 

Cardio Kickboxing is quite a familiar name in the martial arts circles. Being a simple and effective martial art and workout, it has gained quite a number of followers in the past few years. However, this martial art, which has won the heart of enthusiasts after 1990s, is actually a century old.

Tracing the Tradition: The History of Cardio Kickboxing
The forerunner of Cardio Kickboxing is a group of ancient Thai martial arts collectively known as Muay Thai. Though it was practiced in Thailand from 1920s onwards, its fate was to be changed soon. Osamu Nogachi, a Japanese enthusiast of contact-based martial arts, developed a passion of Muay Thai in the late 1950s. He combined its elements with another one of his passions, Karate. From this fusion, Kickboxing was born, officially considered Japanese in origin.

Unlike usual martial arts which start out as self-defense practices, Kickboxing was considered modern and sport-like from the very beginning. By 70s, Kickboxing has made its debut in both Europe and US. The modernized feel of Kickboxing captured the attention of Frank Thiboutot, a legendary name in US martial art. His efforts to modify Kickboxing by enhancing its health benefits lead to the inception of Cardio Kickboxing in 1992.

The two decades – 90s and 2000s – were phenomenal for Cardio Kickboxing. 
The increase in the number of lifestyle diseases and increased health consciousness among people made Cardio Kickboxing the catchphrase. Even today, Cardio Kickboxing is a sought-after fitness mantra for those who want quick and intense results to their workout efforts.

The Healthiest of All: Cardio Kickboxing Benefits

Cardio Kickboxing mingles the genuineness of Muay Thai tradition with the health and fitness benefits of a professional workout. As the name indicates, this martial art is one thing that can keep your heart healthy and safe. It lowers hyper-cholesterol, regulates irregular lipid level and hypertension - the villains of cardiac health. It can bring under control even diabetes and obesity even though they do not pose a direct threat to cardiac health.
Cardio Kickboxing is also a key to fitness. Just an hour of Kickboxing reduces 800 calories, according to American Council on Education. It prevents future cardiac and fitness difficulties in kids. It can also quicken your reflexes, which are extremely beneficial for children.

In a person, mental stress is marked with lower levels of endorphin hormone. It is scientifically proven that Cardio Kickboxing can replace this hormone and thus help to ease stress. A report by American Fitness Professionals notes how Cardio Kickboxing is an intense workout that accomplishes much in the least time. If Cardio Kickboxing is the fitness craze of the times, it is only to be expected.

Learn Cardio Kickboxing in Massachusetts
Cardio Kickboxing is an art that is consciously developed, unlike some arts which evolved through heritage. It has specific formulas and customs, which are best learned from professionals. In Massachusetts, professional Cardio Kickboxing lessons are offered at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts, Peabody. At Bruce McCorry’s, Kickboxing lessons were started in 1996, just four years after the art was invented. Under the expert guidance of Ms. Sandra LaRosa, the course has grown to the largest of its kind in the North Shore. It can give you much more than what you expect. Enroll today and feel the difference! An opportunity for a free trial is available now.

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Becoming a Black Belt

Becoming a Black Belt: Mindset, Training and Determination
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

To all those who step into martial arts at some point in their lives, a black belt is a dream. Especially if you took up martial arts as a child, to you, a black belt might not be just another word. To you it might symbolize a lot of things: power, success, achievement and glory being some of them. In reality, a black belt symbolizes not just these. It is also a proof of a prepared mind, relentless training and determination. And achieving a black belt is something you too can do.

The Colored Belt Ranking System 
The colored belt ranking system was first used in Judo by its inventor Kano Jigoro. Originally, traditional sashes were used, and they were later replaced by belts. A black belt, being the top ranked of all colored belts, indicates a person’s expertise in his/her respective martial art. It is not just a symbol of expertise, but also the very first great milestone that you will achieve if you plan to take up martial art as a passion or career.

Becoming a Black Belt: Mindset, Training, Determination
When anyone is initiated to martial arts, the kind of prestige and expectations associated with a black belt is so high that achieving one seems to be a difficult task for many beginners, even though it had been their lifelong dream. Without belittling its significance, a black belt is something that you too can surely achieve, if you are a committed learner. The three keywords you need to remember are mindset, training and determination.

The Right Mindset: The first step in your journey toward a black belt is developing the right mindset. You have to convince your mind that it is a realizable goal and not just a dream. Then you need to cultivate a mindset that will not turn back even if it faces difficulties in the path. This right mindset, based on positive thinking, is the first thing you need to master.

Relentless Training: In a practice-oriented activity like martial arts, the key to success lies in relentless training. If you tirelessly practice one to two hours a day, you can easily realize your goal in three to six years, depending upon your hard work. And the significance lies not in more quantity of training, but in quality training under professionals.

Unfailing Determination: The third and final skill you need to master is that of determination. It means that you should not lose along the journey the initial mindset you cultivated. For that, you need to be determined to achieve your goal. You need to proceed step by step, achieving one belt after another. With true determination, black belt will be yours at the end.

Master your Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy
Your inner determination will work out only if you get the right guidance. That is why you need to choose the right place. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is that destination where you can step into your precious journey. The expert instructors at the academy will initiate you to your favorite martial art and guide you through the journey. The academy has shown to thousands of students over the decades that a black belt is not the ultimate goal, but the first stepping stone to a lifetime of success and achievement. Be a part of the Best Martial Art School in Massachusetts!