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Adult Martial Arts – A Better Choice than Standard Gym Workouts

written by Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

For years, workouts have been in our to-do lists and New Year resolutions forever. Yet, it is something that many of us never get around to doing sincerely and consistently. Even if we did, there are only a few of us who get into the gym without grudging it. Part of the reason many of us can never fall in love with our workouts is the tiring effort we have to put into it. That too, without any fun or enjoyment to expect for. What if we had a form of exercising that is much more than this? Something which blends meditation, breathing exercises, socialization and the fun and the thrill of being part of sports, that made us super fit? Then martial art is for you.

Adult Martial Arts – A Better Choice than Standard Gym Workouts
Adult martial art courses approach martial arts from a professional and standardized way by placing the focus on the specific goal you want to achieve through martial art lessons, whether it is fitness, confidence, health or self-defense. If fitness is your aspiration, you will see that Adult Martial Arts will rank above most of your standard gym workouts. Here is why:

* Efficiency: The first and the best reason is that martial arts deliver a more efficient result than most other workouts. Some intense forms like Taekwondo can burn up to 750 calories in an hour, which is more than what jogging, cycling or gym workout can achieve.

* Less Effort: The success of martial arts as a workout lies in the equal focus on physical moves, mental de-stressing and breath regulation. This is not as physically taxing as workouts that involve external machines, even treadmill.

* Multiple Benefits: Even if you might choose martial arts as a workout substitute, it has numerous other benefits to offer you. It builds your self-confidence. It is a perfect self-defense. It can aid you in maintaining a healthy life. It can be motivating and inspiring. It also reduces stress and channelizes your energy to positive living.

* Workout Together: At many coveted schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy, martial arts moments are something you can share with your family, children, friends and peers. It is a space for work out that promotes socialization and companionship, nurture and family-feeling. It is distinct from standard gyms that reserve segregated spaces for men and women, adults and children and so on.

* It Is Enjoyable!: Martial arts have that one missing element which makes every standard workout unbearable – fun. The charm of martial art is that you will never grudge this workout; you will fall in love with it at once. Sharing space with your loved ones, the thrill of sportsmanship that accompanies martial arts, the contentment of doing something positive – all these make martial arts enjoyable, an experience worth living.

Adult Martial Arts at its Best – Bruce McCorry’s Academy
The space given to family martial arts is only one among the numerous highlights that make Bruce McCorry’s simply unique. The academy offers a wide range of martial arts choices for adults. You can learn martial arts here at your pace, comfort and need. The scheme and syllabus is well structured, and revised from time to time with changing social needs in mind. The academy has some of the best martial art minds in US as instructors. Bruce McCorry’s is the place that can guide you to your fitness dream. Say yes today!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Find the Motivation to be a Master Martial Artist

How to Find the Motivation to be a Master Martial Artist

For martial art enthusiasts and wanna-be martial artists alike, being a master martial artist means a lot. If it is already your passion, you might know the reasons. The reason why many of us aspire to be a great master martial artist is that the very phrase carries with it all that went into the making of such a person: hard work, unrelenting effort, persistence and dedication. The prestige and the status of the position is an acceptance of all these efforts.

Is it too large an ambition to wish to be a master martial artist? The answer is that it is definitely not. It might look daunting and unachievable, but if you are able to find the true motivation and pursue the true path, it is a realizable goal, though a demanding one. 

The Paths to Success: Find the Motivation to be a Martial Artist
If your aim is to be a master martial artist, you might already know your preferred art. If not, you can start thinking what to pursue and from whom to learn it. Once these fundamental decisions are taken, there are four true sources of motivation you need to absorb into your life, and you can achieve your dream.

1. Training is Your Life: Practicing what you learn in classes for at least an hour a day is the best way to groom your body and your mind to be a successful martial artist. If training daily is too demanding, you can opt to practice for three to five hours during the weekend. Relentless practice, if it is completed under the proper guidance, is the first and the best source of motivation because it is like telling yourself every day that your dream is one step near to you.

2. Be Patient, Be Successful: Being patient means not only waiting in terms of time, but also being tolerant in every sense of the word. This includes being patient to a demanding art, being tolerant towards opponents, and waiting patiently for success at the end. A good martial art school can guide you through the right path and make you take the right decisions in this waiting.

3. Get Motivated through Persistence: The success in martial arts will come only when you are persistent. Latching on to your passion despite the minor setbacks, failures and crises you may face from day to day needs a whole lot of courage. But it is also a way of realizing that your passion is worth more to you than everything else put together. Nothing motivates you better.

4. Sustain the Passion: Being a perseverant follower of martial art is the final step to be a true martial artist. This involves sustaining through your career the flare of passion with which you began. If all other advises sound daunting and forbidding, this is one thing that will make your journey fun, enjoyable, worth living and worth remembering.

Learn It From Adept Hands! – Bruce McCorry’s Academy
In each of these paths, in every moment of joy or failure, you need a powerful hand to guide you through. This is exactly what the adept instructors at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy give to you. Quality guidance, safe training and exceptional sessions at Bruce McCorry’s Academy had been the source of motivation and inspiration for many successful martial artists in the past two generations. Choose the right place to prove your merit – choose Bruce McCorry’s!

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Kickboxing Classes Peabody- The Ultimate Fat Blasting Workout

Kickboxing Peabody- The Ultimate Fat Blasting, Muscle Toning, Stress Busting Workout
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Kickboxing is one of the most popular martial arts forms in the US. It incorporates fighting techniques from other martial arts forms such as Muay Thai, karate and boxing. One popular form is the cardio kickboxing. As the name suggests, the main focus of this form is training rather than combat. Participants will practice the moves involved when training for self defense. However, the goal isn’t to participate in any form of combat.One reason why people choose cardio kickboxing over other martial arts forms is its range of physical and mental health benefits. Some of the top benefits you can derive from training in this martial arts form include the following.

Reduced Body Fat
Training in this martial arts form is rigorous. The workout process involves a number of successive steps which include the following. First, you will undertake warm up cardio exercise which could include skipping rope, jogging and shadow boxing. This speeds up the heart rate and promotes blood circulation to different parts of the body. Second, you will perform calisthenic exercises which improves flexibility and strengthens the muscles. The third step involves more movement where you train punches, kicks, stances and balance. It can also involve sparring with a partner. Finally, you will perform cooling cardio exercise.
All these steps involve rigorous body movements which keep the heart racing. The movements also force the body to burn extra calories to meet its energy demands. The result is faster burning of body fat. In fact, research has shown that an hour of kickboxing training can burn upwards of 600-1000 calories.

Improved Muscle Tone
Kickboxing is considered a full body workout. If you take a look at professional kick boxers, you’ll notice that their bodies are primarily composed of lean muscle. The strain placed on the body’s muscles when training forces them to grow to accommodate future training demands. Unlike weight training which might focus on building and toning specific muscles, the full body workout provided by kickboxing training tones down all muscle groups evenly. The improved muscle tone is also great for keeping body fat levels in check. The reason for this is that muscles burn more calories than fat.

Stress Relief
Stress drains the body of an important chemical called dopamine. This chemical is often referred to as the ‘feel good hormone’. Studies show that cardio performed at least 30 minutes can elevate dopamine levels increasing the feeling of pleasure. However, the cardio should be intense such that it keeps the heart racing to have the best effects. Cardio kickboxing provides the best form of cardio exercise to improve dopamine levels in the brain. A single workout can last anything between 45 minutes to 2 hours. A couple of workouts each week will keep stress away for good.

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is one of the first institutions to introduce cardio kickboxing in the US. It was the first to introduce this martial arts form in Peabody, MA, back in 1978. Training is offered to people of all ages. The training is provided by fully qualified instructors and in a safe and serene environment. If you want to improve your physical and mental health through kickboxing join located at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy Peabody, Ma, and make it possible.

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Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy- Best Choice

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy- Best Choice

The 1990s marked a new dawn for martial arts teaching in the US. Many people were becoming aware of the numerous benefits of learning self defense through martial arts. The number of martial arts students continues to increase. Both young and old wanted to know how to throw kicks and punches like they see in the movies. The number of training academies in Massachusetts increased. This gave students a wider scope to choose from. However, with martial arts, choosing the best martial arts training school will determine whether you advance to be a master martial artist or not. Bruce McCorry's has been the best martial arts academy in Peabody and Massachusetts for decades. Here's why.

A Brief History
Bruce McCorry's martial arts academy was established in 1978. This makes it one of the oldest self defense training institutions in the US. Founded by Master Bruce McCorry, the academy has developed into one of the most recognized across the country. The academy's core policy is to bring innovation and traditional martial arts together. Over 10 different martial arts forms are offered for people of all ages.

The Training Provided
Each training course is based on a recognized syllabus. Each syllabus focuses on providing professional, adaptable and inclusive training for people in different age groups and physical status. Some of the programs provided at Bruce McCorry's martial arts academy include the following.

There are special programs for kids such as the After School Program and Summer Programs. These are designed to incorporate training for kids during their summer breaks and after the school term begins. For adults, this martial arts training institution offers a variety of programs designed to fit into your daily schedule. These include martial arts forms like MMA, Kickboxing, Tai Chi and Karate and more.To be as inclusive as possible, programs for people with special needs are also available. These programs help the individual tap into their unique abilities and make the best out of them through martial arts training. Bruce McCorry's is also the home of the first Cardio Kickboxing Classes brought to MA back in 1978 (

The Staff
Under the leadership of Master Bruce McCorry, the academy is home to a team of expert martial arts instructors. All are masters in their fields as either instructors or trainers. Each instructor is carefully selected to ensure that he or she knows not only the martial arts form, but is also competent in teaching it. Bruce McCorry's martial arts academy also employs a team of dedicated non instructors whose main purpose is to ensure that students train in a safe and serene environment.

The Academy
The training academy is both a training institution as well as a place where lifetime bonds are created. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy has the best training facilities in Massachusetts. The main goal is to provide professional training using the best facilities possible. This provides the best environment for learning and creating lasting friendships among students and staff.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy's Legacy
Over the past forty years Bruce McCorry's has been providing martial arts training, two generations of leaders have emerged from the institution. The alumni continue to develop as masters in self defense and become equipped with the essential skills needed to succeed in life. Through training, the students are able to become more confident about themselves and, have the ability to tackle personal and social problems positively. Enrollment of new students for various martial arts programs is ongoing. If you're looking for the best martial arts school, Bruce McCorry's martial arts academy is the perfect choice.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why Martial Arts is Beneficial for Adults

Top Reasons Why Martial Arts is Beneficial for Adults

Since the 1990s martial arts has gained a huge following across the United States. Indeed, many of the adults reading this post have grown up watching martial arts movies. Some of you might even practice some form of martial arts. As an adult, you might think that training on a martial arts form could be difficult. This is far from the truth. Many people are taking up martial arts training when they are over 18 years of age and advancing to become masters. It only requires proper effort and you choose the right training institution. With that said, what are the top reasons why martial arts is beneficial for adults?

Self Defense
All martial arts forms were developed as a means of self defense. In today's world, it's essential that you learn how to defend yourself from any type of physical attack. Martial arts provides you with the skills needed to defend yourself and others from violent attacks. Through training, you can easily learn how to subdue and disarm attackers.

Physical Health & Well Being
The few hours you'll spend training each day involve rigorous activity. Such activity keeps the blood pumping and accelerates the body's metabolism. The exercise also helps to increase flexibility and strengthen the bones. Sweating helps to remove any toxins from the body leaving you freshened up. In short, training in martial arts helps the body shed unwanted body fat and remove any toxins which might result in the development of serious health condition.

Besides training, martial arts emphasizes on the importance of eating healthy. This further ensures that your body remains healthy for longer. Overall, this helps to slow down the aging process and keeps your body youthful and energetic regardless of your age.

Mental Clarity
As a person grows older, states such as memory loss are common. This could signal the onset of mental conditions that result in deterioration of the brain cells. Working the brain is one way to ensure that the development of such conditions is prevented. Martial arts provides a great way to exercise the brain. Each martial arts form requires the implementation of unique combinations of movements. As a student, you'll need to memorize the movements. In addition, you'll also learn how to keep the mind alert in order to react accordingly if attacked. Meditation which forms part of many martial arts forms also helps to improve mental clarity.

Social Benefits
Most people often find it hard to make new friends as they grow older. Busy lifestyles often make it difficult to meet with new people and create lasting friendships. Martial arts training helps you to interact with other adults who share the same passions in one place. Martial arts is one of the best ways to create genuine friendships. 

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy in Peabody, MA is the leading martial arts training institutions for adults as well as all other ages, from 3 years and up. The academy offers over 10 martial art programs for adults of all ages. We also offer specialized martial arts programs for senior citizens and special needs. If you are looking for training that encourages personal development through health and building friendships, Bruce McCorry's is the place to be. Join the healthy fun today. 

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Bullying, Cyber Bullying and how Martial Arts Can Help

Bullying, Cyber Bullying and how Martial Arts Can Help
                         By: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA)


Summer is nearly gone and It's a new school calendar all over again. While some kids are excited about hooking up with friends, others are bracing themselves for another tough term ahead. Bullying has become a reality they must face in order to get an education. Cyber bullying is now more prevalent in schools than ever before. Finding a specific solution that focuses on your child is the best way to manage this vice. Take a look at bullying, cyber bullying and how martial arts can help.

What's Bullying and Cyber Bullying?
Massachusetts laws define bullying as any repeated act that causes physical and or emotional harm to the victim such that it negatively affects your child's schooling. The law further explains that bullying is an infringement of the individuals rights. If bullying takes place on electronic media, it can be termed as cyber bullying. It can take different forms such as impersonation and spreading rumors over electronic social media.

Effects of Bullying and Cyber Bullies
These acts have negative effects on the healthy development of both the victim and the bully. Victims will suffer short term effects which include loss of self confidence and esteem, anxiety and inhibition. These effects can result in poor performance in school. If not managed and allowed to continue, bullying can lead to long term effects such as chronic depression and inability to socialize with peers. If the bully is not reformed, chances are that they will eventually develop anti social behavior. Isolation from society and being on the wrong side of the law constantly can be the result. 

Preventive Measures
The government of Massachusetts is taking measures to prevent and manage bullying and cyber bullying within schools and in other institutions not related to schools. Such measures include giving kids knowledge about bullying and how to prevent it. However, a road map on bullying prevention and management needs to be created. It's creation needs to involve stakeholders such as students, parents and authorities to be successfully implemented. This road map should include guidelines to be followed when reporting bullying incidences, disciplinary measures to be taken and ways to protect victims from future bullying. It should also include ways how parents will be informed of bullying involving their children and counseling as an option. 

Martial Arts Programs  as a Solution
Studies indicate that most bullying incidences occur during after school hours. During this time, children are less likely to be in places like the playgrounds, gym or out in the streets. This makes them more vulnerable to bullying because there's no authority figure to look out for them.  Martial Arts After School Programs can therefore help keep children busy while undertaking creative and efficient use of their time. The programs also help to place the children in places they are least likely to fall victim to bullies.

After School Martial Arts Program at Bruce McCorry's
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy is located in Peabody, MA. They are one of the most established and recognized martial arts training institutions within Massachusetts and the nation. Their After School Program includes different martial arts training courses for children of all ages. Training is offered in a safe and exciting environment where you child can learn to develop self confidence and know how he or she can handle a bullying situation. Conveniently, the Academy also includes picking up children from his or her day school and driving them to the academy. Enroll your child to the Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy today and equip your child with the necessary skills to combat bullying and remain safe and secure.

(978) 535-7878

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
220 Newbury St
Peabody MA 01960

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10 Reasons Why Martial Arts are Beneficial to Children

We live in a society where violence is the norm: be it music, the playstation, television or Hollywood, kids live their innocent childhoods surrounded by violence in all its forms. The prominent image of martial arts that have come across through the movies have told us that it is a violent, blood-curdling sport. And therefore we think twice before introducing our kids to it. But the reality has nothing to do with these projected pictures. Actually, martial arts are extremely beneficial to kids –the only activity that has the potential to redefine their lives in all its senses.

10 Reasons Why Martial Arts is Beneficial to Children
Here are ten astounding reasons why you should introduce martial arts to children.

1. Discipline and Restraint: All martial arts are primarily concerned with self-discipline. Restraint that children learn through martial arts is important to their character formation. It will help them through their lives: in team work, jobs, handling relationships and parenting their kids.

2. Socializing: In the demanding modern world, you simply cannot live as an introvert. If your kid is not very social, martial art can help him/her. As they focus on pair and group activities, they help kids to forge bonds of friendship.

3. Physical Activity: Half the diseases of today’s world are due to lack of physical activity. Martial art is the best way to push your child off the couch and get him/her the much needed physical activity.

4. Goal-Oriented Training: The very structure of martial arts training that proceeds from belt to belt motivates children to set goals and strive to achieve them.

5. Self-Esteem: Martial arts reward your kids for their achievements through prizes, acclaim and above all self-satisfaction. This can truly boost their self esteem.

6. Respectful Behavior: Respect is a value that martial arts cultivate in your child. They learn to respect their instructors, opponents, and give space and thought to others. This is a beneficial thing to learn at a time when their personality is being shaped.

7. Mediating Conflicts: Instead of promoting violence, what martial arts actually teach children is to resolve their conflicts through peaceful negotiations. This is the magic that the underlying values of martial arts does to your children.

8. Learning to Listen: Martial arts teach your kids to give ears to what is being told. They listen to teachers, to opponents, to teammates. This, coupled with the focus-training involved in many arts, has been proved to be useful for children with attention deficiency.

9. Teamwork: Martial art celebrates individual achievements, but it also tells your children that success is not worth if not achieved together and if not shared with friends. It promotes team spirit and cooperation.

10. Learning to Live: Martial art will leave its touch on all aspect of your kid’s life. Studies, sports, activities, health, friendships, and relationship: you name it, and martial arts can redirect it positively. That exactly is what people call the miracle of martial arts: it teaches you to live positively and happily.
If your child is not yet into martial arts, there’s no time to waste. Many professional academies like Bruce McCorry’s have unique martial art programs that is an experience worth living. If you haven’t said yes, do so today!