Thursday, October 29, 2015

Safe Halloween with Martial Arts

Safety Tips for Halloween Trick or Treat – Safe Halloween with Martial Arts
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Halloween is the fun time of costumes and candies. Getting spooky is part of the fun, but only as long as the spook doesn’t turn real. And there is good reason to fear this, because for the past few years, the number of child fatalities reported on Halloween night is on constant increase. These range from unfortunate vehicle accidents and costume-related hazards to kidnap attempts and instances of assault against kids. A safe Halloween needs these safety tips, which you can share with your children.

Make this Halloween Safer and Happier: Halloween Safety Tips for Children

1) Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips

* It’s better to avoid unfamiliar routes while trick-or-treating

* You can move as a group, and take care not to stray away from your group. Try to include older kids in your group if possible.

* Even if you find yourselves alone, remain calm and stick to familiar places.

* Make sure you take flashlight, first-aid, route maps and addresses and contact numbers of some familiar homes with you. If you know the basics of some kind of self defense, it will help you if you encounter any danger.

* Finish your trick-or-treating before it gets too late

* Make sure that you do not accept rides from strangers

2) Road Safety and Trick or Treating

* Keep yourselves to sidewalks, and avoid roads with too much traffic

* Cross the roads carefully with your friends, and familiarize yourselves with basic road rules
* Choose bright costumes that are easily visible to drivers 

* Make sure that you can see properly in your costume. Avoid lenses, glasses or masks that may block your vision.

* Always help smaller children to walk and cross the road safely

 3) Safe Eating: Candies and Treats
* In many cases assaults and abduction attempts, the assaulters have been using drugged candies and snacks. So it is better to wait till you reach home before eating your treats.

* Make sure you do not accept or eat candies and treats from strangers

* Take care that smaller children with you do not choke on candies

4) Safe Halloween Costume Tips

* Make sure that you are not allergic to cosmetics and makeup, and do not forget to remove it thoroughly after the fun!

* Make sure that you can breathe and move around smoothly in your costume

* Choose comfortable and simpler costumes

* Do not use hazardous accessories such as weapons, blades and inflammable materials

Self Defense for a Safe Halloween 

It is best to avoid encountering strangers or provoking them. If you find yourself in some potential danger, keep calm and try to deal with the problem without worrying. Learning the basics of some self defense techniques can help you to get out. Martial arts is a good example. If you do not know any, try to remain alert, and seek help from nearby people. If you feel insecure, then it is never too late to learn some useful martial arts tactics. If you are in Massachusetts, Bruce McCorry’s Academy is here for you! Get to know the basics of self defense before you set out on your Halloween fun!

But above all, it is a matter of being aware of all the threats and trying to avoid making mistakes. Double the fun if you know the dangers and know how to defeat them! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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