Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Why Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: Choosing the Best in Martial Arts

Today, in tandem with the rising number of martial arts aspirants, the choices to learn martial arts are also too many. Among these numerous places that offer to teach martial arts, your choice is what defines your martial art experience. Martial arts are known for its ability to transform the life of its learners. In other words, martial arts are something that shows you how to live life to its full potential. If you choose to learn what everyone else learns, you will live the same life that everyone else lives. But if you choose to learn martial arts in all its uniqueness, you get to live a different life.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy: Martial Arts with a Vision
There are several factors which make Bruce McCorry’s Academy stand apart among the martial art institutions in Peabody and the surrounding areas. All of them flow from a unique vision of martial art learning which the administrators share.

The Choice of the Learner: Bruce McCorry’s is one of those schools located in Peabody which gives maximum freedom of choice to the students. You can not only choose from the wide range of courses available at the academy, but also opt for the time that is most suitable for you. This is especially useful for children, whose school hours and rigorous schedules might make a full-day course difficult. They have options like the Afterschool Program and Summer Program to choose from.

An Open Platform: At Bruce McCorry’s the learner’s needs and goals get the prime importance. We have a group of dedicated and experienced instructors, who will help you to achieve your goals through martial arts. The sessions are free and open, where you can share what you desire from martial arts with your instructors and other learners. Students find the academy a friendly social space where you get to meet other learners who share your concerns and same goals. 

Uniqueness of Vision: Unlike other martial arts schools, Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy does not try to limit itself to conventional martial art learning. We have unique martial art programs which are not available everywhere. The special needs program to help physically and mentally challenged students is one of them. The energy healing consultancy is for people who find their life extremely stressful. This has especially helped those who battle diseases, suffer from depression, anxiety and so on. 

Walking with the Times: Since 1978, Bruce McCorry’s Academy has proved to move with the times, and make martial art courses on par with what is going on in martial arts in the international scenario. The rising importance of cardio kickboxing has led to a special kickboxing wing. This is for anyone who loves kickboxing, but especially useful for cardiac health. We also try to extend our martial art endeavors to larger paradigms. Fundraising programs and cancer awareness campaigns and participation in competitions are all part of this.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy envisions a unique martial art academy where each student gets to transform their personal life through martial arts, at the same time get exposed to a larger martial art experience. Therefore, the academy has become the hub of martial art learners of different kinds. Casual learners, children, professional aspirants and practical students from all ages groups, even our seniors find the academy a space for them. Choose to be a part of Bruce McCorry’s Academy to start your transformation into a new you, with the Best in Martial Arts. 

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