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Laziness in Children and the Dangers that Follow

Laziness in Children and How to Get them Motivated
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

We live in a world where everything is much quickly and easily accessible without much effort. Our children get their knowledge from the internet at the click of a finger, and their entertainment from video games instead of outdoor playtime. The grandest revolution in technology has made our kids much lazier than what we were in our childhoods. Its worst impact has already started affecting our kids and are going to impact their future as well, if not properly looked into.

Of Laziness in Children and the Dangers that Follow
There was a time when laziness or lack of motivation was considered purely a psychological issue and we used to highlight the psychological consequences of the same. This facet of laziness is not to be neglected at all. It is often noted in experiments that children who lack motivation perform poorly in their academics, develop low self-esteem, and are more likely to fall prey to eating disorders and depression.

However, recent studies have shown how laziness is intricately linked to one’s body and have more physical consequences than it was thought to have. Today’s research links lack of motivation with a wide array of physical problems including obesity, the risk of diabetes in future and greater chances of sleep apnea, asthma and joint ache. Neither the psychological nor the physical aspect of laziness is to be dismissed as trivial.

Fighting Laziness through Martial Arts: The Key to Motivation
There are a whole lot of cures in the market that claim to ward of laziness, ranging from health drinks and tonics to art of living sessions. While the benefits of most of these antidotes are merely in words, martial art is one solution that can actually help.

A few hours of martial arts can transform a child in more than one ways:
  • Martial arts lessons include meditative modes that fill children with motivation and courage
  • It follows a model of setting goals and fulfilling challenges. This helps children to set goals and strive for them in daily life.
  • It gives them the confidence to face a crowd and defend themselves. Learners of martial arts grow up as assertive individuals who value their opinions and respect that of others.
  • Martial arts are also the answer for the lack of physical activity in kids. Martial art learners are less likely to develop obesity, lifestyle diseases or childhood immunity issues
  • Martial art makes children sharper and improves their academic performance. This sets in a chain of positive reinforcements where kids finally do well in studies for its own sake
  • Martial arts also help kids to deal with stress. This removes one significant factor that prevents kids from being motivated in life.
  • In every way, martial art is the key to true motivation and success.

Martial Arts for Motivation at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Bruce McCorry’s Academy can be counted among those few martial art schools that place equal focus on a learner’s physical, mental and emotional development. The testimonies of hundreds of our former students show how motivation gained through martial arts has helped them to scale new heights. Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s is your child’s first step toward getting rid of laziness and start using his/her time well. Let your children utilize the most energetic years in their lives in the right way through right motivation.  

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