Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How Martial Arts Solves Kids Motivation

How Martial Arts Can Solve Motivation Issues for Kids 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

In our world, lots of people, mainly young kids and teens, have become addicted to technology. From social media websites to gaming apps, children have begun to embrace technology, and it's almost an everyday thing. For some parents and guardians, a child sitting in their room quietly playing a game could be a great time to relax, catch up on chores, or take a nap. Others, however, have begun to notice their children spending far too much time on their cellphone, computer games and social media websites (more than three or four hours at a time!).

Spending so much time playing video games can wreak havoc on a child's motivation. Homework? Eh, they'd rather play a game. Play a sport? They'd rather play a sports game app on their phone. This lack of motivation for real-world activities may have a big impact on their future development, and honestly, they may become too lazy and unhealthy to dedicate efforts to anything outside of gaming and social media websites. What could solve this lack-of-motivation issue? The answer may seem odd, but it's proven TRUE: Martial Arts!

Whether or not your child is quiet and reserved or, outgoing and spunky, martial arts caters to them all. Besides from teaching excellent self-defense, it also teaches young children great life lessons, such as self-discipline and control. This can prevent a video-game loving bright child from becoming too lazy for physical activities, and it can teach them extensive amounts of self-control and obedience. This can motivate children to control their time and energy into doing things on their own, such as the pile of homework that may have been sitting on their dresser all through spring break.

Martial Arts can also teach children self-confidence, and teach them about their weaknesses and strengths. Being able to move up in levels will promote self-confidence and motivation to improve to finally move up the belt ranks. This motivation might also leak into their lives at home, perhaps encouraging them to obtain better school grades or help around the house more often.

Along with self-confidence, children will, of course, become fit via the constant activity in martial arts.Becoming a better martial artist means that they have to constantly be active and practice at their sport, which would result in a quite fit child in return. It will also result in a child who is motivated to become more active and they would rather not be on the phone or video game, but instead, go outside for fresh air while they practice what they have learned in class. So, not only would they be enjoying themselves, they would also be having a blast being more active while staying healthy and fit.

Overall, a lot of kids are flooded with unhealthy amounts of games and technology each and every day, and as stated, martial arts is the key to helping them become more motivated to do new things, or things that they should already be doing. Martial arts teaches self-defense, discipline, obedience, and control; which can help greatly all-around... at school, sports and motivation to make something of their life. It helps them gain self-confidence, fitness, and motivation- all while having a blast

So, it's time to ditch the unhealthy cell phone, social media sites and gaming world and open up to Martial Arts - The healthy solution to getting your children MOTIVATED! 

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