Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Children's Electronic Addiction

Children's Electronic Addiction: Is there a Permanent Solution?  
The answer is Yes, it's Martial Arts!

Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts


When the Pokemon game took the world by storm a few weeks back, an interesting observation by many commentators was on how finally a game has made us physically move around. We are an educated society which recognizes the pitfalls of electronic addiction and how it costs us our health. Interestingly, the response to the game shows how desperately we try to seek a cure for the consequences of electronic craze in the very gadgets and apps which cause them.

Children's Electronic Addiction: Is there a Permanent Solution?
The larger reality is that the nature and consequences of electronic addiction, especially in children, cannot be defined so narrowly. A game which makes you move around is definitely one step ahead of the games we had before, but it is not the once-forever solution for a problem as deep-rooted as electronic addiction.

Broadly defined, electronic addiction is a term which indicates how dangerously everything electronic – from cell phones and gadgets to apps, games and social media – has virtually taken on our lives, especially the lives of our kids. It touches and negatively impacts all aspects of their lives.

* The physical consequences of electronic addiction are higher chances of lifestyle diseases and obesity. In kids, it may lead to increased heart disease risk, increased risk of stroke, and impairment of vision and hearing in the long run.

* In children, psychological consequences such as guilt, depression, anxiety, stress and fatigue often accompany the addiction to cell phones, gaming and internet 

*Hostility and defensiveness are the emotional consequences often seen in teen electronic addicts. Electronic addiction gradually desensitize children to violence and pornography. Problems with impulse control and agitation are also quite common.

In other words, electronic addiction cannot be narrowly defined in terms of physical consequences alone. If not discouraged from beginning, electronic addiction can reach stages where it may lead to long-term complications and necessitate medication.

Martial Arts: An All-Rounded Cure for Electronic Addiction
Many cures have been put forth, but the main reason why they fail to strike the mark is because they do not address technological addiction from all angles. Some of them, like the game that makes people walk around, aim to remedy the physical consequences of technological addiction. Stress-relief programs and mind healing mostly focus on mental and emotional consequences alone. Medication too tackles emotional consequences and not much beyond.

This is why martial arts has a unique role in curing electronic addiction. The experienced instructors who have been teaching martial arts for years at Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA) point out how martial arts can effectively deal with physical, mental and emotional aspects of the technology craze in our kids. Martial art programs for kids at the Bruce McCorry's Academy follow an approach that blends the professional with the enjoyable to strike the right balance between benefit and fun. Martial arts compensate the lack of physical activity in highly effective ways. Many martial arts combine mind healing, breathing moves and stress-busting sessions that actively deal with psycho-emotional effects of electronic addiction. Above all, martial arts subconsciously teaches children to get over their excessive electronic addiction by breaking out of the repetition loop that is so characteristic of addiction.

If your child is a possible victim of electronic addiction, now is the time to choose better, and choose martial arts for your children, or, as a parent or an adult, you find yourself glued to your electronic device, give it a kick with Martial arts!

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