Thursday, January 19, 2017

Be a Better You - Refueling Motivation with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

Be a Better You - Refueling Motivation with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts 

A number of studies have pointed out that life-blaming is blooming in our culture, especially among students and in workplaces. Every time something positive doesn’t seem to be coming our way, we tend to blame ourselves – especially our drawbacks - or the situation we are caught in. Interestingly, psychology points out that this blame game might be a mechanism for not admitting to ourselves that we lack something we really need: motivation.

 The Motivation FAQ: What Makes Things Happen in Our Life
Motivation is a word we hear a lot, but little think about. Motivational speeches and self-help that permeates our culture might make us feel that it is something you can imbibe from someone else’s inspirational talk. But the real or desirable form of motivation is intrinsic - a strong emotional drive that evolves from within and drives us do something with our lives. Most of us remain motivated as children. Some of us totally fail to keep it up beyond teenage. Others get motivated occasionally, but they fail to sustain it all the time. In any aspect of our life – health and fitness, relationships, family, academic life, workplace, everyday activities or creativity – lack of motivation means that positive things gradually cease to happen in our lives.

 Getting Back on Track: Martial Arts to Remain Motivated
A typical time of the year when you feel a sudden drop in your motivation level is the post-holiday weeks. Holidays mean weeks-long hiatus from things that really demanded hard work, strength and presence of mind from you. Thinking of your work, school, workout or responsibilities seems rather dull at the end of the holiday. 

 An easy and fun way to refuel the fire of motivation within you is martial arts. What you can do right now to get back on track is to enroll for martial art lessons. It will not only help you to get on back on track for the time being, but in the long run it will gradually make you enjoy things that you today find exhausting. Keeping up a healthy lifestyle, building a fit and toned body, performing your best at school or workplace or building strongly founded relationships might not be that difficult at all with martial arts at your side.

 Be Motivated, Be a Better You: Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Center is the ideal martial arts choice if you are looking out for the right guidance that will help you fire your motivation. Bruce McCorry’s Academy has a brilliant selection of programs that can create a better you. You can finally say goodbye to the dreary workout sessions with our health-and-fitness-oriented martial art lessons. If you feel that lack of confidence, stress or academic/professional incapability keep you away from success at your school or workplace, our all-rounder martial art programs are for you. Children who might find their school life intimidating because of bullying or peer pressure can find in martial arts the courage and self-defense skills to make the school a better place for themselves and others. Our unique combination that draws upon meditation, mind-healing, traditional martial art wisdom and cutting-edge modern martial art research can inspire positivity within you.

When you are positive, nothing can beat you from being motivated. Stop blaming life and rediscover the motivated you with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts.

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