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Coping with Anxiety and Social Disorders through Martial Arts

Coping with Anxiety and Social Disorders through Martial Arts 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

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Popular depictions of martial arts have always generated the impression that its glory is about overpowering the enemy through violent force. Though force-based self-defense is taught under martial arts, nothing can be more wrong than to say that martial arts are inherently about violence. At its heart, martial arts are not about subduing your enemy. The real values taught by martial arts aim at subduing your own inner weaknesses so that nothing stops you from being the best version of you.

The Power Within: Martial Arts to Fight Anxiety and Social Disorders

Many of us fail in our purposes and do not reach our goals because forces within us prevent us from making the best use of our potential. It is not often in life that we might find ourselves physically fighting with an opponent. But at every step, we find ourselves in conflict with the obstacles within. Martial arts is the easiest mantra to overpower them. Some of these are:

Anxiety: Being anxious about situations, relationships and actions often prevent us from taking risks and achieving what we should. The martial art combo of physical movements and meditative techniques is a powerful way to control anxiety and learn to be calm in stressful moments.

Social Anxiety: One particularly difficult form of anxiety is social anxiety, the unreasonable panic that some people feel in situations that demand social presence. To cope with social anxiety what one needs is confidence, sureness of mind and tolerance toward criticism, all of which martial arts can help you imbibe.

Shyness and diffidence: Shy and diffident people might not find themselves panicking socially, but nevertheless they might feel strong reluctance toward situations that demand assertion, public speaking, expressing opinions and so on. Martial arts instill confidence and daring in shy and diffident persons.

Anger: Nothing helps in anger management like martial arts as it teaches you a sober and tempered view of life. Coping up with anger is a sure step to success in career and life as anger is one major factor that wrecks relationships and successful professional life.

Introversion: It is today known that introversion is a normal way of being and not a disorder. Hence it would be wrong to wish that an introvert should be changed at all. Nevertheless, it is sadly true that ours is a world that considers extroversion the norm and has made everything from classroom activities to career dependent on values like public speaking and group work. Martial arts help an introverted person to find peace with his/her personality and still navigate the extrovert’s world without struggle.

The known cures to social disorders like counseling, psychiatric therapy and personality development courses try to change you from outside, by changing your behavior and attitude. But martial arts touches your body, intellect and emotional sense at the same time to change your life from within. At a recognized martial art school like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) you will find instructors who will pay personal attention to your needs and suggest the right mode of martial arts that will lead you to true life. 

Martial arts can help you conquer your inner struggle that prevents you from being fully you and achieving that is rightfully yours according to your merit. 

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