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Social Media and Kids: Fighting the Challenges through Martial Arts

Social Media and Kids: Fighting the Challenges through Martial Arts

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Since the birth of social media by the turn of the millennium, whether it is a boon or a bane has remained a hotly debated topic. Now that children have access to social media in an unprecedented manner, much discussion has surrounded its impact on children. And the answers are not always encouraging. In spite of the hundreds of benefits that can be pointed out, studies indicate that social media hasn't made the lives of children any easier than before.

Social Media: Concerns, Criticisms, and the Impact on Children
According to GuardChild, 85% of American parents report their kids using social media. If we consider the chance of children using social media without parental consent or knowledge, this figure could go well up to 90%. What should alarm us is not so much the number of children using social media as much as the dangers which ensue. For instance, according to the statistics compiled by GuardChild, 
  • There is a 300% increase in sexual assaults in which social media plays a role
  • 88% teens owned up to being mean to others in social media, whereas 41% reported being at the receiving end of unpleasant behavior
  • At least 29% of internet sex crimes have origins in social media
  • 55% of children have passed personal details to strangers through social media

Social media, as can be seen above, is a platform that invites external danger in many ways. But what it does to the psychological profile of children is even more of concern: 
  • Children become victims of damaging cyber-bullying through social media
  • They feel anxious and threatened by the the social life of peers visible through social media
  • The response to their social media profiles affect the self-esteem and confidence of children
  • Often, tiffs in social media lead to real consequences and broken friendships/relationships
 This indicates that it is about time we thought of alternatives and solutions.

Martial Arts for Helping Children with Social Media Addiction

Being addicted to social media can be destructive for kids, however, de-addicting kids from their virtual lives and rooting them in the real pleasures of childhood is not an easy task. This is exactly where martial art lessons can help your child, as proven by a range of interdisciplinary research: 
  • Martial arts can be the perfect non-virtual alternative which kids will like, spend time on and enjoy
  • Martial arts teaches the mental and emotional maturity to stay away from social dangers
  • It cultivates some core values in kids, with which they can cope up with peer pressure and the anxiety induced by the demands of virtual life
  • Martial arts instill alertness and critical thinking skills, both crucial in staying safe from online traps
  • Martial arts give the courage and integrity to face and overcome damaging social circumstances such as cyber-bullying 

In renowned martial art schools like Bruce McCorry's Academy, the aim of children's martial arts is not just to help kids de-addict from their obsession with social media, but also provide them with a safe, positive outlet to spend time and energy onThe health benefits, emotional stability, mental strength and courage derived from martial arts is exactly what your child needs to find his/her bearings in the non-virtual world once again. Choose martial arts today.
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