Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Martial Arts Courses

Summer is in Full Swing - Join The Summer Martial Arts Courses at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy!
written by: Master McCorry

Excess workload, competition and deadlines of classwork have always exerted pressure on children. Though these concerns may look trivial to an adult, these can be as taxing as any significant stress factor. The chief aim of introducing physical education in schools was to give the kids a break from all these study-related stress. It was also believed that physical education will compensate for the lack of physical activity in daily life. However, a survey by the Center for Disease Control shows that only 24% of kids engage in daily physical education in the U.S. schools. When it comes to girls, the stats are even more worrying – only 17.7% of girl children get at least one hour of physical education at school.

One way to make up for this lack of physical activity is to include physical education in vacation programs. Instead of a usual summer course with its emphasis on mental faculties, parents can choose uncommon courses which will engage children in physical activities. There are good summer programs in martial arts, yoga and sports worth checking out.

Martial Arts – the Best Summer Option
Among many such summer courses, martial arts have a unique space. Although lots of people wait till september, summer is great time to get adjusted to the classes and make new friends for both children and adults. It is also special because it can sharpen your kid’s mental abilities along with their physical strength. Martial arts have the capability to make kids stronger, immune, sharper and quick-thinking. It has a handy self-defense value as well. In the long run, martial art education will turn out to be a useful asset for children. Learning martial arts in formative years can reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases and cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. In every way, a martial arts course in the summer can give your child many benefits that a usual summer camp cannot.

Summer Martial Arts Courses at Bruce McCorry’s Center
If you want to plan something fun and beneficial for your children, Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, Massachusetts) can be the ultimate companion to them this summer. This year, the flagship Summer Martial Arts Program of the academy is being offered with a number of unique features.

The Summer Courses is not just a classroom course where martial art alone is taught. Along with the useful practical lessons of martial arts, the courses gives an insight to the philosophies and theories of each art form. In Bruce McCorry’s, children learn each martial art along with understanding the benefits and opportunities of each. To break the monotony of classroom-oriented lessons, the Summer Courses also have a number of fun and productive activities. These include enjoyable field trips, story-reading sessions, game hours, arts and craft periods and so on. More than a usual summer coaching, what the academy envisages is a holistic character development program which will guide the children to discover their inner strengths and hidden potential.

Parents often choose Bruce McCorry’s Academy because safety and comfort is a priority of the academy. Martial art learners at Bruce McCorry’s leave the campus feeling self-confident and positive. The Bruce McCorry’s Summer Courses is an inclusive and fun way for your kids to spend this summer. The summer is in full swing, make it special with martial arts!

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