Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to be a Great Martial Artist

How to be a Great Martial Artist
Written by: Master McCorry

Many learners aspire to be a great martial artist, but how should you approach this goal? Like any other sport, the strength of a martial artist lies not in competing with others, but in competing with oneself. Every day, you should strive to improve yourself a little more. Rather than random practice, what you need is a systematically charted out method. Here is a method of action which you can either follow as it is, or consider as a model in developing your own method that suits your needs.

A Systematic Method to be a Good Martial Artist

1. Find a Good Martial Arts School: You'll find hundreds of self-help videos on martial arts, but nothing can match the training you get in a martial art academy. A school can teach you the values, principles and professional methods that form the soul of real martial art learning.

2. Never Skip Your Lessons: Learning martial arts is a process that proceeds step by step. If you miss classes, there is the risk of losing an important link that might be crucial to your understanding of the art as a whole. So it is important to attend all classes. Even if you have to miss lessons, try to compensate it by learning what was taught from following up with your teacher or friends from class.

3. Practice on Your Own: Lessons are a gateway to the profound process of learning a new art. Lessons will provide the introduction and framework for you to work upon. It is up to you to practice your art at home so that you can know it better. Practicing in solitude is a good way to enter into the heart of any martial art.

4. Link Martial Arts with Daily Life: Anything you learn is incomplete if it does not mean anything to you in practical life. Even martial arts is so. When we talk about taking martial arts to practical life, it does not just mean using martial arts for self-defense. That is there, of course. However, beyond that, you can use the values you imbibe from your lessons for common good. Every good martial arts institution actually emphasizes humane values. In martial art schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Massachusetts), you can be a part of volunteering, fund raisers, social services and so on. You may also use the values you learn from your art to deal with actual life situations such as relieving stress or working as a team. At the ultimate end of it, any martial art is a window to broaden our views on life.

5. Pass on the Knowledge: What you learn in martial arts comprises of the knowledge originated with our forefathers and passed on through generations. As a martial art student, it is your duty to pass on what you learn. If you cannot teach martial arts, at least you should try to make others aware of its importance so that they become able to achieve their goals and find their solutions through martial art.

A good martial artist is not just a person who knows his/her art well, but a person who becomes a good human being through martial arts. At schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy, the learners are equipped to achieve a vision of humanity through their practice of martial arts. If you let martial art to be your stepping stone to being a true human being, nothing can prevent you from becoming a great martial artist.

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