Friday, July 29, 2016

Martial Arts to Combat Stress and Anxiety

 Kick the Stress! 
Stress Management through Martial Arts 
for Everyone 
(Kids and All Ages)

Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

We live in a time which celebrates differences among people. In this world where nothing can be generalized for everyone, if there's something that every human being faces in some way or other, that is stress. Stress and anxiety have become the defining features of the 21st century woman and man. Studies show that even children, whom we normally believe to be living in that idyllic happiness of childhood, are not necessarily free of stress and anxiety in their own ways.

Understanding Stress: What makes it Difficult for Children and Adults to Manage Stress
Stress and anxiety arises from those situations where people do not want to be, but cannot escape from. Its root lies in the anxieties of being not able to live up to the situation or deal with the situation. Among adults, a large number of stress factors have been identified such as:

* Work in unmanageable amounts and not enough time to complete
* Lack of interest in work
* Strains in personal relationships
* Responsibilities in home, family and society

This list is not much shorter when it comes to children. Kids too face a number of stressful moments:
* Workload and the demands of academic life
* Peer pressure and the demand for fitting-in
* Strains in friendship, family and teenage relationships
* Psychological and physical changes which accompany growth and maturation 

At the core of each of these is a conflict between the ability of the person and the expectations/challenges of the situation. Even everyday moments like commuting can be stressful because the personality of a person determines what becomes stressful to him/her.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts to Combat Stress and Anxiety
Bruce McCorry's Academy follows a special method in which children and adults are equipped with life skills through martial arts, one of the perfect stress management solution ever. In turn, these life skills will help them to do well in demanding situations. 

Adults and children can learn time management, quick reasoning and leadership skills, which will reduce anxiety in their work and academic life. Martial arts boost skills like confidence and decision making, which are two important tools for combating stress in public life. In personal lives as well, martial art comes to the aid of kids and adults. It transforms your personality from the core by teaching you how to approach life positively. You will see how miraculously your relationship with friends, family and your partner improves. Kids benefit from the courage and confidence to combat situations like bullying, peer pressure and classroom stress in general.

There are three things which martial arts alone can give you in its full effect: these are health, fitness and an optimistic attitude to life. These three key factors are identified by Bruce McCorry's Martial art training because it recognizes that the key to stress management lies in identifying and remedying those factors which draw you back from giving your best to demanding situations. Martial arts also have unique mind healing properties that de-stress your everyday living.

Stress-management and confidence building programs have become the business catchwords of the day. Those profit-oriented programs can never adequately deal with stress. Only a more human approach which understands the real nature of stress and tries to amend it can be a real remedy. That's exactly where Bruce McCorry's martial art lessons become different from the rest.  Kick the Stress Today!  Join the North Shore's Premiere Martial Arts Academy..  Bruce McCorry's (Peabody MA)  Since 1978!

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