Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stop with the excuses

Stop with the excuses!
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Being healthy is not an option. You can’t decide to binge on doughnuts all week long just because you need that sugar rush. Or perhaps, going for that 30-minute walk is too cumbersome because it is too hot outside. You can skip working out one day, and the next and the next and suddenly you find yourself becoming susceptible to illnesses, feeling lethargic or stop fitting into those pants. It is high time to stop with the excuses and choose a healthy lifestyle instead.

 Why do we make excuses?
A lot of New Year resolutions begin with “I’m going to lose weight this year” or “I’m going to get a beach-ready body”. None of these goals is easy, to begin with, and while January may see you being strict with yourself, perhaps you find your efforts petering out in a couple of weeks. We would all like the benefits of a healthy lifestyle – eat a nutrition-rich diet, exercise regularly, decrease the consumption of alcohol or quit smoking – but the sacrifices that one must make to achieve these can bog one down. 

We end up making excuses not to eat healthily or working out. Here are some of the excuses people make to avoid making a healthy lifestyle choice.

 1. I am already healthy
Perhaps leading a sedentary life has never resulted in you putting on weight. Maybe your metabolism is such that you can eat copious amounts of chocolates and candies but not tip the weighing scale an inch. You may already have a perfectly shaped body and not feel the need to exercise or balance your diet. That can be a pitfall. Staying healthy requires you to make conscious choices all day long. Better to pass up that caffeinated beverage today than to discover an unhealthy medical condition later in life.

 2. Not motivated enough
Staying in bed is often more tempting than going to the gym. Reaching out for that packaged, ready-to-eat food is a lot easier than slicing and dicing your green vegetables. Lack of motivation is one of the reasons why people with good intentions fall off the wagon. If you acknowledge and remind yourself continuously that a healthy lifestyle will give you benefits in the long-term, you will automatically find yourself not making any excuses.

 3. No time to workout
Busy work schedules have become such a norm that the hours that remain at the end of a day for one’s leisure is greatly reduced. To pack in eight hours of sleep along with an hour of exercise and the time taken to get dressed, grab breakfast and beat the rush-hour traffic to work, can seem such a burden, that people would rather skip the whole workout routine entirely. But it is vital that you stop with the excuses. Your body as well as your mind must be healthy for you to perform at an optimum level. An hour of exercise is more beneficial in maintaining your wellness than an hour spent in lazing around, watching television will ever be.

 It is important to stop with the excuses and choose a healthy lifestyle. It takes effort, no doubt, but it is also the only way of maintaining a fit body, a peaceful mind and keeping you happy in general.  Visit us today and join the Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody MA)  Community and start enjoying a motivational, healthy, happy lifestyle. 

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