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Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Programs – Many Problems, One Solution

Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Programs – Many Problems, One Solution

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Discussions that champion the importance of afterschool care and supervision are a regular part of any parents’ forums these days. The debates seem to surround the pros and cons of afterschool care, but it is hard to miss the fact that afterschool care has evolved as much discussed topic among parenting circles in the last decade. If we are to sum up the arguments that crop up in these discussion forums, we can see that the afterschool hours are probably the time which raises the largest concern for the parents of school-going children. The problems faced by kids in these hours are many, and they need constructive solutions.

It Is Not Okay to Leave Kids Alone: Afterschool Perils Faced by Children
In any culture that values the independence, privacy and the holistic growth of children, it is quite natural to think that there is nothing wrong in leaving kids to look after themselves during the afterschool hours. However, a closer look reveals the other side of the picture.
  • Younger children who spend afterschool hours alone at home are more prone to hazards caused by fire, water and electricity.
  • Children who hang out with friends at public spaces are no safer. According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 3 to 7 PM timeframe reports the largest number of juvenile crimes and incidents of victimization.
  • Among this, the instances of bullying in public spaces are at alarming numbers.
  • These perils extend to teenagers as well. Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System noted that risky social behaviors ranging from alcohol, drugs and risky sex peaks during afterschool hours.
  •  For both kids and teens, afterschool hours are a time of lost opportunities as well, since this time can be constructively used for learning skills and non-curricular talents.
  • As this shows, kids and teens from 6 to 16 years of age can greatly benefit from some kind of afterschool supervision.

Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Programs: One Solution to Many Problems
It is not that easy to decide on the best afterschool care that your child can get. However, think of an afterschool program that offers not just a safe harbor for kids in the afterschool hours, but also benefits them in terms of health, fitness, academic excellence, athletic abilities and self-defense. This is exactly what you get from the Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Programs in Martial Arts (AMP).

The Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Program has the following benefits over a regular afterschool course:
  • It is not just about afterschool supervision. It teaches the basics of martial arts through a nationally recognized syllabus, adapted to meet the needs of individual learners.
  • It supplements a child’s health and fitness through introducing them to mild martial art forms.
  • It augments a child’s academic excellence through enhancing their memory and study skills.
  • It improves the social and communication skills of children by boosting their confidence and  teaching them values of respect, coordination and cooperation.
  • It is a powerful course in self-defense.
  • It is a fun and enjoyable program that does not burden the learners.
  • It channelizes the energy and spirit of kids and teenagers to constructive and productive activities.

What Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Program offers is a single solution to the many problems faced by your child in the afterschool hours. Never lose the opportunity to become part of Bruce McCorry’s After School Program!

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