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Perfect Your Parenting with the Afterschool Martial Art Program

Perfect Your Parenting with the Afterschool Martial Art Program

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It is one of the most miraculous joys of parenting to spend time with one’s child and be a part of their everyday quirks. However, this does not mean that parenting is a task that constantly energizes and amuses the parents. It involves a lot of effort that can easily exhaust parents and consume their precious alone time. In fact, to enjoy the quality time you spend with your child and to make the most of these hours, it is equally important for you to take a break from your parenting tasks at least for an hour a day. If you are wondering how, you will find the answer at the Afterschool Martial Art Program (AMP) offered by Bruce McCorry’s Academy!

Afterschool Martial Art Program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Of the many brilliant martial art courses offered by the academy, the AMP stands apart for many reasons. Through the Afterschool Martial Art program, adept masters at the academy introduce the basics of martial arts to enthusiastic child learners, by using a nationally recognized and coherently structured syllabus. AMP is a child-friendly martial art course that can easily fit into your little champ’s school schedule, given that it takes up only one or two hours from a child’s school day. However, never worry you will burden your kid—after the tedious hours spent at school, child learners at Bruce McCorry’s AMP find the martial art practice and the accompanying fun activities a refreshing break for their mind and body.

Afterschool Martial Art Program and Why it Matters: Benefits for Children
The AMP at Bruce McCorry’s is not another one of your common afterschool programs that is intended to keep children occupied until their parents’ work hours are over. It is a holistic package meant for the physical, mental and emotional growth of learners. Through martial arts, children learn to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Everyday martial art practice helps children to grow up as confident, courageous and assertive individuals. Not surprisingly, studies note that child martial art learners find it easier to cope up with classroom concerns like bullying, peer pressure and stress. Introducing your child to martial art is the perfect way to ensure their academic success, because martial arts boost many of their study-related skills such as memory, reasoning, quickness of thought, presence of mind, and confidence. Young martial art learners also tend to excel in physically-oriented activities such as athletics, sports, games, dance and so on.

It Is for Parents Too: Afterschool Martial Arts Makes Parenting Easier
As this article stated in the beginning, AMP is a great way to take a break from the never-ending task of parenting and catch up with some me-time or time with your partner. For working parents, nothing is more convenient than to know that their kids will spend the hours after school safe in a secure campus like Bruce McCorry’s. When we take into consideration the data regarding underage drug abuse, juvenile crime rates, accidents, and instances of assault against kids that tend to hike during the hours from three to six, you can see the relevance of a program like AMP that not only keeps children safe, but also equips them to face the dangers out there by training them in self-defense. 

Say yes to your child’s safety and happiness with Bruce McCorry’s AMP!

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