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Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program

Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program - The Best Choice for Safety and Success

There are two wishes that cross the lips of every parent who sends their child to school for the first time. One, their little champs should be safe, and two, they should succeed. Safety and success are the two words we wish upon every child we care for. Your children's daily school is not perhaps capable on its own to ensure their safety and success. What your kids need is a powerful ally who can guide them to success and who can teach them how to look after their own safety. What your child needs is afterschool martial arts.

Safety and Security: Choose the Best at Bruce McCorry's
If you want to do that extra bit for your children's safety and success, the best choice before you is the Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy's Afterschool Program.

What does the afterschool program have in advantage compared to a regular martial art program? Afterschool hours are exactly the time when your child needs that extra bit of concern and care to ensure his/her safety. Roaming in the streets or loitering in public places can pose grave danger to your child. According to the Office of Justice Programs, juvenile crimes, street crimes and alcohol-drug abuse are the highest during afterschool hours. While the juvenile crime data for non-school days touches a high-mark of 30, it is as high as 70 on a school day. Afterschool time is definitely the villain. For a secure childhood, spending the afterschool hours home alone is an equally bad idea. Home alone time, especially for kids below 12 years of age, are the hours when accidents from fire, water and electricity are most common.

The Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program (AMP) is a safe refuge from all these. In every way, a secure and safe childhood is the priority for the academy. Along with offering a safe retreat in afterschool hours, the AMP equips the children to defend themselves if they are caught in a situation of emergency. The best part of the AMP is that, even though the academy teaches self-defense applicable in real-life circumstances, it is imparted in extremely safe and harmless contexts, under the supervision of experts and helpers.

Success and Victory: The Bruce McCorry's Way
The afterschool martial art program or AMP is the all-rounder ally that will help your kid to excel in school in particular and life in general.

The AMP helps your child to find his/her inner strength in academic and athletic fields. Martial art is scientifically proven to sharpen the faculties of human brain such as memory and discerning skills. Martial arts impart social skills, self-confidence and courage to your children. These are of extreme use in the learner-centric, interactive classrooms of today, where competence is the norm and the virtue. Martial arts equally hone the athletic and physical skills of children. At the Bruce McCorry's afterschool program with a nationally approved curriculum and experienced teachers, your child gets the best of these benefits.

Bruce McCorry's AMP is your child's pathway to success in life. It tells them how to be strong in self-defense, how to be confident individuals who do not efface themselves in a crisis. Bruce McCorry's AMP teaches your children that the best way to escape a problem is to face it and emerge victorious. 

AMP is for the safety and success of the children of today.
 It's your turn to choose!    

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Longevity - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Proven Track of Success

Longevity - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 
Proven Track of Success

Martial Arts is so much the craze of the times that every year, you will find new and new institutions making their way into the field, promising to be the best in the area. If you look back five years from now, you will find that only a nominal few will have actually managed to hold on to the field. Martial arts is a field which demands genuineness, honesty and commitment, and only those schools which can truly and honestly place the priority on the needs of the learner and the sanctity of the art can last long in the scenario. Others come and go, but the true ones are here to stay.

Longevity: The Hallmark of Genuineness and Success?

When you choose a martial art school, should you consider how long it has been around? The answer is YES!

Of all the activities that you can take up, martial arts is undoubtedly the only one which has a history of centuries. It is also one field which is constantly on the go. This means that most martial arts retain something from its centuries-long past and change in tune with the most recent research on health and fitness. How long a martial art school has been around is a parameter of how it has succeeded in staying true to the genuine tradition of an art and in adapting it to suit the present-day needs and developments. If a school has a long legacy, it also means that the learners have found its lessons useful in their personal lives. Thus, a long heritage is a mark of how much a school prioritizes the learners and earn their love.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: Proven Track of Success, Since 1978

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, established in Peabody, MA in 1978 is easily the earliest martial arts school in the area. About to complete four decades of service in the field of martial arts, Bruce McCorry's Academy's story is one of proven success.

The foundation of the academy's success goes back to the expertise and vision which resulted in its birth. Master Bruce McCorry, the founder of the academy is a legend trained in many arts under celebrated veterans like Jhoon Ree. Master McCorry has performed at the Shaolin Temple back in 1982 and in 2002, entered the Martial Art Hall of Fame.

Commencing as a small martial art school in 1978, the academy has grown into one of the foremost martial art schools in MA in these four decades. The committed effort of experienced instructors and the learner-friendly approach have been the success mantras of the academy. In these years, the academy opened new courses, updated the curriculum from time to time, kick-started new wings specifically dedicated to particular arts like kickboxing, and inaugurated special courses in special needs and mind healing.

Today, offering around ten programs in different schemes and patterns intended for preschoolers, school-going children, teens, adults, seniors and people with special needs, Bruce McCorry's is the most versatile presence in Massachusetts martial arts. It is the values of honesty, commitment and open-minded approach that have helped the academy to stay rooted when many other schools which were established around the same time got lost in the pages of history and numerous new schools flourished, as ephemeral as the former. As longevity is a measure of trust, Bruce McCorry's is your ideal martial art destination. Nobody has been around for so long.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Dyslexia and Martial Arts

Dyslexia and Martial Arts: the Key to Success
Written by Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA)

Parents of dyslexic children are often worried about choosing co-curricular activities for their kids. A usually aired apprehension is whether it will demand too much of their time, especially since dyslexic children usually take extra time to complete their school work itself. Billy Blanks is one person whom parents with similar worries must know of. Blanks is perhaps familiar to many of us as a martial arts enthusiast who is working wonders with his combo martial art TaeBo, a blend of Taekwondo and Boxing. Blanks, who opened up a few years before to the CNN that today he can read and speak to thousands of people without being scared, was actually diagnosed with dyslexia. As the story of Blanks shows, martial arts is one of those co-curricular activities that can actually be a companion to your child if he/she is dyslexic.

Dyslexia and Martial Arts: How it Helps Kids to Tackle the World

Though the most noticeable symptom of dyslexia has to do with reading ability, it is not confined to reading alone. Its roots go back to the issues with the integration of human brain, and this is exactly why a brain-boosting activity like martial arts can help dyslexic kids. If you are the parent of a kid with dyslexia, here are some reasons why you must choose martial arts to help him/her:

* Dyslexic kids often find it difficult to cross the midline of their body. Martial arts gradually work with and improve this developmental skill.

* Sometimes, dyslexic kids find difficulty with the brain integration of left and right hemispheres and related activities. The focus-oriented moves which are part of martial arts are found to help with these.

* Martial arts help to sequence and coordinate physical movements in dyslexic kids. The rhythmic and structured martial arts moves can actually make a difference.

* Martial arts help not just with the motor-skills work, but also brain-skills. Remembering long movement series and combining opposite hand-leg moves help to develop brain skills.
* Balance, discipline, concentration and coordination are some aspects martial arts can improve

Karate is often identified a perfect martial art to help dyslexic kids. Recent developments have shown that kickboxing and taekwondo too can have a great impact on dyslexia. Each new move or skill might come as a challenge for a dyslexic child. Feeling confused on how to act, or totally forgetting what to do in a move often happens. But gradually, as they figure out and work with moves in a martial art lesson, it helps them to cope with and conquer similar situations in real life.

Martial Art Lessons for Dyslexia at Bruce McCorry’s Academy 
Bruce McCorry’s Academy stands out among the many martial art schools in Massachusetts as we have an enthusiastic faculty which walks with the time and keeps constant watch of the developments taking place in the field of martial arts research. The Academy became an early institution to introduce martial arts for kids with special needs. Lessons in all programs including the Special Needs course take place under the supervision of learned instructors. The martial art lessons in the academy is a great space for dyslexic kids to perform well along with other kids and regain their self-esteem and confidence which could have been adversely affected by their experiences in classroom and the society. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Adult Martial Arts Classes Peabody MA

Adult Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA)

Are you a person who has always desired to lead a healthier and fresher lifestyle, but was never able to do it? As numbers would prove it, you are not alone. Data show that 54 million of US citizens eagerly desire for a healthier lifestyle and have enrolled themselves in gyms and facilities for working out. Still, it can be ironic when we see that only 5% of the US adults get enough physical activity that is recommended for a day. Is this huge gap between aspiration and reality a result of laziness? More than laziness, the answer has to be sought in the uninteresting, tedious and tiring methods of exercise that the gyms in our country follow. 

An Enjoyable Alternative for Working Out: Adult Martial Arts
Much of your problem can be solved if one can arrive at an enjoyable fitness activity that doesn’t tire you out with packed schedule and burdensome work out. And this is nothing else than martial arts.

In a professional martial art school, you will find martial arts for adults a panacea for many of the concerns you face in your daily life. Fitness is a major factor among them, but not the only one. Why should martial art be a part of your daily life? Here are some possible reasons:

* According to NutriStrategy, while an hour of regular workout burns 246 calories an hour for a person weighing 155 lbs., an hour of martial arts such as judo, karate, kickboxing and taekwondo burn 704 calories, around three times the former. This level of result is achieved with physical effort much less than regular workout.

* Adult martial arts have been found beneficial in a number of health issues which are a result of adulthood. Among them are diabetes, thyroid-related health problems, abnormal blood pressure and cholesterol levels, cardiac issues, arthritis and issues related to menopause in women.

* Among the socio-psychological benefits of martial arts, it has been often noted by doctors that it is a powerful form of stress-relief compared to yoga, meditation and art-of living. It can be your best companion during your frantic career years.

* Adult martial arts is also easy-to-learn as an effective self-defense.

Adult Martial Art Lessons in Peabody: Bruce McCorry’s is the Best!
It is never too late to take up something like martial arts. But nothing can make your learning worthwhile like a dedicated and passionate professional martial art school like the Bruce McCorry’s Academy. The adult programs at the academy are constructively designed and taught by instructors with expertise. It will equip you to fare well in your adult life, by making you to healthier and fit individuals. Martial arts can work wonders in your personal and professional life if you learn it in enjoyable circumstances under expert teachers. Bruce McCorry’s lessons will show you how to perform well in your work even in the face of stress, how to take care of yourselves during an emergency, how to be better parents, and how to build long-lasting and genuine relationships. It will help you to find the right spot of balance between your body, mind and soul, thus helping you to be in control of your lives. Be a part of the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Art Lessons for Adults!   

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Bruce McCorry's Famous Little Ninja's Program

Plan Your Little Champ’s Safe Future with
 Bruce McCorry's Famous Little Ninja's Program 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts  (Peabody MA)

Howard Gardner, when he introduced the famous multiple intelligence theory in psychology, made a revolution in the way we look at the phase called the preschooler age (3 to 6 years). He argued that intelligence is not one, but many. Every child in the preschooler age potentially possesses numerous types of intelligence's in varying amounts. Measuring any kid’s worth in a single scale of IQ and forcing them to succeed in a single criteria of academics is a huge injustice to their variety.

As parents, we all want to see our children succeed, and do whatever we can do for that right from the time he or she is born. But Gardner forces us to ask some major questions. How can we ensure a safe future for our little champ in the light of changing research in education? The best choice, it appears, is to identify where exactly your little champion figures in the myriad list of talents and intelligences and cater to his/her point of strength. The preschooler age is significant once again, because this is one early decisive moment when the course of your child’s life could be guided.

Martial Arts for Preschoolers: Finding the Talent, Giving the Support
Introducing children in the preschooler age to martial art has been often discussed in parenting circles. How exactly can it ensure better future for young learners? The past few years’ experience at Little Ninja's Program for kids from 3 to 6 years at the Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) has helped us to arrive at some answers.

As the example of several batches of learners at Bruce McCorry’s Little Ninja's Martial Art Program showed, martial arts in the preschooler age work wonders with kids at a time when their body and mind is being accustomed to the demands of the world. Martial art is the only extracurricular activity that can cater at once to a range of intelligences pointed out by Gardner. It has something to offer for their visual-spatial skills by making them to assess the sweep of moves and react accordingly. It also is a booster of the bodily-kinesthetic skills. By making children take logical decisions and react to changes, martial art improves their logical intelligence. At an age when their language is on the verge of formation, martial arts caters to their verbal ability by placing them in situations of verbal interaction. Martial arts also has a say in instilling a rhythmic sense in children.

Many kids who began with Little Ninja's Program at Bruce McCorry’s are passionate followers of martial arts in their later school years as well. This has happened because they and their parents experienced the magic that martial arts can do. Their past as young martial art learners has helped them to identify where in the spectrum of skills do their actual ability and interest lie. Little Ninjas Program help kids not only to remain fit, healthy and stress-free, but it aids every aspect of their life outside the martial arts school. They find that the early martial art training has helped them to be logical thinkers in their lessons, athletic contenders in during sports, and confident speakers in their classroom activities. These early learners has identified their area of success and made martial arts their pillar of support in their activities within and without the classroom.

Now it’s the turn of your child. Try out Little Ninjas today for a better future for your child!

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Conquering Through Martial Arts: The Success Story of Sandra LaRosa.

Conquering Through Martial Arts: The Success Story of Sandra LaRosa.

The point of this story is to never give up and keep striving forward.

Cardio Kickboxing is perhaps one sport in the world which consciously attempted to blend in health and martial arts. This art has an ancient Asian heritage, as its precursor was the Tai art called Muay Thai. Frank Thiboutot's intervention however transformed Kickboxing, the modern form of Muay Thai, into a health-oriented art suited for the 21st century lifestyle and thus cardio kickboxing was born.

The Life-Saver Art: Myth or Reality?
Like many martial arts, cardio kickboxing is considered a major solution to the health concerns of our times such as obesity, lifestyle diseases and stress. With the capability to burn around 800 calories in an hour, it's also a fitness choice. But there is something beyond these, which made kickboxing the showstopper among martial arts for health. 

As the name itself suggests, Thiboutot intended it to be a booster of cardiac health. The special moves designed for this goal took cardio kickboxing to another level when it comes to martial arts for health and fitness. This intense but not burdensome martial art is proven to improve cardiovascular health, heal muscular health issues, regularize bone density and help with arthritis and rheumatics. This description, scientifically suggested, makes kickboxing sound a wonder art. Is this a myth or reality?

Sandra LaRosa's Answer: Conquering Polymyositis through  Martial Arts
The life of Sandra LaRosa, the Kickboxing veteran at Bruce McCorry's Academy is a testimony to the power of cardio kickboxing as a life-saving martial art. A martial art lover since her early 20s and a passionate martial artist since the age of 30, LaRosa's life underwent a huge change in 2008. In her early forties, this young and healthy martial artist started experiencing fatigue and muscle stiffness, which turned out to be a fatal muscular condition, polymyositis.

In LaRosa's words, the next few years come across as a tough journey. Her days fell into a chaos of getting tests, trying out treatment methods, researching the nature of her condition and falling in and out of positive and negative moods. In this difficult journey, she found her companions in her positive-spirited friends and supporters at the Bruce McCorry's Academy. Some miracle drugs, paired with regular workout and proper diet gradually started changing her condition. Today, back in the grip of her life, when she extends thanks to her colleagues, the drugs which saved her, and the doctors who helped her, there is one name she wishes not to leave out and that is cardio kickboxing.

Usually, physiotherapy is a crucial part of the treatment for polymyositis, a disease which ruins immunity by decimating muscular tissues. Under the guidance of the neurologists and rheumatologists from Brigham & Women, (http://www.brighamandwomens.orgLaRosa decided to try out cardio kickboxing, her passion, as an alternative. Under the regular support of the staff at Bruce McCorry's Academy, she found kickboxing her pillar of strength that kept her muscles from further damage and kept her strong in body and mind.

If kickboxing was at the core of her willpower, other martial art sessions at the academy too helped. Taekwondo helped her to improve bodily coordination and regain muscular flexibility. The breathing moves in Tai Chi acted as a good stress-buster. Today, LaRosa leads a happy life, finding her life's joy in the very art which brought her back. When the concern of health looms her mind, she smiles back at life with the determination of a fighter and the spirit of a winner, imparting Kickboxing to hundreds of learners, each on their way to find their own goals and dreams in this miracle art.

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Kick the Bullying with Martial Arts

Kick the Bullying with Martial Arts

written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

It is only through martial arts that a menace like bullying can be found a solution, because real solution lies in resolving the root cause rather than imposing punishment and discipline from without. Be part of the Bruce McCorry's anti-bullying martial arts sessions to fight the challenge that can ruin your child's life. It must stop!

The National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment tells us that every time the clock strikes seven minutes, one child in the US breaks down due to bullying. This is an appalling statistics. Perhaps even more terrifying is the realization that 96% of the adults and 11% of the friends do not find it necessary to intervene if someone is bullied. Together, this makes bullying – both real-life bullying and cyber bullying the most complicated problems of the school life.

Why it should be a Matter: The Need to Help Bullies and Victims
A wide range of causes have been pointed out as the root causes of bullying and cyber bullying. Studies point out that the personality, race, differentiating factors like appearance, sexual preference and disabilities can all make a child the victim of bullying. Though this demands concern and help from the society, unconditionally accusing the bullies will be as much problematic, as dysfunctional families, poverty, personality disorders and behavioral problems are the unseen villains that push kids to bully other kids. What eventually comes out from this is that both bullies and victims need help alike.

But why should it be a matter of concern at all? Unlike what many people choose to believe, bullying is not a normal part of school life that helps to harden up a child, neither is it something that helps kids to be confident tacklers of the real-life concerns that await them. Bullying and its more dangerous cyber version are deeply damaging social menaces that break the kids, sometimes the damage leaving a life-long impact. Among these are physical and emotional trauma, academic failure, inconsistent job profiles, troubled relationship status and increased suicide rates – terrifying consequences that await the victims and bullies who come out of a culture of intimidation.

Martial Arts against Bullying: A Helping Hand for the Victim and the Bully
Given that the actual rates of intervention are so low, the best antidote against bullying is something that will help the victims to fight bullying by themselves and help the bullies to know better. This is exactly how martial arts helps to fight bullying.

The pattern of instruction in a good martial art school like Bruce McCorry's Academy is an example. Children here learn through martial arts to be strong and confident, stand up for themselves and their friends, defend their opinions, embrace their differences and respond with a calm attitude towards challenges. These, coupled with a stronger and sharper physique, would help them to fight bullying. Bullies, on the other hand, learn the values of courtesy, respect and cooperation through martial art at Bruce McCorry's. It helps them to deal with emotions like anger, frustration, the will to dominate and predilection toward violence. Instead, Bruce McCorry's teach kids to be compassionate and friendly to their classmates and youngsters.

It is only through martial arts that a menace like bullying can be found a solution, because real solution lies in resolving the root cause rather than imposing punishment and discipline from without. Be part of the Bruce McCorry's anti-bullying martial arts sessions to fight the challenge that can ruin your child's life. It must stop!