Saturday, February 25, 2017

Touch Your Inner Energy with Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Touch Your Inner Energy with Tai Chi and Qi Gong at
 Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 

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Tai Chi and Qi Gong are two closely related energy-based Chinese martial arts. There is a lot that binds Tai Chi and Qi Gong together, but there are also differences that make the learning of the two arts distinct experiences. To sum up the relation between the two, we could say that Tai Chi is the most powerful tributary of a larger river that is Qi Gong. The antiquity of Qi Gong dates back to millenniums-old Chinese traditions like Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. To be specific, Tai Chi is one of the five major ways in which Qi Gong chose to develop by our times. After the 1960s, the organically evolved art forms of Qi Gong and Tai Chi were equally stressed by the government as adoptable elements in a harmonious modern lifestyle.

Two Arts to Change You from Within: Comparing Tai Chi and Qi Gong
The focal point on which both Tai Chi and Qi Gong build up their forte is the energy that powers human beings from within. The term chi in Tai Chi and in Chi Gung (or Qi Gong) is a way of paying tribute to this inner energy which Chinese traditions believe to be the source of human motivation and being - life energy, in other words.

However, centuries of divergence in evolution has made Tai Chi and Qi Gong to adopt different ways of awakening the energy within. Tai Chi has evolved to be a physically rejuvenating martial art with medicinal and health benefits that accompany it. But in Qi Gong, the healing quality takes the spotlight and the physical aspects are supposed to be associative in nature. 

Both Tai Chi and Qi Gong adopt a liquid, plastic style of movements unlike the harder martial arts that rely on angular movements. Despite this common style of fluidity and smoothness, both the arts have developed unique and different sets of movements, with all-encompassing physical, mental and spiritual advancement.

There are also similarities and differences in how the two art forms awaken the inner energy. Both are preoccupied with chi, but Tai Chi adopts a holistic approach where all the sixteen aspects of motivating one’s life energy are synchronized in every move. Qi Gong, on the other hand, believes in wakening these elements one by one in different movements associated with different parts of the body, eventually building up the whole.

Learning Tai Chi and Qi Gong: The Pathway to Your Inner Energy
A good way to choose between Tai Chi and Qi Gong is to list your personal need as clearly as you can and take the advice of an experienced instructor. A professional martial art school like the Bruce McCorry’s Academy will be able to help you as the adept instructors here can assess your unique needs and offer the best for you. The Bruce McCorry’s free trial program is your best friend when it comes to choosing because you can take in the unique experience of the martial art you have been suggested before making up your mind.

In your heavy and stress-filled everyday life, Tai Chi and Qi Gong are your pathways to return to the tranquility and harmony of your inner energy, the source which will help you to achieve self-actualization in terms of health, fitness, thoughts and feelings.  

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Say No to Bullying with Martial Arts!

 Say No to Bullying with Martial Arts!
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Educational experts have repeatedly tried to show us the nasty side of bullying, but still there are adults - at least some of them - who turn a blind eye on bullying and dismiss it as a problem of childhood. But, if we grasp the damage it can do and has already done, no one can be indifferent to bullying. Recently, a survey by ABC news pointed out that 16 million children bunk school for the fear of bullying, a whopping number for any of us to ignore it at all.

Why it should be Stopped: Saying No to Bullying
Though it might not be visible to parents or teachers, no classroom is free of bullying. Even if children might not confess it, it is extremely important to find out and stop bullying at once. It is today pointed out by psychologists and researchers that:

  • Bullying can lead consequences like physical assault, depression and even suicide
  • It is at once harmful to the victim and the bully and can cause long-lasting impact on both such as antisocial behavior, inability to sustain healthy relationships and social apathy.
  • Even those who witness bullying can develop skeptical and negative view of life
  • Since whatever makes the victim stand out - body nature, sexual orientation or behavioral pattern - is often dragged into bullying, victims might live their whole lives with a self-effacing notion of himself/herself.
  • The major site of bullying these days is online, where the anonymity of the bully could be easily kept and where slander could spread easily to more people. This means the damage done by cyber bullying is often irreversible.

Martial Arts: A Single Solution to Fight Bullying
There might be therapies, counselling and help groups that promise to help the victims. But all of these measures talk about bringing the victim back to life once the damage has been done. Sadly, often this is too late. Martial arts is the only one solution that promises a different solution.

Martial arts is the only remedy that helps both who turn out to be bullies and those who become victims of bullying. Often, bullies are born because of insecure family circumstances, narrow tolerance toward differences or because of an inherent desire to dominate others. Martial arts is a perfect way potential bullies can burn off their frustration, excess energy and the desire to overpower others. Martial arts make potential bullies calmer, broadminded and tolerant individuals who do not feel the need to intimidate others. This means the more children learn martial arts, more the chance that bullying will be prevented.

This is nothing compared to how martial arts help the victims. Martial arts instills courage, self-confidence and assertive nature in potential and actual victims of bullying. Kids who learn martial arts have a greater chance of standing up for themselves or their friends when bullied. It is one way of preventing the damage that could be caused by bullying. In case of those who already have been victimized, martial arts can help them to take the shame not too seriously or lose their strength in the face of challenge. 

As adults, the best you can do to root out bullying from the schools in your neighborhood is to direct your kids and others to learn martial arts. Empowering and positive martial art lessons from quality institutions like Bruce McCorry’s Academy can save the lives and the future of many children.

                     Save your Child today by saying 
                NO TO BULLYING with Martial Arts NOW!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Coping with Anxiety and Social Disorders through Martial Arts

Coping with Anxiety and Social Disorders through Martial Arts 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

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Popular depictions of martial arts have always generated the impression that its glory is about overpowering the enemy through violent force. Though force-based self-defense is taught under martial arts, nothing can be more wrong than to say that martial arts are inherently about violence. At its heart, martial arts are not about subduing your enemy. The real values taught by martial arts aim at subduing your own inner weaknesses so that nothing stops you from being the best version of you.

The Power Within: Martial Arts to Fight Anxiety and Social Disorders

Many of us fail in our purposes and do not reach our goals because forces within us prevent us from making the best use of our potential. It is not often in life that we might find ourselves physically fighting with an opponent. But at every step, we find ourselves in conflict with the obstacles within. Martial arts is the easiest mantra to overpower them. Some of these are:

Anxiety: Being anxious about situations, relationships and actions often prevent us from taking risks and achieving what we should. The martial art combo of physical movements and meditative techniques is a powerful way to control anxiety and learn to be calm in stressful moments.

Social Anxiety: One particularly difficult form of anxiety is social anxiety, the unreasonable panic that some people feel in situations that demand social presence. To cope with social anxiety what one needs is confidence, sureness of mind and tolerance toward criticism, all of which martial arts can help you imbibe.

Shyness and diffidence: Shy and diffident people might not find themselves panicking socially, but nevertheless they might feel strong reluctance toward situations that demand assertion, public speaking, expressing opinions and so on. Martial arts instill confidence and daring in shy and diffident persons.

Anger: Nothing helps in anger management like martial arts as it teaches you a sober and tempered view of life. Coping up with anger is a sure step to success in career and life as anger is one major factor that wrecks relationships and successful professional life.

Introversion: It is today known that introversion is a normal way of being and not a disorder. Hence it would be wrong to wish that an introvert should be changed at all. Nevertheless, it is sadly true that ours is a world that considers extroversion the norm and has made everything from classroom activities to career dependent on values like public speaking and group work. Martial arts help an introverted person to find peace with his/her personality and still navigate the extrovert’s world without struggle.

The known cures to social disorders like counseling, psychiatric therapy and personality development courses try to change you from outside, by changing your behavior and attitude. But martial arts touches your body, intellect and emotional sense at the same time to change your life from within. At a recognized martial art school like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) you will find instructors who will pay personal attention to your needs and suggest the right mode of martial arts that will lead you to true life. 

Martial arts can help you conquer your inner struggle that prevents you from being fully you and achieving that is rightfully yours according to your merit. 

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Friday, January 27, 2017

After School Martial Arts with Bruce McCorry’s

After School Martial Arts with Bruce McCorry’s – Secure, Safe and Successful 

If you are the parent of a school-going child, you will agree that the three words – safe, secure and successful – pretty much sum up what you want your kids to be during their crucial school years. You want them to remain safe from external threats like accidents, violence, bullying and peer pressure. You want them to remain secure and unfazed when faced by fears and challenges. And you want them to be successful in their field of talent. What you don’t know is that there is a single formula to keep your child safe, secure and lead them to success. That is after school martial arts.

Safety, Security and Success: Bruce McCorry’s After School Martial Arts 

Numerous studies have proved the benefits of martial arts over and over. Recently more emphasis is being placed on the benefits of learning martial arts in the afterschool hours. One of the most brilliant after school martial art programs in Massachusetts, the Bruce McCorry’s After School Martial Art Program (AMP) is a testimony to how after school martial arts can transform your child’s life forever.

Success, Unplugged: The success formula for academic and extra-curricular excellence depend on the health, energy level and the physical/mental abilities of children. Through regularized martial arts training and fun activities, Bruce McCorry’s AMP lets your kids to imbibe a number of benefits that will be the foundation of academic and extra-curricular brilliance. Health, immunity, inexhaustible energy and strength are some of them. A refreshing martial art lesson in the afterschool hour boosts memory, invigorates the brain and hones the ability to think. Bruce McCorry’s AMP is for those who seek success is academics, athletics, sports or arts. 

Safety Like Home: According to Afterschool Alliance, the afterschool gap – around 25 unsupervised after school hours that a child spends in a week - are potentially the most dangerous for him/her. Fight Crime, Invest in Kids program states that road crashes, crimes, alcohol, smoking and drug abuse mostly happen in the after school hours. The chances for the home-alones to be victims of accidents are as high as the instances of street violence. As a meritorious afterschool program, the Bruce McCorry’s AMP offers a constructive and safe alternative where children can spend their afterschool hours in a supervised comfortable space. The AMP teaches them the basics of self-defense that will keep them safe even when they are out of their zones of safety like home or school.

Being Secure – Today and Tomorrow: Being secure is not just about being safe from external threats. It is also about feeling unthreatened in the face of failures, challenges and fears. The advantage of Bruce McCorry’s martial arts over any other after school courses is that it hones not just the physical strength or the mental sharpness of your child: it makes him/her emotionally secure and mature. At Bruce McCorry’s, kids learn to tap their own individual strengths and embrace the drawbacks. Through this they learn to master all insecurities from classroom threats like bullying and peer pressure to serious crises later in life.

With a carefully structured syllabus of national recognition, adept instructors, a homey and safe campus and some amazing offers, Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Program is your child’s sure path to success, safety and security. 

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Be a Better You - Refueling Motivation with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

Be a Better You - Refueling Motivation with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts 

A number of studies have pointed out that life-blaming is blooming in our culture, especially among students and in workplaces. Every time something positive doesn’t seem to be coming our way, we tend to blame ourselves – especially our drawbacks - or the situation we are caught in. Interestingly, psychology points out that this blame game might be a mechanism for not admitting to ourselves that we lack something we really need: motivation.

 The Motivation FAQ: What Makes Things Happen in Our Life
Motivation is a word we hear a lot, but little think about. Motivational speeches and self-help that permeates our culture might make us feel that it is something you can imbibe from someone else’s inspirational talk. But the real or desirable form of motivation is intrinsic - a strong emotional drive that evolves from within and drives us do something with our lives. Most of us remain motivated as children. Some of us totally fail to keep it up beyond teenage. Others get motivated occasionally, but they fail to sustain it all the time. In any aspect of our life – health and fitness, relationships, family, academic life, workplace, everyday activities or creativity – lack of motivation means that positive things gradually cease to happen in our lives.

 Getting Back on Track: Martial Arts to Remain Motivated
A typical time of the year when you feel a sudden drop in your motivation level is the post-holiday weeks. Holidays mean weeks-long hiatus from things that really demanded hard work, strength and presence of mind from you. Thinking of your work, school, workout or responsibilities seems rather dull at the end of the holiday. 

 An easy and fun way to refuel the fire of motivation within you is martial arts. What you can do right now to get back on track is to enroll for martial art lessons. It will not only help you to get on back on track for the time being, but in the long run it will gradually make you enjoy things that you today find exhausting. Keeping up a healthy lifestyle, building a fit and toned body, performing your best at school or workplace or building strongly founded relationships might not be that difficult at all with martial arts at your side.

 Be Motivated, Be a Better You: Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Center is the ideal martial arts choice if you are looking out for the right guidance that will help you fire your motivation. Bruce McCorry’s Academy has a brilliant selection of programs that can create a better you. You can finally say goodbye to the dreary workout sessions with our health-and-fitness-oriented martial art lessons. If you feel that lack of confidence, stress or academic/professional incapability keep you away from success at your school or workplace, our all-rounder martial art programs are for you. Children who might find their school life intimidating because of bullying or peer pressure can find in martial arts the courage and self-defense skills to make the school a better place for themselves and others. Our unique combination that draws upon meditation, mind-healing, traditional martial art wisdom and cutting-edge modern martial art research can inspire positivity within you.

When you are positive, nothing can beat you from being motivated. Stop blaming life and rediscover the motivated you with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts.

Friday, January 13, 2017

New Year, New You with Bruce McCorry’s Academy

2017 - New Year, New You with Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Few of us can think of the New Year without thinking of a new beginning. 2017 might not be the first New Year in our lives, but it is true for each of us that this year won’t come again. In one year, you might not be living the same life, among the same people. If you have always hoped to transform your life in any way, now is the time to do it. If you have wished to be healthier, stronger, fit or confident; if you have wished to kick your habits, gift a perfect life to your children, live stress-free or take control of your life, this is the time. 2017 is the year of the New You. And perhaps, martial arts might be the shortcut to that.

Mold the New You in the Martial Art Way with Bruce McCorry’s Academy
If there’s anything that can touch and transform all aspects of your life – physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual – it is martial arts. Therefore, if anyone has the ability and the wisdom to mold the New You, it is no one other than a qualified and reliable martial art school.

 Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody MA), the top and long-standing martial art center in Massachusetts is the ideal space that will help you discover the New You. For the past four decades, Bruce McCorry’s Academy has helped thousands of learners to identify their strengths and weaknesses and positively transform themselves with the help of martial arts. Bruce McCorry’s Academy is one of the select martial art centers that offer customized professional care to everybody from a preschooler to a senior.

 Martial Arts for Everybody: Bruce McCorry’s Programs for Health, Fitness and More
Whoever you are and whatever be your life’s goal, you will find one program at Bruce McCorry’s that will transform your life:

* Little Ninjas: For your preschooler (3-6 years), choose the Little Ninjas Program that uses a nuanced curriculum of simple martial arts and activities to boost physical growth, mental and emotional development, social skills and brain development. 

* Juniors: A brilliant foundation course for kids (7-12 years), it is all your child needs to ace through the school years. Children’s martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s is a wild card to academic and extracurricular excellence and a healthy, energetic, stress-free school life. Children can also choose the handy schemes of After-school Martial Arts Program (AMP) or the Summer Program. 

* Teen/Adult: This program is for everybody above 13 years of age who wants to try out martial arts. You can choose your ideal program or combination that caters to your personal reasons for turning to martial arts - as a pastime, for achieving specific goals, or as a lifetime passion. Bruce McCorry’s has an amazing selection of courses ranging from lighter and moderate ones like Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Kung Fu and Cardio Kickboxing to more challenging ones like MMA and XMA. 

* Special Needs: Martial arts is for everybody. The inclusive Special Needs program is for those who face physical and mental challenges who can work wonders with their life given that extra caring hand.

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Center aims at health, fitness, confidence and happiness for everybody. Any choice from the above programs that suits your personal needs, goals, strengths and capabilities is exactly what you need to add that extra spark that would transform your life. Say yes to Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts to make 2017 count.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Tap Your Inner Powers with Martial Arts: The Key to YOUR Self

Tap Your Inner Powers with Martial Arts: The Key to YOUR Self 
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - Peabody, MA

Every now and then, we hear motivational words telling us that whatever it takes to achieve your dreams and goals, it’s all in you and it’s just a matter of bringing out the best in you. Be yourself, find your right talent, be touch with your inner self... But no one tells us how exactly to do that. Hence it is a predicament of our times that it has become a habit for us to look toward someone else to give us what we really need. Each time we pay the doctor, the gym or a personality development program, we tend to believe that it is only them who can keep us healthy, fit, confident or happy. Perhaps if someone told us how to tap the lauded inner power, we could lead a life that is much more effortless, happy and complete.

Tapping Your Inner Powers with Martial Arts: the Key to Your Self
Since we have seen people achieving those goals which we cherish, we will have to agree that there are innate human powers that some of us succeed in bringing out. For the common man/woman, is there a practical way to tap one’s own strength and succeed? That key to your self is martial arts. With a bit of guidance from the right experts, you too can use the martial art key to unlock the door to your goals.

Here are some inner powers that martial arts help to achieve. If your goal fall among these, martial arts is what you need!

* Healthier You: There are moves and activities in martial arts that can help to achieve a rather balanced health profile without serious lifestyle diseases and potentially good immunity. People with chronic diseases or special needs too can rely on martial arts to live a better life.

* Fitter You: Losing weight and achieving a fit body are a prime goal for many. Martial art is an effective and easily doable fitness regime than most workout-diet combos. In a fast-food-plus-no-workout culture, this is something everyone can do for themselves.

* Braver You: Building confidence and being able to defend yourself – both physically and otherwise – is an art that everyone needs to master. From kids to seniors, everyone needs to know how to affirm themselves and keep themselves safe. Martial art teaches you that.

* Successful You: Children can definitely benefit from the sharper memory, intellect and quicker thought-process that martial arts gift them. But it is also useful for the adults to climb up the career ladder or the seniors to conquer their age.

* Sociable You: At times you need to put yourself first, but as part of a society, it is important to be sociable. Martial art teaches you to communicate, cooperate, nurture relationships, be caring and a lot more.

The uniqueness of martial art is that it is a key that unlocks a spectrum of possibilities. Your doctor may look after your health, your trainer may keep you fit - but martial arts can work on each of these and more - as we saw. All you have to do is choose a good, professional martial art instructor's at  Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) who can teach you the essentials of martial arts. Once you master the elemental's of martial arts, no goal is too far away. It’s time to make the move!

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