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Martial Arts: The Perfect Stress-buster for Adults

How Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's Help to Reduce Stress in Adults
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Tired of being stressed all the time? That's just like the chaotic twenty-first century life. Looking after home and children, hurrying to meetings, coping with tedious office hours and commuting, struggling to meet deadlines, worrying about targets, keeping up with strict schedules: there are a million reasons why you are stressed. But there is one good reason why you shouldn't be - your health. Stress weakens your body and mind gradually, and before you know, you will be a slave to diseases like diabetes, migraines and depression. Is there a solution?

Martial Arts: The Perfect Stress-buster
If there is any possible way to keep stress at bay and keep yourself healthy, it is to learn martial arts. Martial art is the name given to all those art forms such as Taekwondo, Karate and Kung Fu that blends intense physical workouts and gentle meditation techniques. Modern psychologists have asserted a favorable link between martial arts and reduced stress levels.

How Martial Arts Help to Lower Stress in Adults?
Martial arts help you to tackle your stress issues at various levels.Traditional martial arts are not merely art forms; they are the remnants of a culture in itself, with a core philosophy. These traditional philosophies reflect a positive view of life and tell you how to enjoy life to the lees.When your body and mind is entering a stress mode, your body gives out several responses. Your blood pressure levels and pulse rate rise. In some people, an intense ache occurs between their chest and stomach. Sometimes a lump arises in the throat. Voice becomes feeble and legs, wobbly. All of these are stress indicators. Martial arts help you to notice these stress indicators early. It molds your body in such a way that it does not become vulnerable when you enter the stress mode.

Martial arts strengthen your mind as well. It instills in you the spirit of a fighter. It makes you more self-confident and positive. With martial arts, you develop a progressive outlook toward life. You start believing that you can always overcome, whatever be the situation. Martial arts achieves this goal by meditation, breathing exercises and much more. Finally, martial arts helps in avoiding the circumstances that lead to stress. Martial arts makes you more ordered in life. You start doing your job with perfection and least possible errors. It teaches you how to manage time. It allows your mind to concentrate on multiple tasks at once. As a result, your performance improves both in life and daily responsibilities. In short, the fewer mistakes you make, the less you worry.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Training: The Panacea for Stress
Over the past three decades Bruce McCorry's academy, Peabody, MA has created a generation of men and women who view life through a constructive angle and worry less about life. The academy provides quality training in as many as ten different martial arts. Experienced masters make sure that each student excels in the art he or she chooses to study. The supportive and sociable academy gives you the experiences of a lifetime. Everybody who chooses Bruce McCorry's proudly boasts of their choice, because no other institution in US matches the standard of courses offered by BruceMcCorry's. 

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How Martial Arts Helps to Keep Stress at Bay for Kids

How Martial Arts Helps to Keep Stress at Bay for Kids
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy Peabody, MA

Stress among children seems an absurd idea to many parents. This is
natural, because when these parents were children, their childhood was one
of innocence, pleasures and happiness. But not any more. Your children are
living in a world that puts on them more burden than they can bear. Stress
issues among children are not something that you can ignore, since they
lead to many problems in the future.

What Causes Stress in Kids?
When it comes to stress in kids, the most vicious villain is studies. The
unwieldy syllabus and packed study schedules put the children in a
difficult position. The pressure from parents adds to these. If the
competition in classrooms is not healthy, this too causes stress. When they
start school, children gradually get exposed to many facets of life which
they hadn't had to face yet in the security of their homes. This makes them
feel at a loss. Peer pressure is another factor that influences kids.
Failures weaken them. Above all these, kids come face to face with many
issues such as bullying, teasing and being isolated in classrooms. All
these affect kids in a negative way. The stress makes them withdraw to
themselves and be more secluded and depressed. Often it causes outbursts of
anger as well.

Martial Arts: A Stress-Buster for Kids
In these situations, what can be a real solution that comes to the aid of
your child and leads him or her through the difficult times? The reply is
martial arts.

Physical exercises and moves involved in martial arts make your children
strong. They get the confidence that they can be a match to anybody and
that they can protect themselves during fights and bullying. They become
energetic and start excelling in sports and studies alike. All these give
them enormous self-worth and assurance. This reduces their stress.

Martial arts also have psychological benefits. These art forms make your
children more planned in life. They start completing their homework in
time. They start taking life seriously. They set goals for themselves and
martial arts provide them the mental strength to achieve these goals.
Martial arts give them enough sportsman spirit to learn from failures. They
start considering failures as a stepping stone to success. Their mindset
matures, and the common worries of childhood cease to bother them. 
Children-Oriented Martial Arts Training at Bruce McCorry's If you want to see your kid transforming from a constantly worrying timid kid to a winner, you should choose Bruce McCorry's. Bruce McCorry's Academy at Peabody, Massachusetts has been training children and adults in different martial arts for more than thirty five years. Apart from common courses, the academy offers interesting and useful martial art courses such as cardio kickboxing and yoga. For children, they have special after-school programs and summer programs.
Within a small time at Bruce McCorry's, your child learns to cope up with
the worries of life. He or she will definitely experience less stress
levels and lesser moodiness. Bruce McCorry's will teach them that childhood
is something that they should relish, not something to waste away worrying.
If you want to see your children succeeding in life, choose Bruce McCorry's
for them.

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World-Class Kung Fu Instruction at Bruce McCorry's Academy Peabody Ma

World-Class Kung Fu Instruction at Bruce McCorry's Academy
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Peabody, MA 

 What is Kung Fu?
Kung Fu is a world-famous Chinese art form with a tradition of over forty centuries. It is a martial art that demands you to concentrate intensely with your mind and body. Kung Fu tries to refine the skills that are innate in your body and tries to equip you to face the emergencies of life in a better way. Shaolin Temple in China is considered to be a sacred place to learn Kung Fu. Traditionally it was practiced there. Later it went on gaining popularity all over the world as one of the most effective martial art form. There is also a ritual called Lion Dance associated with Kung Fu. It is a blend of swift physical movements that is supposed to bring good luck to the one who practices it.

Benefits of Learning Kung Fu
Kung Fu movements are akin to an intense workout pattern that will help you to burn calories and tone your muscles. Fat in your body gets distributed in a balancing way and it definitely helps you to shed those extra pounds. Kung Fu boosts your stamina levels and makes you a powerhouse of energy. Within a few days of practice, you start experiencing a rejuvenation in your overall health. Kung Fu also makes your mental focus and reaction powers better. Kung Fu can be an effective self defense technique as well. 
World-Class Kung Fu Instruction at Bruce McCorry's Academy Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts has brought the benefits of world-class Kung Fu training to Peabody, Massachusetts. Over the past 35 years, the academy has imparted the sacred lessons of Kung Fu to the children and adults of the area.

Kung Fu lessons at Bruce McCorry's follow an inclusive syllabus with a structured instruction pattern. The classes begin with the most fundamental and basic exercises that Kung Fu offers. Gradually the students proceed to an intense training on how to do hand movements and weapon movements with perfection. The course also includes sessions on self defense procedures. Kung Fu classes here include not only practice sessions, but also theory classes on the history and philosophy of Kung Fu. This helps the students to understand the art form better and to practice it with more perfection. Different meditation techniques of Kung Fu are also taught.  
The academy has a number of adept Kung Fu masters. Master Bruce McCorry, the founding father of the academy is specialized in a special genre of Kung Fu called Northern Praying Mantis style. When a Kung Fu Troup was chosen to perform and instruct at the sacred Shaolin Temple for the very first time, Master McCorry was fortunate to be chosen to the group. The academy offers the best martial arts learning atmosphere available in Massachusetts. The campus presents a student-friendly air where students can interact with each other and benefit from healthy competition. The teachers pay individual attention to the students and focuses on their personal abilities and drawbacks.
Kung Fu training at Bruce McCorry's provides you the chance to realize the real potential of yourself by unleashing the power that is inherent in you. Make the choice now!  
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How Martial Arts Help Students Excel in Other Sports

How Martial Arts Help Students Excel in Other Sports
 written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 

 Every parent wishes his or her child to be a sports champion; because
being athletic makes sure that your child has a healthy and fit childhood.
Engaging in sports from childhood onward gives you better chances of
combating with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol and cardiac
diseases in future. It also guarantees that children will have proper
growth appropriate to their age. Just like sports, martial arts too have a
similar effect on your physical and mental health. martial arts even help
you to excel in all sports such as baseball, hockey football basketball and
soccer. In this respect, learning martial arts is twice over beneficial.
Benefits of Learning Martial Arts Martial arts like Judo, Karate, Kung Fu and Taekwondo guarantee the two-way development of the students. On one hand, they make sure that the students get proper physical growth, making them taller and stronger than others of their age. On the other hand, they sharpen their mental skills such as focus and reaction. All these factors make you the proud owner of a healthy and strong body. The Magic Link between Martial Arts and Other Sports It is a commonly asked question that how exactly martial arts training come handy in other sports. The answer is not easy, since there is more than one way through which this happens. Training in martial arts makes students physically stronger. This will help them to tolerate longer and harder practice sessions without feeling fatigue. Martial arts make sure that students develop proper height. This becomes an advantage in many sports such as basketball in which increased height is an asset. Learning martial arts increases students' lung capacity and boosts their metabolism. This enhances their energy levels and keeps them from being tired easily. This naturally makes the students more athletic in nature.
Mental calculations play a big role in winning sports games. Martial arts improve students' concentration levels and body coordination. This assists them to focus on games, and make their body do their bidding easily. This is very useful in quick moving sports such as soccer, hockey and baseball. Further, martial arts teach students how to analyze things swiftly, how to react fast and have quick reflexes. These powers are plus points in any sport. All sports require you to calculate and predict movements mentally. They require you to make decisions in a moment and react promptly. Martial arts train students in all these aspects.
One feature common to most martial arts is the movements of hands and legs. This makes the body of the students flexible. While engaging in sports, this flexibility helps them to make moves quickly. It also reduces the risks of getting injured during sports. Thus martial arts help children and parents alike to excel in other sports effectively. Sports-oriented Martial Arts Training at Bruce McCorry's Bruce McCorry's is the renowned martial arts center at Peabody, Massachusetts with a proud, four-decade-long history. Here, you will get outstanding coaching in as much as seven different martial arts. At the academy, you will find veteran teachers specialized in various art forms like Taekwondo, Kung Fu, MMA, Cardio Kickboxing and Tai-Chi. Systematic training in these martial arts will help you fulfill your sports dreams by making you more alert. It will also help you to be more self confident and more focused about your goals. Martial Arts Training at Bruce McCorry's will be a unique memory for you and your family.

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Taekwondo Peabody, MA Instructed by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Taekwondo Peabody, MA  Instructed by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
 by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

 Taekwondo is a valuable martial art which has been officially recognized as a national sport by Korea over nearly half a century. From 2000, the sport also secured itself a coveted space among Olympics. With its unique movements and practice techniques, Taekwondo is an art form that combines the benefits of a fitness exercise and the merits of a soothing meditation practice. It helps you remain fit and healthy; it lowers your stress levels, and improves your overall view of life. It also comes handy as an effective self defense technique. Taekwondo improves your life by arming you with constructive values like self-esteem, physical control, mental focus and cooperative teamwork. In a nutshell, Taekwondo is an effective solution to the hurdles of the frantic modern life.
Bruce McCorry's: An Outstanding Academy Dedicated to Taekwondo The wonders of systematic Taekwondo training was introduced to Peabody, Massachusetts in 1978 by an organization dedicated to teaching martial arts: the Bruce McCorry's Academy. Over the past years, the academy has grown into the largest, popular and most trustworthy Taekwondo institutions, whose structured training method and dedication has made it a state-of-the-art Taekwondo destination. Children and adults from all over Massachusetts flock to Bruce McCorry's for experiencing the miracles of their methodical Taekwondo training, as it takes place under the observation of adept Taekwondo masters in a safe atmosphere. The students leave the academy with blissful satisfaction and a noteworthy rejuvenation in their physique and personality.
What Makes Bruce McCorry's Taekwondo Classes Special? Every single teacher at the academy has a great reputation for their Taekwondo talents.Bruce McCorry, the founding father of the academy, who is also the master trainer at the academy presently, is known for his wondrous achievements in the sport. Master Bruce McCorry had the honor to take his training from the legend Jhoon Rhee, the renowned father of Taekwondo himself. He is also associated with the World Taekwondo Federation and also Moo Duk Kwon, one of the earliest Taekwondo franchises. Other teachers at the academy also have unparalleled experience in Taekwondo. Master LaRosa has a teaching experience of 20 years and long time student instructors with more than a decade in the art form. The presence of these masters make Taekwondo training at the academy a world class experience.
Apart from experienced teachers, the academy also has an organized syllabus and teaching method in Taekwondo. The instruction proceeds from the elementary to the most advanced levels in a well-planned manner. The staff always gives the first priority to the safety and comfort of the students. Each student receives customized training keeping in mind his or her personal weaknesses and strengths.The academy offers the best facilities which no other martial art school on the North Shore of Massachusetts area can boast of. If your aim is being a Taekwondo Master,then Bruce McCorry's is your goal, without doubt.
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Now Enrolling: After School Program in Martial Arts Peabody Ma

Now Enrolling: After School Program in Martial Arts Peabody, MA at Bruce McCorry's, the haven of Martial Arts  
Why Should Your Kid Learn Martial Arts?
Think of your child, who spends an entire day at school, struggling with studies, and after that coping up with long waiting hours in his or her daycare or home, till your working time is over. Wouldn't it be better if he or she could spend this time learning something fun? It will be both a break from the studies and an engaging way to spend their time usefully. If so, what should your child learn? Martial arts are the answer. It instills in kids values like discipline, self-confidence and leadership quality. It relaxes their body and mind alike, and equips them to cope up better with their problems such as study stress and competition. It boosts their memory and makes them both sharper and stronger. Martial arts are the best extra-curricular activity that your child can possibly engage in. In every way, a martial arts course is a better option than your kid's unexciting daycare.
After School Program in Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's, the haven of Martial Arts
The miracles of AMP are now introduced to Peabody, Massachusetts by the renowned martial arts academy, Bruce McCorry's. With more than four decades of experience, Bruce McCorry's offers the best martial arts program for kids available in USA. After-School Martial Arts Program - AMP - is a course recognized all over USA, with a syllabus specially designed by martial arts training experts. The course is a blend of training in martial arts, personality  development, engaging activities for kids, behavior training and much more. If you are worried about the way your kids waste their precious time in daycare, and the unwanted habits that daycare life gifts to them, then AMP is your panacea. You can now enroll your child at Bruce McCorry's for the course starting in September. 
What Your Kid Gets at Bruce McCorry's
The academy offers your kid with an inclusive and structured curriculum in martial arts training. It also presents your children a golden chance to train themselves to a black belt. The program imparts to them qualities like leadership, self-esteem, disciplined behavior, cooperating with others and mutual respect.The vibrant academy atmosphere at the academy provides your kids with warm friendships and healthy peer pressure that will help them to come out of their shells and achieve something with their life. They get the opportunity to watch and learn from veteran martial arts masters and dedicated senior students. Devoted teachers shower their full attention and special care on each child. Children practice safely under the supervision of expert adults. Bruce McCorry's also arranges transport with limited space from your kid's school to the academy for a small charge . Parents can come and collect their children after the working hours, with the satisfaction that he or she learned something worthwhile in the day.

At Bruce McCorry's, your child learns how to build and nurture relationships, how to take on the world with all the resolution they possess. The training at the academy fosters in your child a positive transformation which becomes evident shortly after he or she begins the course. With AMP at Bruce McCorry's, you are just one step away from molding a successful personality out of your child. New enrollments are now open for September at Bruce McCorry's: take your step and make the change.

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Martial Art Programs For Adults at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Martial Art Programs For Adults at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
 written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts


 When we say martial arts, we usually mean all those physical arts that
combine the benefits of a workout and the elegance of an art form. In this
respect there are many effective art forms that can be called martial arts:
Taekwondo, Karate, Wushu and Judo are only some among them. The primary
function of martial arts is to help to mold your physical and mental health
in a positive way. You can also resort to martial arts for defending

 Adults and Martial Arts

When we speak of training in martial arts, naturally, the image of a
youthful academy comes to our mind, bustling with children. It is a general
feeling that physical activities such as martial arts are only meant for
kids and they are a big no-no for adults. This, however, is a wrong
assumption. Martial arts benefit adults as much as they benefit kids, or
even more.

 In adults, martial arts help to boost cardiovascular health, to build a
strong and toned body, to make the body more flexible and to flow positive
energy to your mind. Martial arts keep lifestyle diseases like cholesterol,
diabetes, increased blood pressure, thyroidism, polymyositis and more at
bay. They work as a stress-buster after long tiring working hours in your
office. Martial arts have such a soothing effect on your mind and body that
you learn to cope up with day-to-day crises better. Your attitude and the
way you treat others change dramatically, and your personal and
professional relationships improve. Martial arts also help you to improve
concentration and focus on your work more efficiently. In short, martial
arts are the panacea to all the lifestyle-related problems that the hectic
21st century life has gifted to the grown-ups.

 The Abode of Martial Arts Lovers: Bruce McCorry's

Bruce McCorry's, Peabody, Massachusetts is an outstanding institution that
provides training in many different martial arts. They proudly place before
us an unequaled experience of long four decades as champions in martial
arts training. The academy is renowned for their efficient and highly
talented teaching staff, versatile courses and a campus distinguished for
its natural exquisiteness.

In martial arts training for adults, Bruce McCorry's is the numero uno
institution in USA. Adults can choose a personalized blend of the arts they
want to learn the most. Each course is provided taking into consideration
the fitness level and the physical capacity of the students who join.
Adults ranging from teenagers to octogenarians have found their experience
at Bruce McCorry's unique and unforgettable. Many martial arts taught here
such as Cardio Kickboxing and Yoga are noted for their exceptional capacity
to improve bodily health and mental power, which is all the more useful for
adults. The academy also conducts intensive martial arts programs such as
xtreme martial arts and mixed martial arts with mainly adults in mind. You
can also join the academy as a family and enjoy the special experience of
learning something new with your near and dear.

Noted for their expertise, dedication and devotion to work, Bruce
McCorry's is your abode if your chosen aim is martial arts.

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Martial Art Programs for ages 12-16

Martial arts include all those art forms such as Karate, Judo and Taekwondo, which are intended for the enhancement of both your physical health and mental strength simultaneously. It enhances not only your health, but also protects you by being the right weapon when you need to defend yourselves. They improve your mental skills such as concentration, quick thinking, reflection, analyzing power and executing capability.

 Why Should Children Learn Martial Arts?

 Martial arts are especially good for children. The body and mind are in a growing stage in children, and this helps them to take full advantage of the new arts they learn. In children, martial arts develop a number of much-needed skills such as awareness, application ability, concentration, reasoning and fast reaction. These skills assist them in their studies, their games and other extra-curricular activities. Further, martial arts make your child physically stronger. They boost the metabolic functions in children and help their effective growth. Children of an age group between 12 and 16 are apt for learning martial arts. They are old enough to attempt even difficult art forms, yet young enough to absorb all that they learn with the mild curiosity and effectiveness that only children possess. At this tender age, martial arts will act as a beacon that directs positive energy to your kid's being and will make him or her a better personality, both physically and mentally.

 Bruce McCorry's: The Ultimate Martial Arts Destination for Children

 Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts in Peabody (Massachusetts) is one of the highest rated martial arts academies in USA. For the past 45 years, Bruce McCorry's is a name that has won much applause and many laurels when it comes to martial arts. The biggest plus point of the academy is the effective training they provide in as many as seven different martial arts. The academy hand-picks the best martial arts masters in the country for the benefit of the students. The academy is also noted for its soothing workshops which is apt for the study of martial arts.

 One specialty of Bruce McCorry's is that though they accommodate both adults and children, they have many special facilities designed for children alone. Each and every child gets special consideration in the academy. The teachers try to find out the weaknesses of every kid and gives special training to rectify them. Healthy competition and a friendly aura make the academy the ultimate destination of children who are interested in martial arts. The academy offers courses in many different arts and the students can choose the custom combination that they would prefer to learn. The academy also conducts many camps and activities intended for children. Even special programs such as summer program and after-school program are conducted solely for the benefits of kids.

 Here, every child gets the opportunity to come face to face with the energy that is innate in him or her. Once the child realizes his or her own power, it influences their life in a positive manner. Bruce McCorry's acts as a facilitating presence and teaches the children the best of martial arts. In Bruce McCorry's, the priority is always the students, and will always be.

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