Friday, August 30, 2013

After School Programs North Shore Ma

Bruce McCorry's After School Program 
written by: Master McCorry

Labor Day is nearly here and the summer is coming to an end, and it is again time for kids to start a new school year. It is also the time when parents start hunting for the best education available. You might have made many plans on how and where should your kid spend his/her valuable school hours. But have you thought of what s/he should do in the after-school hours? A survey by After school Alliance points out that 30% of the Massachusetts kids get no proper adult supervision during the after school hours. Should your kid face the same difficulty? That is where the importance of an after school program comes in.

After School Programs: The Big Why
Why should your child be sent to an after school program? Many reasons are
· Safety is a big reason why your child should spend his/her after school
hours in an after school program. Massachusetts Bay Transportation
Authority has registered a 50% increase in the number of juvenile/teen
crimes within just one year (2000-01). NYVPRC states that drug usage is 49%
more among children who are not part of an after school program.
· After school programs are much cheaper compared to alternate options
like daycare. Many budget cuts by the Massachusetts government since 2009
have made the after school programs much cost effective.
· Unlike the traditional alternatives, after school programs provide the
kids with the opportunity to learn a useful extracurricular activity. These
programs actually help the kids to use the after school hours productively.
The kids enjoy such programs more than their dull daycare.

All these show the importance of enrolling your kid in an after school

After School Martial Arts Program (AMP) 
When you choose an after school course for your kid, you should choose
something that would be both enjoyable and useful to the kid. Martial arts
is such a course – a magic activity that can rejuvenate your kid after a
strenuous day at school. This amazing potential has led martial arts
experts to give birth to an innovative program called After School Martial
Arts Program (AMP) for children, with nation-wide recognition, we were the
first to bring the program to the Northeast. It blends together martial
arts with children’s activities, personality development courses and
behavior shaping activities. Apart from making your kid strong and sharp,
AMP helps your kid to defend himself/herself. AMP can be a useful escape
from various childhood perils such as bullying, peer-pressure, assault
attempts and so on. Further, martial arts help to mold the values of
leadership quality, cooperation, respect, self-worth, confidence and
discipline in the kids.

AMP at Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts
AMP is gaining a new recognition in Peabody, Massachusetts through the
selfless service by Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts. AMP at Bruce
McCorry’s is a martial arts course with international standard, the best of
its kind available in the US. The syllabus is a well-structured module
envisaged by great visionaries of martial arts. The AMP at Bruce McCorry’s
is a precious opportunity for your kid to achieve the glory of a martial
art black belt in his/her life. Safety and security of the students are
always the primary concern at Bruce McCorry’s. At Bruce McCorry’s, your kid
gets the chance to meet and develop bonds with many respected martial arts
professionals. At a small fee, you can also get safe transport from your
kid’s day school to the Bruce McCorry’s campus.

Give a new dimension to the lives of your kids by enrolling them at Bruce
McCorry’s After School Program which begins this September!

Limited Space Left.  Be sure to check out our other programs too. Call today! (978) 535-7878

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Stop Bullying with Martial Arts North Shore Ma

Helping Children Handle Bullying with Martial Arts 
written by: Master McCorry

It’s time for children to go back to school with new backpacks and smiling
faces. But do their smiles stay long on their faces? Bullying is one of the
much feared classroom threats that wipe the smile off your child’s face.
Defining Bullying The federal government has come up with a broad definition for bullying. Bullying includes physical abuse, verbal abuse, isolating and ostracizing the victim from a group, taunting the victim, spreading gossip about the victim, harassing the victim via internet through the means of messages, pictures, posts and so on (cyber bullying). A shocking survey by Dr. Thomas Harish and Dr. Lynne Huffman reveals that 60% of 175 students confessed being part of a bullying activity. In 90% of the cases, the surveyed student was a victim. Most victims were timid, friendless and passive kids who found it difficult to voice their own opinion, or lacked the daring to resist the bully. Often, the younger and the physically weaker kids become an easy target.
Bullying: The Darker Side Negative consequences of bullying haunt the victims and the bullies alike, throughout their lives. In the victims, the emotional development suffers a setback. Losing self-esteem is a common negative consequence of bullying. Intense mental conflict and fear of further abuse may force the victims to rely on escapist mechanisms such as missing school, feigning illness and so on. Many victims fall to depression and some even start contemplating suicide as an escape.

Psychologically, bullies are usually those children who had to face some
or other kind of trauma in their personal life. For them, bullying is just
another way of channeling their anger, depression and hatred. On the
facade, it may look as if a victim suffers more consequences than the
bully. But psychologically, this is not so. The tragedy of the victim is
something temporary, of which they can hope a recovery. But being a bully
means more deeply entrenched damages. Bullies most likely grow up to be
drug addicts and sociopaths.

Resisting Bullying
Resisting bullying is quite difficult, as many victim kids choose to
remain silent than face the wrath of the bullies back at school. The first
step in resisting bullying is identifying the role of your kid in bullying.
Once you are confirmed of the fact that your kid is either getting bullied
or is being a bully, it is time to act.
If your child is a bully, then he/she may need the help of a pediatrician or a child psychiatrist. External intervention can be a great help in identifying the root cause behind the dominating behavior and correcting it. If your child is a victim, the first step is to empower the kid. Advise him/her to be assertive and defensive. One good method to instill self-esteem and assertiveness in kids is by enrolling them for character-building courses such as martial arts. If personal efforts do not get results, then you may seek the help of a professional.

Eliminating bullying is not a goal that can be realized through individual effort alone. It takes the effort of a community to wipe out this peril. Students, senior students, teachers, school supervisors and parents should be a part of this collective effort to get rid of bullying.
Stop Bullying through Learning Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy One of the main aims of Bruce McCorry’s academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) is to instill the values of courage, self esteem, boldness and self-worth in the minds of the students. The martial arts classes for kids at Bruce McCorry’s aim at making the student a self-realized personality – they realize their own power and learn how to use it effectively. Martial arts classes at Bruce McCorry’s have empowered thousands of children to stand up against school-life hazards including bullying. A few months of training at Bruce McCorry’s ensure that your kid never falls prey to the damaging aspects of school life such as bullying. 

Choose Bruce McCorry’s for your kid and make sure that he/she always smiles.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Karate Classes for Kids North Shore Ma

Karate Classes for Kids. The Decision is Yours
written by: Master McCorry

Karate: The King among the Martial Arts Karate is a contact-based martial art which hails from Ryukyu Island, Japan. Developed by the Ryukyu kings, Karate beautifully blends effective knee and elbow punches with palm-heel punches. The cultural transmissions between Ryukyu and the Japanese resulted in the spreading of this martial art to Japan. With Hollywood focusing on Karate during 1960s and 1970s, gradually it started getting worldwide recognition. Traditionally, Karate focuses on the dual aspects of attacking and defensing. As a result of the interlinking between psychology and martial arts, a third dimension of moral and mental benefit is being recognized now.
The Benefits of Karate for Kids Parents often misunderstand karate as a martial art too heavy for kids. But karate is not a burden for kids. On the contrary, it can actually benefit your kid in many ways. Child specialists, psychologists and martial arts experts have noted five benefits of karate for kids. 1. Health and Energy Karate can make your kid healthy and energetic. It effectively utilizes the time your kids waste away in front of the television and computer. As a result of karate lessons, kids become alert and active. Their body coordination improves; fitness and flexibility increase. 2. Self-worth and Confidence Karate has a profound effect in character formation. Karate makes your kid believe in himself/herself. They learn to value themselves. Their self confidence improves. They get the power to face the world. Karate makes them break out of inhibition and shyness. 3. Defense In many circumstances, kids may have to defend themselves, physically and mentally. These circumstances range from classroom bullying to violence against children. Karate helps your kids to remain always prepared and able to defend themselves. 4. Recognizing the Strange Children are usually prone to dangers. The main reason is that, in their naivete, they fail to recognize the strange and the weird things going on around them. Karate teaches a kid to distinguish between what is normal and what is not. If properly taught, the child can read signs of danger from the way somebody approaches, talks and behaves with them. 5. Mental Power An old Japanese maxim goes like this: “25% of Karate is in body, the rest 75% is in mind”. Karate improves memory, reasoning, thought-process and reaction abilities. It helps kids to cope better with stress. A Word for the Parents: The Decision is Yours In modern families, it is a recurring occurrence that kids take control of the situation and start imposing their decisions upon parents. Children lack experience, they often don’t have the ability to discriminate or foresee. They often don’t think of the 'other side', and mostly think from their own point of view. Parents know better because of their experience of knowing the ways of the world for so long. So, how favorable is this tendency of children taking decisions?

It is okay to consider and give enough space to the opinions and wishes of
the kids. It is also okay to let them take decisions in smaller matters,
which do not have a full-fledged impact on their (or your) lives. But in
the matters of importance, the decision should be yours.

Is it possible to convince children this? Will they realize that their
parents take decisions for their own good? Karate teaches them this as
well. Karate makes the children realize the fact that their parents, with
all their knowledge and experience, are probable to take better decisions
when it comes to matters of consequence.

Bruce McCorry’s: The Elysium of Karate Students
Thousands of aspiring Karate learners flock every year to the Bruce
McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (West Peabody, Massachusetts). The academy
has a legacy of forty years in the arena of martial arts. Bruce McCorry’s
is specially known for their Karate lessons. The academy follows a
structured syllabus in Karate that begins from the basics. The masters at
Bruce McCorry’s are world-renowned veterans in their respective martial
arts. Enroll you kid at Bruce McCorry’s for the ultimate karate learning
experience. The Decision is Yours.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cardio Kickboxing Classes North Shore Ma

Cardio Kickboxing at Bruce McCorrys and its Benefits 
written by: Master McCorry

A name that has started resonating recently in the fitness industry is Cardio Kickboxing. Cardio Kickboxing is a multidimensional martial art that blends together sleek aerobic movements with powerful boxing and martial arts techniques. The result is a useful combo of a perfect workout and a perfect stress buster that can improve the quality of your life vigorously. If you are tired of the dull regular workout pattern, if you are in search of something new and pleasurable, then Cardio Kickboxing is for you.
Why Try Cardio Kickboxing
According to American Council of Exercise, the recognized evaluating
agency of exercise methods and workout products, a single hour of
kickboxing workout can actually burn up to 500-800 calories. A few sessions
tone your muscles and make you healthier and fitter in a way you can never
imagine. You get this astonishing result without putting as much physical
effort as you put for the other typical exercise-based workouts.

Secondly, kickboxing is as pleasurable as it is effective. The music
filled atmosphere and the simplicity of the movements actually bring about
the feeling of an enjoyable dance class, not a workout session. You start
enjoying each session for the mere fun of it.

Cardio kickboxing is a great relaxation technique as well. The kickboxing
sessions wipe out your stress. In a few days you develop an optimistic
attitude toward life. Cardio Kickboxing is, in short, the gem among the
martial arts.

Kickboxing Your Way Through: The Pattern of the Class
A typical kickboxing session begins by the instructor familiarizing the
students with the different basic moves. This is done by beginning with
some relaxed movements. A warm up session of roughly five minutes follows,
in which the student tries out the newly learned moves. The next step is to
stretch the muscles. During this, equal focus is given to the important
muscle groups in your body.

Then, follows the proper kickboxing session, in which the learner tries
out zigzag strikes, knee punches, cross movements, shadow boxing, jabs and so on. This session follows a regular repetitive format; so that the pattern of the movements gradually gets imprinted in the learner’s mind, and he/she can relax without bothering to remember the moves. This crucial session is for about forty minutes.
The final session is the calming down session. Mild abdomen-toning exercises are practiced during this time. The learner waits for his/her pulse to slow down, and then repeats stretching exercises as a relaxant. The whole class takes as long as one and a half hours. Be a Kickboxing Champion at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Can’t wait to check out the miracles of Cardio Kickboxing? Bruce McCorry’s
Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) is the right place.
The academy proudly owns the legacy of four decades in the field of
martial arts. The cardio kickboxing classes in the academy follow a
comprehensive study method. The classes are headed by Ms Sandra LaRosa,
(Miss Sandra) who has an experience of 22 years in martial arts. Miss
Sandra has headed the Kickboxing classes since its inception in 1996. Other
experienced teachers like Christine Arsenault are part of the Kickboxing
Program as well as some other extraordinary martial artists.

For those who wish to workout with a change, cardio kickboxing is the
ultimate answer. Achieve your fitness dream at Bruce McCorry’s!

Friday, August 16, 2013

After School Programs Martial Arts North Shore Ma

The Importance of After School Programs 
written by: Master McCorry 

According to After School Alliance, a non-profit venture, in Massachusetts
alone, 3 children out of 10 spends his/her after school hours without
proper adult supervision. In a child’s day-to-day life, the time from 3 to
6 PM holds special importance. If used well, these hours have the potential
to be the most productive. At the same time, these hours also run the risk
of being dangerous if not used well. That is why most educationists, child
psychologists and social workers emphasis the need of an after school
program for every kid. There are many reasons why you should choose an
after school program for your kid.

Safety and After School Programs Safety of your child is an important reason why experts recommend after school programs. The instances of crimes in after school hours have increased as high as fifty per cent from past years, according to the data collected by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
. This crime list is
topped by juvenile crimes and violence against children. The kids and teens
mostly involved in these – either as victims or as villains – are those
kids who don’t have a secure place to spend their after school hours. Think
for a moment: a trustworthy after school program can prevent your kid from
taking the wrong path.

After school Programs: Is it really worth it? Yes it is. The promises of after school programs being productive are not mere claims. If your kid is enrolled in a beneficial after school program, for example music, martial arts or painting, your kid gets an opportunity to learn something different apart from their boring school curriculum. By the time he/she reaches college, chances are that he/she would have become an expert in an extracurricular activity. On one hand, this can be a great relaxation technique; on the flip side, it can actually be an asset when they are seeking admission for higher education. Budget Cuts: Another Reason to Choose After School Courses

Worried about the costs? Here is a bit of good news. From 2009 onward, the
government is making an effort to bring after school programs to the home
budgets of common people. The Massachusetts legislature made a big step in
this regard by voting for a fifteen persent hike in Afterschool and
Out-of-School Time Grant. Another people-friendly decision by the
Massachusetts government was to invest three million in the Gateway Cities
After-school Academies. In 2013, people witnessed Governor’s STEM network
holding hands with the Massachusetts After-school Partnership. All these
schemes aim at transforming after school courses to an affordable reality
for Massachusetts families.

After school Programs in Martial Arts

If your child wants to learn something physically and mentally rewarding,
then martial arts is what he or she wants. Childhood is the perfect time to
start learning martial arts. It can make your kid strong, self-confident
and successful. Academies like Bruce McCorry’s in Peabody conduct after
school martial arts programs with international standards. Bruce McCorry’s
follows an easy-to-learn but effective curriculum under experienced
teachers. The academy also gives priority to the safety and comfort of the
kids and provides transportation.

It is School Time Again: Why Wait?
Another summer is about to say goodbye and now is the right time to take a
decision. Should your children waste another school year just like the last
one? Or should they start to make use of the precious after school hours?
The decision is yours to make: why hesitate?

Call  today at (978) 535-7878 to schedule
 a free, no obligation introductory class.  They are now enrolling.

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Kids Martial Arts Classes North Shore, MA

Kids Martial Arts Classes in the North Shore, MA
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy Peabody, MA
The Magic of Martial Arts: Make a Champion of your Child! Parents are in a constant search for a magic formula that will work wonders on their kids: something that will make him/her a champion in all walks of life, something that will make him/her a winner in studies and extracurricular activities alike. The options they choose for this range from nutritious food and meditation techniques to intense coaching and occasional punishment. But nothing seems to be working with kids nowadays. Is there some magic formula that can really transform your kid to a champion? Is there something that will make him physically strong, mentally sharp and intellectually superior? Yes, there is. This magic mantra is martial arts. Bruce McCorry's: The Magic Formula for Kids is Martial Arts
Kids Martial Arts training has redefined its identity in the North Shore, Massachusetts, as a result of the dedicated work of a single institution named Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts. The academy proudly serves Peabody and all surrounding towns such as Salem, Beverly, Danvers, Middleton, Lynnfield, Wakefield, Marblehead, Swampscott and Reading to name a few. Many exceptional features make Kid's Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's Academy one of the finest kids training programs in the United States. 1: Make your kid stronger: At the academy, your children are taught the fundamentals of various martial arts such as Taekwondo, Kung Fu and so on. At a tender age, these art forms help to tone their muscles, strengthen their bones and make them stronger. 2: Make your kid sharper: Your kids develop concentration, focus, memory power, reasoning ability, analyzing ability and discrimination power as a result of their martial arts training. These make them sharper. 3: Make your kid mannered: Your children learn how to interact with others as a part of their course at Bruce McCorry's. They learn cooperation, mutual respect, trustworthiness, discipline, obedience, polite behavior andtolerance. 4: Teach your kid to defend: Kids Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's teaches kids how to defend themselves. This comes in very handy, as they will have to face many dangers in their future lives. Martial arts come useful in fighting against bullying, hazing and other atrocities. 5: Make your kid athletic: Sports is something that every society values. Martial arts helps your child to shine in sports. It makes them athletic and strong. It teaches them the true spirit of a sportsman. Your child will find training at Bruce McCorry's useful while participating in sports later in life. 6: Wipe out stress from your kids life: Kids Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's is a perfect stress buster. It acts as a good relaxation system after a tedious school day. Martial arts are better than any meditation method that your child can follow. 7: Bring color to your kids life: Many forget that martial arts are as fun as any game or activity that your kid enjoys. For your kids, martial arts are about delight, fun and pleasure. At a vibrant academy like Bruce McCorry's, it is all the more so.
Kids Martial Arts Classes in the North Shore, MA If you are looking for an effective Kids Martial Arts Class in the North Shore MA, Bruce McCorry's Academy in Peabody is the finest choice you can make. Quality classes, adept masters, comprehensive syllabus and transportation services make Bruce McCorry's stand apart. The academy will realize your dream to see your child as successful, happy and satisfied. If you want your kid to be victorious, say yes to Bruce McCorry's Kids Martial Arts.
For more information on the Kids Martial Arts classes and after school programs, please call today at: (978) 535-7878

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Why Adults Should Learn Martial Arts

Why Adults Should Start Taking Martial Arts Lessons 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy Peabody, MA

Every martial art participant and martial arts teacher comes across this
question once in a while: Is there any benefits of adults taking martial
arts courses? The fact is that many grown-ups out there are willing to try
out martial art courses, but hesitations and doubts prevent them from doing
so. Am I too old to learn something new? Would I have to learn along with
kids? Am I too unfit to start learning martial arts? Would I be able to
master a new art? The answer to all these questions is a simple one: It is
never too late. The benefits of adult martial art training are innumerable.
Here you can read 5 top most reasons why adults should take martial arts
5 Reasons Why Adults Should Learn Martial Arts? 1. Breaking free of stress: Studies show that most adults today are prone to the ill effects of stress. One foremost benefit of martial arts for adults is that it acts as a powerful stress-buster. Martial arts helps you to keep calm in all circumstances and soothes your brain. It literally guides negative energy out of your body and recharges you. One hour of martial arts in the evening can compensate for an entire long tiring day.
2. Maintaining physical fitness: Too worried about getting into bad shape as you grow older? Martial arts are the solution. Martial arts tones your body and builds your muscles in an admirable way. Finally, you will be able to realize the long-sought-after goal of shedding those extra pounds. Martial art sessions burn excess fat and excess calories easily. It is as good as any workout session. 3. Everybody is equal in the eyes of martial arts: When you think of taking martial arts, one of the first thought that pops up is that whether you will fall behind others. Well, nobody is born as an expert in martial arts. Every great master started one day as a newbie. Martial arts assimilate everybody to top performer to a beginner, everybody has their own space in the martial art world. So never hesitate! 4. Being healthy, being safe: The medicinal benefit of martial arts to keep you healthy and hale is proven in scientific labs. Martial arts learners complain of less stress, they report fewer instances of lifestyle diseases. Their diabetic and cholesterol levels remain normal even after they cross forty years of age. Martial arts women cope better with post-pregnancy phases and menopause. In general, martial arts increases your stamina and makes you stronger. It also keeps you safe by being a great self-defense technique. 5. After all, it is fun: Well, you may not believe it, but it is the truth. Many things make martial art learning a fun experience to the pleasure of learning something new, the healthy competition with others, the joy of small victories, the thrill of spending time with men and women of your same age to altogether, martial arts is not so bad as some of you may think.
Adult Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's Academy

Whatever you choose to learn, one thing is for sure is the place where you
choose to study must be simply the best. That is where the name Bruce
McCorry's come across.
Bruce McCorry's Academy with a legacy of four decades is the best-known name in the US in the field of martial arts. The academy is situated at Peabody, MA, but aspirants from all over the north shore arrive here to learn the basics and the highest degree of martial arts. The academy offers world-class courses on many art forms. Kung-Fu, Taekwondo, Yoga and Tai Chi are some of the martial arts taught here. You can also get trained in more intensive programs like Cardio-kickboxing, XMA and MMA and more.
Unlike other academies, which are children-oriented, Bruce McCorry's puts equal emphasis on both kids's martial arts and adult martial arts. The academy is run by world-renowned martial art gurus like Master McCorry, Master LaRosa and other extra ordinary and exceptional instructors. The Academy offers you a vibrant atmosphere, an amazing peer group, world-class syllabus and high quality training.  

For more information, please visit their website at

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Preschoolers Martial Arts

Preschoolers Martial Arts - Bruce McCorry's Little Ninja's Program
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy Peabody, MA

Your little preschooler often dreams of being a superman or a wonder woman
or ninja turtle or power ranger. In many ways, isn't it your dream as well? Who wouldn't
wish their kid to be healthy and intelligent, excelling in sports, arts and studies alike?
There is a way you can realize your dream with martial arts.

The Karate Kids: Why Should Preschoolers Learn Martial Arts?

In one of their reports, Sporting Goods Manufacture Association points out
that there are around three million martial arts learners in the age group
between six and seventeen. What about children up to the age of six? The
tragic truth is that studies and surveys haven't yet properly recognized
the vast potential of training preschoolers in martial arts.

The age group from three years to six years is considered to be formative
in many ways. During this age, the kids start learning the basics of the

-Fundamental motor skills, molding of character communicative skills, most
importantly listening and speaking social skills such as interacting and
mingling with others and working together and developing friendships

-Learning the basics of martial arts at this tender age can do a lot of
good to your kid. Martial arts help him/her to be physically coordinated.
This will benefit them later in sports and physical education. Through
martial arts, the preschoolers learn the first lessons of being
self-confident. Their interactions with others make them both socially
active and expressive.

Little Ninjas Program at Bruce McCorry's

While choosing a martial art program for your preschooler, you should
choose the best course that equips them, at the same time doesn't
overburden them. That is exactly why you should opt for the Little Ninjas
Program at Bruce McCorry's Academy, Peabody, MA.

The Little Ninjas Course stands apart when it comes to preschooler martial
arts. Bruce McCorry's Academy follows an inclusive syllabus devised
specially for preschoolers, taking special care to avoid anything that
might burden them. The syllabus focuses on the multifaceted progress of the
kid. It emphasizes eight crucial aspects of his/her development: physical
fitness, balance, discipline, mental coordination, concentration, memory
power, control and teamwork.

Safety is another major plus point of Little Ninjas program. Here, the
practice sessions take place under the supervision of many experienced
trainers and veteran masters. The safety of the kids is always given
priority. The kids are discouraged from anything that might be physically
harmful to them.

At Bruce McCorry's, your kids get exposed to a martial arts world and
interact with kids of their own age as well as with respectable figures
like their teachers and seniors. At the academy, they learn how to
cooperate and how to develop bonds with others. Under the multitalented
teachers, they learn to obey instructions and work with discipline.
Further, the Little Ninjas program acts as a gateway to the Children's
Martial Arts courses at the academy. Thus, a whole new vista of opportunity
in martial arts opens up for your child.

With forty years of experience, Bruce McCorry's is a leading name in
martial arts in the US. Choose Little Ninjas for your child and be the
proud parent of a champion!


Friday, August 2, 2013

After-School Martial Arts Program

After-School Martial Arts Programs to Counter Bullying
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Does your child always come back from school with a sullen face? Does he
or she try to miss school as much as possible, often making lame excuses?
Beware. The reason can be bullying. According to Dan Olweus, the famous
Norwegian educationist, bullying occurs when a person causes "injury or
discomfort" to another one by physical contact or by words. Bullying is one
of the hazardous menaces that corrupt our classrooms today.

Bullying: Realizing Facts and Spotting the Damage

If you think that your child cannot be a victim of bullying, think again.
Many surveys show that kids who behave in a dominant and assertive way in
their homes are actually timid, introvert and vulnerable in their
classrooms. Take a look at these facts:

-It is estimated that out of every four child, at least one is a victim of
-ChildLine received 31,599 calls during the last year from children
seeking help over bullying, according to a survey conducted by NSPCC
-Tellus4 National Report showed that 18% of the bullied children either
did not dare to talk about it to their parents or didn't want the parents
to know about it 

If you suspect that your child is bullied, here are some easy ways to spot

-Does your child come home with bruises, damaged clothes and lost items?
-Does s/he try to miss school if possible, often complaining of illness?
-Does s/he choose a different route to reach home?
-Do your kid's grades spot a sudden decline?
-Do you think your child is suffering from depression and nightmares?
If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is time for you to confront your child and help him/her out of the situation.
Bullying and Martial Arts: Preventing Bullying through Martial Arts The best thing you can do is to find a solid solution which your child can depend on. Martial art is one such solution. The incredible ways in which martial arts empower kids has been scientifically studied and advised. Martial arts make children more self confident and develop their self-worth. If they are bullied, they realize that something unfair is going on, and they do not hesitate to resist it. They share it with teachers or parents. Martial arts make children less timid and less introvert. They happily start taking part in activities and do not remain an odd-man-out any more. Martial arts make kids physically strong. Other kids start respecting them and they cease to be the target of a bully. Instructing your kid in any martial art can be a suitable way out of the bullying issues that he or she faces.
Fight against Bullying through Bruce McCorry's After-School Martial Arts
The name Bruce McCorry's stands apart when it comes to martial arts teaching. Located at Peabody, MA, Bruce McCorry's is a martial arts organization with international standards. The academy has an experience of over four decades. It is run by world renowned martial arts gurus like Master Bruce McCorry and Master Sandra LaRosa as well as some other extraordinary instructors. The academy offers an inclusive after-school martial arts program which follows a nationwide course named AMP. The academy also offers safe transport from your kid's school to the Bruce McCorry's Academy. Parents who enroll their kids in Bruce McCorry's AMP begin to perceive a notable change in the attitude and the behavior of their kids soon after a few classes. Kids begin to take life seriously. They develop a set goal and aim. They effortlessly learn to counter schoolyard menaces like bullying and peer-pressure. 

For more information, please visit
  or call today: (978) 535-7878