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Martial Arts for Special Needs North Shore Ma

Martial Arts for Special Needs at Bruce McCorry's
written by: Master McCorry

When it comes to improving the lives of kids with special needs, often, we
do not think beyond what is usually done by everyone. Many special needs
institutions limit their working to counseling, therapies and learning
aids. However, the research in the area of special needs has acquired new
and powerful dimensions. Many unique and effective methods for improving
the lives of specially-abled children are being discovered. Among them, the
one with the greatest potential is martial arts.

Martial Arts for Differently-Abled Children – Advantages
Martial arts can effectively help differently-abled children. Kids who are
physically or mentally challenged have found success in their lives through
martial arts.

 Following are some of the ways in which martial arts can come
to the aid of specially-abled children:

1) Building Self-Confidence: Practicing martial arts can instill
self-confidence in specially-abled children, as self-confidence is a
quality that many kids in the spectrum lack. Kids in the autism spectrum,
for example, find it difficult to face someone, make eye-contact or speak
without hesitation. Martial arts can give them the exposure that they need,
and effectively bring them out of their inhibitions.

2) Encouraging Social-interaction: The one area in which specially-abled
children always fall behind is social interaction. They find it difficult to mingle with others, make friends and interact freely with them. In one of their 2010 research studies, the students at University of Wisconsin stressed the point that through martial arts, specially-abled kids can become socially assertive.
3) Cooperation and Teamwork: Through martial arts, differently-abled kids
can be taught the basics of working as a team and cooperating with others.
Alison Hendrie, in one of her write-ups in the Parenting Magazine,
emphasizes the extent to which martial arts can effectively develop
cooperative skills in a child in the hyperactivity spectrum.
4) Physical health: Physically challenged kids can also be helped through martial arts. Physically challenged kids are instructed through simpler and task-oriented martial art methods. If scientifically trained, martial arts can improve the physical strength of such kids and reduce the severity of their condition.
Martial Arts for Special Needs at Bruce McCorry’s Academy Through martial arts, a specially-abled kid’s progress can be guaranteed to a certain extent. However, this works only if the martial art training that you choose for him/her is scientific and effective. It is always necessary to find a martial art coaching that is becoming to your kid: a place where your kid won’t feel left out, a place where he/she can make the best out of his/her life.

That, exactly, is the specialty of the program offered by Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts. Located in Peabody, Massachusetts, the special needs program by the academy is a scientifically-conceived therapeutic martial arts program. It aims at the holistic development of a specially-abled child. The classes are conducted under the supervision of instructors who are specialized in martial arts for differently-abled children. The classes are a melange of martial arts training activities, 
ice-breaking sessions, learning aids and so on. The coaching at Bruce McCorry’s can effectively bring your child out of his/her confined world. It will equip them to take on the wider world with courage and self-confidence.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Martial Arts North Shore MA

Martial Arts – The Perfect Way to KICK off the New Year 
written by: Master McCorry

Another New Year has arrived, and it is once more time to make a New Year
resolution. The commonest New Year resolution that we make would be to
remain fit and exercise regularly. It is one of the most difficult-to-keep
resolutions as well, as those who have tried it might know. Staying fit is
the most cherished but unattainable dream for many. This New Year, why not
try to realize this dream?

Staying Fit – The Ultimate Dream
Psychologists call our desire to remain fit thin-at-all-costs psychology.
National Eating Disorders Association states that around eighty-one out of
every hundred 10-year-olds are afraid of increasing body weight. A study
conducted by Teen Magazine shows that 35 out of every 100 girls before the
age of 12 have gone on a diet at least once in their life. A shocking
seventy-percent of girls who weigh normal think that they are overweight.
Our desire to remain fit and slim leads us to many unhealthy habits like
eating disorders, paranoia, depression, negative self-image, excessive
dieting and physical complications. It is always better to find out healthy
and scientific ways to reduce weight. Why not find out a unique and easier
way to make our dream come true?

Martial Arts – The Perfect Way to KICK-start the New Year
Nowadays, Martial Arts is practiced as the most effective and easiest way
to reduce weight and remain fit. The term martial art applies to a vast
number of Eastern and Western art forms that include both physical
movements as well as meditative techniques. The impact that martial arts
can have on our body and mind is immense. Physically, martial arts can help
us to reduce weight, to shed body fat, to curb lifestyle diseases and to
remain healthy and strong. Martial Arts can also soothe our mind. It can be
a good stress-buster, and a perfect relaxation mechanism. According to a
study conducted among middle-aged people by British Journal of Sports
Medicines, those who regularly practice martial arts showed an amazing
fitness level compared to those who did not. Martial arts practitioners
reported twelve-percent less body cholesterol. They could do twice number
of sit-ups compared to the others. Their balance system and immunity system
were better than that of others. All these statistics indicate the immense
impact that martial arts can have on you if you practice it in a regular
and scientific manner.

Bruce McCorry’s – The Perfect New Year Gift for Your Body
If you are a person who cares for your body and health, choosing a good
martial arts center is the perfect New Year gift that you can give to
yourselves. Situated in Peabody, MA, and servicing all towns around it,
Bruce McCorry’s Academy is one among those few martial arts institutions
that would provide you quality martial arts coaching in the art form of
your choice. Bruce McCorry’s conducts classes in Kickboxing, Taekwondo,
Kung Fu, Yoga and Tai Chi. There are also special schemes such as the very
popular After-School Program and Summer Program for kids and the XMA and
MMA for adults. With a legacy dating from 1978, Bruce McCorry’s is among
the top ranked martial arts centers in US. Lighten up this New Year and
take a long-living resolution to shed weight by getting yourself enrolled
in the academy!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Self-Defense Classes Peabody Ma

The Importance of Self-Defense in the Twenty-First Century
Written by: Master McCorry

Many have called the twenty-first century the Age of Evil. Every day we
see newspaper reports of violence – attacks, assaults, rape attempts,
robberies and even murders. In most of the cases, the victims are the
harmless people of our society – mostly women, children and senior
citizens. The National Violence against Women Survey [NVAWS] points out
that around 13.4% of adult American women have been the victims of forcible
rape at least once in their lives. Similar alarming rates accompany the
statistics of other crimes as well. Many of these crimes occur at desolated
areas where victims cannot get external help. This leads us to one great
question: how important it is for us to learn to defend ourselves in these
violent times?

Self-Defense – the Pros and Cons
There are two popular methods of self-defense. Either we defend ourselves
using our physical might, or we use some self-defense products like Pepper
Sprays, Stun Guns and other dangerous weapons such as Hand Guns or Tasers.
Self-defense has got both good and bad sides. Some of the advantages of
self-defense are the following:

-Protection: With any self-defense option available at hand, we can protect ourselves at a time of emergency even if external help is not available. -Self-Confidence: Naturally, when we are equipped with any self-defense option it increases our self-confidence. We can go through our daily life confidently and boldly without fearing external attacks. -Freedom: Once we equip ourselves with a self-defense option, the range of one’s freedom dramatically expands. We do not feel stressed even when we are staying out late, travelling through desolate streets, or carrying valuable things with us. However, self-defense has many negatives as well. -Legalities: Using self-defense mechanisms like Pepper Sprays, Hand Guns, or Tasers can sometimes seriously hurt the attacker and it may lead to legal difficulties. Especially when we are travelling to other countries, we have to be careful because products like Pepper Spray and Hand Guns are illegal in many countries or demand licensing and a certification course. -Chances of hurting ourselves: When we use a self-defense product, we may accidentally hurt ourselves. Sometimes, if the attacker is physically stronger than we are, he/she may seize the product and use it against us.
Martial Arts: Self-Defense without Disadvantages Martial Arts is a self-defense mechanism with minimum disadvantage. When we use martial arts as a defense option, it is very unlikely that we may wound the attacker mortally. Hence, legal difficulties will be fewer if we use martial arts as a self-defense. Even if we hurt the attacker, we can escape from legal difficulties easily as long as we do not use products like pepper sprays and tasers, which are illegal in some countries. A person who knows a martial art can easily defeat a person who does not know one, however stronger he/she may be. Thus, martial arts is one of the best risk-free self-defense options available.
Bruce McCorry’s Academy – The Haven of Martial Arts If you are interested in learning martial arts, you should take care to choose the best coaching that is available. One of the best martial arts coaching center in Massachusetts is the Bruce McCorry’s Academy. Located in Peabody, the academy is renowned for as many as ten internationally acclaimed courses. The academy is open to both kids and adults. If you aspire to make martial arts your hobby or profession, Bruce McCorry’s will guide you through the right path.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Choosing the Best After School Martial Art Program

The Best After School Martial Art Program in Massachusetts
written by: Michael Fulcher

The need for after school programs is being recognized more and more
nowadays. After school programs are often regarded as a productive way of
spending the precious after school hours. Enrolling your child in an
effective after school program ensures that he or she remains safe and out
of danger during these hours. Among the different after school programs,
the most lucrative option is martial arts. Martial Arts is what your child
needs to keep him/her healthy and refreshed after a tiring day of studies.
Choosing the Best After School Martial Art Program Many factors need to be taken into account before choosing an after school martial art program [AMP] for your child. You should check the following aspects of any offered program: - Is your kid learning martial art in a proper and scientific manner at the offered AMP? - Does the program have a properly designed syllabus? - Are the teachers qualified? - Does the school have a healthy and positive atmosphere and a good campus? - Is the offered program completely safe? Will it endanger or burden your kid? - Does the AMP provide a proper transport service from your kid’s school to the academy?
Bruce McCorry’s AMP – The Best Martial Art Coaching in Massachusetts When we take into account the above aspects, we can see that only a few martial arts schools pass the test. One program that scores full marks in each of these aspects is the Bruce McCorry’s AMP. The specialties of Bruce McCorry’s AMP are the following:
1. Scientific Methodology of Teaching Most martial arts schools consider smaller programs like AMP as mere subordinate programs. They never bother to teach proper martial arts at AMPs. However, Bruce McCorry’s is an institution that takes after school programs seriously. Therefore, they follow a proper scientific methodology in teaching martial arts. The classes aim at training the students to achieve a black belt in their respective fields. 2. Specially Crafted Curriculum Bruce McCorry’s AMP follows a nationally recognized curriculum. The simple syllabus makes it easy for any kid to follow it without effort. The syllabus proceeds in a methodized way covering all the fundamentals of martial arts. It also covers the basic philosophy underlying each art. 3. Faculty and Campus The academy is under the supervision of Master Bruce McCorry, a world-renowned figure in martial arts who has even performed in the Shaolin Temple. Each teacher in the academy is an adept in his/her field. The academy has a child friendly campus where your kid will learn the basics of social interaction and intermingling.

4. Safety
The AMP focuses on the safety of each kid. The syllabus is designed in
such a way that any methods and moves that are dangerous are deliberately
avoided. The aim of the academy is to boost a kid’s potential without
burdening him/her. The academy ensures the security of the kids by
providing transport from your kid’s school to the AMP campus.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy has grown into the most revered martial arts
institution in Massachusetts. Students flock to the academy each year to
experience the quality martial art coaching provided in the academy.
Located in Peabody, MA., the institution has molded generations of martial
arts learners for the past forty years. The after school program is a
course that testifies the glorious legacy of the academy. 
Ensure a brighter future for your children by enrolling at the Bruce McCorry's After School Martial Arts Course!

Give them a call today at 978-535-7878 or visit their website at and sign up for a free trial class.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Preschool Martial Arts - Peabody MA

Little Ninjas Martial Arts Program from Bruce McCorrys -  
 written by: Master McCorry
The age before 6 years is one of the most formative ages in a child’s growth. The physical and mental health of a child is in a foundational phase during this time. Studies have proven that giving a positive outward influence during this time can actually mold your child in positive ways.
Is there a specific method through which a child’s personality can be
shaped in this decisive phase? Martial Arts is one such method.

How can a child be influenced in Preschool Age?
The following aspects of a child’s personality can be positively shaped during this age: - Motor Skills: walking and running without falling down, hand-eye coordination, balancing themselves, calculating distance and depth - Communication Skills: talking in complete sentences, replying logically to conversations, producing grammatical sentences - Social Skills: shedding inhibition, initiating talking, making friends, belonging to groups, settling disputes and fights by themselves - Cognitive Skills: thinking about daily happenings, thinking in a logical way, forming lasting memories - Physical Srength: the physical condition in the preschool age affects a person very much. Kids who get obese at this age tend to be obese later in life. They may develop lifestyle diseases. Skinny and unhealthy kids too may have problems. Hence maintaining physical health during preschool age is very important.

How does martial art help preschoolers?
Practicing simple martial arts during the preschool age can have a deep impact on your children. The child who practices martial arts at this age develops better coordination and distance-calculation abilities. Such kids will be more athletic and they will excel in sports. The martial arts class is a venue where a kid learns to interact with kids of their own age as well as adults. Therefore, such classes can improve a preschooler’s communicative and social skills. It will equip them for their school life. Practicing martial arts needs thinking logically, anticipating results and reacting quickly. Therefore, a kid’s cognitive skills can be enhanced through martial arts. Martial art learners become practically oriented and reasoning individuals. The greatest impact of all falls on the physical health. Martial Arts is like a lifelong alternative for workouts. Learning Martial Arts as a preschooler makes sure that your child will remain healthy, fit and immune. Little Ninjas Program at Bruce McCorry’s – the Ultimate Preschooler Martial Art Program When it comes to Preschooler Martial Arts Programs, the Little Ninjas Program at Bruce McCorry’s [Peabody, Massachusetts] stands apart. What makes this course unique?

The Little Ninjas program is specially designed for preschoolers – it aims
at improving their abilities without burdening them. At the Academy, classes for preschoolers are conducted giving primary importance to the safety of the children. At the same time, the overall development of your kid is a guarantee if you choose Bruce McCorry’s. The Little Ninjas program follows an eight-fold methodology that focuses on eight decisive facets of your kid’s personality: being focused, being disciplined, being fit, being controlled, balanced and coordinated, working as a team and using memory. A simple well-crafted syllabus and student-oriented teachers make the program special.

With a legacy of four decades, Bruce McCorry’s academy holds the number one position when it comes to preschooler martial arts. When you are
choosing for your children, choose the best!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Martial Arts – A Holiday Solution

Staying Fit during the Holidays with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 
written by: Master McCorry

Workout during Holidays
Santa is coming to town and it is once again time for holidays, shopping,
celebration and fun. For many, holidays are an opportunity to take a break
from everything they have been doing for a year – be it work, school or
exercise. Holidays are a time when rules are relaxed.

Well, taking a break from your hectic schedule is fine, but what about
taking a break from your workout as well? Studies show that working out
regularly and then suddenly stopping it for a period – usually the holidays
– is unhealthy for your body. Such a pattern usually slows down your
metabolism. Every time you stop working out, chances of gaining weight are
higher. Every time you restart it, there are fewer chances of you losing
weight again.

Holidays are also a season when you relax your diet habits. Most of us
don’t mind eating richer and larger meals – after all, it’s the holidays!
This habit calls for the fact that you should give more attention to your
health during this time.

Martial Arts – A Holiday Solution?
If we face the facts, none of us are inclined to work out during holidays.
We are either too relaxed, or too busy thinking of shopping and planning,
that even thinking about exercising becomes difficult. But what if we opt
for something easier and fun? Martial arts can be a solution.
Even light martial arts like Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Taekwondo can be a powerful alternate for heavy exercise. Martial arts will help you to remain physically fit and strong. They will sooth your mind and rejuvenate it after a whole year of stressful working. Martial arts will recharge your body and mind alike so that you will be better prepared to face your work better when it comes to the end of the holidays. It will also make sure that your year-long workout plan doesn’t suffer a break in between. If you choose to learn martial arts with your friends or family, it can also be a fun pastime during the holidays. In fact, most of the people who start martial art practice during the holidays cannot resist continuing it even after their work and school has restarted. They maintain their martial arts practice, some as a hobby, some others as a refuge from their stressing work.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy – What makes it special
If you seek advice on the best martial art schools around, the name that
you will come across most often will be that of Bruce McCorry’s Academy of
Martial Arts. Established four decades ago in Peabody Massachusetts, Bruce
McCorry’s is renowned for the quality martial art programs that they
conduct. The academy runs courses in around ten different martial arts.
Each course is taught by teachers who are adepts in their respective areas.
The syllabus for each program is specially designed after taking into
consideration the individual needs of the learners. Most of the students
who learn at Bruce McCorry’s develop a lifelong passion for martial arts.
At Bruce McCorry’s you will get an opportunity to learn a refreshing new
course, make new friendships, and rejuvenate yourself during these
holidays. Make this break memorable by choosing Bruce McCorry’s and "KICK"
into the New Year by sticking with it.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Martial Arts: The Perfect Holiday Gift For Everyone

 Why Martial Arts Is The Perfect Holiday Gift For Everyone
written by: Master McCorry

The Holiday's are now here, and people are now trying very hard to find the perfect give for their friends and family members. However, what people fail to realize is that the best gifts that people get do not always come from a gift box. There are many gifts people can give to those they love the most, and one of those gifts might literally change their lives forever is the gift of Martial Arts classes. For people who live in the Peabody, Massachusetts and surrounding areas, Bruce McCorry’s Martial Art Classes are available for them, and here are a few reasons on why it might just be the perfect gift for everyone, from young children to elderly adults. 

A Way for the Family to Stay in Shape

There is no better way for a family to spend quality time together and get
in shape at the same time than with martial arts. The family can exercise
together, practice the moves and techniques together, and if someone is
having a hard time, the other members of the family can step in and help
them. A family should spend quality time together, and taking a martial
arts class can make that happen.

Making Friends Through Martial Arts

For kids who take martial arts classes, there is no better way for them to
make friends, especially for children who have a problem with being
extremely shy. Martial arts classes can help for shy children to come out
of their shell, and the highly experienced staff member's at Bruce
McCorry's proud themselves in working with kids and helping them overcome
their shyness while they learn about martial arts and how to make friends
with others. This holds true for Adults as well. Not to mention, it's also
really fun.

Improves Coordination and Strength

Some children are naturally clumsy and uncoordinated because their bodies
are still growing to gain it's balance. However, martial arts classes can
help kids gain better control over their young bodies. After a few martial
arts classes, clumsy children will have more balance, coordination, and
they will carry themselves much better instead of falling and tripping all
over everything. Adults, as well as the elderly will grow stronger core's,
increasing their balance, coordination and strength which will make them
less prone to injury. 

Children Will Learn Discipline

Children that are taking martial art classes will learn discipline of both
their mind and their body. Martial arts can teach children all about
discipline. Your child gets unique attention and a healthy competitive
atmosphere which no other institution can boast of. What makes the academy
special, the programs are not a mere course in martial arts; it is a
complete character development program. Parents and school teachers can
only do so much to teach children discipline, but enrolling them in martial
arts classes can teach them all about it in many different and fun ways.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving
For the holiday season, people are sometimes at a loss for what to give as gifts to those they love. However, the best gift that people can give is something not found in any catalog or retail store, and that is martial arts classes. Martial arts is the gift that keeps on giving because it can teach people discipline, keep them in shape, keeps you away from lifestyle diseases, prevents problems such as obesity and lack of concentration and brings families closer together. Christmas is the season of giving gifts from the heart, and the gift of martial arts classes can do more for people then they could possibly imagine.