Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kick-A-Thon 2014 Fund Raiser

Saving Lives Selflessly: Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)
MDA is a pioneering non-profit organization devoted to the treatment of and research on genetic neuro-muscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy and ALS. The selfless service and dedication of the MDA has resulted in the funding of more than 200 international research projects. These have come up with breakthroughs in muscular disease treatment including a potential cure for Pompe disease and development of many healthcare schemes. MDA is among the topmost institutions that provide moral and financial support to individuals affected by muscular syndromes through clinic outlets and support groups. The organization also conducts awareness programs on muscular diseases through children’s camps, community programs and professional training.
MDA receives donations from benevolent hearts all over the world through online programs, nationwide donation schemes, volunteer donations, gifts and much more. 77% of the money earned through every donation is spent on nonprofit service schemes and research. The gracious efforts of the MDA have earned for itself the American Institute of Philanthropy’s coveted title of Top Rated Charity Organization. 

Winning Back Her Life through Martial Arts and MDA 
The Kick-A-Thon is led by Ms. Sandra LaRosa, the Program Director of Bruce McCorry’s, a living example for how martial arts can bring back light to the lives of those suffering from muscle diseases. Diagnosed at the age of 42 with a muscle disease named polymyositis, Ms. LaRosa regained her strength and spirit through the support of MDA advanced medicinal research offered by the organization and a great support team from family, friends and Doctors. Leading a life which has become inspiration to many, Ms. LaRosa certifies that the constant practice of martial arts helped her to see her to keep active during the tough times. She also ascertains the role played by martial arts in her recovery and sustainment of health.  
Click here to read more about her Story.
Kick-A-Thon 2014: A Bruce McCorry’s Venture for MDA 
Bruce McCorry’s is an institution with its faith in the innate power of martial arts to fight and defeat muscular diseases. Inspired by the way MDA has succeeded in saving hundreds of lives in the past years, Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is joining hands with the institution to organize the fund raiser, Kick-A-Thon 2014 on 16th and 17th, June, 2014. Led by Ms. LaRosa and other masters at the academy, the goal of the Kick-A-Thon 2014 is to raise $10,000 to be donated to the MDA in its effort to impart hope and help to adults and kids suffering from muscular diseases around the world. Bruce McCorry’s has taken up this program as a humble contribution to a larger endeavor to make the world a healthier and stronger place.  

To make your own contribution to the event, you can make a difference to a person’s life by choosing to donate to Kick-A-Thon 2014.  

YOU CAN... Make a Muscle, Make a Difference. 

There are many ways to donate.

During Classes:
Donation envelopes and pledge sheets will be handed out in classes to our
members, or visit our office.


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Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Martial Arts Programs

Summer Martial Arts Programs for EVERY body at  
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy 
by: Master McCorry

It's nearly summer - the time of the year people enjoy the most. If you want to
make this summer fun, special and amusing, what you should do is to get in
for the Summer Martial Arts Programs at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts
Academy, Peabody Ma- a unique course open for EVERY body.

Summer and Martial Arts
Summer is a great time to try out martial arts, both for you and your
child. It is the time when your kids relish their freedom from school. Kids
usually involve in physical activities and games when they are in school.
It is not healthy for them to stop their physical activities altogether
during their summer break. Learning martial arts will be a fun and healthy
alternative in their holidays – something that will compensate their lack
of exercise. It will also make them calm and stress-free. Getting a clearer
and fresher mind is exactly what they need before tackling their lessons
and workload once again after school reopens.
Summer is also the time when you might want to get a fit and toned body try
something new and break old habits, start new ones and get ready for the beach time. Practicing martial arts is a wonderful opportunity to own a perfectly toned body - one that you can flaunt in the beach without being embarrassed. It will also make you healthy and immune. Adults can take a break from their hectic jobs through stress-busting martial arts sessions. It will also help you to gain values like punctuality and time management, something to be proud of when you get back to your office!

What Makes Bruce McCorry’s Summer Programs Special?
Unlike the usual martial arts summer programs, the Bruce McCorry’s course
is open for both kids and adults together. This means that parents can join
the program and practice martial arts along with their kids. It is a great
way to spend more time with your children and have fun with them.

Naturally, parents will be concerned about the safety of kids when they
send them for courses like martial arts. At Bruce McCorry’s, expert
guidance under professionals ensures that your kid is safe and happy. The
inclusive nature of the program also means that parents can keep an eye on
the kids if they want to. Yet, you would be forced to let the kids have the
time of their lives when you get to know the fun-yet-professional nature of
the programs!
 Usually, martial arts summer programs give only a brief outlineintroduction to what they really teach in professional courses, but Bruce McCorry’s courses are different. Even the temporary programs like the Summer Programs proceed in a professional and standardized manner, adapted to suit the age and physical nature of the learner. This means that whatever be your age or physical nature, you always get the professional best in the academy. Childhood martial arts is often a turning point in many children’s lives. It is a first step toward being champions in studies and life. Through the Summer Programs, you can kick-start a new and happier life for you and your family. Enrolling is Open – Hurry Now! Taking into mind the general rush that accompanies the unique Bruce McCorry’s Summer Programs, the enrolling has already opened. If you want to try out this interesting, fun course, hurry now and get an admission ticket with your family!
Call Today (978) 535-7878 to sign up or online for a Free Trial at:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014 Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Kick-A-Thon

Please Help Support the Fight Against Neuromuscular Diseases
Join us June 16th and 17th for the MDA 2014 Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Kick-A-Thon and the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) in the battle against muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other neuromuscular diseases. We are determined to WIN! Two full days of Battle!
My name is Sandra LaRosa, a teacher at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts in Peabody, MA. I have a condition called Polymyostis. A condition that attacks the immune system, destroys body tissue, causes pain and fatigue. Through the years of countless doctor visits and treatments, my will to fight coupled with a great support team and martial arts training, has found it to be my savior. Today, I am resolved to fight while the disease remains incurable. Please help me and Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts raise vital funds supporting MDA's battle against neuromuscular diseases. This is my story.... please click here to read more. The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is the world’s leading nonprofit health agency dedicated to finding treatments and cures for muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other neuromuscular diseases. They do so by funding worldwide research; by providing comprehensive health care services and support to MDA families nationwide; and by rallying communities to fight back through advocacy, fundraising and local engagement. It’s special work powered by special people who give generously. Please help us Fight the Battle! By joining our battle, you join and support an important means of fostering help and hope for those that depend on MDA. Please help us in reaching our goal in making the world a little better one heart at a time. There are many ways to donate. Online: http://www2.mda.org/site/TR?fr_id=9609&pg=entry Phone: (978) 535-7878 Visit Us: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center 220 Newbury St Peabody MA 01960 YOU CAN… Make a Muscle, Make a Difference
Questions about the event? Please contact Sandra at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts (978) 535-7878. For more information about the Muscular Dystrophy Association, please visit them online at www.mda.org

Friday, May 16, 2014

Martial Arts for Adults

Martial Arts for Adults - Health Benefits and Advantages
written by: Master McCorry

In the rushed lifestyle of today, age starts taking its toll on you once
you are past thirty. This shows up most easily and quickly in your health.
Today’s youth starts complaining of joint aches, tiredness, lifestyle
diseases and obesity around the time they reach their late thirties. Again,
the lifestyle puts its own pressure on the adult mind as well. According to
Statistic Brain, 77 percent of US adults report stress and subsequent
physical problems such as lack of sleep, dizziness and pressure variation.
Once you become an adult, it is necessary to attend to your health – both
physical and mental – and try to improve your lifestyle accordingly. Among
the different methods to enhance health, martial arts always stands out.

Health Benefits for Adults – The Martial Art Way
There was a time when martial arts were considered to be a mere sport and entertainment, but today’s health experts are aware of the remarkable impact that martial arts can leave on your health. Practicing any martial art can give you the following benefits: 1. Strength and Fitness of your Body Martial arts are proven to enhance the strength of muscular and skeletal systems. It can burn unwanted fat from your body and realign remaining fat to those parts of body where it is needed for metabolism. This will make you fitter, and in the course of time, physically stronger. Martial arts is a good solution to those who want to combat obesity. 2. Get Rid of Non-Communicable Diseases By non-communicable diseases, we mean diseases caused more or less by lifestyle and which are not contagious. This group contains some of the villains of the modern man, including diabetes, cholesterol, low and high blood pressure and thyroid. Martial arts can prevent these diseases to an extent. Cardiovascular moves will fight cholesterol. Exercise, in general, can help to reduce diabetes-like diseases. 3. Keep Stress Away Martial arts combine meditation-like philosophies and practices to physical moves. Non-contact martial arts like yoga are scientifically proven to reduce stress. Even the more physical ones like karate and kickboxing can positively direct your internal energy. Once stress is off your mind, naturally, accompanying problems like sleeplessness and dizziness too go away. 4. Coordination and Flexibility Every other moment we see adults complaining that they can’t pick up things from floor, climb stairs, walk fast and so on. Through martial arts, you will regain your adolescent flexibility and suppleness of your body. It will also improve faculties like coordination, balance and quickness. 5. Rejuvenation How to regain youthful energy is a much debated topic among anti-ageing campaigners. Very few of them realize that martial arts can actually make a change. A study by British Sports Medicine Journal speaks of how martial art learners could do two times the number of sit ups that a non-learner could do. Martial arts can make you fresher, stronger and livelier.

Get the Best at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Art for Adults
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy, Peabody Massachusetts is a preferred choice among martial art students. Many learners vouch why the adult program at Bruce McCorry’s is matchless compared to other institutions. At Bruce McCorry’s, learners get personal attention from experts and customized methods of practicing. You get to realize your strengths and weaknesses and proceed accordingly. Strong syllabus and quality training are other highlights of martial arts for adults at the academy.
Explore the many health benefits of martial arts, both mental and physical today at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts. Call today: (978) 535-7878 Visit them on the web at: www.brucemccorrys.com

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Single Parenting and Martial Arts

Overcome the Challenges of Single Parenting through Martial Arts 
written by: Master McCorry

In one of their surveys, the Children’s Defense Fund points out that one
out of every two children in the United States have lived with a single parent sometime or other. When parenting itself is a challenge for many out there, single parenting is even more difficult and demanding. It is made worse by the fact that if parenting goes wrong, children from single parent families suffer more compared to kids from normal background. According to the shocking data compiled by Rainbows, an organization for kids from dysfunctional families, 75% of drug-dependent adolescents and 50% of youth associated with anti-social activities hail from single parent families. Single Parenting: The Major Challenges The difficulties are manifold and challenging to someone who has to raise their kids alone. Emotional stability of the home affects a child’s emotional temperament. Around 20% kids with single parents face emotional turmoil and behavioral problems.

Children who grow up watching unstable relationships often tend to be
skeptic and unsuccessful in their future relationships. Children with single parents often withdraw themselves to introversion or exhibit angry meltdowns and temper. Often such kids would have to be left alone and unsupervised at home as most single parents are working parents. Such kids may resort to television, social media or similar time-consuming and addictive forms of entertainment to pass time. Single parents often become stressed when they have to cope with more tasks than they can handle. Parent-children relationships also suffer in such families, mainly because the parent doesn't get enough time to spend with the child. Why a Single Parent Needs Martial Arts? If you are a single parent, martial arts can be a solution that will bring change to your life as well as your child’s. Several martial art courses allow parents to take classes along with their children, which is beneficial to single parent families. Martial arts can help single parenting in many ways:
Martial art learners imbibe confidence, maturity and strength of mind.
They tend to be better at managing relationships and dealing with crisis.
Martial arts can wipe out stress and instill positive behavior in children.
It will bring them out of their shell if they are shy, it will teach them
to control their temper as well. A trustworthy martial art center is a fine
alternative that will save you from having to leave your child unsupervised
at home. When kids channelize their energy to martial arts, there are fewer
chances that they will rely on trivial entertainment or anti-social
behavior. Single parents can learn to cope with stress and handle
situations better through martial arts. At combined classes, single parents
will get to spend time with their kids and this is a good way to create a
deep bond and stronger relationship.

Bruce McCorry’s – Martial Arts with a Difference
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is a major institution dedicated to martial arts in Massachusetts. If you are planning to choose first-rate coaching for you and your child, then Bruce McCorry’s is one of the best possibilities. The academy is open to learners from every age. Martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s can guide you in overcoming the challenges of single parenting. Through martial arts, you can build a better future for your kid and yourself.

For more information, please contact Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts or call today at:
 (978) 535-7878

Friday, May 9, 2014

Martial Arts After School Program

Bruce McCorry’s After School Program – The Top Choice for Kids 
written by: Master McCorry

With school in session, it is a matter of worry for the working
parents that they should find a way to keep their kids engaged and safe in the after school hours, until their work gets over. Are you one of those parents who have already started worrying for your kids? Bruce McCorry’s After School Program in Martial Arts is for YOU and YOUR child! Bruce McCorry’s AMP - Why is it the Top Choice? The Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is a leading institution in Massachusetts, dedicated to the growth and proliferation of martial arts in the United States. The academy offers many children-friendly martial arts courses. In every way, the after school martial arts program – AMP – at Bruce McCorry’s Academy is a preferable option to a common daycare. The reasons are many: 1. Safety: Children who are not supervised in the after school hours may fall to many dangers and take to unsocial activities. Bruce McCorry’s puts forward a safe substitute where your child will be protected from external dangers. Bruce McCorry’s AMP gives priority to safety. To ensure the safety of kids, AMP even offers transport facility at a low rate from your kids’ school to the academy.
2. Opportunity to Learn Martial Arts: Most after school programs merely engage the kids in activities and games. They do not bother to impart anything valuable to the kids. At Bruce McCorry’s, children will get a chance to learn a martial art of their wish along with all other fun activities. The AMP is unique because it offers one of the best martial art courses available in the area. The syllabus and the instruction methods are professional, done under the supervision of veteran masters. 3. Character Development and Health: Through organized martial arts coaching at Bruce McCorry’s, children imbibe many values that their classmates lack. Their health improves and they don’t succumb to common illnesses easily. Also, their character undergoes a transformation as they pick up values like discipline, obedience, confidence, rational thinking and common sense.

4. Defense: What children learn at Bruce McCorry’s AMP is something of
lasting significance. Their knowledge of martial arts will aid them throughout their life as a trustworthy self-defense technique. No common after school program can equip children with such a useful skill. 5. Improved Social Skills: Bruce McCorry’s offers children a space where they can interact with kids of their own age. AMP can teach kids social skills and help them to overcome shyness, interact boldly, make and sustain friendships and so on. It will train your child to take on the world. It will also help kids to deal effectively with classroom problems like bullying, stress and peer pressure.

As parents, the choice is yours – you should decide whether your kid
should opt for a mere babysitting program or an organized after school course like the AMP. AMP is a course which is has national recognization in the United States. Having participated in a professional AMP offered by a coveted institution like Bruce McCorry’s Academy will be an advantage to kids wherever they go. This year’s course for the new batch is ready to kick off from September. Hailed by educationists and martial arts experts alike, participating in a program like the Bruce McCorry's will be an asset to your child in his/her future life.
Secure your position today. Call today. (978) 535-7878

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Overcoming Laziness through Martial Arts

Overcoming Laziness through Martial Arts 
written by: Master McCorry
Laziness is a factor that prevents half the people from achieving success
and pursuing goals in their lives. By nature, humans aspire to reach goals and make something out of their lives. Then why is it that we become addicted to laziness and let it get the better of us? How can we avert the dangers of laziness and get motivated? The Major Causes of Laziness Psychologists study laziness under the concept of motivation. They have tried to explain the phenomenon by providing various explanations and reasons:
Tiredness and fatigue – you feel lazy to embark on a new task when you are
physically and mentally tired. Preference of momentary comfort – many people feel unmotivated to attempt something because they prefer the momentary state of comfort than the state of working. Monotonous task – if the task at hand is monotonous and has been repeating so for a long time, after a while the initial interest subsides and you become unwilling to continue working. Lack of motivation – if you have no interest, aptitude or gain in a task to begin with, you may feel unwilling to pursue it Overcoming Laziness through Martial Arts If unchecked, laziness will grow into a demon which will hamper your progress in every walk of life. Lazy people postpone even the most important tasks. Even if they attempt something, they do so unwillingly. As a result, the finished work will lack perfection. Laziness will leave your ambitions unachieved and life, futile.
Several solutions for laziness have been put forward over years. Right

from coffee-drinking and medications, the list has reached up to counseling
and meditation in the 21st century. Recently, psychologists have added a
new solution to the list - something with unprecedented effect - martial

Can martial arts play a role in breaking out of laziness? In the opinion
of psychologists and doctors, martial arts can help to combat the absence
of motivation in the following ways:

If you practice martial arts regularly, the problem of fatigue will no more bother you. This is because martial arts can provide unlimited energy to your body and keep your mind fresh. The principles of martial arts will make you appreciate the value of a goal and the happiness of achieving it.
Naturally, you will not put aside a task just for the sake of momentary comfort. Martial arts will teach you innovation and perseverance. As a result, whichever monotonous task you have at hand, you will be able  to find something new in it. You will also be able to stick on to it without
feeling lazy. Martial arts will instill courage and self-awareness in you. You will be able to foresee which tasks will interest you and which will not. You will realize where your aptitude and productivity lies. Choosing productive works will help you to overcome laziness.
The Importance of Professional Coaching
Only proper coaching can help you overcome lack of motivation and
laziness. There are many institutions that provide martial arts coaching in
a professional manner. One of the best options is Bruce McCorry’s Academy
of Martial Arts in Peabody MA. Since 1978, Bruce McCorry’s has been in the
forefront of martial art education in the US, especially Massachusetts.
With several different programs to choose from, Bruce McCorry’s is an
institution that can guide you in your endeavor to overcome laziness
through martial arts. Give them a call today.  They offer a free, no
obligation class just waiting for you to explore. 978-535-7878


Thursday, May 1, 2014

After School Martial Arts Program

Now Enrolling for September: The Martial Arts After School Program
brought to you by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 
Today, a typical child’s day is characterized by hours of class work and spending additional hours in a daycare waiting for his or her parents to come and pick him or her up after work. It is because of this type of lifestyle that the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy started the martial arts after school program (AMP) for the kids to have something new, productive and fun to learn after school. This program has proved to be a success and very beneficial for years now and both the parents as well as the kids who have enrolled in this program enjoy being part of it. So instead of taking your child to a daycare or taking he or she to stare at the TV or play video games after school, simply enroll them into the popular Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy After School Program. It is important to point out that we are now enrolling for September and registrations are limited. Therefore, you are urged to act now and register your child for the program today.

Importance of the Martial Arts After School Program 

The program adds a number of benefits to the kids, especially after school. The following are some of the important benefits of the martial arts after school program. 

Instills Important Life Values 

The most important values in life are best taught when someone is young. And, in doing so, your children will grow knowing what is expected of him or her in life. Martial arts helps in teaching kids self-discipline, self-confidence, leadership quality and respect. These are very important values needed in life as a whole. 

Helps in Relaxing the Mind and Body 

Just like adults, kids also get bored and stressed as a result of too much concentration and competition at school. Therefore, by engaging in martial arts, they get an opportunity to release the tension and stress caused by class work. It is essential to emphasize that kids also face pressure from fellow classmate during school examinations and sport competitions and if this is not managed it can lead to problems in the future. But with martial arts all the pressure, tension and stress can be eliminated. 

Enhances Memory Any physical activity that your child engages in helps them to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. But, martial art is not like any other physical activity or exercise. It nourishes and sharpens your child’s reasoning as well as memory capacity. Through martial arts your child will be able to reason on their own, deal with situations as expected of them and even make life saving decisions. Secures the Safety and Protection of Your Children Safety of your child is an important reason why an after school program is essential. Crimes after school have increased according to the data collected by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. It's mostly by juvenile crimes and violence against children. The kids and teens involved are those kids who don’t have a secure place to spend their after school hours. A trustworthy after school program such as the Bruce McCorry Martial Arts Program can
prevent your kid from taking the wrong path and the program locks in your child's safety and protection.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy After School Martial Arts Program (AMP) Since 1978
AMP at Bruce McCorry’s is a martial arts course with international standard, the best of its kind. The syllabus is a well-structured module enriched with great visionaries of martial arts. The AMP at Bruce McCorry’s is a precious opportunity for your kid to achieve the glory of a martial art black belt in his/her life. Safety and security of the students are always the primary concern at Bruce McCorry’s. Your kid gets the chance to meet and develop bonds with many respected martial arts professionals. At a small fee, you can also get safe transport from your kid’s day school to the Bruce McCorry’s campus.
In conclusion, since 1978, Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is arguably the most experienced and popular martial arts academy in the area that offers an internationally acclaimed after school program. The martial arts after school program is specifically designed by martial art experts and professionals to ensure that each and every child benefits from the program. Therefore, if you want your child to spend his or her after school time more productively and in a healthy, safe environment, enroll them today for the September Martial Arts After School Program that is currently ongoing at the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy. Give a new dimension to the lives of your kids by enrolling them at Bruce McCorry’s After School Program which begins this September!  
Call today (978) 535-7878