Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Preschool Martial Arts Programs

Little Ninjas Martial Arts Program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
written by: Master McCorry
Martial Arts before Joining School Since pediatricians state that martial arts can make a tremendous change to the way a child’s physical nature and mind develop, many martial art schools run special classes for children, including preschoolers. However, parents sometimes seem to doubt, wondering whether a kindergarten child can take activities like martial arts. All these apprehensions are there because you are not aware of the true potential of preschooler martial arts.
What Difference Can Preschooler Martial Arts Make? The preschooler age – precisely the ages from three to six – is vital in your child’s life. The kind of physical disposition and mental abilities they achieve during this age have a great say in how they will turn out in the future. That’s why every parent has to make sure that children get the best at this age. The correct amount of physical activities and mental development in the preschooler age can help your child to lead a healthy and satisfied life. Martial arts can actually make a big difference. In a way, it will prepare your child for his/her school in the coming years. Many kids skip classes frequently because of coming down with illnesses. Studies show that this is very rare among martial art learners. Immunity, physical strength and greater energy levels naturally come to your child once he/she starts learning martial arts. Difficult school hours will not exhaust children if they have the support of martial arts with them.
 Martial arts boost the working of the brain. Martial artists tend to be sharper, quick-thinking and balanced. This has twice the effect during the preschooler age because it is the time when children acquire a number of faculties that mold his/her life through years. This is the time when your child’s brain configures its fundamental aspects. It develops motor skills such as walking, balancing and running. It stabilizes mental faculties like memory, listening, understanding and putting together fragmentary sensory information to make out meaning. Martial arts can aid and improve each of these.
Will it Burden My Child? It will not be a challenge as long as you join a place that runs classes professionally and properly. At a preschooler age, no child can take a thorough introduction to proper martial arts. What children need at this age is a logical blend of mild martial art activities and other fun activities. A curriculum devised by experts will provide them with the proper amount of the right mix without making it too hard or too dull for kids.
Bruce McCorry’s Academy – For the Little Ninjas Out There! Efficiency with fun is the motto of the Little Ninjas Martial Arts Program, a distinctive preschooler martial arts program by the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, Massachusetts). It is conceived for kids from 3-6 age groups. The sound curriculum shaped by professionals incorporates simple martial arts lessons in a motivating and enjoyable way. The program can give your children the right amount of exercise, social exposure and entertainment. Along with equipping them to take on the upcoming school years, the Little Ninjas program also leads your child to a new world of opportunities. Little Ninjas participants naturally get enough preparation for the children’s martial arts lessons. They can choose to continue martial arts as a hobby or career even later in life. 
 The renowned Little Ninjas Martial Arts Program success is why parents continue to choose Bruce McCorry's year after year.  Enrollment is now open.  Please contact us today for questions, and take advantage of a free, no obligation trial lesson.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Back-to-School with Martial Arts

Preparing Kids for Back to School
written by: Master McCorry
At the outset of a new school year, the usual worries start bothering parents. Every parent gets engaged in the normal back-to-school tasks from buying new schoolbooks and getting new clothes to arranging the transportation. If you are a working parent, there is something else to think of – finding an afterschool care program for your child. Among all these, however, the biggest challenge is preparing your child for school. Though many parents do not give it much of a thought, it is very important that your child should have some training that will prepare him/her for school, physically and mentally. Back-to-School Worries: The Problems Children Face in School Why is it important to prepare your child for school? Because, just like you have your own school-reopening concerns as a parent, children have their own problems to deal with. Child welfare reports have started speaking more and more about how school isn't an easy place to deal with as it used to be.

Most of these reports highlight some major concerns in common. To begin with, there is the increased stress of studies. The demands of competition are high, and naturally the kids are being pressurized. Though it may not be the case in every school, bullying too is a burden for the children. It often takes the form of cyber bullying. This does even more damage, because victims are aware of the larger audience which the bullying messages and pictures can reach.
\Apart from these factors that cause mental stress and anxiety, there are physical difficulties as well. Just think of the kids you know who come home tired and exhausted from school! Kids are often picky eaters; sometimes they even skip breakfast hurrying to school. When this is combined with the tough physical activities in school, many kids cannot take it. All these point out to the fact that kids need preparation for school.
Preparing Your Child for School – How Martial Arts can Help Preparing does not necessarily mean lecturing your child on do's and don'ts or even giving them encouraging pep talks. All these are fine, but children need something more solid, something that can equip them to deal with the pressures of student life effectively. Martial arts is a good option. Martial arts can make children healthier and stronger. It can help kids to remain energetic even at the end of the day. Coupled with the physical benefits, martial arts have mental advantages as well. It can make children self-confident, self-assured, calm and bold. It can prepare children to manage problems like peer pressure and bullying all by themselves. Martial arts can also boost time-managing skills and memory. Naturally, the study stress will come down and grades will improve.
AMP at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
If your child has a tight school schedule, the best option is to put away the afterschool hours for martial arts. There are many devoted institutions like the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) that offer good after school programs. The course at Bruce McCorry’s blends professional martial arts with many other entertaining activities. After school Martial Arts Program (AMP) can offer your child safe afterschool care, a fun relaxation after studies and a sound preparation for school and afterschool once it begins. 

Check it out today!  www.brucemccorrys.com  or call today at (978) 535-7878 for a free trial.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Core Staff of Martial Arts Professionals

Bruce McCorry’s Center for Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) has been around the corner for more than forty years. The wealth of experienced and dedicated teachers is one of the factors that helped in uplifting Bruce McCorry’s Academy to the rank of a key martial arts institution in Massachusetts. All the instructors at Bruce McCorry’s are people who share an ardent and lifelong relationship with martial arts.
A Life for Martial Arts: Master Bruce McCorry: Master McCorry has dedicated four decades of his life to the learning, teaching and propagation of various martial arts. His specializations are Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Moo Duk Kwon. He has learnt martial arts from veteran masters like Chan Poi and Jhoon Ree. He was a member of the first ever Kung Fu Troup to have the honor of performing at the Shaolin Temple, as well as a renowned name in the Hall of Fame for Martial Arts.
Sandra LaRosa: A Story of Courage Since 1980s, Sandra LaRosa is a relentless practitioner of Taekwondo. Her amazing willpower and strict martial arts practice have helped her to overcome health-related hurdles. With the support of her passion, she returned to life and martial arts with a renewed vigor. She's been an instructor at the academy since 1990s.
Bruce McCorry’s Academy staff also include a very powerful team of professionals with an experience from 15 to 25 years. Among them, we have Chris Szeto, Chris entered the field of Taekwondo in 1989. He has been associated with martial arts for the past 25 years, and has 14 years of experience as a teacher. Jonathan Ring has an experience of 15 years of learning Taekwondo and is a Taekwondo instructor since 1997. A former student of Taekwondo and Cardio Kickboxing at Bruce McCorry’s Academy itself, Christine Arsenault began her life with martial arts in late 1990s. This team of vigorous young teachers also include Jake Alman, Ashly Deprisco, Devin Obrian, Alyssa Shriner, Amanda Prather and Chris Ortins. Each having
over 15 plus years of experience. All these knowledgeable instructors form the core staff team of the academy and there are more to come.
Martial arts under ProfessionalsThe Strength of Bruce McCorry’s Academy: All the martial arts instructors at Bruce McCorry’s academy have an experience of more than fifteen years in the arts they chose to specialize in. This strength of experience and tradition is what makes the academy a unique choice for learning martial arts. These instructors had been in martial arts since their childhood. They have caused Bruce McCorry’s Academy to stand apart among the influx of new martial arts schools that rely upon newer and inexperienced entrants as instructors. These qualified instructors are also testimony to the fact that martial arts could open new vistas of opportunities to passionate learners. The admission to various courses is open; now it is your chance to try out the academy under such super instructors!


Friday, July 18, 2014

High Quality Martial Arts

High Quality Martial Arts and Services at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
written by: Master McCorry and Master LaRosa

Martial arts is a field that combines the strength of tradition and the vigor of the present day. It has remained popular throughout centuries, attracting more learners with passing time. Martial arts is such a widespread discipline that the choices are many when we look for a place to learn. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Center at Peabody (Massachusetts) is one of those organizations that give prime focus to the quality of their services.
Quality Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s: An Overview Since 1978, Bruce McCorry’s Academy has remained a familiar name in Massachusetts. A brainchild of Master Bruce McCorry, the academy was established with a vision to make the people aware of the limitless potential of martial arts as a discipline. Since then, quality has been the motto of the academy.
The academy offers courses in all major martial arts such as Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, MMA and XMA. From the beginning, inclusiveness was a mantra for the academy. The major programs in Bruce McCorry’s Center are open to anyone regardless age whereas the common practice is to introduce some or other age limits. People from all age groups - children, youngsters, adults and seniors - enroll at the academy. Since the aptitude and physical capability is different for different age groups, the teachers usually adapt each class to suit the individual needs of the learners. The academy has taken a number of steps to realize its vision of high quality martial arts. Customized programs are only one among these. Keeping the busy school schedule in mind, Bruce McCorry’s offers two special programs for children – the Afterschool Martial Arts and the Summer Program. Since preschoolers need a different approach, another course - the Little Ninjas – is offered for their benefit. Learners with special needs are also offered a unique program which makes it possible to give individual attention and personalized coaching to them.
Each course functions upon a carefully structured syllabus. Some courses like the Afterschool program have a syllabus with national recognition. In the case of some courses, the academy follows a syllabus which is designed by qualified martial art experts and teachers. The highlights of the course include a systematic introduction, reference to theoretical and philosophical aspects of martial arts, and time-bound practical sessions. Masters also provide guidance on the right way to practice at home, the best accessories to choose and so on. The practical sessions are facilitated by teachers with experience. Those who handle the children’s courses are trained specifically in safety measures.

Quality with Safety
Quality is always combined with safety in Bruce McCorry’s. For the safety of children, the academy offers transport for students of the Afterschool Program at an affordable amount. Safety is a priority even inside the classroom. Any fighting method that involves possible danger is specifically excluded from the syllabus for children. Thus, kids at Bruce McCorry’s do not have to face difficult sessions such as ring fighting or cage fighting.
Bruce McCorry’s Center has a free introductory course for those who want to experience Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts at first hand and decide only later. If you are looking for quality martial arts, you can give Bruce McCorry’s a try. www.brucemccorrys.com - 978-535-7878

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MMA and Traditional Martial Arts

Is MMA a Threat to the Values of Traditional Martial Arts?
written by: Master McCorry
MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts has been comparatively a new entrant to the age old traditions of conventional martial arts. In fact, though attempts in the line to create a single martial art with the elements of different arts date to the 1960s, MMA in its current form, was the result of the Ultimate Fighting Championship that was inaugurated in 1993. Originally, the Ultimate Fighting Championship - or UFC as it is popularly known - had kicked off as a platform to find out the best fight technique of all. However, in the course of time, the different martial arts that played out in the UFC arenas mingled together and UFC became the stage to what came to be known as MMA. The popularity of MMA soared after the television appearance of the series The Ultimate Fighter in 2005. Since then, we are witness to an MMA phenomenon, when the sport got immense attractiveness all over the world, especially in the United States.
The Erosion of Traditional Values in MMA
Along with the rising popularity and zest of the MMA, a number of analysts and martial art enthusiasts have started pondering the other side. A number of analysts have come up with bold remarks on how the glamour and competitive zeal that is associated with UFC tournaments have resulted in an erosion of the values that were an integral part of the traditional martial arts.
These analysts have tried to point out how the commercialization of MMA has led to a disappearance of values like respect, mutual cooperation and tolerance in the modern MMA arenas. The argument is that when MMA is commercialized, especially with a television audience in mind, it causes many contestants and promoters to forget the values of sportsman spirit, respect and modesty. Blending the Strength of Tradition with MMA How is it that MMA, a sport with elements absorbed from all the traditional martial arts that cherish these very values, does a volta-face like this? The reason that most analysts put forward is this: even though MMA draws a lot from the traditional martial arts, only a portion of the current MMA practitioners are actually trained in these traditional arts. This has led to the current situation in which many MMA artists have started considering themselves more of a fighter than a martial artist.
MMA, in itself, is an art with a lot of positives to it. The benefits of MMA are doubled by the fact that it has acquired the status of the most popular martial arts in countries like the US. Even the modernized facet of MMA with its focus on healthy competition and sports-like spirit is an aspect worth keeping. If the core values like respect, humility and cooperation could be blended with these, MMA has the potential to be the greatest martial art of all. For this, we need training institutions that teach MMA without effacing its humanitarian outlook.
There are a number of martial art institutions in the US, like the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody. MA) that emphasize the core values of conventional martial arts even in radical arts like MMA. What we need is an MMA with a human face and academies like Bruce McCorry’s gives us that.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Stay Motivated with Martial Arts

Not Losing the Zeal: How to Stay Motivated with Martial Arts
written by: Master McCorry
Even though the number of martial arts learners is on a steady increase 
since the last decade, it is equally true that a section of the newbies 
does not stay in martial arts for long. Virtue Science, the science 
portal, points out that the dropout percentage is the highest during the 
first hundred days since enrolling. This is ironic, because most of the 
dropouts are people who have researched the benefits of martial arts, 
they are fully aware of its amazing positives. Why are they unable to go 
on, then? The reason is the inability to stay motivated. However, 
staying motivated with martial arts is not really that difficult, if you 
have the will.

Getting to Know Motivation
By motivation, a psychologist means the desire to do something. There 
are two sets of factors that can motivate you to do things. If you are 
extrinsically motivated, it means that outside factors propel you to do 
the particular activity. The rewards you will get for doing something 
and the punishment you get for not doing it are examples. On the other 
hand, intrinsic motivation occurs when internal factors cause you to do 
something. If you do something because you love it, you are 
intrinsically motivated.

Motivation and Martial Arts
If you are into martial arts, there is no need to tell you of its 
benefits or its amazing potential. Still, some find it difficult to 
remain motivated in martial arts. The discouraging factors, in most 
cases, are laziness or the fear of failure. How can we overcome these 
Blending the External and the Internal: If you have no intrinsic 
interest to begin with, no rewards can prompt you to stay motivated. In 
the same way, if all you have is a desire to learn and it gives no 
benefits or rewards, you will lose motivation. The latter never happens 
with martial arts, because even if material rewards like belts and 
levels may not be there, you will get benefits like health and fitness. 
So you have to cultivate an internal interest in martial arts, and 
choose a benefitting martial arts program.

Set a Goal for Yourself: More than just practicing, you need to set 
yourself a time-bound goal to be achieved. This martial art goal has to 
be high as well as practical. A low goal will be easily achieved and 
forgotten, whereas an impractical goal would discourage you. Once you 
set the goal, you can chart out a clear plan to achieve it. This will 
help motivation and keep you commited.

Loving What You Do: Once you start practicing martial arts, note down 
its positive aspects. You can keep a note of your lost weight, increased 
physical ability and so on. Try martial arts for the fun of it. Enjoying 
what you do will help you to stay motivated than anything else.

The Right Atmosphere: Where you learn martial arts is as important as 
how you learn it. Instead of boring self-lessons aided by videos, you 
can go for good martial arts centers where you can interact and compare 
your progress with others. Once you make friends and start practicing 
under professionals, you will take martial arts seriously and start 
enjoying it.
Inspiring Martial Art Lessons at Bruce McCorry's Academy
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) has been conducting 
inspiring professional martial art lessons for kids and adults for the 
past four decades. If you want to get the benefits of martial arts in a 
fun and qualified manner, Bruce McCorry's is for you. 

Enroll at Bruce McCorry's, and you won't think of quitting again!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Martial Arts Courses

Summer is in Full Swing - Join The Summer Martial Arts Courses at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy!
written by: Master McCorry

Excess workload, competition and deadlines of classwork have always exerted pressure on children. Though these concerns may look trivial to an adult, these can be as taxing as any significant stress factor. The chief aim of introducing physical education in schools was to give the kids a break from all these study-related stress. It was also believed that physical education will compensate for the lack of physical activity in daily life. However, a survey by the Center for Disease Control shows that only 24% of kids engage in daily physical education in the U.S. schools. When it comes to girls, the stats are even more worrying – only 17.7% of girl children get at least one hour of physical education at school.

One way to make up for this lack of physical activity is to include physical education in vacation programs. Instead of a usual summer course with its emphasis on mental faculties, parents can choose uncommon courses which will engage children in physical activities. There are good summer programs in martial arts, yoga and sports worth checking out.

Martial Arts – the Best Summer Option
Among many such summer courses, martial arts have a unique space. Although lots of people wait till september, summer is great time to get adjusted to the classes and make new friends for both children and adults. It is also special because it can sharpen your kid’s mental abilities along with their physical strength. Martial arts have the capability to make kids stronger, immune, sharper and quick-thinking. It has a handy self-defense value as well. In the long run, martial art education will turn out to be a useful asset for children. Learning martial arts in formative years can reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases and cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. In every way, a martial arts course in the summer can give your child many benefits that a usual summer camp cannot.

Summer Martial Arts Courses at Bruce McCorry’s Center
If you want to plan something fun and beneficial for your children, Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, Massachusetts) can be the ultimate companion to them this summer. This year, the flagship Summer Martial Arts Program of the academy is being offered with a number of unique features.

The Summer Courses is not just a classroom course where martial art alone is taught. Along with the useful practical lessons of martial arts, the courses gives an insight to the philosophies and theories of each art form. In Bruce McCorry’s, children learn each martial art along with understanding the benefits and opportunities of each. To break the monotony of classroom-oriented lessons, the Summer Courses also have a number of fun and productive activities. These include enjoyable field trips, story-reading sessions, game hours, arts and craft periods and so on. More than a usual summer coaching, what the academy envisages is a holistic character development program which will guide the children to discover their inner strengths and hidden potential.

Parents often choose Bruce McCorry’s Academy because safety and comfort is a priority of the academy. Martial art learners at Bruce McCorry’s leave the campus feeling self-confident and positive. The Bruce McCorry’s Summer Courses is an inclusive and fun way for your kids to spend this summer. The summer is in full swing, make it special with martial arts!

Visit www.brucemccorrys.com

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Top Choice in Martial Arts

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - The Top choice
written by: Michael Fulcher
We often come across newspaper columns and television shows that advocate martial arts as the potential solution to the worries of the 21st century life. Experts uphold martial arts as a fitness method, stress-buster, confidence booster and a self-defense option. The applications of martial arts in daily life range from a fun pastime to a professional career option. It is not a surprise that the number of those who want to learn martial arts is on a constant rise since the 90s. Before imagining yourselves as a martial artist, there are one or two things that you should know. The importance of choosing a good professional center is one among them.
The Importance of a Professional Center With the unbelievable rise in the popularity of martial arts, martial art classes are springing up everywhere. Many of them do not have expert teachers to back the offered programs. Very few martial art centers offer programs that are professional, scientific and customized. Learning martial arts in such non-professional centers can make no difference to your life. It cannot help you to achieve your martial art end - whether it is fitness, self-defense or self confidence. That is why you need dedicated martial art institutions that offer reliable courses.
Going With the Best – Bruce McCorry’s Academy Bruce McCorry’s Academy is a unique name among the professional martial arts centers in Massachusetts. Established in 1978, Bruce McCorry’s academy is one of the martial art institutions with the longest experience in the field. Some of the highlights of the academy are the following: * Bruce McCorry’s offers a mix of versatile courses, and you have twelve different courses to choose from. There are programs such as Tai Chi and Taekwondo as well as more challenging courses like Kung-Fu, XMA and MMA to name a few. * There are no age bars in Bruce McCorry’s. Some programs like the Afterschool Programs are children-oriented and Summer Programs geared to both children and adults. However, the rest of the courses are open to everyone, and you can even join with your family. * At Bruce McCorry’s, there is a veteran team of masters who are the backbone of different courses. At the helm, there is Master Bruce McCorry who has devoted four decades to the learning and propagation of martial arts. Having performed at the Shaolin Temple, Master McCorry is a world-renowned name who was honored with a place in the Hall of Fame for Martial Arts. The other teachers also have about a combined twenty-five years of experience in their respective arts. * A powerful team of supervisors backs the teachers, and they ensure safety in the classes, especially in kids’ courses * Teachers and class supervisors give particular attention to each student. They adapt the martial arts to suit personal needs and capabilities. * The Academy has a free introductory course that will guide you along the basics of martial art before you can decide on the art you want to learn

Bruce McCorry’s academy is not just an institution to teach martial arts, it is the result of a visionary ideal to propagate martial arts and make its benefits reach out to people. More than the profits, what drives Bruce McCorry’s academy is a desire to make people aware of the significance and benefits of martial arts and pass on the knowledge of martial arts to the generations to come. 
To experience real martial arts with a vision, you can 
come to Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy – the top choice in martial arts.