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Halloween Safety Tips - The Martial Arts Way

Halloween Safety Tips - The Martial Arts Way
written by: Master McCorry

Getting scared for Halloween is fun; however, it need not be at the cost of your child’s safety. Usually, it is quite normal that a kids-night-out will result in some scratches and tears, but that's not a problem compared to the real threats. The increasing number of child pedestrian fatalities on the day of Halloween over decades has led media to describe October 31 as the "deadliest day" for children. There are also reports of abduction attempts, hazards resulting from dangerous costumes and so on. Familiarize your child with the following Halloween child safety tips to ensure a fun and safe Halloween!

Halloween Safety Measures and Tips for Children

1) Safe Trick-or-Treating

* Always go trick-or-treating as a group, preferably accompanied by an adult. Always try and stick to the group.

* Go Trick-or-Treating only at areas which are familiar to you
* Stick to well-lit roads and familiar houses, avoid desolate and dark areas
* Even if you wander off from your group, try to remain alert. Knowing some kind of a self defense would come to your help if you are met with an emergency.
* It is better not to go trick-or-treating late at night. Even if you do, always keep a flashlight with you
* If strangers offer you a ride, do not accept it

2) Eating Your Treats
* Try not to accept treats from strangers or suspicious people as much as possible.
* Since the most common method of Halloween crimes are doped candies, at least wait till you reach home before you eat candies offered by strangers.
* Make sure that younger children do not lay hands on big candies to avoid incidents of choking

3) Costume Safety Tips
* Do not include damage-causing accessories to the costumes. Especially in the case of younger children, it is better to avoid dangerous costumes that involve knives, swords and fire
* Test the skin make-up before you wear it for a long time. Remove it completely before you go to sleep.
* Parents may choose costumes that are made of material that is not easily inflammable

4) Road-Safety Tips
* Wear bright costumes and colors so that drivers easily spot you and avoid accidents
* Avoid dark-colored costumes as much as possible
* Avoid costumes that blocks or distorts clear vision. This may include fancy contact lenses, improperly pierced masks and eye make-up
* Always walk through the sidewalks
* Watch carefully before you cross the streets, even when you are in a group
Dealing with a Danger: What to Do? If suspicious-looking strangers approach you during trick-or-treating, try to handle the situation without panicking. If you have learnt some kind of a self-defense like Karate or Taekwondo, it would be helpful to you. You can use martial arts as a protective measure to escape from situations of emergency. There are institutions like Bruce McCorry's Academy (MA) that offer lessons in martial arts for self-defense. Even if you do not know any self-defense or martial arts, try to remain as alert as much as possible and try to take help from adults or other trick-or-treaters who might pass along. In the case of an accident, offer first-aid quickly and seek the help of an adult so that the injured person could be taken to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.
As parents, you can share these tips with your children. More important, however, is to make them aware of the possible dangers of Halloween and the importance of child safety. Enjoy a safe and fun Halloween!

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National Month for Breast Cancer Awareness - by Sandra LaRosa

                                                    A Trip to the Doctor
National Month for Breast Cancer Awareness
by Sandra LaRosa

Every October, we see pink ribbons all around us, and we have many socially conscious people pledging solidarity with the women who fight breast cancer and trying to spread its awareness. As a result of the commendable work done by these activists, we have more and more women aware about their body and health. Despite the rising number of women who come forward for annual check-ups, still there are many women who think that there is no need to do a mammogram unless they feel some tangible symptom. The story I want to share with you will show how important it is for us as women to be aware of breast cancer and remain constantly in vigil.

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in U.S. women, excluding cancers of the skin. 

A Trip to the Doctor....
Though I had a medical history of Polymyositis, I hadn't had any setbacks for many years now. My regular martial arts practice and the treatment had been effective. I was confident, and it was with this confidence that I decided to start October with an annual mammogram. It was a Thursday, and Monday I received the callback that many of us dread.

The woman on the phone wanted me to go over to the Mass General to get some more pictures, and an ultrasound scan if they think it is necessary. "This is routine, you shouldn't be nervous..." She added. However, I was worried.

If the current rate stays the same, women born today have about a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer at some point during their lives.

Since I didn't like waiting. I made my trip to the doctor the next day. It was in the waiting area that I first noted how the lobby was filled with pink. There were women, hiding their tears behind magazines. There was a news station on, in which some talk about breast cancer was going on. When I was waiting in that room with worried, panicked faces, I couldn't help thinking that what I received might be something more than a second routine call, another hurdle in my path...

Soon I was escorted to the mammogram room, where the technician took the pictures on that cold awkward machine. Back in the waiting room, I was soon called by a second technician, who wanted to me to follow her for an ultrasound. "There is nothing to worry, it looks like a cyst..." she said Again. I was wondering whether they were being serious. A few minutes after she pointed out the area of concern to me, the doctor came in. She wanted me to go in for an aspiration or a biopsy. She considerately asked me whether they should reschedule. I couldn't wait any more, and asked her to proceed.
In 2014, an estimated 232,670 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in U.S. women. In addition to invasive breast cancer, an estimated 62,570 cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS) will be diagnosed

I called Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts where I am an instructor. It was about noon, and Mr. McCorry, who answered the phone, kept me focused on remaining calm. He assured me everything is going to be okay, asking me not to worry about the school. While I waited for the doctor to make his preparations, my colleagues at School kept me sane by talking about all the usual happenings at school.
In 2014, an estimated 40,000 U.S. women will die from breast cancer

Within two hours from the morning appointment, here I was, doing an aspiration. Waiting patiently and feeling the numbness of it were the most difficult parts. Thirty minutes later, the cyst aspirated. The final mammogram showed everything being fine. The doctor added with a smile: "We will see you in a year..." I headed back to school with all the surgical tapes and mini ice packs in place. Back to another day of martial arts...

Looking Back...
Looking back with the power of hindsight, we can be relieved that the odds are in our favor. Statistics say that about 90% of callbacks turn out to be nothing. However, something like this opens our eye toward the fact that breast cancer is something that can happen to anyone, and it is our duty as women to be aware and alert to the issue.
The risk of getting breast cancer increases with age. Approximately 77% of women with breast cancer are over the age of 50 at the time of diagnosis.

Any dangerous disease is treated best in the earliest stages. Breast cancer is no exception. It is important to realize that October — the National Month for Breast Cancer Awareness - is not just about helping our fellow women who are victims of breast cancer to fight and come back to life, but also for the rest of us to be in vigil. It is not just enough to resort to medical help, but also to stick to healthy living practices - for both cure and prevention. Healthy eating habits, regular workout sessions, doing arts of living like martial arts, being eco-friendly - these are all part of our endeavor toward a world without cancer. Healthy women are the asset of any healthy society. This October, let us remember the message.

When detected and treated early, 5-year relative survival for localized breast cancer is 99%. For regional disease, it is 84%. If the cancer has spread to distant organs, 5-year survival drops to 24%.

Larger tumor size at diagnosis is also associated with decreased survival.

At this time, there are an estimated 2.8 million breast cancer survivors living in the U.S

Reference Statistic by:
The National Cancer Institute & the American Cancer Society

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Martial Arts for Adults and Seniors - Peabody MA

Martial Arts for Adults and Seniors
Written by: Master McCorry

You don’t really have to worry about the increasing years if you realize that age lies in the mind, not in the body. If you have the will and dedication, you can keep both your mind and body young with some effort. Martial arts can offer you an answer to your age-related worries. Both adults and seniors have found what they need in their passion for martial arts. Whether your worry is health, fitness, stress or the boredom of isolation, martial arts can offer you an answer.

Martial Arts for Adults: The Benefits and Merits

Once you pass the golden age of thirty, you can assert that you have passed the mark of youth and entered into adulthood. Martial arts may seem too early and unwanted at thirty, but in fact in cannot be timed more aptly.
Here are some of the reasons why martial arts are inevitable for an adult. * Health: Many of us have jobs that require us to sit for hours, and schedules that leave us no space to cook healthy food. Junk food and lack of workout can cause a number of problems from obesity to cardiac difficulties. Martial arts is both a healthy living practice and a workout that can keep you strong. * Fitness: Martial arts can make your dream of a fit and toned body come true. Most martial arts are even better than workout sessions in keeping your body toned and fit. * Self-Defense: In today’s age, self-defense is not a luxury but a necessity. Martial arts can teach you the essential defensive techniques to protect yourself from dangers. * Stress-Relief: No life is stress-free nowadays. Yet, adult life has its own reasons to add to stress such as work, relationships and responsibilities of home. Martial arts is a good stress-relief technique as well. Martial Arts and Seniors: Advantages

Here's some photos and video of Bob & Sue Martial Arts Training...

Bob & Sue Martial Arts Training...

Seniors too have many benefits to gain from learning martial arts:

* Strength and Confidence: Often the society associates old age with lack of strength. Many seniors who learn martial arts are in fact stronger and more potent than younger men and women who do not learn martial arts. Martial arts can help seniors to be more confident and assertive, because it makes them physically strong.

* Old Age and Health: Just as in the case of adults, martial arts will help seniors to remain healthy and immune to diseases. Martial art-learning seniors are also less prone to common old-age related mishaps like falling and stumbling. This is because martial arts can enhance balance and coordination.

* Martial Arts to Foster Companionship: Many of the problems of old age originate from boredom. The lack of being occupied in a job, coupled with the absence of children results in depression and the feeling of being left alone. Martial art schools are also a place where you can effectively occupy yourself and find happiness in old age.

Martial Arts for Adults and Seniors – Bruce McCorry’s Academy
The greatest advantage of Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, Massachusetts) is that you can choose the kind of martial art that befits you personally. Each instructor will know your strength and weakness, thereby modifying your lesson plans for you. At Bruce McCorry’s, you also have a wide variety of martial arts to select. Be a part of the Bruce McCorry’s family and make the best of life through martial arts!

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Preventing Bullying: Self-Defense and Martial Arts

Bullying Prevention Month: Prevent Bullying through Martial Arts
Written by: Master McCorry
October is the month dedicated by our nation to prevent bullying. With new and more dangerous concerns like cyber bullying around the corner, it is more necessary for children, parents and teachers to actively try to prevent bullying. What are the dangers involved in bullying and what can we do to prevent it? Why Should We Stop Bullying? Putting an end to bullying is necessary because it does damage to anyone who is concerned with it. Bullying can lead a victim to depression or self-destructive behavior. Even on a witness, bullying can often have a damaging impact. We usually try to help the victim and denounce the bully. However, bullies too are children who deserve help. For one thing, they usually end up bullying others because of problems like a dysfunctional family, abusive adults or dominant siblings. Secondly, though they do not realize it, being a bully will do harm to them as well in the long run. A meta-analysis by Cambridge Institute of Criminology shows that being a bully increases the chances of later criminal behavior by two-thirds. Childhood bullies not only engage in sociopathic behavior in later life, but also often fail at relationships because of abusive and dominant nature. All this shows the necessity to prevent bullying. How to Spot a Bully? The first step is to spot the bullies. Often, kids do not reveal the names because of fear or shame. Adult intervention usually helps to prevent bullying – so it is important for both teachers and parents to look out for bullies. One way to spot a bully is to observe how kids behave in the company of other children. If they tend to be uncomfortable or afraid with a particular child, it is a good clue to spot a bully. Parents too can help in spotting a bully. If your child shows hesitation to go to school, or speak of other kids with fear or hatred, classroom bullying might be the reason. If kids behave in an uncontrollable and enraged manner, this too might be a sign - Psychologists point out that kids who are bullies in classroom might behave violently in other situations as well. Bullying happens not only in classroom but also in other public places and even internet. So it is important for adults to remain alert in places such as afterschool hangouts and school buses. Preventing Bullying: Self-Defense and Martial Arts Immediate intervention can only stop one instance of bullying. To make a difference, it is important for adults to identify bullies and victims and seek professional help. However, most psychological intervention puts focus upon giving counseling after the instances of bullying comes to light. It would be better if we could teach our children to avoid bullying beforehand. For instance, teaching them self-defense would help them to avoid being victims in future. Martial arts is a good self-defense possibility for children. It can give them the confidence, courage and strength to combat bullying. It is also beneficial for children with a bullying nature because martial arts will temper their tendency to dominate. Through martial arts, they can divert their excess energy to positive means and learn to behave sympathetically towards others. There are many institutions that offer self-defense lessons in martial arts. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, Massachusetts) is one such center that stand above the rest. It's a place where your child can learn useful tips of self-defense and self-control through martial arts. Enroll today and make a difference in this Bullying Prevention Month! Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts is your Anti-Bullying Advocates.

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How to be a Great Martial Artist

How to be a Great Martial Artist
Written by: Master McCorry

Many learners aspire to be a great martial artist, but how should you approach this goal? Like any other sport, the strength of a martial artist lies not in competing with others, but in competing with oneself. Every day, you should strive to improve yourself a little more. Rather than random practice, what you need is a systematically charted out method. Here is a method of action which you can either follow as it is, or consider as a model in developing your own method that suits your needs.

A Systematic Method to be a Good Martial Artist

1. Find a Good Martial Arts School: You'll find hundreds of self-help videos on martial arts, but nothing can match the training you get in a martial art academy. A school can teach you the values, principles and professional methods that form the soul of real martial art learning.

2. Never Skip Your Lessons: Learning martial arts is a process that proceeds step by step. If you miss classes, there is the risk of losing an important link that might be crucial to your understanding of the art as a whole. So it is important to attend all classes. Even if you have to miss lessons, try to compensate it by learning what was taught from following up with your teacher or friends from class.

3. Practice on Your Own: Lessons are a gateway to the profound process of learning a new art. Lessons will provide the introduction and framework for you to work upon. It is up to you to practice your art at home so that you can know it better. Practicing in solitude is a good way to enter into the heart of any martial art.

4. Link Martial Arts with Daily Life: Anything you learn is incomplete if it does not mean anything to you in practical life. Even martial arts is so. When we talk about taking martial arts to practical life, it does not just mean using martial arts for self-defense. That is there, of course. However, beyond that, you can use the values you imbibe from your lessons for common good. Every good martial arts institution actually emphasizes humane values. In martial art schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Massachusetts), you can be a part of volunteering, fund raisers, social services and so on. You may also use the values you learn from your art to deal with actual life situations such as relieving stress or working as a team. At the ultimate end of it, any martial art is a window to broaden our views on life.

5. Pass on the Knowledge: What you learn in martial arts comprises of the knowledge originated with our forefathers and passed on through generations. As a martial art student, it is your duty to pass on what you learn. If you cannot teach martial arts, at least you should try to make others aware of its importance so that they become able to achieve their goals and find their solutions through martial art.

A good martial artist is not just a person who knows his/her art well, but a person who becomes a good human being through martial arts. At schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy, the learners are equipped to achieve a vision of humanity through their practice of martial arts. If you let martial art to be your stepping stone to being a true human being, nothing can prevent you from becoming a great martial artist.

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The Legacy of Bruce McCorry

The Legacy of Bruce McCorry
Interview by: Michael Fulcher

Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts is an institution that stands
apart among the many martial arts schools in Massachusetts. Since 1978,
Bruce McCorry's Academy has been imparting valuable lessons of martial
arts to thousands of students. This four-decade-long success saga owes
its legacy to Master Bruce McCorry, the founder and head of the academy.
Bruce McCorry's Academy is the brainchild of Master McCorry who has led
an illustrious career and made his individual mark in the field of
martial arts.

Master Bruce McCorry: A Life for Martial Arts
Master Bruce McCorry was born in Revere in Massachusetts. He was brought
up in Peabody, where his Mom and Dad chose to settle when he was five.
In 1967, he came across the Green Hornet TV series and he was deeply
inspired by Bruce Lee. This childhood motivation opened to him a new
path which would be both his profession and passion for the rest of his

His martial art journey commenced that very year, at the age of 13, when
he enrolled to learn Uechi Ryu at Mattson Karate Academy. His love for
martial arts, which started as a childhood amusement, soon became a
strong passion. This led him to try out more martial arts, and thus he
took up Kung Fu under Grandmaster P.Chan in 1972. Within three years,
his curiosity and enthusiasm led him to yet another art and this time,
he began training in Taekwondo at Peter Chung Taekwondo Academy.

Wednesdays child with Jack Williams.

At the tenth year of his martial art studies, he knew for sure that
martial art is his way. Through these years, a new desire was brewing in
his heart: to open his own school and dedicate his life to teaching
martial arts. He realized his dream after a year of hard work. In 1978,
Bruce McCorry's Academy was born.

By 1983, he was qualified to be an instructor in Kung Fu and Tai Chi as
well. The desire to learn more about martial arts had never totally
subsided in his heart. This led Master McCorry to take a break from the
academy in 1984 and travel throughout Asia, the homeland to many martial
arts. With his academy staffed with a team of fine instructors, this
journey turned out to be one of the most eventful ones in his career as
he had the honor to be one of the first American Kung Fu Troup ever to
perform and train at the very shrine of Kung Fu – the Shaolin Temple in

Bruce McCorry at the the Shaolin Temple in China.

Within two years, he returned and resumed his training in Taekwondo.
This time, his trainer was Grandmaster JHOON Rhee who is often hailed as the
father of US Taekwondo for introducing this martial art to the United States
of America since arriving in the 1950s.

Bruce with Master Rhee

Master Rhee doing his morning daily dozen in Master McCorry's living room

Since then Master McCorry had taught and contributed to various martial
arts such as Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Taekwondo. He has
received many laurels, including the honor of being the 7th Dan
registered by the KukkiWon in Korea. He was welcomed to the Hall of Fame for Martial Arts in 2002 and received the title of Master Instructor in 2003. In his own words, he is happy
with his achievements not because they show his accomplishments, but
because each of them means that he has more to offer to his students.

Certificate of  KukkiWon in Korea

The Legacy of Four Decades: Bruce McCorry's Center for Martial Arts
This longing of Master McCorry to impart what he had learned to others
had been the strength of Bruce McCorry's Academy for the past 40 years.
Equally important was the dedication and devotion of other teachers who
had joined the Academy from time to time and remained its indelible part
ever since.

At present, Bruce McCorry's Academy is a school with the strength of
four decades of tradition to its credit. The Academy has always stood
for the richness of tradition and the innovation. Students from all age
groups and all walks of life have benefited from the Academy. Bruce
McCorry's Academy also runs special courses for students with special
needs, intended to bring them to the mainstream of life.

Apart from offering martial arts lessons, Bruce McCorry's Center has
also been conducting fund raisers, meets and special programs to spread
the word of martial arts. What had started out as one man's dream has
thus become a place where thousands of aspirants flock to achieve their

 a message from the chairman from the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation

In honor of Bruce McCorry and all his Achievements and Academy, please visit the new website to learn more.

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Martial Arts for Adults & Seniors - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Martial Arts for Adults & Seniors - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
Written by: Master McCorry
At thirty years of age, you have passed your youth, but still it is difficult to accept what it means to be an adult. However, you start accepting it when your body and mind tell you that the good old days are behind you. Entering to adulthood is difficult – the growing responsibilities and increasing stress soon get the better of you and tire you out. The generation of our parents might have faced it at a later age, but we, being the children of the modern age, end up with greyer hairs and aching joints at thirty.
How can you make this journey a happy one? For anything you know, this is something you can’t do without. The best you can do is to make it as enjoyable as possible. There's a million self-help books out there telling you what to do and how to do it. But, perhaps you need something concrete – something that can actually help you to be happy in adulthood – something like martial arts. Martial Arts for Adults & Seniors: Why Go For It? Learning martial arts might not be the first thing among your goals. However, it is something that will help you to achieve your dreams. Whether your aim is health, fitness, self-defense, stress-relief or confidence, martial arts can make your dream come true for you. Martial Arts for Health: Adulthood is the time when your youthful immunity deserts you. Our lifestyle has given us diabetes, cardiac diseases, obesity and many similar demons to fight. With martial arts at your side, you are at an advantage. There is nothing like martial arts to improve your immunity and make you stronger.
Martial Arts and Fitness: Another thing that usually disappears with youth is your fit and toned body. Even if you did not have a fit body to be proud of in your younger days, you can achieve one for sure through martial arts. Most martial arts sessions burn calories and redistribute fat at a quicker rate than usual workouts. Stress Relief through Martial Arts: The latest study by American Psychological Association (NY) has revealed that 31% of the employed adults feel stressed. Job pressure, relationships, family, money – the reasons to worry are much more once you pass youth. Martial arts is an effective cure for stress. Martial artists experience less stress even in the most pressurizing circumstances. They also handle relationships better. Confidence and Self-Defense: Once you get ready to take on the world, what makes many of you hesitant is the lack of confidence. This is something that martial arts can impart to you. Through learning martial arts, you will summon the courage to face the world and make your voice heard. Martial arts teaches you to be confident not only in your opinions. It also gives you the daring to protect yourself when you need to defend yourself. Self-defense is a skill you need the most to live in today’s world, and martial arts can teach it to you.
Martial Arts for Adults and Bruce McCorry’s Academy While many martial arts institutions focus on children’s martial arts alone, Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) is unique because it gives equal importance to adult martial arts. Martial art lessons for adults at Bruce McCorry’s are not mere classroom sessions where you learn kicks and punches. The academy teaches you how to apply what you learn to your daily lives to achieve what you want. Feel the magic of martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s!