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Special Holiday Gift - Afterschool Martial Arts

A Special Holiday Gift for Your Child: Afterschool Martial Arts (AMP) at Bruce McCorry's 

Have you ever given your child a Christmas gift that he/she didn't outgrow in a year? Gifts are not just a yearly ritual – they are both a token of affection and memories for the years to come. While searching for the perfect holiday gift for your child, you must have thought of giving them something that lasts long and something that can leave a mark in your child's life. If you are still on the lookout, you have reached the right place. Because, there is nothing better than martial arts that you can gift your child this Christmas.

Martial Arts: What Makes it the Ideal Holiday Gift?
When you steer your child to a beneficial program like martial art, there are a number of advantages that you choose for your child. Each of them is a gift in its own right, making your child's life happy and better.

* A Gift of Health: Martial arts help your child to battle a number of health issues and concerns. It helps them to keep away minor illnesses, lack of immunity, tiredness, obesity, as well as lifestyle health problems in future.

* A Gift of Happiness: Learning martial arts keeps your child happy in a number of ways. It is the ultimate way to burn away the stress accumulated from daily workload and studies. It refreshes their mind and provides a relaxing compensation to the hours of schoolwork.

* A Gift of Confidence: Martial arts can make your child a stronger person in two ways. It enhances the physical strength of children. Consequently, martial art also builds self-confidence, courage, perseverance and determination in your child.

* A Gift of Values: Martial arts come with a wealth of tradition that can inspire many values in children. The customs and traditions of martial arts can teach respect, courtesy, companionship, trust, team work and friendship.

Afterschool Martial Arts Program: Gift Your Child a Safe Childhood
Safety and security is a necessity for any child's emotional development. Perhaps this is also what we are least able to provide them these days. Increasing number of working parents and single parents since 2000s means that today's children spend much more time without the the companionship of their parents.

Afterschool Martial Arts Program (AMP) offered by Bruce McCorry's Academy becomes a very relevant course in this context. AMP is a skillfully designed afterschool course in martial arts that fuses many activities and fun tasks along with martial arts learning. When you give your child a chance to be part of the AMP, you are gifting them all the benefits listed above – but you are also gifting them a safe and happy childhood, where they can spend their free after-school hours playing and learning with their friends, protected from the dangers outside. Given the rise in the number of violence against children in the afterschool hours, AMP is that life-changing choice you can make for your child.

Afterschool Martial Arts becomes the ideal gift because it brings together so much in one platter: a safe and happy space for your child, an outlet for his/her energy, a perfect place to form and nurture companionship and an opportunity to learn martial arts that will guide and aid them always. Don't miss the chance to make this Christmas special by choosing AMP for your child!  Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts -

Call today - (978) 535-7878

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Find Your Perfect Christmas Gift at Bruce McCorry’s Academy!

Ideal Holiday Gift Choice for Your Friends and Family - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 

Innovative Christmas gift ideas are one of the most googled terms every December. The never-ending hunt for new and different holiday gift ideas have led people to personalized, hand-made, imported and even DIY holiday gifts. However there is a pitfall in this ongoing hunt for unique gifts. Often we tend to choose gifts that mark our own personality rather than choose something that will change something for the person who receives it.

Life-Changing Holiday Gift Ideas: The New Trend
Realizing this, nowadays many people are moving on to holiday gifts that are less material and more influential for the one who receives it. Today, it is not uncommon if we find people getting gym and club memberships, higher education opportunities, health policies and insurances for their near and dear. Such holiday gifts, which we usually get for the most important persons in our lives, are more meaningful and useful options among gift ideas.

Martial Arts: An Affordable Life-Changing Holiday Gift for Everyone
If you are in for a different and meaningful holiday gift, you may think of martial arts. Perhaps it is not what first springs into your mind when you think of a Christmas gift or a New Year gift, but once you know it, there is no better holiday gift for your bestie. 

Getting a martial art lesson for your friends and family is not as costly as the other gift ideas we discussed. But it can mean much more to a person’s life than anything else. Secondly, what makes martial arts a one-of-a-kind gift idea is that it has something for everybody to be happy about.

* For Children – Martial arts can help children in studies by improving their health, energy, memory and reasoning skills. It can also make them fit, athletic and stress-free.

* For Teenagers – Martial arts is the answer for a number of teenage concerns such as mood swings, inexhaustible energy level, and emotional vulnerability.

* For Adults – Some of the greatest concerns of adult life are health issues, fitness, ageing and work stress. Martial arts can guide you through each of these. It also aids you to maintain healthy relationships and remain emotionally balanced.

* For Seniors – Learning martial arts is a good way to retain flexibility, fitness, quickness of body and balance in old age. Martial art is also the answer for some of the major health concerns such as cardiac health and lifestyle diseases.

* Self-Defense and Martial Arts: Self-defense is that aspect of martial arts which everyone can benefit from. Especially children, women and seniors have found in martial arts a perfect companion for defense and protection.

Find Your Perfect Christmas Gift at Bruce McCorry’s Academy!
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) has a unique package of martial art courses. At Bruce McCorry’s Academy, you can browse through the different programs available, organized to specific courses according to age group and choice. Once you arrive at the perfect martial art program, you can get an enrollment for your dear ones. When you choose a Bruce McCorry’s course for them, you are giving them the chance to learn martial arts from some of the most learned professionals in the country. This is one gift that can truly make a difference.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Martial Arts - Bring out the Super Kid in your Child

Bring out the Super Kid in your Child: Bruce McCorry's Academy
By Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

All kids are special, and every child is special in his or her own unique way. Parenting theorists do not advise us any more to make decisions for the children on what they wish to do or become. But if you can take a decision for them which will bring out whatever that is unique and special in them, that decision would be martial arts. Choosing martial arts for your child is not the same as telling him/her what to become. Instead, it is showing them the best way to become what they want to be. In other words, martial arts does not make super kids of your children; it brings out the unique super kid that is already within him/her.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: A Unique Search For the Uniqueness
How exactly does martial arts do this? At Bruce McCorry's Academy, for instance, you would find a set of programs that is designed to bring out the best in your child through personal care, attention and formative molding of character.

Children begin with big dreams, but something might lie in their way to their ambition. For some, this might be lack of self-confidence. For some others, it might be their health. For yet some others, their fitness and looks can be important. Some might need to work on their stress, while some on their study skills. Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's Academy has a number of different programs and schemes that allow your child to work out his/her specific need. Thus, it can instill confidence, strength, calmness of mind and courage in your kid. It can make them healthier, sharper and fit.

Apart from these, the Bruce McCorry's courses help to find the unique potential of your child and work on it. Kids with a bent toward athletics and sports find quick-moving and athletic martial arts like Taekwondo more interesting. Some children might want to be focused and goal-oriented in their lives. Meditative and slow-paced arts can help these children to focus on academics and similar career options.

Values and Martial Arts: Shaping the Character of Children
Apart from what is unique to your child's temperament, there are also many values that martial arts teach children. Academies like Bruce McCorry's also focus on the value system of each martial art. This is a repository of many values like good manners, courtesy, mutual trust, respect, companionship, collective effort and much more. Above these societal values, martial arts can also teach individual values like punctuality, responsibility and leadership quality.

The Three Facets of Your Super Kid's Life
Parenting is a demanding task, and to never fall short of your duty as a parent, it is important to help children to navigate through their lives and find their uniqueness. What most children find difficult is to bring the three aspects of their lives - studies, fun and character formation – to a balance. Three are equally important for a child's holistic growth. School or family can help in each of these. But martial arts can tell them how to balance the three without compromising the other. And here lies the potential of martial arts to bring out the super kid in your child. Do this today for your child's happiness tomorrow!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Martial Arts to Combat the Issues Our Youth Face

Young Lives and their Challenges: How Martial Arts Can Help 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy - Peabody, MA

With many countries recording a population growth rate either negative or diminishing by year, it is predicted that the youth will comprise a major section of population in the years to come. The focus on youth as a major section of society has resulted in a lot of research recently. This has brought to light numerous issues that the youth in our country face, some of them already looked into, some recently receiving attention.

Top Issues Faced by Our Youth

1. Single Parenting: 
The rise in the number of single parent homes over the years has influenced the young in many ways, often leading to emotional breakdown and insecure living practices.

2. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: 
Addiction to alcohol, smoking and drugs are not unusual among our youth. This has created problems like drunk driving accidents, insecure relationships and unhealthy sexual behavior.

3. The Pressure to Grow Up: 
Our children today face the pressure from society to grow up too soon. When kids are exposed to sexual suggestions, drugs, smoking and the 'being cool' mantra through the media, the stress it creates on their emotional make up is often traumatic.

4. Violence among Youth: 
From school bullying and hazing, violence among teenagers has reached a stage where shooting and stabbings are not unheard of any more. Violence among the young is on the rise not just in school, but in spaces where they spent the afterschool hours.

5. Being on the Race: 
Too much emphasis on success has led our youth to a stage where materialism and consumerism has replaced success. Our youth counts its success in terms of the money they make or the things they buy – not in terms of successful relations, happy families or peaceful lives.

6. Obesity: 
Though it might sound surprising, obesity is a difficulty faced by huge percentage of American children. How much ever we blame junk food, TV and internet, the lack of physical activity is the foremost reason for this.

7. Job and Education: 
Education has become one of the most unaffordable things next to health, and this is a real issue for the youth. With a economy in a regressive state and with labor cost cuts around, employment has become another challenge for our youth.

Martial Arts to Combat the Issues Our Youth Face
Living the life of the young has become more challenging and demanding than it used to be. Though you might not be able to shield your child from all this, perhaps the best companion for your kid to course through this life might be the ever popular martial arts.

At one of the best martial art schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy, you will find programs that give children the emotional poise and strength to deal with the pressures of home, school and society. Even more beneficial than a typical gym workout, martial arts are extremely rewarding for children with obesity and similar health issues. It instills in them sharpness and management skills that will aid them in work and study. By teaching them confidence and courage, it prepares them for school and employment. It gives them the daring and strength to fight back bullying and violence. It tells them how to value something beyond the material race for success, and give more importance to happiness, family and relations. This is what will guide them through their youth life. Say YES to Martial Arts!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Martial Arts Fitness and the Holidays

Martial Arts Fitness and the Holidays: 
Solutions for Weight Gain and Lack of Motivation 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

The best time of the year is about to arrive, and no one wants to be plodding to the gym during the holidays. But once back to the daily routine, your life begins to show up the holiday hangover. But is that an excuse to give up your much-awaited break?

The Holiday Hangover – What Happens Actually?
Much of the post-holiday lag happens because you cut yourself off from whatever you keep doing around the year - the usual diet (definitely!), the regular workouts and your engagement with studies or work. Each of this has its own demerit. Switching over suddenly from low-calorie diets to rich diets naturally adds to your weight, but the holiday weight gain is supposed to be at 5-7 pounds for a normal person (much higher than other weight gain spells). This is also at the cost that it is quite impossible to lose the weight thus gained. Suspended workout schedules adds to this. It also kills your motivation to stay fit even though you might want it badly. Once we break the workout schedule, we often postpone restarting it. Part of it has to do with the lack of motivation that holiday gives you. This lack of motivation affects your daily work as well. After holidays, school-going children report less attention levels and slower mental activity. For adults too, fitting back to deadlines and targets is a task which causes much strain.

Stay in Touch during Holidays - Martial Arts

Is there a way to stay in touch with your daily routine even during the holidays, but without spoiling the fun of the celebrations? Perhaps martial arts can provide a solution. 
  • Martial arts is your perfect fitness solution. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, major arts can burn from 590 to 931 calories per hour. 
  • Martial arts is the most effective answer to holiday weight gain. It has a benefit over usual workouts – it does not just tone your body, but also prepares your mind positively to lose weight and achieve your goal.
  • It can improve immunity and heath whether for children or adults, young or old.
  • It enhances brain activity, alertness, quickness of thought and memory in children. When their brain remains active through the holidays, they won't find it difficult getting back to work once the school opens.
  • The mental benefits hold in the case of adults as well. But in their case, martial arts also play the additional role of a stress-relief. It will help you easily readjust to your routine; it will also help you to go back to your job with a fresh and free mind.
  • Martial arts keep your motivation level high, even during the holidays.
Martial arts are easier and more interesting than typical gym workouts, so that you can easily spend an hour or so even during your holidays. If you cannot do that, then you can take up martial arts right after the holidays, which will get you back into shape and boost your lost energy. At quality martial art academies like Bruce McCorry's Academy, you can choose your perfect program to regain fitness and motivation during and after holidays. For this most special holiday, make the choice, and don't compromise your fun!  Make it a truly Happy Holiday with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts, Peabody Ma.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tai Chi Classes and Its Benefits

Tai Chi Classes and Its Benefits: Health, Fitness and Many More
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

With its roots in the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, Tai Chi is perhaps one of the most traditional of ancient martial arts. However, this unique martial art, invented by the Chen family of 17th century China, has been astounding modern medicinal research for the past ten years. Many recent explorations into the effect that Tai Chi has on your body and mind have made it the martial art of most contemporary relevance.

The Clinical and Medicinal Advantages of Tai Chi
Though Tai Chi is an all-rounder martial art, it owes much of its contemporary relevance to the research that has opened up its ineffable clinical possibilities. Through the experiments since 1990s, Tai Chi learning has been found to help patients with Parkinsonism, osteoarthritis, bone weakening and osteoporosis. Learning Tai Chi was found very useful for senior citizens who reported less instances of falling down and improved body balance after Tai Chi lessons.

Tai Chi and Cancer Research
The breakthrough achievement in Tai Chi studies came with regard to cancer research. The healing properties of Tai Chi were already explored by people since ancient times. However, the milestone was the comprehensive study conducted by Fudan University (Shanghai) on ninety six cancer patients who were women. Tai Chi sessions were proven to reduce fatigue, mental stress and boost morale among these women. These properties were found to be the most effective in women suffering from lung and breast cancer. Doctors, since then, have constantly recommended Tai Chi for cancer survivors.

Tai Chi as an All-Rounder Martial Art
The clinical advantages of Tai Chi are what make it the sought-after martial art of our age, but having said this, we cannot forget its other benefits. A. Dechamp, in 2007, showed how Tai Chi's power to foster self-esteem and resist mood swings is unique. This is what makes it so successful with survivors of chronic diseases. Tai Chi is also includes powerful aerobic movements. It keeps your muscles flexible and body toned. It renews your physical strength and balance. This property of Tai Chi has attracted many learners for the fitness and self-defense potential it offers.

Tai Chi and Energy Healing for Better Lives: Bruce McCorry's Academy
Energy healing techniques like meditation has been shown to improve the cellular structure of cancer victims and survivors at a bodily level, by focusing mental energy on specific body parts. Meditation being an inevitable part of martial arts, this study has much meaning for martial art learners and aspirants.

Bruce McCorry's Academy, the chief martial arts institution in Massachusetts offers the benefits of both together. Under the supervision of Master Bruce McCorry, the Tai Chi classes at the academy help cancer patients to rejuvenate their mental strength and resilience through martial arts. The innovative energy healing consultancy wing at the academy aids cancer treatment by enhancing the cellular health of victims. For survivors of other diseases too, Tai Chi and energy healing has a message of hope and happiness to offer by leading them back to their normal life. For healthy persons as well, the numerous benefits Tai Chi offers are too many to say no to it. Many individuals have incorporated tai chi with Master McCorrys energy healing techniques with great success.  Call to customize your training needs today (978) 535-7878.  Let this unique martial art be your key for better lives and happy living.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Martial Arts with a Difference: Bruce McCorry's Martial Academy

Martial Arts with a Difference: Bruce McCorry's Martial Academy

Martial art has come a long way from what it was when the ancient masters formulated the moves and techniques that define each art. Today is a different age, and the priorities and needs of martial art learners too have changed. It is different from what a martial artist might have wished to learn perhaps fifty years back. If you are reading this today, you must either be a lover of martial art or willing to learn it, and what you demand from martial arts is not the same what anyone else wants. And that is exactly why you need martial arts with a difference.

Martial Arts with a Difference: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
Established in 1978 in Peabody (MA), Bruce McCorry's Academy has been a keen watcher of the changing martial art scenarios for the past four decades. To walk with the times has been the motto of the academy, and this decision has made the difference. Some of the different ways in which the academy has envisioned itself are here:

Personal Care: At Bruce McCorry's, each learner receives personal attention, and the schemes are formulated according to the capability and need of the student. This comes from the realization that what each learner expects from martial art is a different goal.

Children-Friendly Programs: The largest learner group in the US martial arts is children, and Bruce McCorry's offers many children-friendly courses. From Little Ninjas to Junior Programs, it accommodates all age groups. The Academy respect school hours and therefore offers after school and summer courses. It prioritizes safety and hence offers transportation facilities to the campus. Children's courses also feature specially designed and recognized syllabus.

Formative Courses: For young martial art learners, the academy has unique formative programs like the Little Ninjas that focus on growth and development of kids below six years of age. The difference comes at the point where Bruce McCorry's moves beyond martial arts and makes the youngster programs a fun mixture of activities, games, competitions and learning experience.

Courses for a Better Life: Bruce McCorry's has some inclusive programs aimed at making life better for everyone equally. The Special Needs program is designed particularly for people with special needs, aimed at improving the quality of their living. The Academy has unique ventures like the Kickboxing program that is beneficial for cardiac health and energy healing consultancy for cancer survivors/victims. Our desire to make earth a better place for all has resulted in many fund-raising and extra activities, often led by children and teachers.

Overall Martial Arts for Adults and Seniors: The course schemes in the academy ranges over many different programs for adults and seniors which offer the benefits of health, fitness, self-confidence, self-defense, stress-relief and many more. These programs range from light and meditative courses to adventurous and more demanding ones. From the casual learner to the professional enthusiast, all of you will be at home at the Academy.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: The Perfect Holiday Gift
What Bruce McCorry's offers you is a solution to live in this present world with its numerous challenges. Whether it be bullying and study stress for kids, work and home pressures for adults, health and loneliness for seniors, what we need is this martial art with a difference. Bruce McCorry's is that place where you can learn to be yourself, be self-dependent and confident, be assertive, learn trust, find friends, and be happy. There's nothing better than you can gift your loved ones for these holidays!  

From now through Christmas, take advantage of the holiday sale and enjoy 10% off savings on all memberships paid in full.  Give the gift of Martial Arts with a Difference, Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts, the Perfect Holiday Gift for you, or your loved ones.  Call today (978) 535-7878.  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Perfect Preschooler Martial Arts Program

Little Ninjas: Preschooler Martial Arts Program for your Little Champ
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, Peabody, MA

Martial arts for preschoolers might sound a bit too ambitious, because most parents feel that their children are too fragile at three or four years to take up something heavy like martial arts. Many myths have come to prevail around preschooler martial arts – that it will make kids violent, aggressive, impatient and so on. But knowing martial arts in detail will tell you these are just myths. Whichever age group your child belongs to, martial arts can do them good and only good. Especially so if you have a preschooler.

Little Ninjas Program at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: Perfect Preschooler Martial Arts Program

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy introduced the Little Ninjas Program to extend the benefits of preschooler martial arts to all the little champs out there. This is for children from three to six years of age. Some of the highlights of the Little Ninjas Program will tell you how much your child can benefit from martial arts at a young age.

1. The program introduces basic martial art moves and techniques to your kids focusing on their overall growth and development – their physical, mental, emotional and social skills.
2. Children of 3-6 age group are still in the phase of developing motor skills and bone strength. The Little Ninjas Program will help them to grow up with a strong and healthy physique and clearly developed motor skills.

3. Preschooler years are crucial in the development of social abilities. These years are fundamental in shaping your child's confidence level, language skills, and social attitude. Martial Art lessons at Little Ninjas can help them to develop confidence, positive thinking and an open mind. 

4. The Little Ninjas Program exposes your child to a set of activities through which their brain evolves and takes in the world around them. Early martial art learners are proven to grow up as better students and learners.

5. Early foundations of martial art training will help children to grow up healthy, immune to many illnesses, and develop an athletic nature. Many former Little Ninjas have found their early martial art training useful in sports, athletics, games, dancing and other activities.

6. The Little Ninjas Course teaches your children values like friendship, companionship, mutual respect and caring. It does not make your kids aggressive like those martial art movies tell you. Instead it makes your kids responsible people and caring human beings.

7. One merit of the Little Ninjas Program is that it never burdens your child with more than what she/he can handle. At a preschooler age this is very important, because teaching too much and teaching unprofessionally will leave your child tired. Therefore you need a responsible program like the Little Ninjas and a professional school like Bruce McCorry's.

Children, Martial Arts and Life: The Steps to Success
If your child never got a chance in her/his young years to take up martial arts, don't worry. Even though preschooler martial arts has numerous benefits, it is never really late to take up martial arts. If you have a school going child, Bruce McCorry's Academy has equally potential courses like the Afterschool Martial Arts (AMP) and Summer Programs for them. AMP is for those who want to balance their school life with martial arts, and it focuses on enhancing health, study skills and confidence. Martial Arts is your child's step to success, and it is never too late to say yes!  

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Overcoming Bullying: Tips for Children and Teens who are Victims of Bullying

Overcoming Bullying: Tips for Children and Teens who are Victims of Bullying
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

We hear of bullying cases all the time. It's time to put an end to the bullies once and for all! Only those who have been through bullying know how difficult it is. It does not just make life difficult for the bullied person, but also gradually leaves long-term impact on the body and psyche of the victim. What many children or teens do not realize is that you are not bound to live through your school life being a victim. You can deal with bullying and come out of it, if you once decide to do it.

A Closer Look at Bullying
If you are repeatedly subjected to any form of aggressive behavior by your classmates or seniors, you are facing bullying. It can be verbal like teasing or name-calling. It can also be physical, when the bully tries to target you physically. Even relational aggression, such as isolating someone or not talking to someone is part of bullying. Bullying can take worse forms like hazing or forcing someone to do something unwillingly.

The reasons of bullying can be many – jealousy, desire to impress others, love for control, or dysfunctional family background. Whatever be the reason, the impact it leaves on victims can be devastating. It may cause physical injuries, anxiety, depression, guilt or even suicidal impulse in the bullied child. Often, the victims of bullying are those who stand out different within a group, and most unfortunately, victims often blame themselves and grow up feeling insecure through their lives.

If You are Bullied – Tips to Survive Bullying
First word in overcoming any bullying is to tell yourself that it is absolutely not your fault. Whichever way you are, you are unique and it is no excuse for anyone to bully you. Once you have that mindset, you can use the following tips to deal with bullies.

1. Report Bullying: Bullying is not permitted in any institutions, and you have the right to prevent bullying by reporting it to your teachers, parents or other responsible adults.

2. Manage Stress: Learn to manage stressful situations in life. You can use meditation, martial arts, positive thinking and other ways to manage stress and overcome bullying.

3. Avoid Bullies: Bullying succeeds partly because they know you get uncomfortable. Ignoring bullies and avoiding potential situations discourage bullies to a great extent.

4. Get Friend Support: There might be others who do not bully you, or children who are victims just like you. Get their friendship and support.

5. Be Confident and Self-Protective: Most victims are introverted, diffident or meek. Try to build self-confidence. You can take up helpful things like self-defense techniques, martial arts, public speeking and so on. If you are confident to resist bullying and know how to defend, no one can bully you.

Martial Arts: Your Companion in Dealing with Bullying
Martial art was often mentioned in the above tips, but getting to know it closer will tell you how effective can martial arts be in preventing bullying:

1. It makes you stronger and powerful
2. It helps you to balance yourself emotionally and teaches positive thinking
3. It teaches you elementary self-defense and protective techniques
4. It can be a good stress-relief method
5. It makes you confident and courageous

 At professional martial arts institutions like Bruce McCorry's Academy, you learn to deal with and come out of all stressful situations in life with the help of martial arts. This can be the perfect solution for the difficulties you face in your school or in your social life. Take up martial arts today to build a courageous and confident you!  Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, your anti-bullying advocates.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Martial Arts Training and Weight Loss

Martial Arts Training and Weight Loss: The Essential Nutrition Tips
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

What is the role of nutrition in your life in general and sports life in particular? Very few people know that the safe and healthy key to weight loss and fitness lies in nutrition.

In our everyday lives, there are times when we find that we must lose weight quick and fast. For martial artists, it can be a tournament or a competition. But others too will be there: how often you really wanted to shed weight before a party, a sports meet, a beach day out, or for medical reasons? These nutrition tips will guide you safely to meet your goal.

Step 1: Make Your Goal Clear
Weight loss resolutions are part of our lives, but a goal is not just a resolution. You need to decide how many pounds to lose, and that too in how many days. Appropriate nutrition is a must for safe weight loss. Ads and magazines will advise you to take up fad weight loss gimmicks, pills and diets. But none are healthy - even diets, if they cut down too much on nutrition, it can lead to health problems and damage to your metabolism.

Step 2: Redesign Your Food Chart
Diets tell you to count each calories you eat, but often they forget how important calories are for your metabolism. The way out is not to say a total no to calories, but say no to empty calories and empty stomachs. All that junk food with too much added sugar and fat simply adds on empty calories without providing any nutritional benefits. So the second step is to replace them with nutrient-rich food: fruits, vegetables, lentils and so on. Either small meals in every three hours or three meals a day with in-between snacks is the perfect plan for healthy living.

Step 3: Calculate Optimum Calorie Intake through BMR
The ideal way to lose weight to strike a balance between calorie intake, nutrition, and physical activities...BMR, or basic metabolic rate, will tell you where your golden point lies. BMR goes like this:

BMR = 655 + ( 4.35 x weight in pounds ) + ( 4.7 x height in inches)- ( 4.7 x age in years )

BMR = 66 + ( 6.23 x weight in pounds ) + ( 12.7 x height in inches )-( 6.8 x age in year )

Depending upon your physical activities, multiply your BMR with the following figures to obtain your optimum calorie intake.

No Activity – 1.2
Light Activity – 1.375
Moderate Activity – 1.55
Good Activity – 1.725
Heavy Activity – 1.9

It means that if you work out really well, you do not have to cut down on calories too much. Supplement this with a good nutrition chart, and you will be nearer to your dream than ever before.

Step 4: Stick to it and Seek Guidance
If you have a quick weight loss goal this is the safest and healthiest way forward. But at the same time keep in mind that a regular workout in this pattern can do no harm! A perfect and fit body will naturally come to you if you stick to a regular nutrient-rich diet and healthy training. This is the path you have been long looking for if fitness is your long-term goal. And having set your goal, stick to it as much as you can!

Exercise – whether it is martial arts, a kickboxing class, or a traditional gym workout, it is better done when you have a professional instructor to guide you. Even a not-too-heavy martial arts training can really work wonders if you keep it up with the right diet and choose to learn under the right instructors. And never give up, because victory goes to those who are never deterred!

Want to integrate a GREAT fat buster into your Martial Art Training?  try Kickboxing Peabody, Home of the original Cardio Kickboxing Program here in Peabody, at Bruce McCorry's.  One class can burn as high as 1000 calories with some of our Martial Arts classes burning as high as 800-1200 calories. Give it a try today!     

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Catfish and Cyberbullies: Why Children Need Help from Parents

Catfish and Cyberbullies: Why Children Need Help from Parents
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

If you are a parent, every other day, you might come across something or other that warns you of the dangers that your teens and kids may face in their lives. If you are thinking in terms of guns and stalkers, perhaps it is time to know that a danger might not always be as dramatic as that. Even the internet can be the villain. And online dangers are often more real and more damaging than gunshots.

Catfish was a buzzword a few years back, when we first noticed why the internet might not be that good after all. No one can deny that in the wrong hands, the internet can be manipulated to the worst weapon. Unfortunately, the victims of many of the hoaxes like catfish are children and teenagers.

Online Hoaxes and Children: Not a Safe Spot to Be
One very damaging form of online victimization is cyber bullets. Simply put, it is anything that is damaging, that can ruin a person's reputation. Anyone can be a victim of cyber harassment, but kids are the more likely victims. In the case of child victimization, often we find kids themselves at the other end of the danger. This is partly because kids and teens react without thinking of consequences even at the smallest of rivalries. Often they do not realize the damage that they are bringing upon the child at the other end.

Catfish, the curiously named cyber hoax, however has more planned culprits. Catfishing involves false profiles and fake identities in social media, which often target tweens and teenagers to trap them in deceptive relationships. All you need to do is to look at the number of sex rackets that have been traced to online media, and you will know how much it matters. Kids and teenagers, without much experience of the world, are often easy prey for catfishers.

Online stalking, cyberbullying, blackmail using morphed images and theft of private data has been on the rise in the past years, and it is important to tell your kids where the danger lies.

Safe Childhood: Some Tips to Remember

* First of all, do not hesitate to talk openly to your kids of the possible dangers. Develop a friendly relationship with them so that they don't hide matters from you.

* Tell them to be cautious while posting comments and photos online. 

* Ask them to keep their private information and password confidential. Keep all the privacy checks in social media, and ask your kids to share anything that looks suspicious.

* Most of the catfish incidents happen where kids tried to seek friendships and relationships online. Introduce them to spaces where they can develop real-life friendships and confidence.

Martial Arts for Confidence
Often cyber bullying and harassment leave children drained and put off, and courses like martial arts have helped many such children. Martial arts can make children confident, alert and resilient, and it can give them the emotional poise and balance to survive unhappy incidents in their lives. Good martial art schools are also ones which offer a happy and welcoming campus where children learn to value real friendships and true fun which virtual worlds often fails to give them. But above all, it is important for you as parents to inquire into their problems, tell them of the dangers and help them to bounce back even if they are targeted by online threats.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Karate Classes for Children and Adults Peabody MA

Karate for Children and Adults: The Perfect Martial Art for You
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

To a majority of the common people, the term Karate invokes in their mind the stereotyped action sequences which movies have brought to them from time to time. Even when our heroes enact for us larger-than-life feats accomplished through Karate, there is one thing to know. If learned in a comfortable and professional way, Karate can do more magic to the daily life of people like you and me, which is much more miraculous than what our heroes can do with Karate.

Karate in Daily Life: Perfect Martial Art for Kids and Adults
The art of Karate which was born in a small Japanese island before centuries, is today the pride of the world. If Karate had made this wondrous journey, it owes its success to its numerous advantages which is why people take it up. 

* One core aspect of Karate is its focus on cardio-vascular endurance. This improves resistance to lifestyle diseases in adults and increases immunity in kids. Karate is an efficient choice for people with obesity, cardiac problems, and people with special needs.

* Fit and toned body that most Karate artists possess owes to two aspects of Karate learning: its flexibility moves and its strength training. The kicks and punches that have been made into most dramatic action sequences are actually perfect workout moves. These can be practiced professionally without putting in a lot of effort.

* Karate enhances your alertness and bodily strength – two elements which are central to all self-defense. For women, men, children and senior citizens, Karate is a very useful self-defense. It works not just by making you stronger and keener, but also by making you confident.

* Concentration skill is something Karate can teach you. The possibilities of this are immense. In your child's formative years, if he/she takes up Karate, it can rewrite their study skills, athletic faculty and intellectual ability. In the case of kids with special needs, especially children with ADD and ADHD syndromes, Karate can improve their attention and focus skills.

* Karate also improves bodily balance. This too has a great role in the development of motor abilities in children. In a time when falls and breaking of bones are a serious threat to old age health, seniors too have a great advantage in enhancing physical balance and strength through Karate.

* For kids and working adults, Karate can be a major source of self confidence and stress relief. If you have everything else and lacks confidence, Karate is for you. It teaches you how to behave confidently, how to set goals and move toward them with precision, how not to worry unnecessarily, and how to calm your mind. 

Many learners have achieved contentment and victory in their daily lives through Karate. What Bruce McCorry's Academy offers is professional lessons in Karate under the supervision of expert masters. Nowhere else will you get the opportunity to learn Karate in your own pace, tailored to suit your personal abilities, needs and goals. Children, adults, seniors and people with special needs can be part of the wonderful Karate programs at Bruce McCorry's. Choose Karate for yourself and your loved ones for a better and happy living!   

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts is online at   Take advantage of a free trial offer and see what Karate can do for you. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Stay in Shape During the Holidays with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Stay in Shape During the Holidays with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Even if you might not have noticed it, November and December are the two months where your fitness plans and weight charts go haywire. Surveys have proven how November and December are the months that cause the largest weight gain. We eagerly look forward to these holiday months, but once they are passed, we can only think with regret of the flouted diet charts and unattended gym sessions. But if you plan right, this year you can have a perfectly fit and healthy body without ruining your holiday fun!

Holiday Weight Gain: Facts to Consider
It is calculated that the two months of November and December contribute a weight gain between five and seven pounds to an average American. Perhaps the most disheartening aspect of this is that holiday weight gain is irreversible. It is harder for you to lose the weight gained during holidays. Eventually this will lead to an accumulated weight gain over years, which cannot be shed. 

Secondly, even though 5-7 pounds is the average value, this can be even more for people with obesity. Even young and physically active students are recorded with a weight gain up to two pounds during the holiday months.

Reasons for November-December Weight Gain

Major clues to the holiday weight gain phenomenon are these:

1. High-Calorie Diet: Holidays make you relax upon your food habits, and we don't mind celebrating for a while. The major villain in holiday diet is food enriched with sugar and fat – mostly chocolates and processed meat. 

2. Breaking Regular Diet: If you usually stick to a less rich diet, this is doubly difficult for you. Human body always maintains a set point, an equilibrium of fat deposit. When you suddenly switch from non-fatty food to fatty food, your body will store the whole of excess fat for future consumption. This will directly go to the irreversible fat deposit in your body.

3. Disrupted Workout Pattern: Breaking and restarting workout is more dangerous than never working out at all. Each break in workout brings with it a rapid weight gain. Even when you restart workout, it is more difficult each time to shed these pounds.

Celebrate without Spoiling the Fun: Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's

The only way to keep your weight scale on control is not to give up on physical activities during holidays. But even when you realize this; it is simply difficult to keep up your daily workout and diet patterns during holidays. But what if you have something easier, quicker and more enjoyable than workout? That is where martial arts come to the rescue.

The learners at Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA) will tell you how martial arts are not just easy to take up, but more effective than workouts when it comes to fitness. Effective martial art programs can make you shed the excess fat quickly and more completely than workouts. Bruce McCorry's has a wide range of programs and schemes. Even three hours of martial arts a week can help you to keep balance on your fitness and health. Now it is your time to think whether to gain weight in an irreversible way, or to say no to weight gain altogether during holidays. Why spoil the fun of the holidays when you can have a perfectly toned body without compromising on health and fitness? Stay in shape during the holidays with martial arts!   Makes a great gift idea too ;)  Visit us online at or call today (978) 535-7878

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Safe Halloween with Martial Arts

Safety Tips for Halloween Trick or Treat – Safe Halloween with Martial Arts
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Halloween is the fun time of costumes and candies. Getting spooky is part of the fun, but only as long as the spook doesn’t turn real. And there is good reason to fear this, because for the past few years, the number of child fatalities reported on Halloween night is on constant increase. These range from unfortunate vehicle accidents and costume-related hazards to kidnap attempts and instances of assault against kids. A safe Halloween needs these safety tips, which you can share with your children.

Make this Halloween Safer and Happier: Halloween Safety Tips for Children

1) Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips

* It’s better to avoid unfamiliar routes while trick-or-treating

* You can move as a group, and take care not to stray away from your group. Try to include older kids in your group if possible.

* Even if you find yourselves alone, remain calm and stick to familiar places.

* Make sure you take flashlight, first-aid, route maps and addresses and contact numbers of some familiar homes with you. If you know the basics of some kind of self defense, it will help you if you encounter any danger.

* Finish your trick-or-treating before it gets too late

* Make sure that you do not accept rides from strangers

2) Road Safety and Trick or Treating

* Keep yourselves to sidewalks, and avoid roads with too much traffic

* Cross the roads carefully with your friends, and familiarize yourselves with basic road rules
* Choose bright costumes that are easily visible to drivers 

* Make sure that you can see properly in your costume. Avoid lenses, glasses or masks that may block your vision.

* Always help smaller children to walk and cross the road safely

 3) Safe Eating: Candies and Treats
* In many cases assaults and abduction attempts, the assaulters have been using drugged candies and snacks. So it is better to wait till you reach home before eating your treats.

* Make sure you do not accept or eat candies and treats from strangers

* Take care that smaller children with you do not choke on candies

4) Safe Halloween Costume Tips

* Make sure that you are not allergic to cosmetics and makeup, and do not forget to remove it thoroughly after the fun!

* Make sure that you can breathe and move around smoothly in your costume

* Choose comfortable and simpler costumes

* Do not use hazardous accessories such as weapons, blades and inflammable materials

Self Defense for a Safe Halloween 

It is best to avoid encountering strangers or provoking them. If you find yourself in some potential danger, keep calm and try to deal with the problem without worrying. Learning the basics of some self defense techniques can help you to get out. Martial arts is a good example. If you do not know any, try to remain alert, and seek help from nearby people. If you feel insecure, then it is never too late to learn some useful martial arts tactics. If you are in Massachusetts, Bruce McCorry’s Academy is here for you! Get to know the basics of self defense before you set out on your Halloween fun!

But above all, it is a matter of being aware of all the threats and trying to avoid making mistakes. Double the fun if you know the dangers and know how to defeat them! Have a happy and safe Halloween!