Friday, January 30, 2015

Tai Chi for Balance and Core Training

Tai Chi for Balance and Core Training: Recommended by Doctors 

Tai Chi has remained a popular martial art among fitness lovers for years. Already, both physicians and martial arts experts have reached a consensus on the amazing health and fitness benefits that Tai Chi can offer. These benefits range from physical strength and health to self-defense. However, recent studies in medicine have added two more significant reasons to learn Tai Chi: its ability to assist in core training and its potential to enhance balance.

The Concept of Core Training
For the past few years, abdominal fitness training had been the ultimate fitness mantra for youth. This trend, which started with six pack training in the mid-2000s, has currently grown into trying hard to achieve an eight pack or even stricter training. However, core training involves much more than the superficial abs we see. The core muscles are a set of muscles attached to the spine near the torso. True and effective core training involves strengthening and toning these muscles. If core training is done perfectly, the abs will naturally follow. Strong abs is a proof of the effective toning of core muscles.

What is in it for Doctors: Core Strength and Health
Though fitness is what catches the eye, there is much more to core training than the abs part. It is core muscles that keep you upright and balanced while walking or running. It is what imbibes the impact of footsteps, and compensates for weight shifts. A decrease in core strength would result in back pain and abdominal pain, and it would increase the chance of losing balance, especially among seniors. 

Tai Chi for Core Training and Balance: What Doctors Recommend
For long, Tai Chi had been associated with core strength development. It is a positive step that doctors have started endorsing Tai Chi as an effective treatment for health problems related to core muscles. How does Tai Chi do this?

* Tai chi involves movements of abdominal stretching. This is exactly what core training does through more difficult ways such as roller stretching and ball workouts

* Tai chi involves postures that can actually correct the way you hold your body in daily life circumstances (e.g. while using a computer). This reduces backache by enhancing core strength.

* Quick weight-shift moves in Tai Chi improves core strength and thus improves balance

* Vibrant circular motions in Tai Chi tighten and loosen body muscles in rhythmic intervals. This boosts core power.

* Core strength workouts always need to be supported with breathing exercises. Tai chi involves breathing exercises that helps in abdominal toning, because breathing involves constriction and release of the diaphragm attached to core muscles.
In many ways, Tai Chi is not just an aid for core training. If practiced scientifically, it can be a substitute for core training. Tai chi is a natural counterpart for core strengthening without any side effects. It is way better than the workout methods that try to bring out the abs artificially by resorting to steroids and overconsumption of nutrients.

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy offers regular Tai Chi lessons which can help you to strengthen core muscles, improve balance, reduce backache and achieve those six pack abs that we all wish to have! Join now for therapeutic and effective Tai Chi for balance and core training!  Available for private sessions to meet your personal goals. Call for details (978) 535-7878

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Superior Kung Fu Classes at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Superior Kung Fu Classes at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

For years now, Kung Fu has remained a popular martial arts choice among martial art learners and lovers. This simple unarmed martial art is praised for its various benefits and advantages by martial arts experts all over the world. What makes Kung Fu a frequent choice among martial arts enthusiasts? Here are some answers.

The Importance and Benefits of Learning Kung Fu
Kung Fu is a multi-faceted martial art that offers many advantages to its learner. Here are some important and interesting reasons to try out Kung Fu:

1. Fitness through Kung Fu: Kung Fu has its origins in the ancient self-defense of warrior class. During ancient times, warriors preferred having a toned and fit body so that they can engage in battles at ease, which led to the incorporation of many toning moves in Kung Fu. This has made it a perfect workout. Modern additions to Kung Fu have updated its fitness moves to suit the modern times.

2. Kung Fu: the Practical Self-Defense: Kung Fu is practically oriented. More than theoretic preaching, Kung Fu gives you actual tips and skills for practical self-defense such as quick thinking, alertness, quick reaction and bodily strength. Each of these skills can be useful for defending yourself.

3. Healthy Life and Kung Fu: Kung Fu is a holistic health booster. For example, it enhances immunity, prevents cardiac diseases, improves strength and makes you energetic. It is an all-rounder when it comes to your health.

4. Kung Fu for a Better Mind: A peaceful and happy mind is a union of many things. Such a mind will be free of stress, confident in itself, and satisfied with what it has. Kung Fu can give you this emotional temperance through its effective soothing meditation-like methods.

5. Studiousness and Kung Fu: For children too, Kung Fu has its advantages. Kung Fu makes your child better in studies as well as non-curricular activities like sports and arts. Recent researches and studies have also shown that martial arts like Kung Fu can foster creative powers in children.

6. The Grace of Kung Fu: Though Kung Fu is a pragmatic art, it is also gracefully artistic. To those who love aesthetically oriented fitness arts like ballet and aerobics, Kung Fu can be equally appeasing and beautiful.
Superior Kung Fu Lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody) is one of the long-standing and reputed martial arts institutions in Massachusetts. With a legacy since 1978, the academy is known for its quality martial arts lessons in many arts including Kung Fu. Kung Fu lessons in the academy are for both children and adults. If you want to learn Kung Fu from veteran teachers in a systematic manner, Bruce McCorry’s is for you. Children can take Kung Fu lessons as afterschool classes in such a way that it does not hamper their school hours. Nowhere in Massachusetts can you find another Kung Fu academy where experience and legacy meets modernity and innovation. To experience the uniqueness of Bruce McCorry’s Kung Fu, you can join the academy. The admissions to various courses including afterschool lessons are open now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Martial Arts and Cross Training

Martial Arts and Cross Training
If you are a die-hard martial arts enthusiast, perhaps cross training is a term you are already familiar with. Even if you are not, cross training is a concept worth understanding – because it is one of the buzzwords among martial art lovers all over the world today. It is also a method that can take you forward a lot if you are a martial art learner or aspiring to learn and build a career in martial arts.

Cross Training in Martial Arts
Cross training is a concept which has been doing rounds in the martial arts scenario since the boom of the Mixed Martial Arts in the West. However, as a concept, cross training dates back to long before that. Simply, the term means training yourself in more than one martial art. Whether you choose to learn two or more martial arts simultaneously or you choose to learn a second or third martial art after being proficient in one, you can be considered a cross trainer. Though it was an occasional or, at most, an unintended practice until recently, its great potential is being noted by experts. This has led to many people advocating and choosing to be cross trainers.

Importance and Advantages of Cross Training in Martial Arts
What makes cross training a trend among martial arts lovers? Here are some answers that might shed light on the question:

1. Whether your an avid weight lifter, yoga ethusiast or, play popular sports such as hockey, baseball, soccer and football, cross training with a martial art combination is the perfect andidoate to help you excel. Cross Training in Martial Arts makes you better by the increased coordination, muscle and flexibilty training and body and mind health it instills in you.

2. Cross training makes your learning holistic: Every martial art has its own unique ways of achieving goals like stress relief and confidence. Sticking to one martial art often means never experiencing the benefits of another. Cross training compensates for this loss.

3. Better health and fitness: If you do martial arts for fitness and health, cross training can assist you in your goals. Many surveys show that cross trainers are fitter and healthier because cross training compensates for those aspects of health and fitness which one might miss out in a single martial art.

4. Shattering Boundaries: Another great benefit of cross training is that it helps you to break out of your comfort zone. When you opt for a second martial art, you are forced to come out of your self-constructed boundaries and attempt new methods. It widens your boundaries and scope as a martial artist.

5. Cross training and kids: Instead of training children in a single martial art, qualified academies nowadays follow in which simple and growth-oriented moves of different martial arts are mingled together and taught to kids. This does away with the difficult and burdening aspects of a single art while providing the benefits of many arts to children.

6. The potential of cross training in other fields: If you are proficient in more than one martial art, it opens up a lot of opportunities for you. Cross trainers are more successful in building a career out of martial arts. They excel in sports, and they are preferred candidates for jobs in the army, police force and volunteer services.

Martial Art Cross Training at Bruce McCorry's
Being one of the best martial arts academies in Massachusetts, Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody) is a place where you can train in multiple martial arts under the guidance of qualified instructors. On one hand, Bruce McCorry's offers you programs like Mixed Martial Arts which literally blends the benefits of many martial arts into a single practicable course. Secondly, you can also choose to engage in two or more martial arts of your choice at once, thus enjoying the advantages of the true essence of martial arts. Admissions are open - Start your cross training journey today.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Taekwondo Classes at Bruce McCorry's

Taekwondo Classes at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Taekwondo: An Art with a Heritage
Taekwondo is a martial art that has become synonymous with the identity of Korea in the global scenario. This unique art form had its birth as a small fighting technique under the ancient Korean ruler Chin Hueng’s reign. It was later adopted by Buddhist, Confucianist and Chinese religious traditions to be developed into a proper martial art. Recognized by the government in the post-freedom era, Taekwondo gained renown all over the world within a brief span of time. This martial art that bears centuries of Korean tradition in its veins is, today, a popular art that has a wide base in more than 190 countries around the world.

Taekwondo Lessons: The Advantages
Today, Taekwondo is a favorite among martial art lovers of all ages and all societies. It has something special to offer to every learner:

* Taekwondo is good for fitness and health
* Its meditative nature makes you calmer and happier
* In children, Taekwondo fosters mental abilities like memory and reasoning
* The traditional wisdom which is a part of Taekwondo teaches moral values to kids
* Taekwondo is the perfect self-defense – especially for women and elders, taekwondo is a safety-skill worth learning

Along with these advantages, there is also the enormous value system and oriental wisdom that is imparted as a part of taekwondo lessons, which can eventually transform a person’s life.

Taekwondo Lessons at Bruce McCorry’s: The Martial Art Destination
Since 1990s, martial arts have remained the craze of the times. In the past few years, Massachusetts alone has seen the coming and going of many martial arts schools. But one martial arts academy has remained above all competition. True martial arts lovers has found it amazing to learn martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy – the best martial arts school in Peabody.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy offers lessons in Taekwondo which has been a huge favorite among adults and kids alike. Taekwondo learners at Bruce McCorry’s have found the course at the academy unique and effective. A highly structured syllabus, experienced instructors and a student friendly campus are factors which make Taekwondo at Bruce McCorry’s Academy singular. This is one place where you get quality martial art in an easy-to-learn and customized manner. The instructors at the academy do not just focus on the external moves, kicks and punches that form a part of taekwondo – they also focus on the traditional values that are imparted only by genuine taekwondo practitioners in Korea. This adds a whole new dimension to the taekwondo lessons offered at the academy.

The lessons at Bruce McCorry’s are open to people of all age groups. Whether you have a child who wants to try out taekwondo for the first time, or you have an elder who wants to relieve the boredom of old age, then Bruce McCorry’s taekwondo is the solution. If your goal is health, stress-relief and fitness, then this course is for you as well. To live the uniqueness of Bruce McCorry’s taekwondo, you can join us for the free trial. The admissions to regular taekwondo lessons for kids and adults are open now. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Superior Karate Classes Since 1978

Superior Karate Classes Since 1978 at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Karate is often called the King among martial arts. We are aware of the numerous benefits of martial arts, ranging from health and fitness to stress relief and safety. But then, what makes experts call Karate the king of martial arts? The reason lies in the simple fact that Karate is an all-rounder martial art.
 Karate: the King among all Martial Arts
Karate is a martial art that originated in a small island province of Ryukyu in Japan, and became popular all over the world. Many factors make Karate the much-loved martial art that it is today.

While other martial arts often include trying moves and punches, Karate is simple to learn
* Karate can be easily practiced by people of all age groups
* Karate can help you to achieve your goals whether it is health, fitness or stress-relief
* Karate helps children to shine in their studies, sports and extra-curricular activities
* Karate is also useful for seniors – it energizes their body and makes their mind stress-free
* In preschoolers and young children, Karate can effectively foster developmental skills like motor ability, language learning ability and coordination
* Though Karate is simple, it is a potent self-defense when it comes to your safety

Learning Karate: What Makes a Good Karate School
Choosing which martial art to learn is important. Equally important is choosing the right place to study. When you have taken the decision to choose Karate for yourself or your kids, it is important to approach the right martial arts school. Learning from the right hands makes a great deal of difference when it comes to martial arts like Karate.

Karate lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Academy is a sought-after course in Massachusetts. Despite being located in Peabody, which is near many martial art schools,  the Academy remains top choice, Bruce McCorry’s Academy has succeeded in making a unique reputation among martial arts lovers, especially in Karate since 1978.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy for Superior Karate Lessons
The Karate classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy are superior to most of the similar courses being offered in Massachusetts. The uniqueness of the course starts right from the curriculum. The Academy follows a specifically planned curriculum which can be adapted to suit the age and needs of the learner. Thus everyone who wants to learn at the academy – children, adults, elders or specially abled persons – will find an exclusively designed curriculum that goes well with their individual needs. 

With 40 years of legacy, all the Karate instructors at Bruce McCorry’s are persons with years of experience.The instructors consider it important to give special consideration to every learner. What makes Bruce McCorry’s Karate exceptional is that you can get your lessons the way you need it. If your school-going child needs lessons at free time, you can pick the afterschool lessons for him/her. If you want simple lessons for your preschooler, you can get that at the academy.

Karate lessons at the academy are much more than just lessons – it is a space for children, adults and seniors to come together and meet persons with similar interests. To check out this distinctive course personally, you can choose the free trial. Come today and experience the best Karate in Massachusetts!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Children's Martial Arts Program - Little Ninjas

Now Enrolling: Bruce McCorry's Little Ninja Program

Has your little one dreamed of being a super kid since he/she was a toddler? Whatever be the dreams of your child, as parents, you are the ones who have greater and happier dreams for them. Since childhood, we advise our young ones to dream big and work hard. But the less happy fact is that many of us do not provide them with the chances of coming up with their full potential. If we think about it, there are many opportunities that we can gift our children, more than a good education. Martial art is one of them.

Preschoolers and Martial Arts: Why it is Important?
When you choose something as important as martial arts for children, it is equally important to introduce it at the right age. What is the right time to introduce your child to martial arts? According to experts, it is three. 

When a child is in his/her third year, many aspects of the body, growth and memory are in their formative stages. It is the time when motor skills are coordinated. It is also the time when language, communication and memory get consolidated. It is the time in which kids develop the mental faculties of discretion and conscious thinking. Martial arts can do a lot to facilitate and perfect these skills.

Beginning martial art at this age can have a great impact on your child’s physical growth, brain development, social skills and health. Apart from these immediate impacts on a child’s development, martial arts at a young age is also an asset for the future. Here are some of the major changes that preschooler martial arts can bring about to your child’s life:

* Early beginners of martial arts grow up as healthy children with a lot of resistance and immunity. Martial arts is a shield not just from day-to-day illnesses, but also future complications such as diabetes, thyroid, hypertension and cardiac diseases.
* When a child begins martial arts in a preschooler age, it instills confidence and strength in him/her. Studies show how martial art learners show less stage fear and more poise while addressing a group. Martial art learners grow up as courageous and determined persons who can face any challenge in life.
* One situation in which this self-confidence comes to use is in facing classroom pressures. This can be anything – bullying, peer pressure, stress, distorted body image – early training in martial arts is a good way to equip a child to ward off such difficulties which may arise during school life.
* Early martial arts foster social skills in children. At their lessons, they get a chance to interact with children of their own age and those older than them. Being part of a disciplined system from childhood helps to cultivate proper manners, pleasant behavior, cooperating skills, mutual caring, understanding as well as friendship.
* Preschooler martial arts can boost the academic skills of children. Martial art is a training process that usually boosts and sharpens memory. Similarly, it enhances quick reasoning, analytic skills, comparative skills and mental calculations. Secondly, martial arts also teaches kids to control stress and work through pressurizing situations. These all can come to help in academic performance.
* Martial arts also help children in extracurricular activities. Especially, martial arts improve a kid’s skill in activities that need coordination and movement – such as sports, games, athletics and dance. This is a result of the sharp motor coordination and quick perception which they imbibe from their childhood lessons.

These are only some of the benefits that martial arts can offer your child. It is a lifelong hobby and companion for any child who chooses to learn it from a young age.

Choosing Martial Arts for your Preschooler – at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
We have to pay attention to the kind of martial arts that preschoolers are taught. Many schools often try to impose a miniature version of kids’ martial arts on preschoolers. But what they need is a simplified and lighter scheme that focuses on developing motor skills, speech, thought and memory. Preschooler martial arts is not an imitation of children’s martial arts but a carefully developed and simplified structure in itself.

That is why Little Ninjas – the preschooler martial arts course at Bruce McCorry’s Academy – holds a special position. It is the perfect afterschool program for kids due to many reasons. It is special because the simplified and specially designed curriculum focuses on improving the growth and development of a child without overloading him or her. At Bruce McCorry’s Academy, preschoolers are trained under qualified experts and teachers who are specialized in the field. Each child gets individual care at the academy. We consider safety and comfort of the children as the greatest priorities.

The Little Ninja Program is also unique because it blends martial arts learning with many enjoyable and fun activities. Once your send your little one, he/she will never spend a day without thoroughly enjoying the experience at the academy. Your child will come to love martial arts. Naturally, they can make a progression from Little Ninjas to the Children’s Afterschool Program once they are six. It comes with a lot of facilities and preferences including easy transport from school to the academy campus. If you are late, and your child is already above the preschooler age, you can always choose this regular afterschool program for him/her, which can make your child healthy, confident, fit and happy.

Every year, hundreds of students gather at Bruce McCorry’s academy in order to experience the unique martial art lessons of the academy. This student group comprises of learners from all ages and all sections, from three year olds to senior citizens. This gives a vibrant social life to the campus academy where children get to meet teachers and senior students who have a lot of experience in martial arts. This great atmosphere, which is the result of the 40-year-old legacy that Bruce McCorry’s is built upon, is something to which everyone aspires.

Admissions are open right now to both the Little Ninjas program and the Children’s Martial Arts program. If you want to give it a try before making a final decision, you can opt for the free trial which lets you to experience the classes at the academy first hand. Choose it today for your child and make a difference to his/ her life forever!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Martial Arts for Fitness: The Perfect Solution

Martial Arts for Fitness: The Perfect Solution
A new year has dawned – the time of resolutions and promises. Stats and surveys show how losing weight and being fit remains the top New Year resolution in 2015. There are many of us, who have been trying hard to achieve the goal of fitness for years and years with no real success. We might have been sincere in our effort, still, fitness remains a goal not so easy to achieve. Why does this happen? Partly, the reason is that the methods we choose are often faulty.

The Pitfall of Fitness Methods
To many of us, fitness means diet. Resorting to low calorie diets is a healthy habit, as it would lead to a nutrient rich food intake. But one fact is that even if a particular diet may help you to shed some pounds, it cannot provide you a toned body all by itself. Further, many of the diets available on the net are unhealthy as they are not designed by experts. Another practice nowadays is to take medicines for reducing weight. This again, is a highly unhealthy practice because most weight-losing tablets induce hormonal imbalances.

Martial Arts - The Perfect Fitness Solution
Eventually, all this discussion leaves us with a single fitness solution – working out. Unfortunately, the reason why fitness is still an unrealized goal for many of us is that all are not comfortable with working out. This is where martial arts come to your rescue.

In many ways, martial arts is a perfect fitness solution. Here are some reasons:
* Practicing martial arts can easily and effectively burn off fat and calories from your body.

* Many martial arts burn off more calories quicker than usual workouts.

* Though martial arts is extremely useful in losing weight and gaining a toned body, it takes only less physical effort compared to typical gym workouts.

* Martial arts do not make your body just look fit from the outside, it also makes your body healthy and strong within.

* Anybody – a child, an adult, a senior, or a specially abled person – can easily practice martial arts without any side effects.

* Martial arts are fun. Once you start enjoying it, you will never hesitate to go to your martial art lesson, unlike your gym visits.

In a nutshell, martial arts has all the benefits of an efficient workout, but it does not discourage you like a gym workout. In fact, the benefits of martial arts are not confined to fitness alone. It boosts your health, energy and self-confidence. It is also a powerful self-defense tool.

Martial Arts for Fitness at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy
If you want to achieve a fit and healthy body through martial arts this year, Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is the best choice for you. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Center offers programs in more than ten martial arts, under the guidance of expert instructors. Each of these courses can act as an alternative for the common workout, because each of them can actively burn off surplus calories and rid fat in your body. The courses are open to all from three years of age to senior citizens. Make 2015 special by realizing your fitness goal with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Martial Arts: The Way to a New You

New Year, New You with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
Once again it is time when we look back to the year passing by and look ahead to the New Year. Every New Year comes with celebration and joy. Also, every New Year comes with a new hope, offering the possibility of turning a new leaf. Looking back, perhaps, the year gone by might not have been really great for you. You might have faltered in your resolutions, given up your promises to yourself. Nevertheless, 2015 is here, and it is the chance to begin anew. You are on the doorstep to a new you!
New Year Resolutions: Realizing What We Want
Taking a look at our New Year resolutions will definitely tell us about what is it that we really want in our life. A survey by Journal of Clinical Psychology in the University of Scranton shows us some revealing facts regarding resolutions. Among the top resolutions, some are the following:

* Losing weight
* Getting organized
* Staying fit
* Learning something new

Around 47% of resolutions are on improving oneself, and 38% of resolutions focus on losing weight. Ironically, only half of these resolutions stay past six months. Two years ago, when Forbes came up with their analysis that only 8% of people fulfill their New Year goals, it was a sad moment of realization for us. All of us choose the things we want to achieve the most as our resolutions. Still why does this happen? Is there anything that can help us?
Martial Arts: The Way to a New You
Trying out something new is a preferred resolution for many. What if we can learn something that will not only satisfy our curiosity, but will also help us to achieve greater goals in our life? This magic solution is martial arts. Martial arts, as you might know, comprise of a vibrant and wide range of arts that will help you to lose weight, stay in shape and remain healthy. The benefits of martial arts are not limited to these. There are arts that can make you confident, organized, punctual and much more arranged in your life. Martial arts can also teach you to relieve from stress, and enjoy a happier and wholesome life. Martial arts are one of those rare systems that combine modern workout with traditional meditative and therapeutic techniques. If you want to renew your life and give it a new meaning, martial art is your path.
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: Make the Year Worthwhile
Much of the success of martial arts lies in learning it from the right hands. That is why Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, which has the best martial arts talents as its faculty, stands unique. At Bruce McCorry's, you can experience genuine martial arts with all its benefits. We offer a wide range of programs for both kids and adults, spanning over more than ten different arts. Children can join special programs including After School martial arts lessons. From preschoolers to seniors, everyone can find a suitable space at Bruce McCorry's. You can also join as a family. To many, martial arts have been the first stepping stone to success and happiness. Kick off the New Year with Bruce McCorry's and let martial arts be a part of you – a new you!