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Preschooler Martial Arts at its Best

Little Ninja's Martial Arts Program by Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 

How many times have you spotted your toddler imitating the thrilling moves s/he spotted in the last Karate movie s/he saw? All children, whether girls or boys, enjoy trying out the action moves they spot in television, movies and comics at least once in a while. This points to one interesting aspect in child psychology – how martial arts, and the moves associated with it, might appear to a child as a source of power, security and one’s own ability at one point of time.

Do you want to realize your young champ’s dream? The safest and the most productive way for this is to choose martial arts lessons for them. Martial arts in a preschooler age have many more advantages than we usually understand.

Martial Art for your Little Ninja
Martial arts for Developing Coordination Before 5 years, a child develops physical coordination, motor skills and balance. Learning martial arts at this age can make them perfectly coordinated persons who are good at sports, dance, athletics and other fields which need body-mind coordination. They never make lousy drivers, as well!

Martial Arts and Life Skills
As a preschooler, your child is about to be exposed to a new world of competition and bustle. Martial arts will teach them a lot of skills which will guide them through. Martial arts can instill in them self-confidence, punctuality, socially cordial behavior, mutual respect, the spirit of working as a team and orderliness. These values, once learned, will be always there for them. In their schoolwork, in the way in which they approach challenges in life, in their future relationships, the way the keep their family bonds – there is no field in their life where martial arts does not leave a mark.

Martial Arts as a Source of Empowerment
The young children, often psychologically associate with martial arts as something that gives them power, protection, self-defense possibilities and assertiveness. This is true for both girls and boys. Often, to a young child who learns martial arts, it becomes a space where they can actually prove themselves. The applause's and encouragement they get as youngsters give them a lot of courage to course their way through life.

Laying the Foundation of Future Martial Arts

While complex martial arts can be learned only at a later stage, whatever simple moves the kids learn at the young ages can greatly help them. It can be their asset in their future training, if they want to pursue martial arts as a hobby or profession.

Preschooler Martial Arts at its Best: The Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy’s Little Ninja’s Program of preschooler martial arts is the best of its kind in Massachusetts. On one hand, it is a portal to the world of martial arts, for those who want to pursue it in their later life. Secondly, it is also a fun and productive course which can really bring about a positive and formative influence on your young toddler’s life. Little Ninja’s Program kindles the spark of martial art in every child, that would otherwise be just a phase in their life, in which they enjoy moves of action and eventually move on. Through the course, you can channelize this childhood interest into a positive force through your child’s life. Do it now and realize your little ninja's dreams. Call today- (978) 535-7878

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Meet Michael Walke – A Young Champion Moving Fast Toward Success

Meet Michael Walke – A Young Champion Moving Fast Toward Success 

For many, it takes time to recognize one’s passion, and to understand what you really want to do with your life. That is why the story of Michael Walke, a young and enthusiastic martial artist from Bruce McCorry’s Academy, becomes both inspiring and different. Because, he is one who knew what to do in his life, and stood up for his passion. 

As a child, Michael knew that he was not one for usual sports, and his passion was not sports. “I used to believe I was unathletic and that I should not do sports, due to the fact that I did not have any motivation,” says Michael. “People used to tell me that I should do sports, and if I did not have one, I was lazy.” At a very young age, he was brilliant enough to recognize and challenge the way in which people stereotype anything other than sports as an activity of the lazy.

In Michael’s life, the most significant moment of assertion came, when his parents thought he can do well in football. Michael’s remembrance of the incident exudes the thrill of a person who finally came face to face what he/she actually wants. “At the end of fifth grade, I was being forced by my dad to play football,” he says. “My mother and I went to the signup list at the high school. My heart pounded as she grabbed the pen to sign me up. I turned to my mother, pen in hand, and asked for one thing, that I don’t want to do football and whether I could do something else.” When his mother asked then what he would like to do, it became for Michael what he describes the “defining moment”, when he finally made up his mind. “What I said here spelled out what hobby I was going to do the rest of my life. I said Karate.”

As a fifth grader, Michael’s life was only beginning when he decided to spell out his dream. The search for a place where he could learn the love of his life brought Michael and his parents to Bruce McCorry’s Academy. “We found Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts,” says Michael, with the smile of a winner who knew he reached the right place, “I did not expect in then, but it was all going to change after my first day of Karate”. Bruce McCorry’s became that destination for Michael, where he could learn his art in a professional manner. Lessons at Bruce McCorry’s academy have refined the spark of martial art that was already there in him. This fall, he is preparing for the test for his Black Belt. A young champion, he is moving fast toward success.

In a school essay, where he speaks out his mind on the most defining moment of his life, Michael passionately asks: “How would you feel if you did not know what you wanted to do in life? One of the most important experiences in my life was when I started to do Karate because I knew this is what I wanted to do in my life…” His words, which speak with the genuineness and dedication far above his years, display something which is above the material recognition's and awards. Something which Master McCorry looks for in his Black Belts, something that is rare to find among the kids of his age. The positive spirit that only martial arts can foster in a dedicated student. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Back-to-School with Martial Arts

Back-to-School with Martial Arts:
Bruce McCorry's Academy After-School Program

The new school year starts next month.
Make the choice today! Enrollment is Open. Act now before open seats fill up.

One common fact with many martial artists is that many of them have made great achievements in the fields of academics as well. Even though their passion for martial arts makes many of them choose a career in martial arts, still their academic days are often marked with excellent school records. This correlation is mostly because of the fact that martial art itself acts as a guiding force in studies. Now that it is time to go back to schools, perhaps martial arts are what you need to prepare your child for a spectacular school year!

Get Back to School with Martial Arts: The Perfect Companion for Children
There are a number of qualities that martial art lessons can foster in your child. These skills can actually improve children's academic performance. Perhaps, martial arts is the only natural way to cultivate these qualities. What are these skills?

1. When kids are involved in a structured activity like martial arts all around the year, they learn the basics of organization, routine and punctuality. These values, once learned, will enhance their performance at school and in life.

2. Martial arts command your attention. Naturally, it develops the focus span of your child to longer time periods. Recent psycho-analytic experiments have also proven its ability in developing memory and reasoning skills.

3. Martial arts can cultivate greater self-esteem and higher levels of confidence in children. This can aid your kids in class presentations and public speaking, which have a great bearing in academics today.

4. Children learn team spirit and sportsmanship through martial arts. They learn to work together, to cope up with unpredicted challenges, to tide over difficult circumstances and to be firm in the face of challenges.

5. Martial arts also keep your kids healthy and energetic. After tiring school hours and workload, it is exactly what they need to revive themselves. This can also help them to cope up with exhaustive study sessions without losing focus.

All these are only the most important reasons why martial arts is the perfect companion to your little champion who is back to school. Only first-hand experience can bring about the true difference to your child's life.

Back-to-School with Martial Arts: Bruce McCorry's Academy After-School Program

When it comes to martial arts, the perfect choice for Peabody Massachusetts and surrounding town parents has always been Bruce McCorry's Academy. That is not just because of the professional-yet-fun martial arts lessons, which are a speciality of Bruce McCorry's. It is also because of the care and safety that your kids get nowhere but here. The afterschool martial arts at Bruce McCorry's provide a safe, caring second home for your kids in the hours after school. In various programs for children, Bruce McCorry's Academy follows an age-accustomed and safe method of teaching, which combines lessons with activities, games and fun. The ultimate aim of Bruce McCorry's Academy is not just proficiency in martial arts, but holistic personality development of children. This includes character development, fostering of academic skills, social activities, and definitely, quality martial arts training and transportation from school to the academy.
Bruce McCorry's Academy is your golden chance to present your child with an unforgettable back to school experience, where he/she can prove his/her merit with the aid from martial arts lessons. Make the choice today! Enrollment is open. Act now before open seats fill up.   Call today at  (
978) 535-7878

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Best Cardio Kickboxing Classes in Massachusetts

Best Cardio Kickboxing Classes 
by Bruce McCorry's Martial Academy 

Cardio kickboxing has been the showstopper among martial arts for the past two decades. This relatively new member to the circle of coveted martial arts, has won the heart of a large number of followers. The simplicity of its moves, the easeful methods of practice compared to other martial arts, and its immense potential as a workout are all winning factors for the popularity of cardio kickboxing. 

Cardio Kickboxing as the Fusion of the Old and the New Values
Its emphasis on fitness and its recent rise to popularity have created an image of cardio kickboxing as a post modern martial art in the minds of laymen. Despite its modern face, cardio kickboxing can actually boast of a valuable ancestral heritage. The ancestor of cardio kickboxing is Muay Thai, an ensemble art from Thailand that was widely practiced by 1920s by Thai men. By the fifties, Japanese veterans like Osamu Nogachi further fused it with Karate to form traditional kickboxing.

From its inception, kickboxing has placed the focus on its sports-like quality than defense or meditative nature. By seventies, kickboxing developed admirers in both US and Europe. Frank Thiboutot, the prominent name in US martial arts, further modified kickboxing. He gave shape to cardio kickboxing in 1992.

The Craze of the Two Decades: Advantages and Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing
Since 1992, cardio kickboxing has generated quite a lot of applause among martial arts enthusiasts. Part of this comes from its dual nature: its heritage of values on one hand, and its postmodern emphasis on fitness and health on the other.

When the hectic lifestyle of 21st century caused a four-fold increase in the number of cardiac patients, that was when cardio kickboxing established itself as a panacea. The ability of this sports-like art to check cardiac risk factors like hypertension, cholesterol and cardiac blocks has even given it its name. To millions of heart patients around the world, kickboxing became a natural, not-too-heavy healing technique that can keep their hearts safer.

Another thing that 21st century witnessed, was its preoccupation with fitness. There too, cardiac kickboxing left its indelible mark. The ability of cardio kickboxing to liquefy up to 800 calories per hour (as certified by American Council on Education) has been unlike anything that workouts could accomplish.

Further, cardio kickboxing has a role in sharpening your reflexes. By regulating the amount of the hormone endorphin, cardio kickboxing has a very scientific role as a de-stressing mechanism. It is perhaps something which even meditation cannot achieve in such specific terms.

Cardio Kickboxing Classes at Bruce McCorry’s: The True Learning Experience
The status of cardio kickboxing as a sought after option has resulted in a flow of aspiring students to Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA). This is also due to the Bruce McCorry’s way of professional training under qualified trainers. Since Bruce McCorry’s courses are open to kids, adults and seniors, it has also become a place where you can learn cardio kickboxing as a family. Under the supervision of professionals like Ms Sandra LaRosa, the kickboxing lessons have become the best of its kind in Massachusetts. Enroll today to experience true cardio kickboxing lessons, with all its benefits!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Best Tai Chi Classes in Massachusetts

Best Tai Chi Classes 
 Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 

When translated to English, the term Tai Chi stands for the Ultimate Boxing. What this name indicates is not just power, strength and confidence, but the legacy of a martial art that is profoundly philosophical, mystical in its outlook, meditative in its energy and yet a pragmatic self-defense. Originally named Tai Chi Chuan, this unique art draws from Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism the ancient Asian belief in the primacy of life force. 

Past Forward: Tai Chi through Centuries
The mythical past traces the roots of Tai Chi to a Taoist Saint Zhang Sanfeng. Factual historical evidence, however, points to a warrior of late 17th century, Chen Wangting, as the formulator of Tai Chi. The documents bear testimony to how Tai Chi remained more or less a family heritage until 19th century. Yang Luchan, a Chinese martial artist, was the first person outside Chen family to learn Tai Chi and carry it outside the family. Originally, Tai Chi was an art that blended aggressive and soft elements. Once it was popularized, the hard moves were not circulated for fear of being appropriated by rebellious kingdoms. Eventually, Tai Chi developed two mutually exclusive streams of practice: the hard and the soft variants. Today, Tai Chi has come to denote a wide variety of style and disciplines. Post-war glory associated with oriental martial arts made Tai Chi a globally coveted art form.

Tai Chi for Life: The Formula of Life Force
A traditional belief associated with Tai Chi was that it will provide you long life. Though modern science initially wrote it off as a superstition, further research showed how Tai Chi can actually lower hypertension, improve cardiac health and can be an effective cure for metabolic disorders and arthritis. At least in an indirect way, Tai Chi can actually give you longer lives, and this realization led to a reappraisal of the so-called superstitions. For a long time, Tai Chi had been believed to be the key to the strong physique of warriors. Modern science has subsequently unearthed the fitness possibilities of the art, validating this belief as well. 

Along with what heritage proclaimed for adults, Tai Chi was also proven to have amazing benefits for children. Tai Chi was shown to stimulate analytical skills, reasoning and quick reaction skill. Both hard and soft Tai Chi gained popularity also as powerful self-protection methods. 

The greatest contribution, however, was the effect that Tai Chi’s emphasis on life force had on stress-relief and concentration. Meditative and calm, Tai Chi is the ultimate mind-calmer for the modern day man and woman, caught up in the hurry of professional and personal lives.

Best Tai Chi Classes in Massachusetts - Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy
Tai Chi lessons at Bruce McCorry’s academy are unique because they aim at evoking the subtle, meditative mood in you. Instructors at Bruce McCorry’s Academy believe in the power of Tai Chi to bring your mind and body into a peaceful coexistence with one another. Bruce McCorry’s academy is your unique portal to learn Tai Chi in a customized pace that suits your age, ability and perseverance. Say yes to the matchless Tai Chi experience at Bruce McCorry’s today!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Best Taekwondo Classes in Massachusetts

Best Taekwondo Classes at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Taekwondo is often referred to as the pride of Korea in international martial arts. It is very popular among children and teenagers, thanks to its fashionable outlook and many useful advantages. What many of us do not know is that this fashionable modern art is actually 15 centuries old.

Tracing the Tradition: Taekwondo in History
The Korea of 6th century AD was a broken country, with three rival rulers competing for power among themselves. SuBak, a defense art, was introduced by one of these rulers named Ching Huen, as a military strategy for his defense army. The responsibility to train the army was given to a Buddhist sage Won Kang. What otherwise would have been an aggressive defense art was, thus, deeply enriched by the philosophical influence of Buddhism. Further, Confucianism, subsequent Chinese influence and finally Japanese invasion left its imprints upon the art. At the eve of Korea’s liberation in 1945, the centuries of history had transformed SuBak into a specific intricate variant, TaeKyon. The newborn Korean government standardized the art under the name Taekwondo, and made it a part of Korea’s precious cultural capital. Foundations of Korean Taekwondo Association (1962) and subsequently, World Taekwondo Federation (1973) played a role in gaining global admiration for Taekwondo. Today, if Taekwondo is recognized as the pride of Korea, it is because it has been witness to the history of the country itself, for 1500 years.

Taekwondo Lessons For You: Why Say Yes?
Today, 190 countries of the world have recognized Taekwondo as a useful martial art. After it got the recognition of the Olympic Association, it also developed a sports spirit and professional value, which was an addition to the innumerable advantages that were already there.

Its numerous advantages extend from health, fitness, confidence development and personality building to self defense. However, the greatest merit of Taekwondo is its adaptability. In other words, it is one of those martial arts that yield itself easily to artists of any age. Whether you have a toddler who just wants to try out martial art for fun, or if you are a professional aspirant, you can call Taekwondo yours. It is that all rounder martial art that you have been always waiting for!

Best Taekwondo Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Taekwondo can radically redefine your health, emotional balance and personality, if it is learnt professionally. The flocking of martial art enthusiasts to learn Taekwondo has resulted in a dearth of qualified instructors, compared to the numbers of those who want to learn. That is why Taekwondo lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Academy becomes an exception, worth experiencing.

Taekwondo being the specialization of its founder Master McCorry, the academy has always been counted among the best places to learn the art in Massachusetts. The elaborate program in Taekwondo aims at enhancing fitness, health and emotional poise in adults, memory and intellect in children. For anyone who learns it, Taekwondo can be a safe self-defense option. Women and seniors especially find Taekwondo program at Bruce McCorry’s useful in this respect. With schemes and time schedules to suit your personal needs, Bruce McCorry’s is the primary Taekwondo haven in Massachusetts. Try it out today!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Best Kung Fu Classes in Massachusetts

Best Kung Fu Classes at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Martial arts enthusiasts around the world are quite familiar with the popular art of Kung Fu. Kung Fu is a martial art in which the entire Chinese tradition of health and stress-relief comes alive. And that too, with unbelievable possibilities for a modern learner. To a 21st century enthusiast who wants to take up a martial art for practical reasons like health, fitness, confidence building or self-defense, the ancient wisdom of Kung Fu has a lot to offer.

Kung Fu: Through a Lens of the Past
Originally, the attempts of the ancient Chinese King Huang Di to develop a battle system for his Xia soldiers resulted in the rudimentary form of Kung Fu. What was started as defense planning for the Xia dynasty, broadened to achieve greater depths under subsequent rulers. In the centuries that took this defense art to develop into the modern day Kung Fu, it absorbed into it the philosophical base, traditions, rituals and medicinal art of ancient China. The Shaolin Temple, a famous monastery in China, was what shaped Kung Fu. Under the Buddhist monks of Shaolin Temple, especially Bodhidharma, Kung Fu lost its defense-oriented aggression and developed a peaceful outlook. Shaolin Kung Fu spread through countries, and developed into today’s Kung Fu with its numerous branches, styles and techniques.

Best Kung Fu Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
When Master Bruce McCorry, a young martial art expert from Massachusetts was offered a chance to showcase his expertise at the Shaolin Temple in 1984, it was the recognition of a newly born group of true martial art enthusiasts in the US, who could touch the essence of the traditional Kung Fu. The academy established by Master McCorry, with four decades of experience in martial arts instruction, ranks as the number one Kung Fu destination in the US today.

The Spectrum of Advantages: Bruce McCorry’s Kung Fu
Kung Fu lessons at Bruce McCorry’s academy(Peabody, Massachusetts) can help you to tap the full range of benefits that the art can give you. If scientifically learnt, Kung Fu can transform your life. It can give you a healthy and fit body, and can help you to develop a confident and positive outlook of life. Apart from being a good self-defense art, Kung Fu can actually make your life a calm and happy place to be. Whether it is kids who struggle with schoolwork, or adults to have to cope up with deadlines, responsibilities and stress, Kung Fu has an answer. Learning it in the right way from the masters of Kung Fu at Bruce McCorry’s is all you need to do!

Say Yes to Life through Bruce McCorry’s Kung Fu Lessons
The focus of Bruce McCorry’s Kung Fu is on how the inborn abilities of a person can be developed to the fullest through martial arts. For this, we have a structured a syllabus that gradually proceeds from basic moves to hand-based techniques, weapon training, lessons in philosophical base and meditative sessions. Bruce McCorry’s Kung Fu thus covers the spectrum from theory to practice to its subtle application through meditation. This amazing course is right now open to kids, teenagers, adults, seniors and specially-abled children. Register today and make the choice of your life!

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Best Karate Classes in Massachusetts

Define Your Life with Quality Karate Lessons

Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

When the statistics compilers at listverse tried to compile a top ten list of the most popular martial arts all over the world, they were compelled to choose Karate as the sole contender for the top slot. To a person who does not know the intricacies of the martial art world, the term martial art itself is synonymous with Karate. The unprecedented boom in the popularity of Karate around 1970s was unlike anything the history of martial arts had ever seen. The flourishing of the Karate craze since then has to do with one unique aspect of Karate: its ability to provide maximum health and mental benefits with least effort.

Karate in a Historical Perspective
The birthplace of Karate is the Ryukyu Islands in Japan. Ryukyu, which belongs to Okinawa province, had a wide range of aboriginal martial arts. When Chinese martial arts made their way into Okinawa, the fusion of the two gave birth to Karate. Commercial links and cultural exchanges gradually brought the new art form to mainland Japan. By early 20th century, Karate was institutionalized in Japan, and organized lessons were started. Japanese universities recognized Karate, and martial art movies generated a sustained interest around the world in this new Japanese art. The global Karate boom around 1970s was a result of this. Eventually, this made Karate the number one international martial art, with more than 100 million learners around the globe.

Learning it in Bruce McCorry’s Style – the Best Karate Classes in Massachusetts
Like all great martial arts, Karate can make a difference to your life if you learn it the right way. Karate lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is a portal to all that Karate can offer you in a lifetime. Through quality Karate lessons under trained professionals at Bruce McCorry’s, you can gain the following benefits:

1. Karate is about mastering your own health! It can rejuvenate your health by improving cardiac health. It enhances your metabolism, makes you more immune, and gives you a toned, flexible physique. It also stabilizes your reflexes and balances. Since Karate lessons at Bruce McCorry’s are open to all age groups, each member of your family can get these amazing health benefits of Karate.

2. Karate is as much for your mind as it is for your body. It is the ultimate stress-buster for you and your kids. It can make your children focused and attentive. Under the guidance of veteran instructors at Bruce McCorry’s academy, Karate can instill self-esteem, confidence, positive thinking and motivation in you.

3. Karate is also the perfect self-defense art. One benefit of Karate lessons at Bruce McCorry’s is that from children to seniors, each one in your family can learn to use Karate as a positive self-defense skill here. This is all the more important in an age when protecting oneself is the need of the hour. 

Bruce McCorry’s Karate for Positive Life
Bruce McCorry’s teaches the students to use Karate as a positive motivation for their life. That is why students, whether in kids programs or in adult programs, find the experience at Bruce McCorry’s academy one worth returning to. Now perhaps is your time to give it a try! Give a chance to your life by trying out the Karate lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy. (Peabody, MA) Admissions to various courses have started.  
Call today 978.535.7878 for a Free Trial or join online at 

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How to Become a Master Martial Artist

How to Become a Master Martial Artist? – The 4 P's
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

To some, martial arts is a hobby, to some a pastime. But to some others, martial arts is the passion of their lives, their ultimate dream. If your ultimate dream is to be a martial artist, if you want to explore the world of martial arts from basics to the levels of mastery, it is time - because dreams take life only when you make them true.

Become a Master Martial Artist – The Miracle of the Four P's
Being a true master of the martial arts means much more than the ranks, professional qualifications or awards. Rather, a true master is the one who has mastered his/her art to the heart. If martial arts is your ultimate passion, maybe you might have already chosen which martial art to specialize in. If you haven't yet made the choice, then it is time. Once you have chosen your path, there are four steps to being a master in that field: Practice, Patience, Persistence and Perseverance

Practice: The Daily Boost to your Goals
Practice is of extreme importance in martial arts, because it helps to reinforce what you have learned in such a way that martial arts will come to you naturally. Regular practice gradually transforms your body in a positive way, toning it and rejuvenating it. But more than that, it molds your body to receive the next level in your martial art training. It lays the path for your gradual ascension to mastery. Proper and professional guidance can show you the way to perfection in your journey.

Patience: Teaching Your Mind to Wait
Mastery in martial arts does not come about in one or two days. It takes time, because it involves gradual preparation of your mind and body to achieve greatness. Therefore, the second P that can help you achieve your dream is patience. In this also, proper guidance is important. When you try to learn martial arts without assistance, being patient may seem an endless waiting to you. But if you get proper instruction, you will be shown what to expect at each turn, leading you to success.

Persistence: The Power to Overcome
No journey to greatness is easy. Achieving mastery in martial arts is no different. You may face setbacks, you may fail sometimes, you may not rise to your own expectations. It is difficult, but that does not mean it is impossible. With the third P – persistence – you can turn the difficult to easy. You need to take the decision to stick to to your passion, whatever hurdles you may face in the path. Inspiring stories of great martial artists tell us that mastery comes through persistence.

Perseverance: The Ultimate P
The last word to being a martial arts master is perseverance. It means not losing the initial passion that you nurtured in your mind. If you take the vow to dedicate yourself to martial arts, you must work regularly, continuously and efficiently to achieve your dream. Your instructors can help you to keep up your passion. Regular lessons, deadlines, competitions and training are the best motivators to help you remain committed to your art.

With the 4 P's in your mind, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Start your martial arts journey today. For professional and expert guidance in martial art lessons, you can choose Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA). With its host of experienced teachers, Bruce McCorry's can be the portal to your master martial arts dream!