Thursday, October 29, 2015

Safe Halloween with Martial Arts

Safety Tips for Halloween Trick or Treat – Safe Halloween with Martial Arts
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Halloween is the fun time of costumes and candies. Getting spooky is part of the fun, but only as long as the spook doesn’t turn real. And there is good reason to fear this, because for the past few years, the number of child fatalities reported on Halloween night is on constant increase. These range from unfortunate vehicle accidents and costume-related hazards to kidnap attempts and instances of assault against kids. A safe Halloween needs these safety tips, which you can share with your children.

Make this Halloween Safer and Happier: Halloween Safety Tips for Children

1) Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips

* It’s better to avoid unfamiliar routes while trick-or-treating

* You can move as a group, and take care not to stray away from your group. Try to include older kids in your group if possible.

* Even if you find yourselves alone, remain calm and stick to familiar places.

* Make sure you take flashlight, first-aid, route maps and addresses and contact numbers of some familiar homes with you. If you know the basics of some kind of self defense, it will help you if you encounter any danger.

* Finish your trick-or-treating before it gets too late

* Make sure that you do not accept rides from strangers

2) Road Safety and Trick or Treating

* Keep yourselves to sidewalks, and avoid roads with too much traffic

* Cross the roads carefully with your friends, and familiarize yourselves with basic road rules
* Choose bright costumes that are easily visible to drivers 

* Make sure that you can see properly in your costume. Avoid lenses, glasses or masks that may block your vision.

* Always help smaller children to walk and cross the road safely

 3) Safe Eating: Candies and Treats
* In many cases assaults and abduction attempts, the assaulters have been using drugged candies and snacks. So it is better to wait till you reach home before eating your treats.

* Make sure you do not accept or eat candies and treats from strangers

* Take care that smaller children with you do not choke on candies

4) Safe Halloween Costume Tips

* Make sure that you are not allergic to cosmetics and makeup, and do not forget to remove it thoroughly after the fun!

* Make sure that you can breathe and move around smoothly in your costume

* Choose comfortable and simpler costumes

* Do not use hazardous accessories such as weapons, blades and inflammable materials

Self Defense for a Safe Halloween 

It is best to avoid encountering strangers or provoking them. If you find yourself in some potential danger, keep calm and try to deal with the problem without worrying. Learning the basics of some self defense techniques can help you to get out. Martial arts is a good example. If you do not know any, try to remain alert, and seek help from nearby people. If you feel insecure, then it is never too late to learn some useful martial arts tactics. If you are in Massachusetts, Bruce McCorry’s Academy is here for you! Get to know the basics of self defense before you set out on your Halloween fun!

But above all, it is a matter of being aware of all the threats and trying to avoid making mistakes. Double the fun if you know the dangers and know how to defeat them! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Animal Styles of Shaolin Kung Fu

The Legendary Animal Styles of Shaolin Kung Fu
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Learning is always the widening of horizons, opening up of new experiences. If you are ready for some new, interesting modes of training that would enliven your martial art learning, then you can check out the animal moves of Shaolin Kung Fu. They are not just a varied set of styles, but also a potent mode of training that can bring to you the essence of the instinct and strength of the animal world.

The Five Legendary Animal Styles and Shaolin Kung Fu
Kung Fu is perhaps the art that can boast of the proudest heritage. This ancient Chinese martial art grew up parallel to dynasties, monasteries and histories of China. The animal combat techniques found its way to Kung Fu at its sacrosanct monastery, the Shaolin Temple, during the age of the Ming Dynasty.

Classical masters of Shaolin Kung Fu found out that what is foundational to their practice of Kung Fu - what they called chi (life energy) - was best manifest in animals. They observed the insight, instinct, wisdom and strength that made animal life quintessentially special. In animal world, the inner and the outer, the animal and the nature was always at balance. Their attempt to tap this potential resulted in the incorporation of animal styles to Shaolin Kung Fu.

Snake, Crane, Tiger, Leopard and Dragon: Pillars of Shaolin Kung Fu

The Snake Style: Snake is an animal of sensitivity, speed and flashing attack. The snake style emulates the bodily movements of a snake. One primary move is the snake hand, in which you use your pointed fist to strike like a snake. There are other moves using head, neck and body. Snake form of Kung Fu helps to sharpen reflexes and maintain focus.

The Crane Style: The crane is a bird of both peaceful meditation as well as swift and powerful attacks. In Chinese tradition, crane is the union of Yin and Yang. The crane form in Shaolin Kung Fu therefore involves both peaceful defense as well as strikingly sharp attacks on the enemy. Defense on a single leg and attack using a beak-like fist formation is central to this style.

The Tiger Style: As immortalized literature, tiger is the animal of both strength and stealth-like silence. To the ancient Chinese, the tiger is the king of animals. Tiger-style Kung Fu is therefore powerful, graceful and strong. Tiger form involves rigorous training, and stances and positions that involve the entire length of the body. Tiger claw is the central fist move in this.

The Leopard Style: The keywords that define the animal leopard as well as the leopard form of Shaolin Kung Fu are speed, calculated moves, tactics and sudden attack. The thin precision of a leopard's striking is emulated in Kung Fu using knuckle punches. This form enhances observation skills, reflexes and reasoning capacity.

The Dragon Style: Dragon is essentially the Chinese emblem of superhuman strength and larger-than-life nobility. Dragon style is hence grandest of the Kung Fu styles, unpredictable and calm. A widely shaped claw-like fist called the dragon claw is the core move. This style also uses a leg like the tail of a dragon to balance and launch the body. 

Fight like an Animal and Study Kung Fu at Bruce McCorry's
Kung Fu is central to the martial art training at Bruce McCorry's Academy. Right from the inception of the academy, Kung Fu had been a core program at the academy, and it is also the major specialization of Master Bruce McCorry who once performed at the Shaolin Temple.
Bruce McCorry at the Shaolin Temple

Learning Kung Fu at Bruce McCorry's is the experience of learning an art from its genuine masters. Never lose the chance!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Martial Arts to Fight Depression/Anxiety for All Ages

Martial Arts to Fight Depression/Anxiety for All Ages 
written by Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

In our daily lives, at least once in a while we come across someone who apparently cannot cope with stress. Whether you might have noticed it or not, if you closely examine your own lives, you may probably find some day-to-day instances where anxiety got the better of you. Otherwise you possess a remarkable composure, because modern studies reveal that 77% of Americans suffer from physical symptoms of stress and 73% from psychological symptoms.

Stress, Depression and Anxiety: Why You Need to Fight It
Modern surveys indicate a sharp increase in the societal stress factors – workplace pressure, financial problems, health, relationships, sleep deprivation and parenting are some of the top stress factors among adults. Things are not very easygoing for children as well. Competitive atmosphere, study stress, bullying, lack of confidence and peer pressure are some of the major stress factors among kids.

Stress, when constantly experienced, turns to anxiety, and begins to be triggered at vague or trivial reasons as well. Stress and anxiety can also manifest in the form of clinical depression. In whichever phase you find yourselves in, it is important to know that it is not a very happy place to be, even if you might dismiss it as quite a normal part of your daily life. Stress, anxiety and depression can lead to disruption of personal and professional lives, inability to balance work and home, alienation, isolation, sleeplessness and physical impacts.

Fighting Depression and Anxiety: Martial Arts for Stress Relief
When it comes to stress, anxiety and depression, the enemy is almost always within you. In fact, 90% of depression, anxiety and worry come not from external factors that we already pointed out, but from our own inability to cope with them. The hurdles may be anything: lack of health, lack of confidence, lack of socialization skills and so on.

The aim of martial arts is not to vanquish the enemy, but to end the enmity between you and your foe. Different martial arts can help you to overcome your personal drawbacks and limitations. Martial arts can enhance your health, fitness, physical strength, social skills and naturally your confidence level. All these equip you to do better in whichever situation you find yourselves in.

Martial arts also helps directly to calm your mind. Meditation, breath regulation, rhythmic movements, concentration and mind focus are part of many martial arts. All these can shift your focus from negative thoughts and fill your mind with positive energy.

Martial Arts to Fight Depression/Anxiety for All Ages: Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Bruce McCorry’s Academy is one of the topmost martial art schools in Massachusetts, open to learners of all ages. Former students will unanimously testify how their experience at Bruce McCorry’s has helped them to tide over their fears, anxieties and worries. Child learners have learned to cope with study stress and classroom pressures through martial arts. Adults have successfully learned to manage their profession, relationship and family through what they learned at Bruce McCorry’s. Martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s is a portal that would equip you to deal with the worries and anxieties of the outer world. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Karate Exercise for Kids - Best Choice

The Importance of Exercise for your Kids: Karate - The Perfect All-Around Choice
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Exercise, Health and Happiness: The Need of the Hour
Considering the kind of hectic life that school going children lead these days, parents often have to deliberately choose what is right and healthy for them. As a parent, you might be quite at ease at organizing your child’s schedule. But setting up a rigorous schedule that incorporates entertainment and studies completes only a part of what a child’s body and mind needs. A healthy lifestyle, which enables your child to develop physically and mentally, becomes possible only when you incorporate engaging physical activities to his or her schedule. 

But as parents, you might also know how difficult it is to get your youngster off the couch and get him/her to do some physical exercise. Often, regulating your kid’s schedule involves cutting back on a number of things that he or she may love – video games, television, computer or texting. Fitting exercise into these slots is not an easy task, as no child will be willing to sacrifice his/her happy time for something which they do not enjoy. Is there anything that you can do as parents?

Exercise For Your Kids - Karate, the All-Around Choice
This is where martial arts becomes the key to your child’s health and development. The great role martial arts can play in the health, fitness and immunity of children is a scientifically proven fact. One efficient example would be Karate. Experts and doctors unanimously agree on the potential of Karate in promoting child health. Karate can improve immunity against common childhood illnesses. It has been shown to contribute to long-term health as well. In the long run, learners of martial arts, Karate-learners in particular, show greater resistance to silent threats like hypertension and diabetes. Karate learners also show lesser chances to develop obesity in later life. Even childhood obesity can be checked to a great extent through Karate.

But perhaps the greatest merit of martial arts like Karate is that it is as much fun as it is efficient. Children who opt to learn Karate and other martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) often speak of how they find their martial art lessons as much fun as or even more enjoyable than the activities they used to do before joining Karate. Efficiency always lies in a person’s own motivation to be part of something. And that is why at places like Bruce McCorry’s Academy, we see kids returning to learn new courses and programs, simply because they enjoy the engaging lessons. There is no better way to motivate your child to do exercise than a friendly learning space.

How Important is Martial Arts?

It is not just important; it is also your responsibility as a parent to make sure that your child engages in healthy exercise for at least sixty minutes a day. A very recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention maintained that around 18% of the children between 5 and 11 years of age suffer from obesity in the United States. May be this is not as much disheartening as the fact that the number of children who suffer from lifestyle problems like obesity are on the increase in the past years. The role played by lack of physical activity in this is very large. It is both the recommendation of doctors and your duty as a parent to choose the right healthy lifestyle for your kid, without excuses. Make the choice now!    

Thursday, October 15, 2015

In honor of Breast Cancer Month - Statistics on meditation and energy healing

In honor of Breast Cancer Month - Statistics on Meditation and Energy Healing 
 Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Breast cancer is the second most common form of malignancy that is seen among American women. All over the world, the month of October is observed as the breast cancer awareness month, aimed at spreading awareness regarding breast cancer, reducing the risk of life involved in the illness, and conveying the words of hope and happiness to the survivors. Thanks to the unrelenting effort of anti-Cancer medical activists, improved health and lifestyle facilities, more and more women are aware today that if you are above fifty, one mammogram in two years can actually help you to lead better, secure and happy lives. 

The Potential of Alternative Cures: Meditation and Energy Healing
While honoring the great contribution made by modern scientific research and allopathy in identifying, treating and healing breast cancer, it is also wise to look into the great potential that some alternative or complementary healing practices like meditation and energy healing have in treating breast cancer.

The breakthrough in cancer research came with an influential paper by researchers from the University of Calgary, Canada in 2014. The team headed by Linda E. Carlson successfully argued that mindfulness-based methods like meditation and energy healing as well as the aid of support groups has a material role in cancer recovery. Out of the 88 survivors of breast cancer, subjected to study by the research team, those who took meditation and the help of support groups found differences at the cellular level, which was a milestone in their research.

Until then, these alternate healing practices were mostly considered just complementary to medicinal treatment. But this study and a number of works that followed in the last two years showed how mind-focus methods can physically enhance cancer healing at a cellular level. This is a developing area of research that has many more achievements still to come.

This aspect of mind healing in fact adds to the original potential attributed to these methods. While modern cancer treatment like radiation and chemotherapy are widely used and effective in many instances, meditation and energy healing support and motivate the patient through the treatment period. While the former places its focus on concentration, mind focus and calming of mind, the latter places its emphasis on regulating and concentrating bodily energy in specific ways to help the healing process. Thus meditation and energy healing both physically aids cancer recovery and also imparts courage, positive mindset and willpower to the patient.

Breast Cancer Meditation and Energy Healing Consultancy at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Depending upon the nature of their condition, martial arts in compatible forms are often recommended by doctors for breast cancer victims and survivors. Bruce McCorry’s Academy has led many women back to life, health and happiness through effective and nourishing training methods. 

Today, this endeavor of Bruce McCorry’s Academy to help victims to fight cancer is getting a new dimension in terms of meditation and energy healing. The academy now offers consultancy in positive energy healing and meditation techniques by Master Bruce McCorry, who is extensively trained in both. Bruce McCorry’s Academy is a space where you can redefine your life through positive methods of healing and recovery. It is also a space where mutual support, positive thinking and a healthy and safe atmosphere will help you in your journey.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Ultimate Martial Arts Destination

The Ultimate Martial Arts Destination 
 Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

In 1978, a young martial artist from Massachusetts - Master Bruce McCorry - set out to realize his vision to establish a space where people can come together to learn martial arts and enrich their lives. From this, Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) was born. What started as a dream has become the most renowned martial art school in Massachusetts, accommodating many programs, taught by veteran instructors, changing the lives of thousands of learners in the past four decades.

The Best of Global Martial Arts: Programs at Bruce McCorry's

The courses offered at the academy are a selection of the best martial art courses that is known and practiced around the world. 

Taekwondo is a classical Korean martial art that was born out of a mélange of Korean military defenses, Confucianist philosophy and Chinese spiritual influence. Today it is a globally popular art under the effective leadership of the World Taekwondo Federation. The popularity of Taekwondo is mainly due its position as an all-rounder. It helps adults and seniors to achieve better health, fitness and emotional poise and it enhances intellect and memory in children. At Bruce McCorry's, it is taught in a unique blend of theory and practice.

The history of Kung Fu is also the history of the dynasties, heritage and Buddhist monasteries of China. The stronghold of modern Kung Fu is the Shaolin Temple, the legendary Kung Fu monastery which lives up to today. In the 20th century, Kung Fu won global attention for its meditative qualities, its power to bring discipline in life and its artistic grace. Master McCorry's performance at Shaolin Temple forged a special bond between the academy and Kung Fu, and this spirit lives in each of the instructors at the academy.

The Chinese boxing art Tai Chi is often termed the Ultimate Fist, because it can redraw the learner's life through seemingly light moves made up of fist, arms and knees. This art which is a heritage of the traditional warrior families of China was later championed by the government. Though light, Tai Chi is intrinsically powerful. Modern medicine looks upon Tai Chi for its scientifically proven clinical benefits, its ability to heal. strengthen core fitness, balance and focus. Bruce McCorry's has one of the most professional Tai Chi programs in MA.

Kickboxing is a martial art of invention, originally conceived as a mantra for cardiac health in the 20th century. The turn in the fate of Kickboxing happened when its unbelievable fitness potential was unearthed by professionals in the 1990s. The Bruce McCorry's course, started immediately after the global appearance of Kickboxing in 1990s, has today evolved to a specialized undertaking called Kickboxing Peabody, the perfect Kickboxing haven of Massachusetts at

Bruce McCorry's offers a Little Ninjas program that is aimed at enhancing motor abilities, communication, life skills and socializing faculty in children of pre-school age. It accommodates kids from 3 to 6 years. It is one of the best formative courses, specially designed for initiating budding champions to martial arts.

Both of these are professional courses for serious pursuers of martial arts. These celebratory strands of martial arts were born out of the martial art competitions that became the rage of the day during 1990s in Japan, the Pacific and Europe. MMA blends together a variety of martial arts and has to its credit world-wide contests like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). XMA freely blends martial arts, acrobatics and gymnastics to create a highly performative mode of martial arts. MMA and XMA are the sought-after jewels of professional martial artists who seek out glory and global success. Bruce McCorry's courses in MMA and XMA introduce learners to these celebrated arts under safe and supervised circumstances.

The Juniors Program is for kids from 7 to 12 years. It is the most comprehensive foundation course for young martial art enthusiasts. Apart from regular courses, the academy has two unique programs – the Afterschool Martial Arts Program (AMP) and the Summer Program. AMP, with its nationally recognized curriculum and its comprehensive and safe instructional pattern, is perhaps the best afterschool course today available in Massachusetts. Summer Program introduces the foundation of martial arts to young children in a blend of fun activities, games, field trips and enjoyment. Both come with attractive offers at an affordable fee.

There is also a rare Special Needs course which is designed for specially abled kids and adults. Anyone from 3 years onward can be a part of this extremely beneficial course. It is aimed at enhancing the quality of life of people with special needs and enriching their physical and mental ability to interact with the world. Hundreds of learners have found this course life-changing.

These courses are a portal to Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy which is a space where lives find fulfillment, dreams come true. Bruce McCorry's Academy is your place to experience the perfect martial arts in the ultimate martial arts destination.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kickboxing Classes -Why KICKBOXING PEABODY

Kickboxing Classes and Why KICKBOXING PEABODY at 
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 

 Kickboxing Classes in Peabody

Cardio Kickboxing: The Art of the Day
Cardio Kickboxing is comparatively a newer member of the globally popular martial art circles. Born out of the fusion of numerous traditional martial arts as well as the specific fitness needs of the late 20th century, it became a rage in the 1990s. Originally, it was conceived as a martial art that can enhance cardiac health and ease coronary blood circulation. Once invented, it became a panacea for the health and fitness problems of our hectic age. It is today proven to tone legs and abdomen muscles, burn calories beyond belief, to sharpen brain reflexes, to ease metabolic function, to relieve stress and to create confidence in learners. In many ways, it has today become the art of the day, perfectly tuned in to nourish the busy lives of our age.

Bruce McCorry's Academy: The True Kickboxing Haven of Massachusetts
Bruce McCorry's Academy ( is an inevitable name in the history of Kickboxing in Massachusetts. Being the initiator of one of the first ever Kickboxing classes in Massachusetts in 1978, Bruce McCorry's academy and then became one of the earliest homes of the original Kickboxing programs of the 1990s. At that time, it was already a significant name in martial arts circles, with a heritage since 1978. Today, about to reach the twentieth year of its Kickboxing program, Bruce McCorry's is not just a long-standing but also a sought-after name in the field of Cardio Kickboxing.

Through these twenty years, the continuously updated course of Kickboxing at www.KickboxingPeabodycom,  Bruce McCorry's paralleled the changes that the art form underwent at a global level. Today, the Kickboxing program offered at Bruce McCorry's is therefore at par with the universal standards, and one of the best Kickboxing courses to be offered in the US. The senior instructor of Kickboxing at the academy – Master Sandra, has been in Kickboxing since the 1990s and is a  true veteran in the art. The instructor team also comprises of other master instructors,  Miss Su, Miss Stepanie and Mr. Jon, together they make one of the strongest Kickboxing faculties in Massachusetts.

Kickboxing Peabody: The Best of Bruce McCorry's Kickboxing for You
The thirty-seven years of Kickboxing heritage at Bruce McCorry's has resulted in the formation of a new and better-than-ever-before Kickboxing wing at Bruce McCorry's, now known as Kickboxing Peabody. Kickboxing Peabody comes with all the numerous benefits of authentic Bruce McCorry's Cardio Kickboxing, now offered at an affordable fee, with focus on technique and safety. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes with many added benefits such as a hassle-free sign up process, many free offers, an amazing campus conveniently located and lots of parking space!

But above all, it is the realization of our dream project to make available authentic kickboxing lessons to everyone in the society at a reasonable cost. Amidst the many Kickboxing courses that commercialize and market this respected martial art, Bruce McCorry's is a difference. Once you choose Kickboxing Peabody for yourself, and start enjoying the positive changes that it brings to your life such as confidence, health and fitness, you will see at once that the difference between Bruce McCorry's and others is simply the difference between the best and the rest. Never forgo this chance to train under the true and the original martial artists and masters of Massachusetts!

Sign up today, at or Call (978) 535-7878