Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Year, New You with Martial Arts

New Year, New You with Martial Arts 
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Studies indicate that around half of the Americans welcome the New Year with a New Year resolution. Psychologically, the desire to bring about a total change in one’s lifestyle or behavior is closely linked to the innate wish of humans to constantly improve and advance themselves. Despite a strong intrinsic motivation like this, only 8% of the population – the most perseverant of the lot – actually manages to stick to their pledges. Is it an unreachable goal to aspire for a totally new you?

You will find a million sources that tell you how to do it right. They will ask you to set realistic and achievable goals, go through them one at a year and go easy on yourselves. Ironically, while the whole idea of a New Year resolution is to improve yourself and lead a life without limits, the wisdom of the modern pundits asks you to limit yourself. 

A New You this New Year: Martial Arts to Achieve New Year Resolutions
What if you found something that will instead help you to stick to the many unachievable and unlimited resolutions you want to set for yourself? That magic wand for you is martial arts.

Martial arts have a unique influence on your mind, body and emotional profile. This means that it will help you transform every aspect of your life and become a new you. If we practically relate this to some of the most common New Year goals:

* Martial arts will make you fit and toned and will inspire you to remain so. 

* Martial arts will motivate you to lead a healthier lifestyle. With the right physical activity and brain stimulation, you can keep lifestyle diseases and immunity-related concerns at bay.

* Martial arts can inspire you to kick your bad habits by helping you to reconnect with your center and be in touch with your inner self.

* If your ideal you is a calm, confident person, martial arts is for you. You can achieve mental quiet, emotional balance and self-confidence through martial arts.

However, the key to any lifestyle change is perseverance. The 92% of the lot fail to live up to their New Year goals not because they care less, but simply because they have a less perseverant personality. Martial arts will help you to work on this aspect of your personality. 

Find Your Ideal Self at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
A quality martial art school like Bruce McCorry’s Academy becomes relevant because of the individual and customized martial art experience you get here. The academy knows that the ideal you can be different for each one. Each of you can have different goals and different paths to reach your ideal: losing weight, leading healthier lives, cutting on bad habits, kicking stress or being confident are only some of them. Some of you might want to reconnect with yourselves, some might want to build better relationships, and some might want to focus more on work or family. 

The personal guidance by martial art experts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy will help you to identify your right goals. We help you to choose the right martial art and learn it in in the right way to achieve your New Year goals. For a unique martial art experience and a unique you, choose Bruce McCorry’s Academy.

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Martial Arts: The Perfect Holiday Gift for Kids and Adults

Martial Arts: The Perfect Holiday Gift for Kids and Adults
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - Peabody, MA

Gifts make each holiday season special, not just for those who receive them, but also for those who give them. Giving a gift brings the joy and satisfaction of making someone we love happy. But choosing a gift is as much a difficult task as a joyful one. We never want to give anything less than the perfect gift for those whom we really care for. But choosing a perfect, complete gift often sounds impractical. Is there a way to gift your loved ones everything that they need in life at one go? Perhaps there is.

How Martial Arts Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift
If you want to gift your loved ones all that they really need in life, perhaps the ideal holiday gift you should choose is martial arts. For a few years now, getting a gym membership for someone is gaining popularity as a holiday gift. Sure, a gym membership is a convenient short-cut to achieving a fit body. But getting your loved ones an opportunity to learn martial arts means much more than fitness.

* By gifting martial arts, you are giving someone the gift of health and strength. Martial art learners are the least probable to succumb to lifestyle diseases or fall ill with minor illnesses. Martial art is also an efficient way to achieve a strong, assertive physique.

* The gift of fitness is inbuilt in martial arts. Unlike a gym membership, those who gets the chance to learn martial arts will never resent their gift. It is an enjoyable and effective way to achieve a fit and toned body.

* Getting someone a chance to learn martial arts means you are gifting them confidence and courage to face the crises in life. Martial arts will come to their aid at every turn in their life, and will help them to develop capability for self-defense, self-confidence and courage.

* There are many who simply crave for a stress-free and calm life. Martial arts are a way of life that will teach the learner to get out of the loop of stress and enjoy the calm and quiet joys of life even in a fast-paced life. There’s nothing better that could be gifted at the beginning of a new, hopeful year.

* Above all, a gift of martial arts means gifting positive outlook and positive energy. Positivity is something that everyone needs to develop from within. But introducing anyone to the world of martial arts is an excellent way to inspire positivity in someone you care for.

Gift the Best of Martial Arts through Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Given that martial arts is the ideal gift that you can get for your loved ones this Christmas and New Year, it is up to you to get them the best martial arts package out there. Bruce McCorry’s Academy, one of the premier martial art schools in Massachusetts is a perfect choice. For the last four decades, the academy has ruled the martial art scenario steady and strong. With experienced staff, a diverse range of courses and varied schemes under which people of all ages can join, Bruce McCorry’s is the best martial art experience that you can wish for anyone. 

Gifting the best of martial arts to your loved ones is now at your fingertips as the academy offers convenient gift certificates that make this holiday special than ever before. Let this be the holiday that your loved ones will remember forever!   (978) 535-7878

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Kick Peer Pressure with Martial Arts

Kick Peer Pressure with Martial Arts
 written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

If you ask a child psychologist or educationist about the prime factor that pushes a kid to risky behavior, he/she is sure to name peer pressure. It is clinically shown that by the time children are in the middle school, gradually the influence that parents or adults hold over them diminish. Instead, what their friends and peers think of them becomes important. Parents have to be aware of the pitfalls of peer pressure to help kids through it.

Getting to Know Peer Pressure 

From the age of seven to the late teens, every child goes through a socially vulnerable phase where it becomes important for them to fit in, win social approval from their peers and be popular among them. The core of the peer pressure mentality is the inability to say no to the peers even if the child might know that they are up to potentially risky behavior. Anything that a peer picks up from a movie or an older kid might become a fad and lead your child to the same path, potentially destructive. This might include serious behavioral problems such as cheating, bullying, and trying out smoking, alcohol or drugs. In short, peer pressure can wreck every effort you put into right parenting from the time your child was born.

 Dealing with Peer Pressure through Martial Arts

As parents you can help your child to resist peer pressure in many ways: 
* By developing a comfort zone with your kid where he/she can tell anything to you
* By taking it coolly if you come to know of a peer pressure situation
* By getting to know your kid’s friends
* By trying to tell them the difference between what is cool and what is risky. 

But all this might potentially backfire as this is a phase where kids might be naturally hostile to the parents. The child might cut off completely from you if he/she feels that you are overreacting or stalking them. 

A more effective way would be to put your child in a positive hangout where he/she will get to learn the right path from a source other than family. A great example is a martial art school. Training at a positively oriented martial art school like Bruce McCorry’s Academy is an example of how martial arts can help your child to resist peer pressure in the following concrete ways:

1. Martial art teaches your kid to stand up for what they believe is right and defend themselves from peers and bullies

2. It gives them the courage to say no to negativity and face the consequences 

3. It gives them a positive act to channelize their energy 

4. A martial art school acts as a positive peer group that can counteract the negative peer influence

5. Martial arts gives your child an alternate way to be cool and popular among peers and they no more have to subject themselves to peer pressure to feel belonged

6. Above all, martial arts will teach them that to be truly cool is to be independent of others’ ideas

Parental advise can only last as long as the children step out of their home. But martial arts stay with them when they are actually put through a peer pressure situation. Make the choice and help your child to kick peer pressure with martial arts.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to Choose the Best Martial Arts Classes in Your Area

How to Choose the Best Martial Arts Classes in Your Area: Some Tips

Nowadays, tutorials of everything from dance and aerobics to yoga and martial arts reach your home straight through television, DVDs or internet. All of these claim to change your life forever. These might sound appealing to anyone who cares for themselves. But before you fall for such claims, there are a few facts to keep in mind. Firstly, if there's any teachable art that can actually bring about a holistic transformation to your life, it is martial arts: unlike the rest, martial arts alone caters to your body, mind, emotions and intellect all at once.

Secondly, if you think you can learn true martial arts in its essence from a self-instruction tutorial, you couldn't be more wrong. A locally-based, reliable and professional martial art school is your one-way ticket to success in martial arts and life.

Choosing the Best Martial Art School in Your Area: Some Tips

Choosing one from the numerous martial art institutions around you might be a difficult task. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before you pick one of the several available choices in your area:

* How long has a particular school been around? – The longer the legacy of a school, it means that the school has been popular and successful from its beginning and it has changed itself with the times.

* Does the school make the learner a priority?

* How qualified and experienced are the instructors?

* How inclusive are the courses offered at the martial art school?

* Does the school provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere?

A school that fulfills the most of these expectations is definitely the best in your area.

The Best Martial Arts Lessons in North Shore, MA: Bruce McCorry's Academy

If you are looking for a perfect martial art school in North Shore, MA, you don't have to look further. Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts in Peabody has a satisfying answer to all these queries.

From 1978, Bruce McCorry's is one of the established martial art schools in Massachusetts, with a legacy that dates back to almost four decades. The academy has an astounding faculty led by Bruce McCorry, an internationally reputed martial art legend. Majority of the instructors in the academy have been in martial arts for ten years or more. Through these years, they have trained thousands of learners and helped them to achieve the goals that matter the most to them.

The learner always comes first for the academy. Every learner gets customized attention from the instructors who know their strengths and weaknesses. They help students to work for the particular goals like health, fitness or confidence they want to succeed in. Bruce McCorry's has one of the most inclusive curriculum that extends over 10 different programs. There are courses for preschoolers; kids from 6 to 12 years; teens, adults and seniors as well as people with special needs. Each program fits in seamlessly with the daily routine of those who want to take it. For instance, schoolgoing kids can take their lessons either as an afterschool program or as a summer program. Every moment, the instructors and the staff pay special regard to ensure that learners have a comfortable, safe and unforgettable experience.

For the thousands who have already experienced Bruce McCorry's martial arts, it has been one decisive choice that made their lives. If you are in lookout for the best out there, do not miss out on Bruce McCorry's!

Give a try today, for free.  Call 978. 535.7878 or go online to and signup for a free trial class.  No obligations.

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Karate Lessons for Children and Adults

An Incredible Way to Live Life: Karate Lessons for 
Children and Adults at Bruce McCorry’s Academy 

Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - Peabody, Ma

A few months before, the martial art Karate was all over the news, thanks to a senior from Canada. When the 72-year-old cancer survivor, Gloria Smith landed upon nothing less than a black belt in Karate, she was not just defeating her age and her health condition, but she was also winning over life.

When a woman of indomitable determination and resolve like Gloria Smith lauds Karate as a total way of life, it indicates the significance that an art like Karate has in the 21st century. Karate which took birth as a minor martial art in the Japanese isles of Ryukyu has today become a way of life that the world has come to prefer. This is some incredible journey.

An Incredible Way to Live Life: Karate Lessons for Children and Adults at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

Believe it or not, Karate has some actual answers for a number of issues that bother you in your day-to-day life. With the inherited legacy of the Japanese tradition and the wisdom it acquired from martial art veterans throughout centuries, it is an art that can transform your life.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, Massachusetts) offer unique Karate lessons that imbibe the true values that have guided Karate from its early days. Our Karate lessons focus on some of the core values that make Karate distinct in today’s world of hustle and bustle: 

  •  A Martial Art for the Whole Being: Karate is a martial art that can positively transform your body and mind. If learned with care, it can perfect your reflexes and coordination, enhance metabolism, make you agile and at the same time, toned. It can help you to take a break from stress, and calm your mind. A healthy, refreshed body and mind is your reward for genuinely learning Karate. Our Karate lessons try to bring your whole being alive through professional and gentle instruction.
  •  A Martial Art for the Individual and the Society: Karate inspires you from within, by instilling a positive spirit toward the self and fostering self-esteem and confidence in you. But it also tells you how to self-actualize without hampering the lives of others. Some values that Karate teaches are cooperation, respect, admiration and concern for fellow beings. As much as it helps you to defend yourself from negativity, it guides you to embrace and imbibe the positivity in others. 
  •  A Martial Art for Everyone: A third value which guides our lessons is that Karate is for all. If a 72-year-old can get inspired from a great art like Karate, so can a four-year-old who has just stepped into the social world. Whether you are a preschooler, a child martial art learner, a teenager, an adult learner or a senior, you will find Karate enjoyable and inspiring. This guides our lessons which are open to all age groups, in different categories. For people with special needs and people who have survived chronic conditions, Karate can be a real blessing that will lead them back to life. We include everyone because we believe that a good life is everyone’s right.

From beginners who want to check out Karate for the sake of curiosity to professionals who find their life’s passion in the art, Bruce McCorry’s Academy has been the Karate hub of many. Be a part of the once-in-a-lifetime Karate experience that the academy offers.

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Time to Unplug: Kick the Stress with Martial Arts!

Time to Unplug: Kick the Stress with Martial Arts! 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Technology: Stress Buster or Stress Booster?
It is interesting that we have come to equate technology with stress relief. Increasingly in the recent years, our definition of taking a break from stress always leads us to technology. Take a look at the things we have come to define as entertainment, and hence a relief from stress by default: movies, internet, social media, iPod, video games… The question to ask is do they really bust stress? 

Studies do not answer this positively. For instance, stats tell us that:

  •  If we misplace a cellphone, 73% of us feel panicked, 14% feel desperate and 7% sick – a total of 94%.
  •  48% of us feel the need to check social media even after having retired to bed for the day.
  •  Around 11% to 49% of us feel disrupted by electronic notifications during eating, using the bathroom or during a meeting 
  •  44% of us find it difficult to sleep if we don’t take the cellphone to bed with us.

This shows that we have come to live in the age of technology addiction. Technology today causes much more anguish and torment to people than the relief it is believed to provide. The consequences of technology addiction include

  •  Withdrawal symptoms - as in the case of any addiction - that can lead to serious issues like depression
  •  Gradual shrinking of the brain, which can eventually reach dangerous levels – as much as 20%
  •  Not being interested in the world outside technology
  •  Strained relationships with friends and family
  •  Health issues such as obesity that proceed from physical inactivity 

Each time you find a technology addict describing himself/herself using words such as insecure, desperate, lonely, anguished or messed up, it reminds you of the reality: it is finally time for us to unplug.

Unplug from Technology and Kick the Stress with Martial Arts
This leaves us a crossroad. If we genuinely cut down the usage of cellphones, television, internet, tablets and laptop, what remains? Tired from work or study, what do we turn to for relief? 

Of all the healthy and refreshing ways to entertain ourselves and relieve stress, the top place definitely goes to martial arts. Martial art is the only pastime that can at once work toward your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It begins in physical movements, breath exercises and practice, but it gradually fills your mind, body and soul, touching every aspect of your life in a positive way.

Martial art lessons at a qualified martial art school like Bruce McCorry’s is an example of how you can actually achieve stress-relief through a physically refreshing and healthy pastime. In martial arts, you will find the most fun alternate to a number of things that you simply hate in life. With martial arts in your life, there is no more need to worry about working out or dieting. With martial arts at your side, you will no more fall short of expectations in your school or work. No more will you be burdened by lack of confidence or lifestyle-related health issues.  

It is time to say no to technological entertainment that ruins your mental calm. Instead, say yes to martial arts - the most enjoyable and easy-to-do way to escape from stress!

Enjoy a Free Trial Today, call today (978) 535-7878 or sign up at :

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tai Chi and Energy Healing

Tai Chi and Energy Healing: The Bruce McCorry's Combo for Life 
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Tai Chi is one of the numerous forms and styles of Qigong, a globally loved martial art that made its way into every nook and corner of the world. Tai Chi is one of the martial arts that can brag the richest heritage as it has inherited the values of prosperous Chinese spiritual and martial traditions of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. However, the reason why Tai Chi is so popular in the international martial art scenario is that there is something markedly modern in it. If the 21st century has a martial art of healing, Tai Chi is that.

The Clinical Miracles of Tai Chi: An Art that Can Heal
It has been two decades since doctors have started repeatedly associating Tai Chi with the terms healing and cure. The clinical and medicinal research in Tai Chi has pulled it right through centuries and recognized it as the therapeutic solution to many health problems that plague the 21st century man and woman. 

The earliest research discovered that Tai Chi has great orthopedic healing capability as it can successfully combat osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and other issues related to bone density. For those who acquired bone-related conditions hereditarily and for millions of women who suffer from orthopedic conditions during menopause, Tai Chi came as a boon. 

Soon after, Tai Chi was found to help neurological problems as well. A breakthrough discovery showed that the muscular difficulties that follow from neurological conditions like Parkinsonism can be improved through Tai Chi.

Cancer is definitely the most lethal of conditions that plague the 21st century humanity. Can Tai Chi be of help in our battle against cancer? For a while the possibility of Tai Chi being an addition to clinical cure was explored by scientists. This means that Tai Chi was found supportive in dealing with a number of additional concerns that affect cancer patients such as tiredness, lack of physical strength, mood swings, depression and stress.

Energy Healing in the 21st Century: From the Margins to the Centre
Can Tai Chi step from being an addition to being the cure itself? Its possibility doesn’t seem so far. A landmark 2014 study at University of Calgary indicates that energy healing programs like meditation, mind healing and yoga are not just additional healing practices that can motivate a person and support them through the main clinical curing process. On the contrary they can actually induce physical changes at the cellular level, which means that they have a potential to don the role of the main cure. What is true for alternate healing stands true for martial arts as well. For a clinically potent martial art like Tai Chi, this means a lot.

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Mind Control for Adults to Lose Weight at Bruce McCorry's Academy

Mind Control for Adults to Lose Weight at Bruce McCorry's Academy 
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Mind control skills in martial arts are like a lore of the modern times, thanks to the numerous cultural representations in movies, shows and books of martial artists performing miracles with mind control. You might perhaps dismiss a martial artist levitating an object through mind control as a trick or performance. But the truth is that mind control in martial arts can perform miracles, but of a totally different kind. You can use mind control-based martial arts for a number of wonders: to shape and tone your body the way you want to, to make your martial arts training more perfect or to achieve goals like confidence and self-defense.

Mind Control: The Road from Vision to Reality

The basic principle of mind control is that one’s body and mind are intimately related. Its key is the notion that focus, concentration and repeated mental imagery can actually bring real changes to whatever goal you are aspiring at a worldly level. Even in a common sport which demands coordination and focus, there is some level of mind control that comes into play. But in something like martial arts where the mind and body are linked in intricate ways, mind control can unlock great changes.

Mind Control in Martial Arts for Weight Loss: Techniques and Benefits

Everyone has a motive to learn martial arts. For many learners, weight loss is a significant motive that draws them to martial arts. There are several mind control techniques a learner can use in martial arts to achieve the goal of weight loss. Some are given below:

* Focused Concentration: Focusing your attention on the specific change that you want to happen and concentrating on that while practicing martial arts is one form of mind control. For instance, if toned legs are something you want to achieve, you could focus and concentrate on your legs while performing martial art moves that are related to the leg muscles.
* Repetition and Rehearsal: Yet another form of mind control is repeatedly rehearsing to yourself the goal you want to earn. In addition to actual martial art practice you could rehearse your moves mentally many times and this improves the result. Repeated mental rehearsal coupled with actual practice increases the amount of pounds you can burn much quicker and with less effort.
* Visualization: Visualization is a more powerful form of mind rehearsal. If it is the repetitiveness that improves the result in the above instance, here it is the detailed and intense scenario that you imagine for yourselves that makes the difference. You can start with visualizing simple scenarios of action that leads to weight loss and make it more intense as you go along.

The Best of Mind Control Martial Arts for Adults: Bruce McCorry’s Academy

The above are a few of the ways in which you can tap the strength of mind control to grab your desired goals. At a professional martial arts school like Bruce McCorry’s Academy, you can unlock the miracles of the mind and explore the many ways in which mind control can be used to seize your dream. Just as the illustration above takes weight loss as an instance, you can use similar techniques to achieve health, confidence, stress-relief, strength of body, the ability to defend yourselves and so on. You can also perfect your training and achieve glory in martial arts. 

Mind control can be the keyword that can usher in a change to your life at home and at workplace, in your daily life and in your future goals. Make up your mind today! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) - The Best Choice

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) - The Best Choice

Questions that are faced by those who want to learn martial arts are many. But the first and the most crucial choice anyone has to make is where to learn martial arts. Because, as martial art experts often say, the right school is the first step to success and brilliance in the field of martial arts. Whether you want to make it big in the world as a martial artist or whether you want to achieve health, fitness, happiness and a stress-free life through it, an academy that can give you professional and customized schooling is your ultimate solution.

A Shining Name in the Pages of Martial Arts: Bruce McCorry's Academy

One of the oldest names in the martial arts history of Massachusetts, Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy is a unique space where you will find superior martial arts lessons from instructors with years of experience in each martial art. The brainchild of Master Bruce McCorry who entered the martial arts Hall of Fame in 2002, the academy was inaugurated as a small martial arts school at Peabody in 1978, with the aim to propagate the benefits of martial arts among enthused learners and to motivate hundreds to live healthy, stress-free and happy lives. Today, with knowledgeable staff, programs spread across different categories and two special wings for Kickboxing and Preschoolers, Bruce McCorry's Academy is the most adored name in Massachusetts martial arts.

Choosing What You Want: Bruce McCorry's Courses

The academy believes that every learner has his or her own dream to fulfill from the treasure trove of martial arts. The duty of a good martial art school is to help the learners to accomplish their own dreams and goals by providing personalized lessons and attention to individual learners. To suit the needs of all learners, both children and adults, the academy offers superior lessons in a range of martial arts including Taekwondo, Cardio Kickboxing, Kung-Fu, Yoga, Tai Chi, Mixed Martial Arts and Xtreme Martial Arts. Whichever age group you belong to, you will find a martial art that fits you from the courses ranging over the categories of preschoolers, kids, teens and adults. For children, academy runs exceptional Afterschool Martial Arts Program (AMP) and Summer Program. The inclusive Special Needs Program at the academy strives to make the lives of people with special needs better. As the academy follows the clinical and research-oriented developments in each field of martial arts and tries to keep pace with the changing trends, two special wings – Kickboxing Peabody and Preschooler Martial Arts Peabody – have been inaugurated over years.

Martial Arts that Counts: Bruce McCorry's to Transform Your Life

In Bruce McCorry's Academy, you will find one of the most learner-friendly martial art schools in the area. For the instructors and the staff, the comfort and safety of the learners, especially the kids, is of top priority. You will find a lively campus and a vibrant co-learner community at the academy. The academy will teach you to relentlessly pursue your goals whether it is health, fitness, confidence, stress-relief, self-defense, fame or success. Martial arts at Bruce McCorry's Academy can be your supportive companion for your life at home or work, or school in the case of children. With numerous unique offers such as a transport service for children and a free trial, you can make your choice with no second thoughts. 

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Staying Motivated During the Holiday Season: Martial Arts to the Rescue

Staying Motivated During the Holiday Season: Martial Arts to the Rescue

For a number of years, surveys have shown that fitness goals have come to top our New Year resolution lists. Is it just because of the desire to begin anew at the outset of a new year? It is quite likely that the guilt feeling of having spent a lazy and unhealthy holiday season is also behind the New Year spurt in fitness concerns. Holiday pounds are almost a phrase these days, as the long break from healthy diet and gym sessions coupled with frequent travels lead many of us to irreversible weight gain during November-December. To top it all, the holiday mood which prompts us to take a break from everything tiring is a dangerously demotivating attitude when it comes to fitness and health.

Staying Motivated through Holiday Season: Martial Arts to the Rescue

Why is it that the leisurely mood associated with holidays is so demotivating to our fitness goals? In the holiday season where healthy diet gives way to sumptuous holiday meals and daily routine is disrupted by travels and trips, it is all the more important to engage in physical activities. But a large majority of us depend on gym sessions for working out and we do not find it enjoyable or easy to do. When the holiday mood sets in, the first thing we want a break from is the tiring and tedious workout sessions.

 What we really need for fitness motivation during holiday season is something more fun and effective, at the same time not too difficult. And only martial arts can take that place. Martial art is the perfect way to take on holiday fitness concerns such as weight gain and loss of toned muscles. Once you learn an art from a professional martial arts school, you can easily take it with you during your holiday trips, wherever you go. As martial arts is a quicker and more effective fitness remedy than usual workout, you can easily find time to fit it into your holiday schedule. Martial art tones not just your body, but it also motivates your mind. But above all, it is something that you will enjoy. This is the key to fitness motivation as this prevents you from that unhealthy urge to take a break from fitness during holidays. 

 Holiday Fitness Motivation: Bruce McCorry's is the Destination

If you are in lookout for the best martial arts school that can keep you loyal to your fitness dreams, you must check out Bruce McCorry's Academy. One of the oldest and experienced martial arts schools in Massachusetts, Bruce McCorry's keeps up with the latest developments in the martial art scenario and offers quality lessons in different martial art programs. With separate and customized programs for adults, children, preschoolers and people with special needs, Bruce McCorry's is your prime choice in martial arts. Everything at the academy including proficient and friendly instructors, the campus atmosphere that exudes positive energy, the presence of a lively and motivating peer group as well as the goal-oriented martial art sessions keep you motivated through the holiday season.

At Bruce McCorry's, you don't even feel the need to take a break from fitness. Working out in the martial art way is, after all, fun!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Negative Effects of Sitting: Martial Arts for a Healthy Living

Negative Effects of Sitting: Martial Arts for a Healthy Living 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

A few years back, the Bureau of Labor Statistics came up with the report that six out of every seven jobs that are usually aspired for as well-paying ones in the US involve sitting for lengthy hours at an office. This did not come as a surprise for us as for many of us, it is quite natural to sit for extended hours, sometimes as long as six to eight hours in a stretch, crumpled up before our computers or laptop. But more recent studies have shown that we should be really concerned about the nature of our jobs and aware about what can we actually do to combat its unhealthy aftereffects.

Sitting and its Ill-Effects: Why Should We be Concerned?
We already know that sitting for long hours at our desk is not something that our body finds healthy. The wrong posture with the curved spinal position, incorrectly placed feet, the neck that bends forward and the wrongly held arms can all lead to serious health concerns related to muscles, bones and brain function. But a 2016 research done by The Lancet points out that there is much more at stake if you have a job that demands you to sit for long. It says that inactive hours and extended sitting can increase the chances of cardiac failure and even cause an untimely death. On a positive note, however, the study also points out that engaging in mild to moderate levels of exercises in a day can actually be a counterforce to the ill effects of physical inactivity.

The Importance of Exercise: Martial Arts to Combat the Negative Effects of Sitting
All of us who spend excessive hours at our office desk must know that it is quite difficult to incorporate something like working out to an already packed schedule. Even if one can find time, the work hours at the office leave us too tired and exhausted to even try anything like hard working out. This is where you must know the wonders that an easy and fun alternate like martial arts can perform. This stands for our children as well, whom spend countless hours in-front of video games, computers and hand held devices.  Our kids spend hours at school sitting. Then, after-school are transported home on a bus sitting, and for most, come home, sit or lie on the couch, to play games or watch TV.  Not good!

You will not find an hour of martial arts at the end of the day tiring and exhausting. It rejuvenates you and refreshes your body and mind. At professional martial arts schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), you can find martial art lessons that you can time according to your convenience, at the end of the day or during the weekend. An hour of martial arts under adept instructors and among of a mutually motivating learners can keep you safe from all the fatigue and stress that a day at the office gives to you. It is exactly what the 21st century needs so badly.

At Bruce McCorry’s Academy, one of the long-standing martial arts schools in Massachusetts, you will see how martial arts can provide you with the necessary physical activity to combat the negative effects of sitting. It strengthens your bones and muscles, straightens out your body, increases blood circulation and keeps you away from lifestyle diseases and cardiac issues. Since it is a stress-relief mechanism as well, it is your ultimate companion for your working years. 

Join Bruce McCorry’s Academy today and find in martial arts your ticket to a long, healthy happy life. Get off the couch now and try martial arts for a better tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Martial Arts for Your Champion

Martial Arts for Your Champion: Bruce McCorry’s Popular Little Ninjas Course 

In a child’s phases of growth, the ages from 3 to 6 holds a special significance. Often called the Preschooler Age by professionals in child development, children in these ages pick up the basics of social interaction, and enter into significant acts of physical coordination (such as climbing and running around). This is also the age when mind development becomes more open and adaptive, and this is exactly why the earliest schooling begins at this age. If you are a parent of a preschooler, this is the time you have to choose wisely and act. You have to do much more than be mute spectators to your child’s development. 

Martial Arts for Preschoolers: Giving that Extra Push to Child Development
For the past few decades, the idea of preschooler martial arts has made revolutionary changes in the way child development was thought of in the 3-6 age group. Today, many research endeavors have shown that introducing preschooler kids to simple and non-heavy forms of martial art training can give that extra push to their physical, mental and emotional development, which will send them soaring through their school years and later life. 

It is shown that preschooler martial arts can influence a child’s immunity, bone development and physical coordination. It can enhance a child’s cognitive strength and help him or her pick up social skills like speech and manners more effectively. Martial arts in their early years help them to be emotionally stable in future, always confident and motivated. Preschooler martial arts is exactly what you need if you want an extra boost for your child’s innate talent in academics and co-curricular activities.

Bruce McCorry’s Popular Little Ninjas Course: the Perfect Preschooler Program
Even though many parents are aware of the benefits that martial arts can provide for kids in the 3-6 age group, they might have many questions. Some common concerns aired by parents are that whether their kids will be safe, whether they will turn aggressive by learning martial arts, or whether they will find martial arts too difficult for their age. In a professionally qualified program under experienced instructors, these will not be a concern at all.

A perfect program where you can let your child learn martial arts without these questions bothering you is Bruce McCorry’s preschooler program. With around four decades of service to its credit, the Bruce McCorry’s Academy is the long-standing martial art school in Peabody, MA. The preschooler program termed Little Ninjas has a skillfully constructed curriculum that imparts the simplest and most effective martial art lessons to your little champ. Each move and each activity is carefully chosen considering their age, ability and need.

Little Ninjas program takes special care to avoid all chances of safety risks and conducts classes under the supervision of expert martial arts instructors. The focus is on a non-aggressive and constructive approach to martial arts that values respect, companionship, trust and healthy competition among kids. Your little champion will love the gentle and caring atmosphere at the Little Ninja’s program where he/she will make friends and get the chance to boost their innate talents. It is time for you to act and let your kid be part of the most popular preschooler martial art course that fuses fun activities and martial art lessons!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thank you Deb Purcell

Thank you Deb Purcell for sharing your blog with us... we know all the hard work you have put in.

Deb has been in our adult kickboxing program for over a year,,  (Joining her son Mathew and Daughter Gabby who train in our Martial Arts Classes) She understands what we encourage to teach our students.  

Make working out a lifestyle not a competition....!!!!!!.....

Read below


                                                           Deb a year ago.

Deb writes:

"Ok so I have been in the customer service / hospitality business long enough to know that 1 rude person on the phone that leads to a bad day can't keep me have to get back up, start again and move on.  With that being said, today is and new day and I will not waste 1 more minute on being upset over it.  2 years ago  when I lost my mother I went thru the worst time in my life.  I lost my mom, my best friend, a piece of my heart and soul.   I was also going thru a lot of personal things that most didn't even know about.  I became VERY depressed, gained ALOT of weight and was very unhappy with myself BUT every day I always got up, got dressed put a smile on my face and hid my pain.  At night after everyone was asleep I usually stayed up crying alone ( sometimes Matthew heard me and got up and sat with me...God bless him).  1 day I woke up and decided that I wanted my life back, I truly wanted to be happy again, I wanted to have me back.  I put my my mind to it and to this day I still am driven.  Someone asked me who I'm doing this for....I'm doing it for ME!!  I'm not doing it to impress anyone, beat anyone, I'm not in competition with anyone other than myself!  I simply want to be a better person than I was the day before.  And now with that being said I will not let "yesterday" bring me down...I'm a fighter, I've come a long way and when life knocks me down you can bet that I'll get back up on my feet again! At one point I would have been embarrassed to post this picture but this is/was me and I'm proud of ME! My mother was the strongest woman I knew and I just want to make her proud.   ❤ Roberta Sazin❤"

- Deb Pursell

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program

Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program - The Best Choice for Safety and Success

There are two wishes that cross the lips of every parent who sends their child to school for the first time. One, their little champs should be safe, and two, they should succeed. Safety and success are the two words we wish upon every child we care for. Your children's daily school is not perhaps capable on its own to ensure their safety and success. What your kids need is a powerful ally who can guide them to success and who can teach them how to look after their own safety. What your child needs is afterschool martial arts.

Safety and Security: Choose the Best at Bruce McCorry's
If you want to do that extra bit for your children's safety and success, the best choice before you is the Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy's Afterschool Program.

What does the afterschool program have in advantage compared to a regular martial art program? Afterschool hours are exactly the time when your child needs that extra bit of concern and care to ensure his/her safety. Roaming in the streets or loitering in public places can pose grave danger to your child. According to the Office of Justice Programs, juvenile crimes, street crimes and alcohol-drug abuse are the highest during afterschool hours. While the juvenile crime data for non-school days touches a high-mark of 30, it is as high as 70 on a school day. Afterschool time is definitely the villain. For a secure childhood, spending the afterschool hours home alone is an equally bad idea. Home alone time, especially for kids below 12 years of age, are the hours when accidents from fire, water and electricity are most common.

The Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program (AMP) is a safe refuge from all these. In every way, a secure and safe childhood is the priority for the academy. Along with offering a safe retreat in afterschool hours, the AMP equips the children to defend themselves if they are caught in a situation of emergency. The best part of the AMP is that, even though the academy teaches self-defense applicable in real-life circumstances, it is imparted in extremely safe and harmless contexts, under the supervision of experts and helpers.

Success and Victory: The Bruce McCorry's Way
The afterschool martial art program or AMP is the all-rounder ally that will help your kid to excel in school in particular and life in general.

The AMP helps your child to find his/her inner strength in academic and athletic fields. Martial art is scientifically proven to sharpen the faculties of human brain such as memory and discerning skills. Martial arts impart social skills, self-confidence and courage to your children. These are of extreme use in the learner-centric, interactive classrooms of today, where competence is the norm and the virtue. Martial arts equally hone the athletic and physical skills of children. At the Bruce McCorry's afterschool program with a nationally approved curriculum and experienced teachers, your child gets the best of these benefits.

Bruce McCorry's AMP is your child's pathway to success in life. It tells them how to be strong in self-defense, how to be confident individuals who do not efface themselves in a crisis. Bruce McCorry's AMP teaches your children that the best way to escape a problem is to face it and emerge victorious. 

AMP is for the safety and success of the children of today.
 It's your turn to choose!    

978. 535.7878

Friday, October 14, 2016

Longevity - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Proven Track of Success

Longevity - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 
Proven Track of Success

Martial Arts is so much the craze of the times that every year, you will find new and new institutions making their way into the field, promising to be the best in the area. If you look back five years from now, you will find that only a nominal few will have actually managed to hold on to the field. Martial arts is a field which demands genuineness, honesty and commitment, and only those schools which can truly and honestly place the priority on the needs of the learner and the sanctity of the art can last long in the scenario. Others come and go, but the true ones are here to stay.

Longevity: The Hallmark of Genuineness and Success?

When you choose a martial art school, should you consider how long it has been around? The answer is YES!

Of all the activities that you can take up, martial arts is undoubtedly the only one which has a history of centuries. It is also one field which is constantly on the go. This means that most martial arts retain something from its centuries-long past and change in tune with the most recent research on health and fitness. How long a martial art school has been around is a parameter of how it has succeeded in staying true to the genuine tradition of an art and in adapting it to suit the present-day needs and developments. If a school has a long legacy, it also means that the learners have found its lessons useful in their personal lives. Thus, a long heritage is a mark of how much a school prioritizes the learners and earn their love.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: Proven Track of Success, Since 1978

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, established in Peabody, MA in 1978 is easily the earliest martial arts school in the area. About to complete four decades of service in the field of martial arts, Bruce McCorry's Academy's story is one of proven success.

The foundation of the academy's success goes back to the expertise and vision which resulted in its birth. Master Bruce McCorry, the founder of the academy is a legend trained in many arts under celebrated veterans like Jhoon Ree. Master McCorry has performed at the Shaolin Temple back in 1982 and in 2002, entered the Martial Art Hall of Fame.

Commencing as a small martial art school in 1978, the academy has grown into one of the foremost martial art schools in MA in these four decades. The committed effort of experienced instructors and the learner-friendly approach have been the success mantras of the academy. In these years, the academy opened new courses, updated the curriculum from time to time, kick-started new wings specifically dedicated to particular arts like kickboxing, and inaugurated special courses in special needs and mind healing.

Today, offering around ten programs in different schemes and patterns intended for preschoolers, school-going children, teens, adults, seniors and people with special needs, Bruce McCorry's is the most versatile presence in Massachusetts martial arts. It is the values of honesty, commitment and open-minded approach that have helped the academy to stay rooted when many other schools which were established around the same time got lost in the pages of history and numerous new schools flourished, as ephemeral as the former. As longevity is a measure of trust, Bruce McCorry's is your ideal martial art destination. Nobody has been around for so long.