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Tai Chi Energy Healing Programs: Bruce McCorry's Academy

Tai Chi Energy Healing Programs: Bruce McCorry's Academy

From Heritage to Medicine: Tai Chi through the Ages
The Chinese martial art Tai Chi is a much loved option among martial art lovers. Born out of the centuries-old traditions of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, Tai Chi is the spiritual offering of China to the world. The precursor of the modern form of Tai Chi was a 17th century innovation by the Chen family, formed out of this traditional heritage. From China, the art went on to win global recognition, and found its place among the foremost martial arts of our age.

In its modern form, Tai Chi was practiced in the 20th century mostly for its physical and mental benefits, especially its ability to enhance health, maintain fitness and provide relief from stress. Tai Chi has also remained in popularity as a useful self-defense. However the last decades of the 20th century saw new research focusing on the clinical and medicinal advantages of Tai Chi. Today, Tai Chi’s fame mostly comes out of its status as a clinically beneficial martial art. 

This new angle opened up a whole new dimension to Tai Chi. 1990s saw doctors and researchers discovering the potential of Tai Chi to combat osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, bone density weakening and Parkinson’s disease. A new unknown face of Tai Chi was being revealed. 

Milestone in Tai Chi Studies: Cancer Research in 21st Century
With the alarming rise in the number of cancer diagnosis in the 21st century, cancer research began seeking alternative cures. One illuminating study by Shanghai’s Fudan University showed how Tai Chi works wonders. Among breast cancer victims, Tai Chi was found to relieve tiredness, provide stress relief and enhance will power. Further studies showed how Tai Chi’s influence on mood swings and its ability to enhance physical strength can support chronic disease victims.

Tai Chi and Energy Healing: Can it Work Magic? 
For a long time, alternate cure methods like martial arts were considered complementary to medicinal and clinical treatment. Everyone agreed that martial arts like Tai Chi were good aids to the survivors and victims of chronic illnesses, as they can boost up morale and quicken healing. But a path-breaking study by Linda Carson at University of Calgary (2014) showed that alternate cures can actually bring about changes in a physical or cellular level, making them cures in their own right. This has much hope to offer in cancer research.

Combining Tai Chi with Energy Healing: Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts for Life
Taking in this amazing turn that research has taken, Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) has tried to realize this insight into useful martial art courses and energy healing consultancy programs. The academy, under its founder-leader Master Bruce McCorry, has introduced programs where learners can experience Tai Chi along with alternate healing methods like meditation and mind healing. Master McCorry himself is an expert in the field, professionally trained in energy healing and Tai Chi.

Combining the clinical benefits of Tai Chi with the amazing possibility of energy healing can be therapeutic. It opens up new hope for victims and survivors of cancer and other similar chronic diseases. For others as well, energy healing and Tai Chi is a step to stress-free and happy life. The fusion of Tai Chi and energy healing is the much needed solution to the problems of our hectic life.  

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The Best of Adult Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's Academy

Quality Adult Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

A lot of us all obsessed with the Karate Kid image to such an extent that whenever we think of adult martial arts, questions and doubts start popping up. Even eager and willing learners seem to be wondering whether they are too old or incapable to take up something new and demanding like martial arts. At the right place, however, you will find that you are never too old to take up martial arts. Bruce McCorry's Academy is one such institution, which will let you get the best from martial arts despite your age and physical ability.

Bruce McCorry's Adult Martial Arts Programs
Martial art learning at Bruce McCorry's Academy departs from the usual martial art schools in different ways – in terms of the courses offered, the methods of teaching and the benefits.

At the academy you will find a wide variety of programs for adults. Bruce McCorry's Academy offers courses for adults in Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Cardio Kickboxing, Xtreme Martial Arts and Mixed Martial Arts. The last two can be useful to those students who have a professional or sports interest in more demanding martial arts. Each of these courses is taught by professionals with years of experience in their respective fields.

To make the programs more inclusive and open, the academy has courses for seniors and people with special needs. There is a special wing for Kickboxing lovers, focusing on cardiac health and physical benefits of the art. We believe that anybody's age or physical and mental ability shall be no bar for taking up something as beneficial as martial arts.

In martial arts, mental benefits are as crucial as physical health. At the academy, you will find that mentally soothing and empowering martial arts like Tai Chi can be learned along with energy healing programs. Every course at the academy focuses on the mental healing properties of that particular art. Apart from that, the academy has a special consultancy program in energy healing. The mind-oriented adult martial arts have helped many students with chronic illnesses. But it is also for anyone, who find it difficult to cope with the stress and bustle of their everyday life, torn between work and home.

The Best of Adult Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's Academy
Martial arts are also the solution for many adult-specific problems. It will help you to gain back the physique and fitness of younger times. It will also help you to keep up with your daily tasks by keeping tiredness at bay. Martial arts can help with post-40 health problems in men and women. Especially in women, the post-40 years are clinically identified as the time of increased anxiety and mood swings. Martial arts can help in such concerns.

The courses at Bruce McCorry's Academy open up these full possibilities of adult martial arts to the students. Through customized learning and personal caring at the academy, you can achieve your aims through martial arts. These aims may range over physical health, emotional composure, self-defense and fitness, to name a few. Bruce McCorry's Academy is also a hub of adult companionship and friendship.  
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Why Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Why Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: Choosing the Best in Martial Arts

Today, in tandem with the rising number of martial arts aspirants, the choices to learn martial arts are also too many. Among these numerous places that offer to teach martial arts, your choice is what defines your martial art experience. Martial arts are known for its ability to transform the life of its learners. In other words, martial arts are something that shows you how to live life to its full potential. If you choose to learn what everyone else learns, you will live the same life that everyone else lives. But if you choose to learn martial arts in all its uniqueness, you get to live a different life.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy: Martial Arts with a Vision
There are several factors which make Bruce McCorry’s Academy stand apart among the martial art institutions in Peabody and the surrounding areas. All of them flow from a unique vision of martial art learning which the administrators share.

The Choice of the Learner: Bruce McCorry’s is one of those schools located in Peabody which gives maximum freedom of choice to the students. You can not only choose from the wide range of courses available at the academy, but also opt for the time that is most suitable for you. This is especially useful for children, whose school hours and rigorous schedules might make a full-day course difficult. They have options like the Afterschool Program and Summer Program to choose from.

An Open Platform: At Bruce McCorry’s the learner’s needs and goals get the prime importance. We have a group of dedicated and experienced instructors, who will help you to achieve your goals through martial arts. The sessions are free and open, where you can share what you desire from martial arts with your instructors and other learners. Students find the academy a friendly social space where you get to meet other learners who share your concerns and same goals. 

Uniqueness of Vision: Unlike other martial arts schools, Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy does not try to limit itself to conventional martial art learning. We have unique martial art programs which are not available everywhere. The special needs program to help physically and mentally challenged students is one of them. The energy healing consultancy is for people who find their life extremely stressful. This has especially helped those who battle diseases, suffer from depression, anxiety and so on. 

Walking with the Times: Since 1978, Bruce McCorry’s Academy has proved to move with the times, and make martial art courses on par with what is going on in martial arts in the international scenario. The rising importance of cardio kickboxing has led to a special kickboxing wing. This is for anyone who loves kickboxing, but especially useful for cardiac health. We also try to extend our martial art endeavors to larger paradigms. Fundraising programs and cancer awareness campaigns and participation in competitions are all part of this.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy envisions a unique martial art academy where each student gets to transform their personal life through martial arts, at the same time get exposed to a larger martial art experience. Therefore, the academy has become the hub of martial art learners of different kinds. Casual learners, children, professional aspirants and practical students from all ages groups, even our seniors find the academy a space for them. Choose to be a part of Bruce McCorry’s Academy to start your transformation into a new you, with the Best in Martial Arts. 

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year, New You, with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

New Year, New You, with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts 

2016 has dawned with a whole lot of promises and hope. You too must have a list of tasks to be accomplished, goals to be reached. You do not want 2016 to be like every other year, where at the end of the day, the only thing you strike off your list is the year itself. Can this year really make a difference? If you really want to make a change, what you need is not another to-do list as usual, but something that will make you stick to your resolutions. Martial arts can be that wonder word for you: something that you can take up to fulfill your dreams and goals.

New Goals, New You: Martial Arts for the New Year
How exactly does martial arts help you to achieve your resolutions and dreams? It works because its influence touches all aspects of your life including your health, fitness, mental well-being, social life, personal life and work. However you want to transform yourself, martial arts is there for you. A few hours of martial arts a week can do much:

 * It can help you to keep your health and fitness resolutions, keep your blood sugar level and lipid profile in check and make you a younger person. It can also help you to shed those extra pounds. You can flaunt your body and wear your favorite outfits again!

* Martial arts helps you to control anger and stress. You can finally stop being that one among every five Americans who face extreme stress according to American Institute of Stress.

* If confidence building is your New Year goal, martial arts can lead you. Forget all those failed public speeches and lost jobs – martial arts can transform you to a confident new self.

* Parties and social life may not be for you, but it is literally impossible to live as a recluse in today’s mediated world. Martial arts can teach you the warmth of companionship and social bonds. Perhaps this New Year is the time to turn a new leaf!

* Have you decided to live a better personal life in 2016? Shallow relationships, lack of family bonding and loveless personal life are all staples of many of our lives. Martial arts can tell you how to be more caring and happy in personal bonds. 

* At least some of you must have decided to be more dedicated to your work in the New Year. Whether it is studies or job, martial arts can teach you a lot of values that can make you committed to your work. Dedication, hard work, punctuality and persistence are some of them.

Change is in the Air: New You through Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts
Bruce McCorry’s Academy has some amazing New Year programs offered by professional martial artists. The academy lets you to choose from a wide range of courses including Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Karate, XMA, MMA and similar courses. Another professional wing, specially devoted to Kickboxing is a unique venture at Bruce McCorry’s, home of the In addition, children can opt for time-saving and useful courses like the ever popular Afterschool Program and Little Ninjas Program. Preschoolers, seniors and specially abled people can find apt programs to suit their personal needs at the academy and adults of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy a host of exciting martial art programs suited for your needs.  Think this year and surprise yourself in 2016 by achieving your New Year goals through Bruce McCorry’s martial arts!  

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Martial Arts Model of Goal-Setting

Setting Goals for Success in Life: The Martial Arts Model 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

We see many around us whose youth is full of dreams, but only a few of them make it to the top of their dreams with the passage of time. If we try to understand the formula that leads them to their success, there will be one factor which all of them share – it is nothing less than goal-oriented thinking. It is only when we set goals that our dreams achieve a material form which we can strive to achieve. Goals lend meaning and shape to our dreams. But how exactly do we set goals and how to stick to striving for them? The martial arts model of goal setting is an illustrious example which will tell you how to set goals.

Setting Goals in Martial Arts: The Four Steps to Success
For those whom martial arts is their dream, perhaps the most coveted goal is to be a master martial artist. It is not just a title of prestige, but it is an honor which connotes experience, expertise, dedication and mastery. It denotes the acme of martial arts experience and professionalism. In a typical way, martial arts teaches you how to break this larger and most important goal to several separate targets. Thus, the four-step method to being a master martial artist includes the following long-term targets: Practice, Persistence, Patience and Perseverance.

* First goal you need to set for yourself as a martial art trainer is to practice relentlessly. Though you may not practice for endless hours, at least take care to practice regularly without breaking the routine.

* The second target, that you need to convince your mind of, is persistence. No ambition is easy to achieve, and a coveted goal like being a master martial artist demands you to remain persistent in the face of all adversities and setbacks.

* The third target that you can aspire for is patience. Patience is not just in terms of time, but also in terms of how you choose to cope up with failures and challenges in your way.

* To achieve the larger goal of being a master martial artist, you also need to achieve a fourth target: the quality of perseverance. The first passion you felt for martial arts has to be kept alive through your career in order to realize your goal of mastery in martial arts.

The Martial Arts Model of Goal-Setting for All Facets of Life
The practice – persistence – patience – perseverance model is one of the most favored goal-setting models in martial arts. What makes it unique is its flexibility. The pattern can be adapted to whichever aspect of your life to realize your dreams and ambitions. For instance, if you are a student whose goal is to achieve good grades, the easiest way to achieve it is to study relentlessly and patiently, sustaining your interest and persistently dedicated. If you aspire for a toned body, you should find a proper diet-workout scheme and stick to with persistence, patience and perseverance.

Martial arts itself is something which helps you to achieve a number of real-life goals. A healthy body, a fit physique, a stress-free mind, self-confidence, good study skills are all those goals which martial arts will guide you to achieve. Beyond all, martial arts at quality schools like Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy will teach you the art of setting goals, which you can adapt to realize your personal dreams. Both children and adults can use martial art methods and martial art training to make true their dreams. Let your dreams take over you!