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Martial Arts to Combat Stress and Anxiety

 Kick the Stress! 
Stress Management through Martial Arts 
for Everyone 
(Kids and All Ages)

Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

We live in a time which celebrates differences among people. In this world where nothing can be generalized for everyone, if there's something that every human being faces in some way or other, that is stress. Stress and anxiety have become the defining features of the 21st century woman and man. Studies show that even children, whom we normally believe to be living in that idyllic happiness of childhood, are not necessarily free of stress and anxiety in their own ways.

Understanding Stress: What makes it Difficult for Children and Adults to Manage Stress
Stress and anxiety arises from those situations where people do not want to be, but cannot escape from. Its root lies in the anxieties of being not able to live up to the situation or deal with the situation. Among adults, a large number of stress factors have been identified such as:

* Work in unmanageable amounts and not enough time to complete
* Lack of interest in work
* Strains in personal relationships
* Responsibilities in home, family and society

This list is not much shorter when it comes to children. Kids too face a number of stressful moments:
* Workload and the demands of academic life
* Peer pressure and the demand for fitting-in
* Strains in friendship, family and teenage relationships
* Psychological and physical changes which accompany growth and maturation 

At the core of each of these is a conflict between the ability of the person and the expectations/challenges of the situation. Even everyday moments like commuting can be stressful because the personality of a person determines what becomes stressful to him/her.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts to Combat Stress and Anxiety
Bruce McCorry's Academy follows a special method in which children and adults are equipped with life skills through martial arts, one of the perfect stress management solution ever. In turn, these life skills will help them to do well in demanding situations. 

Adults and children can learn time management, quick reasoning and leadership skills, which will reduce anxiety in their work and academic life. Martial arts boost skills like confidence and decision making, which are two important tools for combating stress in public life. In personal lives as well, martial art comes to the aid of kids and adults. It transforms your personality from the core by teaching you how to approach life positively. You will see how miraculously your relationship with friends, family and your partner improves. Kids benefit from the courage and confidence to combat situations like bullying, peer pressure and classroom stress in general.

There are three things which martial arts alone can give you in its full effect: these are health, fitness and an optimistic attitude to life. These three key factors are identified by Bruce McCorry's Martial art training because it recognizes that the key to stress management lies in identifying and remedying those factors which draw you back from giving your best to demanding situations. Martial arts also have unique mind healing properties that de-stress your everyday living.

Stress-management and confidence building programs have become the business catchwords of the day. Those profit-oriented programs can never adequately deal with stress. Only a more human approach which understands the real nature of stress and tries to amend it can be a real remedy. That's exactly where Bruce McCorry's martial art lessons become different from the rest.  Kick the Stress Today!  Join the North Shore's Premiere Martial Arts Academy..  Bruce McCorry's (Peabody MA)  Since 1978!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

After School Program Peabody Ma

The Importance of a Martial Arts After School Program
By Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA)

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As a parent, one of your primary concerns is knowing your children are safe and engaging in healthy activity whenever you're not around to supervise and monitor them. You worry when your child or children isn't around an adult you can trust to ensure that they stay out of trouble. But, what if you cannot find an adult that's willing to supervise your child after school hours? A good alternative is an after school martial arts program.

In a study by David J. Shernoff in 2010, children enrolled in an after school program showed improved academic and social competence compared to peers who didn't attend any form of after school program. Another study conducted by the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center indicates that 90% of adults believe that children should have access to after school programs. However, many parents report that it's hard to find a suitable after school program within their community. If you're among the parents looking for a suitable program for your child to attend after school, martial arts training is a good option.

Benefits of an After School Martial Arts Program
Unlike many programs which focus only on the child's mental development, martial arts focuses on the areas of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

Cognitive Development
School hours can be grueling for your little one's especially if he or she is having trouble with one or more subjects. Martial arts training involves learning the different rules and moves that are particular to the specific art. It's more or less similar to learning a new language or subject. The martial arts learning process will help your little one's brain grasp concepts and interpret them faster. Fast thinking and reaction is also promoted through martial arts which requires the child to react fast in self defense or demonstrating a move.

Social Development
The child will have the chance to meet and interact with other kids and adults in the academy. Martial arts instructors are usually skilled at helping the child develop healthy social skills that include courtesy, respect, leadership and teamwork. Your child will also get to interact with different people that they wouldn't normally come across in their school. This will enable your child to develop self confidence especially when meeting strangers. This skill will come in handy when your little one grows up and is building their network of friends.

Emotional Development
Healthy emotional development is critical in every child's development process. Through martial arts, your kids can learn how to positively handle emotional crises such as stressful situations. For example, after a long stressful day at school, kids can learn positive ways of relieving stress through physical activity as opposed to negative activities like indulging in alcohol and drugs, or poor fast food diets and sugary snacks.

Physical Development
Today, more kids are being diagnosed as obese or overweight than ever before. Martial arts training offers a good opportunity for kids to keep fit in a fun and safe way. Becoming a master martial artist requires utmost discipline in terms of eating healthy and keeping a strict training schedule. Through martial arts after school programs, you can ensure that your child grows healthy and strong.

If you're looking for a good after school program in Peabody, MA, Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy offers the best choice in After School Martial Arts Programs for kids. You can now enroll your kids for the September classes. The  program comes inclusive of transport for your child from school to the academy.

Contact Bruce McCorry's now to enroll your child in the North's Shore's BEST Martial Arts After School Program.  Seats are limited so please call today. (978) 535-7878

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Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - Voted Best of the Best 2016

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 
Voted Best of the Best 2016 - Greater Danvers/Peabody
Market Survey's of America

Martial arts has become one of the most popular sporting activities in the US. People of all ages (from Pre-school to Seniors) are turning to martial arts training as a way to keep fit, have fun and learn the important skill of self defense. When selecting the best martial arts academy, there are a number of factors you should consider. These include the academy's history, instructors, training environment and the martial arts programs available. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy has been a leading Martial Arts Institution in Massachusetts that offers a wide selection of programs for kids, teens, adults, senior citizens and special needs for the past four decades.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy History - Since 1978
The academy was founded in 1978 by Master Bruce McCorry. Master McCorry has over 50 years experience in studying and teaching the martial arts forms of Taekwondo and Kung Fu. The academy also employs other martial arts instructors many of whom have over 20 years experience in the study and teaching of their respective martial arts forms.

The Types of Martial Arts Forms Taught at Bruce McCorry's
In its nearl 40 years of existence, Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy has been at the forefront in teaching different types of martial arts including:
- Taekwondo
- Kung Fu
- Karate
- Tai Chi
- Kickboxing
- XMA and and much much more...

Special Programs Taught at the Academy
One major feature that makes Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy stand out is the dedication towards ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn martial arts regardless of age or need. These include kids, teens, adults, senior citizens and special needs

Some of the great programs you can enroll in include the following.

Little Ninjas Program
This is a very popular, specialized program for kids aged 3-6 years of age. Its primary focus is promoting pre-school children's motor and listening skills at an early age. Although the learning is the main focus of the program, the kids get to have fun while at it.  

After School Program
This program focuses on school going children. Parents in Peabody, MA and the surrounding areas now don't have to worry about how their children spend their time after school. The After School Program provides a fun and safe way for children to unwind, learn and socialize after school hours. Transport from your child's school is provided by the Academy.

Special Needs Program
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy's Special Needs program is focused on helping persons with mental and physical challenges overcome them through martial arts training. An often overlooked group. Special needs persons have successfully trained at Bruce McCorry's and ended up leading normal  productive lives.

Adult Martial Arts
At the academy you will find a wide variety of programs for adults. Bruce McCorry's Academy offers courses for adults in Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Cardio Kickboxing, Xtreme Martial Arts and much much more.  Each of these courses are taught by professionals with years of experience in their respective fields.

Why choose Bruce McCorry's for Martial Arts Training?

The Academy's history of successfully training people of all ages, from pre-school to seniors, and needs goes unmatched. This is made possible by the highly skilled and friendly instructors who are focused on seeing their students succeed. You can choose from a wide array of martial arts forms and programs based on your specific needs and schedule. The Academy's specialized programs allow parents to find a productive and fun activity their little one can engage in when they're not around to monitor them.

If you're interested in training at the best martial arts academy in Peabody, MA, Bruce McCorry's is the BEST CHOICE. Try a Free Trial today!   

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Bruce McCorry's Little Ninjas Martial Arts

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Little Ninjas Program
A Must have programs for your Little One.

Enrollment for the Little Ninja's program as well as the After School Programs are now open. Seats are limited.
(978) 535-7878

We all know Martial Arts can be a brilliant sport for all to learn, for self protection and mind and body fitness. However, very few people consider a pre-school child learning Martial Arts, indeed some would say that it is impossible. But this is definitely true. With the Bruce McCorry's “Little Ninja” program, your pre-schooler can learn Martial Arts in a happy and safe environment. The Bruce McCorrys Academy is a Martial Arts school that has been open since the 1970's. It trains people of all ages to be competent and confident people especially in terms of self protection. They learn great Martial Arts skills as well as obtain great fitness as an added bonus. The Academy is renowned for the staff and teachers who have helped so many people learn the importance of Martial Arts over the past four decades, as well as help others socialize with each other in a safe space. But, what is pre-school Martial Arts and how can Bruce McCorrys Little Ninjas classes help your child develop into a happy and healthy child?

The Little Ninjas program is very popular fun and creative way to develop your child's basic motor senses and listening skills. The program has been created in a fun way that can help develop your child's reactions and interactions in their home and social life by concentrating on such things like focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness, and coordination. These are critical skills as it helps them develop into responsible human beings who are healthy, and know how to react in different situations... as any parent guide book will tell you. There's no discipline in this program as opposed to some Martial Arts classes, but the program will focus on positive re-enforcement for your child. This program will also prepare your children for the next level program, the “Children's Martial Arts” program which will further your little ninja's skills.

Bruce McCorrys Academy is dedicated to producing trained happy students who can deal with whatever life throws at them. A leader in the area, the school has hundreds of students come to them yearly, who are now more prepared for life on a much wider scale than they were before. Children who have participated in the 'Little Ninjas' program are better equipped individuals and know how to deal with life. We hope that if you are considering learning Martial Arts or, are considering sending your child to a Martial Arts School, then Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy will be the first choice on your list of options.

We also offer Transportation from the schools to the academy, for your convenience.

Give us a try today...
Enrollment for the Little Ninja's program as well as the After School Programs are now open. Seats are limited.
Call today. 
(978) 535-7878

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Martial Arts - Safe Natural Way to Manage Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia

Martial Arts as a Safe Natural Way to Manage Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Every family gets happy when they welcome a new baby into the world. As children grow, they bring joy and fond memories to us through their playful and energetic nature. Every family member wishes their children good health as they grow. Worry and despair grips parents and other family members if the little one is diagnosed with an illness. Unfortunately, today, the number of children being diagnosed with Autism is on the rise. This condition encompasses a group of related diseases like ADHD, Dyslexia, ADD and Aspergers Syndrome. Children diagnosed with this condition are special in their own way. Early on in life, they are met with various challenges which if managed well, the child can lead a normal and productive life.

If your child is diagnosed with any condition within the autistic spectrum, it's an opportunity to nurture the special traits in him or her. Examples of prominent people diagnosed with such conditions include Albert Einstein, best known in popular culture for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2, Justin Timberlake, a critically acclaimed American singer, songwriter, actor and record producer and Sir Richard Branson, best known as the founder of Virgin Group.

Treating ADHD and Dyslexia with Drugs
Common practice of combating these conditions once they're diagnosed is the use of prescription drugs. However, there's a downside to this approach. Many of the drugs aren't designed for kids. In addition, some come with serious side effects. It would be best to use safer and more child friendly alternatives.

Martial Arts: A fun, safe and natural way to treat ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism in Children
A study conducted in the Wisconsin University in 2010 revealed that martial arts can help to reverse and manage the negative effects of autistic symptoms in kids. Some of the benefits of martial arts as a safe way to treat conditions within the autistic spectrum include the following.

Focused Way to Release Energy
Children with autistic disorders are usually hyperactive. Many people view this as an aggressive behavior. Such children are viewed as demanding a lot of unnecessary attention. However, this is quite natural as the child simply wants a way of releasing all the pent up energy. Martial Arts offers a safe way for the child to release the energy. Through training, the child will find an activity he or she can fully focus on. In addition, the intense exercises will enable the little one release their energy while learning the vital life skill of self defense.

Cognitive Development
Children diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia are often considered "slow learners" at an early age. They will usually find it difficult processing complex ideas. Martial Arts training focuses on repetition of routines which helps the child's brain memorize and process information faster. The fun aspect of the training makes learning an enjoyable activity for the child. These learning processes are soon transferred to classroom and home environments where the child will find it easier to grasp and memorize new ideas.

Children diagnosed with autistic disorders often find it difficult to socialize with their peers. They'll usually prefer being on their own. Martial Arts training offers the child to socialize with other students and instructors. The child will learn the vital skills of self expression, courtesy and interaction with other people. This will build the child's self esteem and confidence.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy Training Program for Autistic Children
Located in Peabody, MA Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy has a rich history in providing specialized training programs for people of all ages. Through our highly skilled and friendly instructors, we have successfully trained autistic children who have gone on to lead normal, successful productive lives.

We believe that every child has the right to a normal productive life regardless of their state. That's why we offer the specialized martial arts program for autistic kids. Enrollment is now open. Call now at (978) 535-7878 to schedule a free trial for your little one.