Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Year, New You with Martial Arts

New Year, New You with Martial Arts 
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Studies indicate that around half of the Americans welcome the New Year with a New Year resolution. Psychologically, the desire to bring about a total change in one’s lifestyle or behavior is closely linked to the innate wish of humans to constantly improve and advance themselves. Despite a strong intrinsic motivation like this, only 8% of the population – the most perseverant of the lot – actually manages to stick to their pledges. Is it an unreachable goal to aspire for a totally new you?

You will find a million sources that tell you how to do it right. They will ask you to set realistic and achievable goals, go through them one at a year and go easy on yourselves. Ironically, while the whole idea of a New Year resolution is to improve yourself and lead a life without limits, the wisdom of the modern pundits asks you to limit yourself. 

A New You this New Year: Martial Arts to Achieve New Year Resolutions
What if you found something that will instead help you to stick to the many unachievable and unlimited resolutions you want to set for yourself? That magic wand for you is martial arts.

Martial arts have a unique influence on your mind, body and emotional profile. This means that it will help you transform every aspect of your life and become a new you. If we practically relate this to some of the most common New Year goals:

* Martial arts will make you fit and toned and will inspire you to remain so. 

* Martial arts will motivate you to lead a healthier lifestyle. With the right physical activity and brain stimulation, you can keep lifestyle diseases and immunity-related concerns at bay.

* Martial arts can inspire you to kick your bad habits by helping you to reconnect with your center and be in touch with your inner self.

* If your ideal you is a calm, confident person, martial arts is for you. You can achieve mental quiet, emotional balance and self-confidence through martial arts.

However, the key to any lifestyle change is perseverance. The 92% of the lot fail to live up to their New Year goals not because they care less, but simply because they have a less perseverant personality. Martial arts will help you to work on this aspect of your personality. 

Find Your Ideal Self at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
A quality martial art school like Bruce McCorry’s Academy becomes relevant because of the individual and customized martial art experience you get here. The academy knows that the ideal you can be different for each one. Each of you can have different goals and different paths to reach your ideal: losing weight, leading healthier lives, cutting on bad habits, kicking stress or being confident are only some of them. Some of you might want to reconnect with yourselves, some might want to build better relationships, and some might want to focus more on work or family. 

The personal guidance by martial art experts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy will help you to identify your right goals. We help you to choose the right martial art and learn it in in the right way to achieve your New Year goals. For a unique martial art experience and a unique you, choose Bruce McCorry’s Academy.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Martial Arts: The Perfect Holiday Gift for Kids and Adults

Martial Arts: The Perfect Holiday Gift for Kids and Adults
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - Peabody, MA

Gifts make each holiday season special, not just for those who receive them, but also for those who give them. Giving a gift brings the joy and satisfaction of making someone we love happy. But choosing a gift is as much a difficult task as a joyful one. We never want to give anything less than the perfect gift for those whom we really care for. But choosing a perfect, complete gift often sounds impractical. Is there a way to gift your loved ones everything that they need in life at one go? Perhaps there is.

How Martial Arts Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift
If you want to gift your loved ones all that they really need in life, perhaps the ideal holiday gift you should choose is martial arts. For a few years now, getting a gym membership for someone is gaining popularity as a holiday gift. Sure, a gym membership is a convenient short-cut to achieving a fit body. But getting your loved ones an opportunity to learn martial arts means much more than fitness.

* By gifting martial arts, you are giving someone the gift of health and strength. Martial art learners are the least probable to succumb to lifestyle diseases or fall ill with minor illnesses. Martial art is also an efficient way to achieve a strong, assertive physique.

* The gift of fitness is inbuilt in martial arts. Unlike a gym membership, those who gets the chance to learn martial arts will never resent their gift. It is an enjoyable and effective way to achieve a fit and toned body.

* Getting someone a chance to learn martial arts means you are gifting them confidence and courage to face the crises in life. Martial arts will come to their aid at every turn in their life, and will help them to develop capability for self-defense, self-confidence and courage.

* There are many who simply crave for a stress-free and calm life. Martial arts are a way of life that will teach the learner to get out of the loop of stress and enjoy the calm and quiet joys of life even in a fast-paced life. There’s nothing better that could be gifted at the beginning of a new, hopeful year.

* Above all, a gift of martial arts means gifting positive outlook and positive energy. Positivity is something that everyone needs to develop from within. But introducing anyone to the world of martial arts is an excellent way to inspire positivity in someone you care for.

Gift the Best of Martial Arts through Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Given that martial arts is the ideal gift that you can get for your loved ones this Christmas and New Year, it is up to you to get them the best martial arts package out there. Bruce McCorry’s Academy, one of the premier martial art schools in Massachusetts is a perfect choice. For the last four decades, the academy has ruled the martial art scenario steady and strong. With experienced staff, a diverse range of courses and varied schemes under which people of all ages can join, Bruce McCorry’s is the best martial art experience that you can wish for anyone. 

Gifting the best of martial arts to your loved ones is now at your fingertips as the academy offers convenient gift certificates that make this holiday special than ever before. Let this be the holiday that your loved ones will remember forever!   (978) 535-7878

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kick Peer Pressure with Martial Arts

Kick Peer Pressure with Martial Arts
 written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

If you ask a child psychologist or educationist about the prime factor that pushes a kid to risky behavior, he/she is sure to name peer pressure. It is clinically shown that by the time children are in the middle school, gradually the influence that parents or adults hold over them diminish. Instead, what their friends and peers think of them becomes important. Parents have to be aware of the pitfalls of peer pressure to help kids through it.

Getting to Know Peer Pressure 

From the age of seven to the late teens, every child goes through a socially vulnerable phase where it becomes important for them to fit in, win social approval from their peers and be popular among them. The core of the peer pressure mentality is the inability to say no to the peers even if the child might know that they are up to potentially risky behavior. Anything that a peer picks up from a movie or an older kid might become a fad and lead your child to the same path, potentially destructive. This might include serious behavioral problems such as cheating, bullying, and trying out smoking, alcohol or drugs. In short, peer pressure can wreck every effort you put into right parenting from the time your child was born.

 Dealing with Peer Pressure through Martial Arts

As parents you can help your child to resist peer pressure in many ways: 
* By developing a comfort zone with your kid where he/she can tell anything to you
* By taking it coolly if you come to know of a peer pressure situation
* By getting to know your kid’s friends
* By trying to tell them the difference between what is cool and what is risky. 

But all this might potentially backfire as this is a phase where kids might be naturally hostile to the parents. The child might cut off completely from you if he/she feels that you are overreacting or stalking them. 

A more effective way would be to put your child in a positive hangout where he/she will get to learn the right path from a source other than family. A great example is a martial art school. Training at a positively oriented martial art school like Bruce McCorry’s Academy is an example of how martial arts can help your child to resist peer pressure in the following concrete ways:

1. Martial art teaches your kid to stand up for what they believe is right and defend themselves from peers and bullies

2. It gives them the courage to say no to negativity and face the consequences 

3. It gives them a positive act to channelize their energy 

4. A martial art school acts as a positive peer group that can counteract the negative peer influence

5. Martial arts gives your child an alternate way to be cool and popular among peers and they no more have to subject themselves to peer pressure to feel belonged

6. Above all, martial arts will teach them that to be truly cool is to be independent of others’ ideas

Parental advise can only last as long as the children step out of their home. But martial arts stay with them when they are actually put through a peer pressure situation. Make the choice and help your child to kick peer pressure with martial arts.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to Choose the Best Martial Arts Classes in Your Area

How to Choose the Best Martial Arts Classes in Your Area: Some Tips

Nowadays, tutorials of everything from dance and aerobics to yoga and martial arts reach your home straight through television, DVDs or internet. All of these claim to change your life forever. These might sound appealing to anyone who cares for themselves. But before you fall for such claims, there are a few facts to keep in mind. Firstly, if there's any teachable art that can actually bring about a holistic transformation to your life, it is martial arts: unlike the rest, martial arts alone caters to your body, mind, emotions and intellect all at once.

Secondly, if you think you can learn true martial arts in its essence from a self-instruction tutorial, you couldn't be more wrong. A locally-based, reliable and professional martial art school is your one-way ticket to success in martial arts and life.

Choosing the Best Martial Art School in Your Area: Some Tips

Choosing one from the numerous martial art institutions around you might be a difficult task. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before you pick one of the several available choices in your area:

* How long has a particular school been around? – The longer the legacy of a school, it means that the school has been popular and successful from its beginning and it has changed itself with the times.

* Does the school make the learner a priority?

* How qualified and experienced are the instructors?

* How inclusive are the courses offered at the martial art school?

* Does the school provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere?

A school that fulfills the most of these expectations is definitely the best in your area.

The Best Martial Arts Lessons in North Shore, MA: Bruce McCorry's Academy

If you are looking for a perfect martial art school in North Shore, MA, you don't have to look further. Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts in Peabody has a satisfying answer to all these queries.

From 1978, Bruce McCorry's is one of the established martial art schools in Massachusetts, with a legacy that dates back to almost four decades. The academy has an astounding faculty led by Bruce McCorry, an internationally reputed martial art legend. Majority of the instructors in the academy have been in martial arts for ten years or more. Through these years, they have trained thousands of learners and helped them to achieve the goals that matter the most to them.

The learner always comes first for the academy. Every learner gets customized attention from the instructors who know their strengths and weaknesses. They help students to work for the particular goals like health, fitness or confidence they want to succeed in. Bruce McCorry's has one of the most inclusive curriculum that extends over 10 different programs. There are courses for preschoolers; kids from 6 to 12 years; teens, adults and seniors as well as people with special needs. Each program fits in seamlessly with the daily routine of those who want to take it. For instance, schoolgoing kids can take their lessons either as an afterschool program or as a summer program. Every moment, the instructors and the staff pay special regard to ensure that learners have a comfortable, safe and unforgettable experience.

For the thousands who have already experienced Bruce McCorry's martial arts, it has been one decisive choice that made their lives. If you are in lookout for the best out there, do not miss out on Bruce McCorry's!

Give a try today, for free.  Call 978. 535.7878 or go online to and signup for a free trial class.  No obligations.

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Karate Lessons for Children and Adults

An Incredible Way to Live Life: Karate Lessons for 
Children and Adults at Bruce McCorry’s Academy 

Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - Peabody, Ma

A few months before, the martial art Karate was all over the news, thanks to a senior from Canada. When the 72-year-old cancer survivor, Gloria Smith landed upon nothing less than a black belt in Karate, she was not just defeating her age and her health condition, but she was also winning over life.

When a woman of indomitable determination and resolve like Gloria Smith lauds Karate as a total way of life, it indicates the significance that an art like Karate has in the 21st century. Karate which took birth as a minor martial art in the Japanese isles of Ryukyu has today become a way of life that the world has come to prefer. This is some incredible journey.

An Incredible Way to Live Life: Karate Lessons for Children and Adults at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

Believe it or not, Karate has some actual answers for a number of issues that bother you in your day-to-day life. With the inherited legacy of the Japanese tradition and the wisdom it acquired from martial art veterans throughout centuries, it is an art that can transform your life.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, Massachusetts) offer unique Karate lessons that imbibe the true values that have guided Karate from its early days. Our Karate lessons focus on some of the core values that make Karate distinct in today’s world of hustle and bustle: 

  •  A Martial Art for the Whole Being: Karate is a martial art that can positively transform your body and mind. If learned with care, it can perfect your reflexes and coordination, enhance metabolism, make you agile and at the same time, toned. It can help you to take a break from stress, and calm your mind. A healthy, refreshed body and mind is your reward for genuinely learning Karate. Our Karate lessons try to bring your whole being alive through professional and gentle instruction.
  •  A Martial Art for the Individual and the Society: Karate inspires you from within, by instilling a positive spirit toward the self and fostering self-esteem and confidence in you. But it also tells you how to self-actualize without hampering the lives of others. Some values that Karate teaches are cooperation, respect, admiration and concern for fellow beings. As much as it helps you to defend yourself from negativity, it guides you to embrace and imbibe the positivity in others. 
  •  A Martial Art for Everyone: A third value which guides our lessons is that Karate is for all. If a 72-year-old can get inspired from a great art like Karate, so can a four-year-old who has just stepped into the social world. Whether you are a preschooler, a child martial art learner, a teenager, an adult learner or a senior, you will find Karate enjoyable and inspiring. This guides our lessons which are open to all age groups, in different categories. For people with special needs and people who have survived chronic conditions, Karate can be a real blessing that will lead them back to life. We include everyone because we believe that a good life is everyone’s right.

From beginners who want to check out Karate for the sake of curiosity to professionals who find their life’s passion in the art, Bruce McCorry’s Academy has been the Karate hub of many. Be a part of the once-in-a-lifetime Karate experience that the academy offers.

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