Friday, April 21, 2017

The Dangers of Bullying: The Dirty Details that Everyone Must Know

The Nightmare of Bullying: Dangers, Consequences and Solutions
Written by Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
(Peabody, Massachusetts)

Recent research in educational psychology has proved that a healthy and peaceful emotional life in the school years is an important factor that determines the kind of human being that your child will grow up into. The sad reality is that such a peaceful childhood is not something that most children get to enjoy these days. The greatest threat to a peaceful school life in the 21st century is nothing other than the nightmare of bullying. As long as bullying continues to be an inescapable reality of our classrooms, we all need to fight a battle to ensure emotionally peaceful and rich school life for our children.

The Dangers of Bullying: The Dirty Details that Everyone Must Know

Even today, there are adults who are not much bothered about bullying because they believe that it would not impact their kids beyond their school years. But this is wrong. It is important to take a look at the dirty details of bullying and bust many such adult myths. Here are some of them:

  • Bullying is not a temporary problem that a child will get over after the school years. Its negative impacts could last a lifetime. There are people who suffer from lack of confidence, shyness and depression through their lives because they encountered or engaged with bullying in childhood.
  • Bullying could result in consequences that demand professional help. The aftereffects of bullying could be anything from lack of enthusiasm and loss of confidence to depression. It is a major factor that results in teen suicide attempts. Sometimes it is important to get medical or psychiatric help if your kid is being bullied or is a bully.
  • Unlike what many people believe, bullying harms the bully as much as the victim. Therefore the usual adult approach in which we support the victim and punish the bully should be discouraged. Both the victim and the bully should be given help that can assist them from within.
  • Bullying is not restricted to classrooms. We often think that children are not under the threat of bullying when they are out of schools. But every unsupervised space where children get together presents the chance of bullying. This could be anywhere, anytime: the transport to and from the school, afterschool hours, parties, parks, sleepovers. Bullying could happen even within one's home, among siblings or cousins and let's not forget to mention CYBER-BULLYING, where the bullying take it to even further levels, ONLINE!.

A Right Solution: Martial Arts to Fight Bullying

Only a solution that which addresses all of these concerns can ideally prevent bullying. Martial arts could be such a solution. Martial arts prepares the victim physically and mentally to stand up for themselves and others. This is the only way to prevent bullying that might happen at any unsupervised space or circumstance. In professional martial arts programs for kids like the ones offered by Bruce McCorry's Academy, the syllabus specifically focuses on self-defense to help kids to combat bullying. Here, martial arts helps to fight against bullying in two ways: it makes a potential victim more confident, whereas it helps to temper a potential bully by directing his/her energy to positive pursuits.  Martial arts training is the only way you can make sure that your child lives a stress-free childhood, free of the threat of bullying. 

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Martial Arts for Adults :Training the Warrior Within

Training the Warrior Within: Martial Arts for Adults
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

In everyone's life some moments may come when we feel that things are spinning out of control and that we are losing the fight. It could be anything: a health quotient that you cannot seem to achieve however hard you follow what the doctor says, your weight loss dream that doesn't realize despite all those diets and workouts - it could be even your inability to achieve something like courage, confidence, happiness or calm of mind. When your life tells you that there's no point in fighting anymore, you need to awaken and train the warrior within you. Martial arts can do that for you.
          One Solution for Many Problems: The Miracle of Adult Martial Arts
Whether man or woman, once you enter the zone of adulthood, it is the same story in everyone's life. The problems you face are many, and your age and busy life makes it too tiring to seek out a different solution to each of them. Martial arts is that single solution that you have waited all these years which will train you to win over all of your concerns at one go. The benefits of adult martial arts touch all spheres of your life:
- It helps to maintain a positive health profile. Martial arts can help with many lifestyle-related and hereditary health problems like diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and cardiac issues. It makes your body strong from within and improves immunity against diseases. Even patients who suffer from long-term and terminal illnesses find relief in martial arts.
- Martial arts is your fitness companion forever. It burns calories twice fast as regular workout. It redistributes body fat and tones muscles. Both men and women can achieve an ideal body through a few effortless martial arts sessions.
- Martial arts can be the anti-ageing mantra for your adulthood. It energizes and rejuvenates you from within. It keeps you physically fit, healthy and rejuvenated. It helps you to be refreshed and stress-free in your mind. Regular martial art learners look and feel younger than those who have not learnt martial arts.
- Martial arts is the balm for your mind. It takes away stress, it becalms your mind. It can provide you the mental and emotional benefits of a perfect meditation course. This is exactly what you need in your busy adult life, divided between home, work and responsibilities.
- Martial arts is also the key to success and happiness in personal and professional life. It makes you courageous, confident and assertive. Each martial art is a repository of values that makes you compassionate and positive in your attitude toward others. 
Whatever makes you feel defeated in life, martial arts can help you to find that inner source of strength and courage which will turn you to a warrior in no time.
Adult Martial Arts for Men and Women at Bruce McCorry's
Training in martial arts is one thing, but training the warrior within you in a holistic way and equipping him/her to face and conquer the problems of life is another thing. That is why you should make no compromises when it comes to choosing the best martial art school. Currently, the forerunner in adult martial arts in Massachusetts is Bruce McCorry's Academy, the institution with a legacy of forty years. The veteran instructors at the academy can help you to address your own problems and find the right martial art solution. Get the best of adult martial arts at the best martial art school!
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Why Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts is the Best Choice for You

Why Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts is the Best Choice for You

Martial arts is a field that changes from time to time. Every moment, a new style or trend becomes the new catchword. If not, a new research reveals a martial art benefit that no one knew until yesterday. In a field that rapidly changes like this, it is not easy to make your choices and decide what to learn or where to learn.

In Search of Martial Arts with a Difference: Bruce McCorry's Academy

If martial arts is a field that changes rapidly, the field of martial art education is even more quick-moving. Since the martial art boom of the 20th century, hundreds of new schools and institutions debut every year, aspiring to make a mark in martial art instruction.
In a scenario where most of them disappear into oblivion a few years later, Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA) has a different story to tell. Having started as a small martial art venture by a young martial art enthusiast Bruce McCorry back in 1978, the unique formula of conceiving and teaching courses have made it grow into the prime martial art school of Massachusetts, about to complete an unparalleled journey of four decades next year.

Why Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: Uniqueness in Every Move

The success story of Bruce McCorry's Academy can be traced back to the powerful vision of its founders and the strong support provided by a core team of staff. The following are some of the factors that made up the unique Bruce McCorry's method that proved successful:
  • While most martial arts schools either held on to age-old teaching methods or chased after the trends of the day, Bruce McCorry's academy, with the help of learned martial arts masters, formulated courses that keep alive the traditional strength of an art and at the same time integrate the newest research.
  • Bruce McCorry's has tried to reach out to the learners in ways that they need. The result was a gradually growing list of courses which catered to simply everyone out there. Today, whether you are a preschooler or a senior, a child or an adult, a man or a woman, you will find an ideal course for you at Bruce McCorry's.
  • The broad range of courses have always been designed in ways that the learner will find helpful. Each program thus offers a unique customized experience like nowhere else.
  • A team of experienced instructors has been the asset of Bruce McCorry's. Those who started off as beginners with the academy are now veterans with decades of experience. Today our team is one of the best in Massachusetts which the learners want to come back to and recommend to others.
  • Learner-friendliness is a big factor that determines the life of a martial art school. Our programs are inclusive, with a unique special needs program. Our courses offer an array of benefits like health, fitness, self-defense and stress-relief. A learner-friendly campus, many offers and a welcoming peer group are highlights of Bruce McCorry's.

In terms of syllabus, instructors, convenience, history, longevity and benefits, Bruce McCorry's Academy holds the number one position in MA. If you need a martial art school that walks with the times, a school that can sense your need and give you the best, Bruce McCorry's Academy is your ideal choice.    
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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Proven Facts on Martial Arts and Autistic People

National Autistim Month - The Proven Facts on Martial Arts and Autistic People
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Autism has become a word that we encounter intermittently in our lives. April is a significant month for those who are diagnosed with autism and for those who engage with people in the autistic spectrum because for the past 25 years, April is being observed as the National Autism Awareness Month under the auspices of Autism Society. April 2 also marks the United Nations’ Autism Day. The Autism Month and the Autism Day exhorts to cultivate an attitude that is positively active, accepting and inclusive toward the cause of autism. 

 Exploring Solutions of the 21st Century: Autism and Martial Arts
Our clinical, neurological and psychological understanding of the causes and behavioral symptoms of autism has come a long way. As we have arrived at the 2017 Autism Awareness Month, it is high time we discussed new and out-of-the-box ways of engaging with autism. Our explorations on the basis of the latest research point toward the possibility of martial arts as a likely new solution for improving the lives of people diagnosed with autism.

 What follows is a brief account of the proven facts on autism and martial arts, based on the latest research in science and medicine drawn from the last decade:

  •  By 2014, a few cutting edge studies carried out by the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse discovered a clear advantage for autistic martial art learners in dealing with the physical and social symptoms of autism. 
  • · These discoveries prompted many martial artists diagnosed under the autistic spectrum to come forward and disclose their positive experiences with martial while living with autism. One such article which gained a huge response was the one written by Jonathan Victory, a martial artist with Asperger’s for the online magazine As I Am.
  • · Two years later in 2016, the paper produced by F. Bahrami (Isfahan University, Iran) argued the importance of Karate in improving communication abilities in autistic children
  • · Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation published 2016 study by Y. Kim et al which proved the positive impact of Taekwondo on the physical coordination and balance in autistic kids
  • · In 2017, E. Paul Zehr, writing for Psychology Today, explored the numerous ways in which patterned training in martial arts helps to resolve repetitive behavior in people with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)
  •  Perhaps autism might not have yet found a once-and-forever cure in martial arts or any other solution for that matter, but these new explorations conducted post 2010 surely indicate how martial arts is getting acknowledged in medical circles as a proven activity that can greatly improve the quality of life of those in the autistic spectrum.

 Martial Arts Lessons for Persons with Autism
According to modern research, the neurological impact of martial arts is shown to improve three major aspects for those with autism: physical aspects like balance and motor coordination, the abilities to decipher social cues and communicate, and thirdly the behavioral symptoms of autism like patterned activities. A successful martial arts program for people with autism should be able to tap these three major benefits that martial art has to offer. Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) runs an effective martial art course for people with autism focusing on these focal points. The special needs program draws upon the research in martial arts, psychology, neurology and medicine to provide an unparalleled experience that will change the life of people with autism. Suggesting the solution of martial arts to a person with autism could be the life-changing act that you may do this April.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stop with the excuses

Stop with the excuses!
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Being healthy is not an option. You can’t decide to binge on doughnuts all week long just because you need that sugar rush. Or perhaps, going for that 30-minute walk is too cumbersome because it is too hot outside. You can skip working out one day, and the next and the next and suddenly you find yourself becoming susceptible to illnesses, feeling lethargic or stop fitting into those pants. It is high time to stop with the excuses and choose a healthy lifestyle instead.

 Why do we make excuses?
A lot of New Year resolutions begin with “I’m going to lose weight this year” or “I’m going to get a beach-ready body”. None of these goals is easy, to begin with, and while January may see you being strict with yourself, perhaps you find your efforts petering out in a couple of weeks. We would all like the benefits of a healthy lifestyle – eat a nutrition-rich diet, exercise regularly, decrease the consumption of alcohol or quit smoking – but the sacrifices that one must make to achieve these can bog one down. 

We end up making excuses not to eat healthily or working out. Here are some of the excuses people make to avoid making a healthy lifestyle choice.

 1. I am already healthy
Perhaps leading a sedentary life has never resulted in you putting on weight. Maybe your metabolism is such that you can eat copious amounts of chocolates and candies but not tip the weighing scale an inch. You may already have a perfectly shaped body and not feel the need to exercise or balance your diet. That can be a pitfall. Staying healthy requires you to make conscious choices all day long. Better to pass up that caffeinated beverage today than to discover an unhealthy medical condition later in life.

 2. Not motivated enough
Staying in bed is often more tempting than going to the gym. Reaching out for that packaged, ready-to-eat food is a lot easier than slicing and dicing your green vegetables. Lack of motivation is one of the reasons why people with good intentions fall off the wagon. If you acknowledge and remind yourself continuously that a healthy lifestyle will give you benefits in the long-term, you will automatically find yourself not making any excuses.

 3. No time to workout
Busy work schedules have become such a norm that the hours that remain at the end of a day for one’s leisure is greatly reduced. To pack in eight hours of sleep along with an hour of exercise and the time taken to get dressed, grab breakfast and beat the rush-hour traffic to work, can seem such a burden, that people would rather skip the whole workout routine entirely. But it is vital that you stop with the excuses. Your body as well as your mind must be healthy for you to perform at an optimum level. An hour of exercise is more beneficial in maintaining your wellness than an hour spent in lazing around, watching television will ever be.

 It is important to stop with the excuses and choose a healthy lifestyle. It takes effort, no doubt, but it is also the only way of maintaining a fit body, a peaceful mind and keeping you happy in general.  Visit us today and join the Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody MA)  Community and start enjoying a motivational, healthy, happy lifestyle. 

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