Friday, May 31, 2013

Martial Arts for St. Jude Event to Help the Kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Kick Cancer

Contact Name: Sandra
Phone Number: 978-535-7878

Peabody, Massachusetts – Hosted by Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts, Martial Arts for St. Jude will kick off on June 13th at 5:30 to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, one of the world’s premier pediatric cancer research centers.

The fundraising event will showcase martial arts skills while promoting the lifesaving mission of St. Jude. Donations, which are open to the public, can be made by contacting Sandra at 978-535-7878 or

This is the 10th year that Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts has held the Martial Arts for St. Jude program. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts has raised more than $15,000 since it began in 2001. “Martial arts promotes discipline and other life lessons,” said Sandra, event coordinator. “What better lesson can I teach our students than to help those in need? Our event gives us a great opportunity to help the kids of St. Jude who are fighting for their lives against deadly diseases such as cancer.”

Since opening in 1962, St. Jude has treated children from all 50 states and around the world. No child is ever denied treatment because of a family’s inability to pay. With a daily operating cost of $1.7 million, St. Jude depends mostly on public contributions and fundraising events, like Martial Arts for St. Jude.

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If you have a moment, please view some informational videos from St Jude Children's Hospital.

About St. Jude
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is internationally recognized for its pioneering research and treatment of children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The hospital’s research has helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancer from less than 20 percent when the institution opened to almost 80 percent today. It is the first and only National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children, and no family ever pays St. Jude for care. For more information, go to and follow St. Jude on and

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Martial Arts Summer Programs for all Ages (Children and Adults) at Bruce McCorry's Academy
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Summer is the only time when your child gets to take a break from the tedious schedule of studies and school. Usually, kids spend this valuable time by sitting before the television or playing computer games for hours. Why not use this time to relax and learn something new that they will definitely enjoy, and that will add to their physical and mental well-being? That useful thing is the Martial Arts Summer Programs at the Bruce McCorry's Academy.

Why should your child learn martial arts?

Learning martial arts will help your child to build a positive self-image and improve his or her physical strength, power of concentration as well as self-confidence. It will show your child the true power that is lying dormant within him or her. Martial arts like Karate, Taekwondo and Kung-Fu will improve the learners' quick reflecting power and will help them to defend themselves in an emergency. Martial arts focus on the complete development of  your child and help to make him or her a successful personality.

The Merits of Choosing Bruce McCorry's Academy

Located in Peabody, Massachusetts, Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts proudly tells us of a 45-year long experience in the arena of martial arts training. The academy offers a special summer program in many useful martial art forms like Taekwondo, Kung-Fu, Cardio-Kickboxing, Tai Chi and Yoga. The academy is blessed with a serene campus conducive for the effective learning of martial art forms. The academy also has many experienced masters who focus on each and every child separately and give their full attention to them.

It's not just for children

At Bruce McCorry's, they will be design a program that suits everyone's needs. The summer programs have multiple benefits for adults as well. The programs offer multiple martial art forms that are the best exercise out there for a fit, toned ,healthy, beach ready body. It boosts your energy level, keeps you away from lifestyle diseases, and prevents problems such as obesity and lack of concentration.

Let us design a program for you.

In the Bruce McCorry's Summer Programs, your child gets unique attention and a healthy competitive atmosphere which no other institution can boast of. What makes the academy special is that their summer programs are not a mere course in martial arts; it is a complete character development program. It includes field trips and arts-and-crafts camps which your child will enjoy. The summer programs also features games and many other events intended for the development of the child's manners. The programs engage your child completely and ensures the progress of every aspect of his or her personality.

Every student who chooses Bruce McCorry's experiences an encouraging change in their character and spirit, a result of the quality training they receive here that improves both their strength and temperament. In the field of  martial arts, Bruce McCorry's is the final word.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Benefits of Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy Taekwondo Instruction

The Benefits of Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy Taekwondo Instruction
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 
 The Miracles of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a popular Korean martial art recognized even in Olympics.
Taekwondo is a powerful art that can work wonders on you if properly
practiced. It intensifies the strength of your body and mind and provides
you with a positive energy of self-confidence and self-esteem. It makes you
more disciplined in life and teaches you how to defend yourself in a
critical moment. It enables the all-round improvement of your body and
mind. Taekwondo can be the best health and safety panacea whoever you are:
a child or an adult.
Your Family and Taekwondo

The footing of a good family is mutual reliance, respect for each other
and smooth communication. Taekwondo training in Bruce McCorry's Academy
fosters in you values like teamwork, politeness, respect for others,
truthfulness and honesty, which help you to improve the ties with your
family. Training in a safe environment with others like you teaches you the
value of cooperation and mutual support. This makes your family life and
relationships better. 
Taekwondo for Children

When a child starts learning Taekwondo, he or she should be taught the
fundamentals that suit his/her age and physical capacity. In children,
Taekwondo helps to enhance organization, flexibility, stability and mental
insight. It also makes them both athletic and strong. It enriches your
child with moral values and increases his/her self worth. It helps him/her
to overcome common childhood problems such as study stress, peer pressure,
competition and bullying. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts center provides the
best Taekwondo training for children.
Taekwondo for Adults Taekwondo has multiple benefits for adults as well. It is the best exercise out there for a fit and toned healthy body. It boosts your energy level, keeps you away from lifestyle diseases, and prevents problems such as obesity and lack of concentration. In a time when world is becoming more and more dangerous, Taekwondo also acts as an option of self-defense for you. Taekwondo enables you to direct your energy in a positive way and defend yourself at any instance of threat. At Bruce McCorry's, you will be taught this technique and much more. Think Positive, Live Positive Taekwondo reduces the negative emotions in your mind such as hatred, jealousy, fear, anger, procrastination, idleness and lack of self-confidence. It improves the way you think of the world and of yourself. It provides you with a better view of life. You will experience yourself, as a person, changing for better. The tranquil learning atmosphere at Bruce McCorry's enables you for this change. Why Choose Bruce McCorry's? With a tradition of over 35 years, the Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy at Peabody in Massachusetts is one of the best martial arts training ventures in US. Unparalleled coaching methods, veteran teachers, and serene learning environment make the academy a favorite destination of martial arts lovers over the past three decades. The academy runs special classes in summer and after-school time. Unique training sessions are available also for children, experienced persons and differently abled persons. If you are into martial arts, Bruce McCorry's is the best decision you can make.
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts: Three Decades of Success

About Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
 Martial arts include different physical art forms like karate, judo, taekwondo and wushu that help you to improve both the health of your body and the sharpness of your mind. Learning martial arts is the best thing you can do for your health and your safety. They teach you how to mold 
your body in a healthy way and how to use it effectively as a weapon in a dangerous circumstance. They instruct your mind to think fast and act accordingly. In short, martial arts facilitate the inclusive improvement of both your body and mind.
Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts: Three Decades of Success

 If you intend to learn martial arts, the best choice you can make is the Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts, an academy solely dedicated to the purpose of shaping a generation who can use martial arts effectively. Situated at Newbury St in Peabody MA, the academy is the best martial arts institution in USA. Established in 1978, the Bruce McCorry's academy has been reaping laurels in the field of martial arts for the past 35 years. Their experience,however, dates back to a 45 year long tradition.

 Vision and Mission of Bruce McCorry's Academy

The purpose of the academy is to equip the American society with the effective use of different martial arts. Their goal is the holistic development of a child including the efflorescence of his or her physical health and mental ability. Through martial arts, they try to boost the self-confidence, attitude, posture, reflecting ability, reasoning capacity and discipline of the pupils. Thus the academy cherishes the noble vision of creating a society that knows the benefits and uses of martial arts.

Programs and Courses

 The academy conducts coaching classes in a wide range of martial arts that are beneficial to the students. Among the greatest attractions of the courses offered, we have the Korean martial art form Taekwondo, the popular Chinese sport Kung Fu, the renowned Indian meditation technique Yoga, Tai Chi and more. Another attraction is Cardio Kickboxing, a unique blend of cardio workout and kickboxing. For kids of 3 years and above, the academy runs a unique program called Little Ninjas. For those who can't attend the regular classes, the academy runs special programs such as the Summer Program and the After School Program. The Academy also offers two courses which blend the elements of different martial arts: Xtreme and Mixed Martial Arts, mainly intended for adults. It also has programs designed for differently abled people. For each of the courses, the academy has adept masters who are veterans in multiple art forms.

 Adult-oriented Programs

 One great merit of the Bruce McCorry's academy is that they conduct many special programs for adults as well. Unlike the other martial art academies you come to contact with, Bruce McCorry's is not confined to the training of children. Irrespective of your age, you are welcome to Bruce McCorry's. Some programs like the Xtreme course in Martial Arts (XMA) are mainly conceived with adults in mind, though children are allowed to participate in them. Courses like cardio kickboxing can be highly effective for adults who are in need of workout. Many adults have considered their study time in the academy as a turning point in their lives.


 In Peabody alone, there are thousands of students, both adults and children, who have been the former pupils of the academy. Each student who joins the academy has spoken of a positive transformation in his/her personality and attitude after he/she has completed the course. This
transformation is the result of the intensive training that they receive as the part of their course.

 Each year, hundreds of new students join this big family to change their lives forever. The results are families who are happier and lead better lives, because they came to Bruce McCorry's. The story of the achievements of the academy thus continues.  We encourage you to join the Bruce McCorry family. 

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Being healthy and being safe: the benefits of learning martial arts
written by: Bruce McCorry 

Many people hesitate to learn martial arts since most view it as a trivial hobby of punching others just for fun. However, the point to note is that the martial arts provide double benefit to your body and mind: it keeps you healthy and also reduces your stress levels. The influence of martial arts on your body is akin to that of Yoga, a way of meditation that makes you both flexible and calm.

Benefits of martial arts over regular exercise

Let us come to the point. Both martial arts and exercise have improving effects on your body and mind. Then what distinguishes one from another? The answer is easy: the martial arts have multiple applications in life. Its teaching is not confined to how to defend yourself in a dangerous circumstance; it also teaches how to use your logic and reasoning skills to react quickly. One thing that every Karate or Taekwondo academy teaches is that you can't waste even one second in a fight; that each movement counts. Hence, the scope of martial arts is much more than doing your push ups or jogging at 5 o'clock in the morning.

Martial arts are much more than measuring your strength and speed; it tells you how to make the most of your position even if you are at a position of weakness. Exercise may help in improving your mind and body, but it does not tell you how to use them effectively in an emergency.

Internalizing teaching is another great advantage of martial arts over regular exercise. In fact, martial arts are a way of shaping your mind by helping it to overcome emotions and sharpening its reasoning ability.

Think better, live better

To understand the point better, take the example of your body as a sword. What regular exercise does is to polish and sharpen this sword. But the martial arts teach you how to use it as a weapon to defend yourself. For example, a breathing exercise may increase the capacity of your lungs and make you more efficient. But a person who practices Brazilian Jujitsu may know how to use such physical advantages as effective techniques against the opponent.

If we examine the martial art of Wushu, we will make the point clearer. You might have passed by a number of Wushu schools while travelling, and might have seen the pupils practicing impressive acrobatic movements that remind you of Kung Fu. But the success of a Wushu practitioner lies in the fact that he can think as fast as he moves. As a learner of Wushu, your teacher will teach you to think fast and move accordingly, in an impulse. This martial art thus refines your body flexibility, body strength and the efficiency of your heart.

The Fun Factor

You may not have thought this before, but martial arts are actually fun to learn. You will make many friends who share same fields of interest. Healthy competition will help you to perfect your abilities and skills further. You will enjoy it as if you are having a fun game with your friends. You will impatiently for each day's practice session!

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: More than a 40 year long success saga

The Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, Newbury St, Peabody MA is one of the finest martial art academies, with a successful history ranging from 1978. The primary aim of the academy is to mold a generation of will and vigor who has the ability to defend themselves and make their body do their bidding. The teachers here focus on the holistic development of a student and the simultaneous development of both his/her mind and body. The serene atmosphere and quality teaching makes this academy one of a kind. Fulfill your martial arts dream with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Please pass this along... FREE Little Ninja Uniform with Enrollment. Also Home of the I LOVE KICKBOXING.

Martial Arts North Shore

Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy.
North Shore's Premier Martial Arts Center located in Peabody Ma.
FREE Little Ninja Uniform with Enrollment.
Also Home of the I LOVE KICKBOXING.
Call for your FREE TRIAL CLASS.
Vsit us online at or
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 Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts is an academy dedicated to promoting and heralding the teachings and benefits of the martial arts world by bringing to the general knowledge a variety of martial arts including Cardio Kickboxing, W.T.F., Taekwondo, Yoga, Tai-Chi, and Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu.
Established in 1978, Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy has the experience and what it takes to help one to further one's development of self-esteem, discipline, and confidence in oneself and in one's peers.
A couple of testimonials from happy customers....
I have been attending Bruce McCorry's Tae Kwon Do class for about 1 and a half years. The classes have been a great way for me to compliment my existing workouts. At my age (42) I find my muscles get very tight which leads to soreness and injury. The classes have helped me stay limber and reduce injury. I also have had a long standing problem with my knee (having had multiple knee surgery's). After the last surgery I was surprised when my doctor advised I continue with TKD, that it would help my knee. My muscles have become stronger as has my balance (a big challenge with my knee) and I feel much better overall. Definately consider TKD and watch what you eat if you have existing ailments or are looking for a healthier lifestyle. Everyone (staff and students) are helpful and friendly at McCorry's. They are serious about respect and the arts, but appreciate everyone has a unique objective and skill set. Expect a great deal of personal attention. Great place!
Christopher Concheri

Bruce Mc Corrys has been wonderful for my son. He began taking classes when he was in 6th grade. He was very shy and was bullied in school. After coming to classes he is more confident, outgoing and careing individual. He is a freshman in college and has turned out to be a wonderful young man. I believe this is because of the wonderful staff at Bruce McCorry's. Thank You and I hope you keep changing peoples lives for many more years.
Jo Ann

For more information, please visit us online at or
Call today at (978) 535-7878

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why Martial Arts Is Great for Kids
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts in Peabody, MA

From time to time, parents are wary of allowing their children to learn martial arts. They fear either that their children are already being exposed to too much violence or that martial arts will expose them to violence that they hadn't been exposed to in the past. Usually, these same parents are very surprised to find that not only does a martial arts education encourage peaceful resolution of conflict, but it teaches children a number of other unvaluable lessons. What you will find below are some of the top reasons to teach a child martial arts; the same reasons why the Bruce McCorry Martial Arts academy has been teaching children for so many years!

Helping Children Learn Self Discipline

Studies show that children who are self disciplined early on are the most
successful later in life. Well, did you know that one of the core
principles of all types of martial arts is the attention given to self
discipline? In this day and age of instant gratification, learning
important values such as restraint and self-discipline can be difficult.
This is where martial arts can help. Give your child something to work
towards, be disciplined about; and you're giving them a gift that will last
a lifetime.

Martial Arts Encourages Social Interaction

Not all children find it easy to get to know people and make friends, but
this task becomes infinitely easier when they are in an environment of
peers who share a common interest. Even as an adult it can be difficult to
find common ground with just any other person, it can be so much more
difficult for children who may have less confidence and certain less
experience. Putting children in an environment with others vested in the
same activity really gives them an opportunity to share experiences, learn
from one another, and build strong and lasting friendship. Most martial
arts practice requires partnership, mutual respect, and understanding.

Helps Encourage Physical Activity

Long gone are the days where kids get up, go outside, and play hard all
day long. These days it's more likely that you'll find your child in front
of a television screen, computer screen, or on their ipad and cellphones.
Put a child in activity that requires physical activity by definition,
though, and you'll be ensuring that your child is spending his or her time
doing something fun and healthy. Simply, martial arts can help put your
child on a lifetime path of healthy physical activity.

Teaching Children How to Set & Achieve Goals

Every one knows how important it is that children learn to set goals and
take the steps to achieve them; follow through is so important! Let them
learn how to do this through a tried and proven system. As your child's
skill level increases and they aim for the next belt in succession, they
are learning how to set a goal, work for it, and to achieve the goal.

Helping Boost Self Esteem

Self esteem is such an important subject. It can be heart wrenching to
see a child with low self esteem; but it is so fulfilling to see a child's
self esteem rise. When children achieve the goals they have set, their
self-confidence rises. Everyday something new is learned, is another day
that child has something new to be proud of. The more skills that are
learned, the more a child's confidence grows.

Learning How to Respect Others

Another central principle in martial arts is the idea of respect.
Learning martial arts requires the student to demonstrate respect towards
the teacher. This may be an important way for a child to learn respect, as
today the culture does not always promote respect for authority figures. It
is important that children learn to respect those in a position of
authority, adults, their peers, and themselves.

Martial Arts Teaches Non Violent Conflict Resolution

Martial arts teaches many defensive styles so that children understand
how to peacefully dissolve conflicts before they escalate to a physical
level. So, contrary to what many parents have seen in the movies; martial
arts can teach your child to be confident enough to peacefully resolve any
issues they come across. A confident child with high self esteem has
nothing to prove!

Helps Boost Listening Skills

Good listening skills are vitally important to the study of martial arts,
as they are many other areas of life. The only way in which a child can be
taught and succeed, is if they are able to listen and heed the instructions
of their teacher. This can help children who have a difficult time paying
attention to learn how to wait for cues and follow instruction. In turn
they learn that if they listen carefully, they can be rewarded with the
gift of information which they will be able to put to use in the future.

Fostering Teamwork

Very few activities, when learning martial arts, are done alone. Most
exercises require working together with at least one partner in order to
achieve a common goal. The lesson of working with others is an important
one; martial arts can help your child excel in teamwork.

The Life Long Benefits of Martial Arts

Of course, your child will be able to take all the lessons learned in the
dojo with them into other areas of their life. A confident, social,
attentive, respectful child will grow to be a very well rounded and
successful individual. They will be excellent students, friends, family
members, and individuals that grow into well-rounded adults that are happy
with others as well as themselves.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts academy strives to actively promote the
teachings and benefits of martial arts by teaching different disciplines
including: Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, W.T.F., Cardio Kickboxing,
Taekwondo, Tai Chi, and Yoga.

The Bruce McCorry Martial Arts academy was established in 1978 and since
then has helped many to further their personal development, and through
teaching martial arts, has encouraged higher self esteem, better self
discipline, and more confidence within each student.

Sign up today to receive a FREE introductory lesson. There are no
obligations; it truly is just a free trial. All you'll need to do is to
visit our website and fill out the form or simply
call us. (978) 535-7878 One of our staff members will be sure to contact you
promptly to schedule your free session.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Just wanted to share this Testimonial from Linda Concheri...  Thank you Linda!

As a mom of a special needs child with a complex medical history and austim I struggle daily with finding appropriate recreational activities to enroll him in and find it difficult to find a group to accept him.

At Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts I feel at home. They are patient and understanding of my child's disabilities, they have instilled confidence in a child that struggles daily with everyday tasks.

They have the ability to work around whatever my son struggles with.

They not only welcome my son and see past his disabilities, they have also welcomed me and respect my concerns. For example; I have enrolled my son in their summer workshop with typical peers and they were more than willing to give him one on one support and help him with his social needs.

If you looking for a program like this. I highly recommend Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts.

Thanks for everything you do.

Linda Concheri

North Reading, MA