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Tai Chi Martial Arts by Bruce McCorry

Tai Chi Martial Arts by Bruce McCorry 
Written by: Master McCorry
Can there be a martial art without violent punching, kicking and fighting?
Tai Chi is one such art form. It proclaims that only peaceful, cadenced and
meditative movements can help you find your inner tranquility. Tai Chi is
popular because, more or less like yoga, it helps you to cope up with the
chaotic modern life.

Tai Chi – Origins, History and Philosophy
The birth of Tai Chi can be traced back to the China of 2500 years ago. It
is a descendant of the ancient medicinal philosophies and the art of
Qigong. Marvin Smalheiser, the renowned Tai Chi historian notes that Tai
Chi masters can defeat their opponents by concentrating their inner energy
in a powerful and subtle manner, which may not always be visible to the
spectator. Hence, able Tai Chi masters give the impression of attacking
their opponents without touching them. This astounding technique can be
attributed to what is known as Qi, roughly translated as the force of life.
According to Tai Chi philosophy, the human body is made of five elements,
which together creates Qi, the life essence. A balance between these
elements results in the unhindered flowing of Qi in our body. The ultimate
aim of Tai Chi is to achieve this balance.

Divisions of Tai Chi
One popular style of Tai Chi is the Wu Style. Wu is a subtler form of Tai Chi in which knees take up a straighter position. In the Yang mode, the learners use bent knees. Tai Chi Chih is another widely practiced style. All the three versions focus on graceful rhythmic movements instead of violent angular moves. Tai Chi – Benefits Tai Chi is said to infuse positive energy into our body and life. Modern case studies, meta-analyses and experiments support this view. Some of the most highlighted benefits of Tai Chi are: · Equilibrium and Balance: The floating movements and constant shifting of weight from one leg to the other increase body equilibrium and balance. · Self-Confidence: Tai Chi infuses self-confidence in the learners by making their body language graceful and boosting their self-worth. · Core Strength: Tai Chi improves one’s core strength by improving stamina, suppleness and muscular power. · Immunity: Tai Chi helps to prevent muscular diseases like muscle weakening and fibromyalgia. It also curbs lifestyle problems like cardiac diseases and blood pressure. · Soothing effect: Tai Chi does the good of a meditation by reducing stress and bringing you back to the stage of an elemental childish happiness and calm.

Getting Started with Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a simple enough art form to learn by yourself. You can self-instruct from video tapes or internet tutorials. However, it would be more sensible to learn Tai Chi in a proper scientific manner from an instructor, because instructors can point out your drawbacks and monitor your progress. Martial art centers like Bruce McCorry’s Academy conduct excellent instruction programs in Tai Chi. At Bruce McCorry’s, Tai Chi classes are conducted by experienced teachers like Master McCorry himself who has been into Tai Chi since 1978. The syllabus is specially designed and constantly updated to suit the needs of the students. The academy teaches Tai Chi along with its philosophy so that the students get the complete grasp of what they learn. Hundreds of learners flock to the academy every season because Tai Chi at Bruce McCorry’s will make you a changed person. Why not try it!


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