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Asperger’s Syndrome and Martial Arts

Asperger’s Syndrome and Martial Arts
written by: Master McCorry
Please note: Although Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy has great success working with people under the Autism Spectrum, it is advised to  consult your doctor before participating in any form of Martial Arts.
A survey report by the Center for Disease Controls states the alarming fact that one out of every 88 children in the state are affected with Asperger’s Syndrome. The past ten years have seen a startling increase in the number of cases reported under autism spectrum in both kids and adults. Many doctors, psychologists and experts now put forth martial arts as a therapy for Asperger’s Syndrome.

Getting to Know Asperger’s Syndrome
Named after the Austrian physician Hans Asperger, Asperger’s Disorder (AD) is a neurodevelopment disorder that falls under the broader Autism Spectrum Disorders. The distinctive features of Asperger’s Disorder include impairment of social skills, difficulties in communicating with ease, patterns of behavior that are repetitive, and violent outbursts and tantrums in children called meltdowns by experts. Asperger’s Syndrome was discovered as early as 1944. However, it was during the 80s and 90s that the public started becoming aware of its complications and symptoms. Though early intervention and social training have been found extremely useful in Asperger’s Syndrome therapies, often the kids and adults in the spectrum have difficulties in mustering body strength, coordinating movements and communicating with ease. These are the areas where martial arts have been found effective.
Martial Art Therapy for Asperger’s Disorder The relationship between Asperger's Syndrome and martial arts is a much debated topic among doctors. People with Asperger’s Syndrome are advised by doctors to take martial arts because martial arts can make some difference in the following aspects of their condition: 1. Through martial arts, patients can learn body postures and movements which are new to them. This will be useful in developing coordination and motor skills.

2. Attention deficiency is a common challenge for people with Asperger’s Disorder. Taking martial arts lessons will help them to concentrate their attention for longer.

3. Repetitive patterns of behaviors seen in people with Asperger’s (such as tracing and retracing the steps, obsessively arranging things in order and repeating simple tasks like washing hands) can be limited using effective martial arts training.

4. Martial arts can be an outlet that channelizes the excessive energy in a constructive manner. This effectively brings down chances of meltdowns and tantrums.

5. Martial arts provides a platform where children and adults under the Spectrum can interact with people who are similar to them as well as others. This will definitely improve the communication skills. It will also reduce social inhibition considerably.
Treating Asperger’s with Martial Arts – Choosing a Center When people with Asperger’s Syndrome decide to take martial arts lessons, a number of things should be taken into concern. It is inevitable that the class should be under the supervision of professionals and experts. If not systematic, martial art lessons can make little difference to their condition. This is why you should choose an efficient academy like Bruce McCorry’s.
What makes Bruce McCorry’s Academy is its inclusive nature. From kids to seniors, everyone can find their own space at the academy and receive individual attention. When people under Autism Spectrum come to Bruce McCorry’s Academy, what they get is a chance to be at a place where they won’t feel out-of-place. Constructive lessons and friendly atmosphere helps them to interact with others. With four decades of experience in the field of martial arts, Bruce McCorry’s can be the change to your life that you have been looking for.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Martial Arts An Alternative for Boutique Gyms

Martial Arts Schools – A Better Alternative for Boutique Gyms written
by: Sandra LaRosa
Boutique gyms, a recent addition to the buzz of the day, are being heralded as the ultimate combo of fitness and aesthetics – an innovation hailed as an alternative to traditional gyms. The advocates of boutique gyms uphold them as a not-seen-before revolution in the fitness world. However, before jumping into the bandwagon, it is important to know that for years, the martial art schools around us have offered the same benefits as boutique gyms, in a more customized manner. Can martial arts be a better option in the face of the boutique gym frenzy?
Boutique Gyms and Martial Art Centers: A Comparison
Also called microgyms or bespoke gyms, a boutique gym is a miniature deluxe version of the traditional gym that focuses on a single fitness method such as Yoga or Spin. Proponents of these fitness studios highlight the following advantages:

-Unlike a traditional gym that mixes up many fitness styles, boutique gyms give us a chance to focus on a single fitness method such as Taekwondo or Kung-Fu.
-They offer an opportunity to choose a milder alternative for those who do not like the tough fitness training of fitness clubs.
-They blend athletics with peaceful martial arts like Tai-Chi
-Since they are smaller in terms of number of participants, bespoke gyms create a chance for like-minded people to bond and have fun. This also means more individual attention to participants.
-They charge almost the same fees as large fitness centers.

Since many of these highlights are put forward as unprecedented, it would be interesting to note how martial art schools have been offering the same (or even better) benefits for decades:

-Martial arts schools not only offer a chance to focus on a single training method, but also have a wide variety of such methods to choose from. You can pick anything from Taekwondo to Tai Chi, Kung-Fu and  Kickboxing, and you get to devote your attention to that particular art fully.

-In martial art schools, if you prefer lighter and milder arts like Tai Chi, you can go for them. If you prefer tougher and challenging varieties, you can choose those like Karate and Kickboxing
-While boutique gyms claim that the fusion of athletics and martial arts is an innovation, martial art schools have been doing it for decades. They give you better fitness results than a boutique gym. According to research, an hour of martial arts can burn 800 calories or more - you can lose pounds within just a few sessions.

-Just like a bespoke gym, martial arts schools give you a smaller and intimate space where you can be friends with people who have the same interest and belong to similar age groups.

-Martial art centers give individual attention and professional care. Your martial arts teachers are not just trainers with a certificate, but veterans who had been in their field for years. At a good center, your masters can guide and mentor you to professional perfection.
-Martial arts schools are economic than fitness centers.
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts – An Alternative for Microgyms A good martial arts institution can give you amazing results compared to boutique gyms. Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Massachusetts) offers special programs where you can get personalized martial arts lessons that suit your aptitude and strength. It is also open to people from all age groups. Everyone right from children to seniors find classes at Bruce McCorry’s enjoyable and efficient. Get your admission now at Bruce McCorry’s, where fitness dreams come true!

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Tai Chi Therapeutic & Clinical Benefits

The Therapeutic and Clinical Benefits of Tai Chi
written by: Master McCorry
Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art famous for its medicinal and clinical benefits. The therapeutic and preventive value of Tai Chi was known in China for thousands of years. Recent studies have brought this wealth of tradition to the public eye outside China and have made Tai Chi one of the most desirable martial arts. Tai Chi Through Ages The roots of Tai Chi date back to the ancient Chinese faith-cum-philosophy of Taoism, which stresses the harmony and balancing of contradicting elements as the path to truth. Tai Chi is supposed to be the invention of a 17th century warrior Wang Ting Chen. It remained within the Chen family circles for nearly two centuries. In the late 19th century, Chang Xing Chen, a descendant of Wang Ting, brought Tai Chi to outside the bounds of the family and taught it to Lu Chan Yang and his followers. They, in turn, propagated Tai Chi all over China. By 1956, two milestones happened in the development of Tai Chi:

* Government took initiative to reduce the multiple and complex variants of Tai Chi to 24 simplified styles
* The purpose of Tai Chi shifted from self-defense to health
The 70s saw Tai Chi being introduced to the US. It remained an esoteric art till 1996. Steven Wolf’s study of the health benefits of Tai Chi in 1996 made it popular all over US, and gradually, in the rest of the world as well. At present, Tai Chi is a celebrated martial art with millions of learners all over the world. The Clinical Benefits of Tai Chi Many studies since 1990s have expounded the health benefits of Tai Chi. Taken together, they can be summed up under the following notions:

1. Tai Chi can enhance balance, improve control and reduce falls in adults and seniors.

2. It improved the Unified Scale score of patients suffering from Parkinsonism (MS Lee, 2008)

3. In patients suffering from osteoarthritis, Tai Chi was found to reduce pain and inflammation (Lee, 2008)

4. Studies in rheumatic arthritis patients found that Tai Chi improved the flexion of their ankles (A Han, 2004)

5. Usually bone density diminishes in women in post-menopause stage. Women who learnt Tai Chi, however, was found to maintain their bone density. This means reduced risk of osteoporosis in women.

6. A study by A. Dechamps et al (2007) pointed out that Tai Chi can foster belief in one’s own ability and enhance mood.

7. Regular practice of Tai Chi can bring down blood pressure and diabetes to normal. It can also reduce the chances of CVD (Cardio-Vascular Diseases) by preventing hypertension and abnormal lipid levels.

8. When Tai Chi was paired with medical treatment in cancer patients, it was found to boost their will power and thereby increase the chances of survival. It can develop self-esteem in cancer survivors as well (P. Mansky, 2006)

9. Tai Chi can augment aerobic capacity and reduce stress
Bruce McCorry’s Lessons in Tai Chi Tai Chi is often hailed as a medication technique in motion, a phrase which proves how important it is to practice it scientifically. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, Massachusetts) offers professional training in Tai Chi to learners of all age groups. Tai Chi coaching at Bruce McCorry’s starts with simpler low-intensity forms for beginners and gradually proceeds to higher levels. For patients, systematic Tai Chi learning at Bruce McCorry’s can be coupled with medicinal treatment to achieve better clinical results. P
rivate instruction is also available to better work with the students needs. Visit today or call for your free trial course, at (978) 535-7878.

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Kung Fu Classes Peabody Ma

A Look at the History and Advantages of Kung Fu
written by: Michael Fulcher

Before learning martial arts, people tend to be concerned whether 
martial arts will desensitize them to violence. Though all martial arts 
involve physical moves that may look aggressive, the basic philosophy 
beneath each art propagates peace and tranquility. If you still have 
apprehensions, Kung Fu is your solution – a unique martial art from 
China with its core tenets based on the virtues of defense and peace 
rather than aggression and violence.

Kung Fu through a Historical Perspective
Also known by the names of Wushu or Gongfu, Kung Fu is a Chinese 
fighting style that acquired popularity all over the world. It is ironic 
that a martial art which stresses peaceful philosophy at present was 
born out of the incessant battles that the ancient Chinese had to 
contend with. But even then, the emphasis was to self-defend rather than 
victory and aggression.

The proper origins can be traced to King Huang-Di of the Xia Dynasty of 
China who is supposed to have introduced the art form to his country. 
Since then, Kung Fu had remained an inevitable component of the defense 
strategies of dynasties that followed, most significantly the Shang, 
Zhou, Qin, Han and Song dynasties. Over these ages, Kung Fu acquired a 
philosophical aura which expanded its horizons beyond self-defense and 

A monumental event in the growth of the philosophical doctrine of Kung 
Fu was the establishment of Shaolin style. Ancient forms of Kung Fu were 
already practiced in the Shaolin Temple, a Chinese Buddhist monastery 
since the 16th century itself. A southern Buddhist monk, Bodhidharma 
shaped it to the renowned Shaolin style in circa 720 CE. Introduction of 
the philosophical dimension established Kung Fu as a sought-after 
martial art in China. In the modern era, when the value of martial arts 
started being recognized in general, Kung Fu got the status of a 
universally accepted and preferred martial art, and aspirants started 
flocking to learn Kung Fu.

Learning Kung Fu: The Advantages
What sustains the glory of Kung Fu even after two millenniums since its 
origin? Modern scientific and psychological inquiries have thrown light 
over the remarkable potential of this martial art. The hand-knee 
movements in Kung Fu can tone your body and make you healthier. An 
authentic study by Tsang TW et al shows that Kung Fu can increase bone 
density and enhance aerobic capacity. Kung Fu can also de-stress you and 
help you to face stressful situations in a composed manner. 
Psychotherapists opine that Kung Fu can make you insight-oriented, 
patient and calm (K. K. Wong, 1981). Kung Fu is a healthy and soothing 
retreat, a spiritually rich alternative to the hectic hours you spend in 
your workplace.

Bruce McCorry Kung Fu Instruction

Learning from the Master: Kung Fu Lessons by Bruce McCorry's Martial 
Arts Not every Martial Art academy can proudly state that they are led by a 
man who performed right at the Shaolin Temple, the venerated shrine of 
Kung Fu aspirants. Only the greatest masters get such an opportunity, 
and that is the achievement of SiFu Bruce McCorry, the visionary 
leader of Bruce McCorry's Martial Art Center (Massachusetts). Through 
the Kung Fu lessons, the academy puts before you a golden chance to 
learn the fundamentals of Kung Fu from McCorry and other veteran 
masters. The lessons are open to all regardless of age, and provide you 
with individual attention from teachers who comes up with customized 
teaching methods that suit you.

Bruce McCorry at the Shaolin Temple

Give a new direction to your life through Kung Fu lessons with Bruce 
McCorry and his team!

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Yoga Alternative - Martial Arts

Martial Arts for the Body, Mind and Soul - An Alternative for Yoga
written by: Master LaRosa

Yoga is widely recognized as a meditation practice that has profound benefits for your physical, mental and spiritual dispositions. It can help you to maintain shape, it can soothe your mind, and it can add a dimension of spirituality to your life. However, Yoga is not everyone’s cup of tea. Practicing Yoga demands intense mental focus and presence of your mind. Yoga is not for those who get distracted easily and who find it difficult to concentrate patiently. Is there anything else that provides the same spiritual, mental and physical benefits as an effective Yoga session? Martial arts is the answer.
Invigorate your Body, Mind and Soul through Martial Arts Martial arts comprises a wide variety of practices, styles and art forms hailing from all corners of the world. The earliest prototypes of martial arts have their origin in the self-defense fighting styles devised by the Asian sages and monks. Today, most regions of the world has some or other martial arts which they can call their own – some of them age-old and some modern. There are martial arts which rely on intense physical movements and contact with opponents. The systems of Karate, Taekwondo and Judo belong to this group. There are also martial arts with their base built on insightful philosophical base. Tai Chi and Qigong styles mingle meditation and breath control with physical movements.
Martial arts can shape and mold your body just like Yoga will do. South Asian martial arts involve quick and energy-oriented physical movements. Brazilian martial arts such as Vale Tudo and Jiu-Jitsu have rhythmical movements. Capoeira involves even dance-like movements. Martial arts not only helps you to tone your body, but it has health benefits as well. It can burn off excess fat and redistribute the remaining fat in your body. Through martial arts, you can keep in check diabetes, cholesterol and chances of cardiac problems. It will stabilize your blood pressure and increase your immunity.
Martial arts are also for your mind. Just like Yoga, many martial arts incorporate breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation. Qigong is such a martial art and so is Tai Chi. They can calm your mind and de-stress you very effectively. Often, doctors prescribe martial arts to those who have to face intense stress at their workplace. Martial arts have helped many people who suffer from post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression to regain the spirit of life. Often, experts exalt the spiritual dimension of Yoga. It is doubtless that Yoga leaves deep spiritual impacts on your life. However, there are many martial arts that can offer the same spiritual benefits of Yoga. Many martial arts have their root in Buddhist and other religious traditions, and though their modern forms are free of religious implications, the age-old traditions of spirituality have been handed over through generations.
Martial Arts for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development at Bruce McCorry’s If you are seeking an alternative for Yoga that will benefit you physically, mentally and spiritually, then martial arts can be a life-changing experience for you. Bruce McCorry’s Martil Arts Academy in Peabody (MA) is one of the leading institutions in the United States that offers you a golden chance to learn martial arts effectively. Bruce McCorry’s has guided generations of students to success and achievement in life through martial arts. With a wide range of martial arts programs to choose from, Bruce McCorry’s Academy is your essential martial arts destination.  
Sign up for a free trial at today. 

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Self Defense Classes

Summer Self Defense and Martial Arts - Make this Summer Special through
Martial Arts written by: Master McCorry
Summer is the time when children choose to enjoy their holidays and have
fun. It can be a pleasant time, but sadly, it can be dangerous as well. Recent studies of the statistics recorded by police forces notes that aggression and crimes increase by 8 percentage among teenagers and children during the summer months. One reason for the increased crime rates is that teenagers and children have on their hand all the time they want. Science gives testimony to the fact that heat and humidity tend to boost aggression as well. When children spend their time alone and unsupervised, their detours can lead them to troubles and dangers.
Summer time poses many threats for kids. Studies show that more cases of abductions, bullying, alcoholic and drug abuses and rash driving are being reported during summer months. Many of them involve children and teenagers. Most often, kids do not become a part of it willingly, but they are forced to. Moreover, many such crimes take place in places where immediate help from others or police is not available. Instances of such crimes and dangers can be considerably reduced if children are trained to defend themselves at a moment of emergency. It's always useful for children to learn some effective self defense skills like martial arts. How Can Summer Martial Arts be an Alternative? Learning martial arts will equip your children to defend themselves if they get trapped in a dangerous situation. On one hand, martial arts make children stronger; on the other hand it quickens their decision making and quick reaction skills. It will prepare your child to be on alert always, recognize danger quickly, and act against it immediately. Martial arts classes in the summer is effective in another way as well. Martial arts classes provide a platform where your child can engage in fun activities. They will remain safe, supervised and engaged in their summer course, which means that there are fewer chances for them to be drawn towards danger. Knowledge of martial arts can make sure that your child gets to enjoy his/her vacation time without worrying about threats and dangers. It is for parents too… Whatever be the dangers of summer, it is also the most enjoyable season of the year for both you and your kids. It is the time when you might want to get in good shape and prepare yourself for the parties and picnics and beaches. Martial arts can help all those parents who want to be the proud owner of a fit and toned body. It is not only for your kids, but you too! Open-for-all Summer Martial Arts Program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts at Peabody (MA) offers a unique and fun summer martial arts program, open to both adults and kids. The academy is one of the chief martial arts institutions around, and the summer program is noted for its quality instruction. The Bruce McCorry’s classes are not merely a fun pastime, but a space where you can be with your children and make their summer special and safe for them. It also gives a professional introduction to the basics of martial arts and to the highest degree levels. Bruce McCorry’s is where your kids will have the most memorable summer of their lives – and you too. Make this Summer Special through Martial Arts! Hurry now and sign up today for you and your family! Visit today at or call for a free trial at (978) 535-7878

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After School Martial Arts Classes

After School Martial Arts Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
written by: Master McCorry

Before you know it, schools will be about to reopen, it is the time for
parents to start searching for after school programs for their children.
Many parents nowadays choose the option of after school martial arts over
usual after school programs. What makes martial arts classes special
compared to other programs?

Benefits of Martial Arts over Other After School Programs
Martial Arts have many advantages over a common after school program.

1. Breaking the Monotony
After spending a long tiring day in school struggling with lessons, your
child needs something that can enliven their mind. Further, studies show
that children are spending less and less time for physical activities in
school. After six hours of sitting in a classroom chair, only a burst of
physical activity can invigorate their body. A common after school program
will not do this for your child whereas martial arts will.
2. The Scope of Martial Arts Learning martial arts is unlike learning any other skills. Even after their school years, children can keep it with them either as a hobby or as a profession. A good martial arts program will offer you a chance to achieve a good career as well. After school martial arts courses will teach kids something worthwhile – it will productively engage their time. 3. Better Health through Martial Arts Martial arts is a total solution to your child’s health problems. Do you have a child who is a picky eater with a frail body? Through martial arts, he/she can achieve a stronger physique and better immunity. Children suffering from obesity can effectively lose weight with the help of martial arts. Learning martial arts during childhood means better health and less lifestyle diseases in the future.

4. Safety and Security
A skill like martial arts is definitely superior to any other skill that you can learn in an after school course. It will stay with you as a dependable self-defense technique forever. Whenever you find yourself in danger, you can rely upon martial arts to protect yourself. It is meaningful for your child to spend his/her after school time to learn such a beneficial art.
After School Martial Arts (AMP) Program by Bruce McCorry’s Academy When you pick something for your child, you should always choose the best. That is where the name of Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy stands out. Since 1978, Bruce McCorry’s Academy has been one of the top martial arts institutions in the state. The AMP at Bruce McCorry’s follows a nationally recognized syllabus and scheme intended to provide professional martial arts guidance to children. At the same time, experienced teachers make sure that the children get to learn martial arts in a pleasant and fun way. Once you take your children to Bruce McCorry’s, they will simply love it!
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy always gives importance to the safety
of your kids. You can choose the special transport facility that will be
arranged by the academy to bring your children from their day school to the
Bruce McCorry’s Academy. You can pick them up after your work hours and be
sure that they will be in safe hands till then. Make your child’s after
school hours special by choosing Bruce McCorry’s Academy! New classes begin
from September onward.  Enrollment is now open.  Please don't hesitate in
contacting us as seats fill up fast.  Enroll today: (978) 535-7878