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Self Defense Classes - Facts & Information

Self Defense Classes - Facts & Information
written by: Master McCorry

Self defense is an inevitable skill to survive in today’s world. Each day, the media comes up with new instances of violence, attacks and crimes. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention, 33% of the youth has been a part of physical violence. School bullying stats and juvenile crime rates are on an alarming rise. Youth and children are not the sole victims of crime. Adults also encounter situations in which some self-defense skill would have come handy. Elder abuse is also on the rise.

Some specific reports by Neighborhood Scouts from Massachusetts are shocking:

* Around 6000 robberies and 18000 assaults are annually reported

* 2 million burglaries are reported from Boston alone

* From 1970 to 2014 there is an increase in number of assaults from 5003 to 18,638

All these indicate that it is important for every one of us to learn to fight back if necessary. It is especially so in the case of women, children and elders – the most frequent victims of violence and crime. We should not only learn to just defend ourselves, but we should also be aware of our self defense rights.

Martial Arts: The Ultimate Self Defense
Self defense is not just using your fist and knees to overpower your attacker. It also involves using your intelligence and alertness to extricate yourself from dangerous situations. In fact, the latter skill would prove much more useful than physical resistance in many situations. Even where physical fighting fails, intellect and alertness can win. That is why martial arts – the combo of physical resistance and vigilant thinking – is considered the ultimate self defense.

Martial arts can equip you to defend yourselves in many ways. Following are some of the useful self defense skills that you can gain by learning martial arts:

* Martial arts give you stronger physical ability

* It increases your self confidence by erasing negative thoughts and making you stronger

* It teaches you to be alert and vigilant always

* Martial arts teaches you how to think and act swiftly – a skill that comes most useful in self defense

* Martial arts teaches you how to be cool and collected at the face of an emergency. Not panicking is the first thing you need when you face a difficult situation
* It makes you courageous and brave. This is an important value, because it will teach you not only to protect yourself, but also help others from a crisis.

* Finally, martial arts has the ability to improve your perception and attention skills. Quickly noticing and recognizing suspicious circumstances is a big advantage in self defense, and martial art teaches you this.

Self Defense Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts
Teaching self defense is not easy, because self defense succeeds only when the learner decides to equip himself/herself. The martial arts self defense lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA), therefore, focuses on teaching you how to prepare yourselves. So the emphasis of Bruce McCorry’s self defense classes is not just on jabs and punches, but also on vigilant thinking, quick action and decision making skills. An essential part of Bruce McCorry’s self defense martial arts lessons is teaching how to recognize and avoid dangers, along with fighting back.

Join today for useful self defense martial art classes at Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts!

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