Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Get Motivated to Get Your Black Belt

Get Motivated to Get Your Black Belt
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 

There are times when you just don't feel like training for your black belt. If you need motivation to get rid of a foul mood and get back training motivation, here are 10 tips to help you out.

1. Focus your mind on the current training task. Although it's quite normal to think about past and future occurrences, remember that the one hour you've reserved for training forms an important aspect to achieving your goals. Focus on training and you can switch your mind back to thinking about other stuff afterwards.

2. Listen to your body. How your body feels will affect how well you train. Always keep track of how your body feels at different times during the day. States such as fatigue and anxiety need to be taken care of before training. You can also warm up your body before training by stretching. Keep in mind that how your body feels could be a sign of an underlying condition such as overworking, stress or poor nutrition.

3. Visualize the end result. Thinking about the good feeling that comes after successfully completing a training session can be a great motivator. The thoughts don't necessarily need to indicate immediate achievement. They can just be about something that you believe might be achieved if you train well enough. For example, you might envision yourself getting into the ring with one of the UFC greats for the main event.

4. Kill self doubt. One of the greatest motivation killers is self doubt. You know that little voice that keeps saying negative stuff that only deter you from achieving your black belt dreams. If you regularly give yourself excuses why you cannot achieve black belt status, replace these with self talk, about why you can actually attain a black belt even against all odds.

5. Do more of what you like. How do you like your training sessions? Do they involve thinks you like? If your training sessions involve most of the stuff you don't like, it can help telling the instructor to include more of what you enjoy. The instructor has your best interests at heart and will most likely make the change to suit you.

6. Think about what you need to do to make progress. What have you achieved so far and what do you wish to achieve? What can inspire you to make the next steps? Some people often find that simple things like getting new training gear motivates them to move forward towards their black belt status goals. You can ask your instructor to get you new training kits if it's what will get you motivated.

7. Tweak your training routine. Your motivation might lack because you don't feel that your routine isn't getting you there fast enough. A simple change in routine such as adding the number of classes or trying out a harder routine might be what you need to get your motivation up.

8. Make up for missed lessons. Skipping a training session might leave you feeling guilty and unmotivated. You can however make up for it by scheduling a private training session, stretching or even attending a seminar. These might be the boost you need to get back in class and train.

9. Stay committed to your goals. Skipping a training session doesn't mean that you've completely failed. It actually offers the opportunity to assess what you want to achieve and remind yourself that it can only be achieved one step at a time. It offers the opportunity to remind yourself that physical strength, high energy levels, good health and an alert mind can be achieved through training. Prepare yourself physically and mentally to head back to training the following day.

10. Write down your training values. Why do you want to become a black belt? The answer to this question should guide you each day whenever you lack motivation. It will help you go to training not because you have to but because you want to. A good way to ensure that you live up to your training values is to let your instructor know about them. Besides enabling the instructor know how to help you achieve your black belt, you'll remain motivated to prove to your instructor that you aren't willing to quit until you have attained your black belt. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Martial Arts and Weight Loss for Adults

Get Fit for Summer with Martial Arts and Weight Loss for Adults
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Is getting a lean and attractive body one of your goals this summer? Are you looking for a safe way to lose weight, without the use of unhealthy techniques such as pills and fasting? If you're looking for a fun way to keep lean this summer, martial arts training is a great option. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy's Summer Program will help you achieve these goals. Martial arts has become a favorite way for many people to lose weight due to its fun factor as well as emphasis on eating healthy. For a better understanding about the link between martial arts and weight loss, here's a short overview.

The key to losing weight through martial arts involves dedication and willingness to train, focus and discipline on training, and proper nutrition. Although Martial arts training alone can help shed pounds, coupled with proper nutrition is the key. All three mentioned components must work simultaneously to enable weight loss through martial arts. Proper nutrition involves eating foods that are rich in vitamins, protein, essential fats and minerals to give the body health and strength. The training part involves burning body fat making your body lean faster. Some of the best weight loss martial arts forms include the following.

This form focuses on building power. Most techniques involve delivering powerful strikes using your limbs. The movements demand a lot from the muscles making this martial art form excellent for burning fat underneath the skin and building muscle. Mastery of Karate requires regular training to build strength and sharpen reflexes. This will help you burn calories and shed fat.

Kung Fu and Taekwondo
Kung Fu is quite diverse. It has many disciplines, each involving complex movements that combine jumping, punching, kicking and other body movements. Training is geared towards increasing flexibility and speed. Taekwondo on the other hand focuses a lot on kicking and footwork and requires a lot of body movement. Training in either or both arts will provide a good cardio and strength workout which will accelerate your fat loss.

MMA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai
These three disciples are quite intense. Perfecting any of these requires that your body be physically and mentally fit. The key to mastery is power, speed and endurance. A single training session works on all three aspects and the intensity of the session will burn fat deposits fast.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi has been extensively studied and shown to be one of the best martial art forms for people who want to lose weight regardless of age or fitness level. It's therefore a great choice for beginners and elderly weight loss enthusiasts. Mastery of this art form can take time but it's always well worth it in terms of weight loss achieved.

There's a lot more to martial arts beyond self defense training. It is an excellent and fun way to lose weight. If you are looking for a martial arts training institution that will oversee the achievement of your weight loss goals this summer, Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy will be more than pleased to have you.  Get started today, beach season is near.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kids Summer Program in Martial Arts

Now Enrolling: Kids Summer Program in Martial Arts at Bruce 
McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

The first day of spring is this week, that means summer is right around the corner! Summer break is the only time each year that your kids takes time away from studies to slow down and learn practical aspects of life. Unfortunately, most children use this time as an opportunity to laze around the house playing video games and watching TV. These are non productive activities. But why not introduce your child to a fun and exciting activity that includes learning as well as physical and mental development? If you are looking for such an opportunity, summer break martial arts for children is worth considering.

Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids
Any martial arts form provides numerous benefits for its student. Training will help the child build self esteem, self respect and respect for others, physical well being and, improve focus among other things. Training in an art like Taekwondo and Karate will help your child know self defense techniques which might come in handy in the future. It also helps develop quick reflexes which are necessary in instances where fast reactions is needed such as sports. Training will enable your child to harness their inner strength and channel it to fun and positive activities. The aim of every martial art form for kids is to encourage positive individual development which increases chances of a successful life.

Why enroll your child at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy has been the leading martial arts institution in  Massachusetts for the last 45 years. The Academy has been offering specialized summer training programs with a host of different martial art forms and fun activities. The campus is located in a quiet and safe environment which provides the best training conditions. The academy is also home to skilled masters who act as instructors for your child. The different martial art forms offered include Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, Taekwondo and Karate. To ensure that each child gets proper training, each program is designed to ensure that the instructor can easily focus on each child's special needs and address them.

We pride ourselves in providing a summer training program that's unmatched by any other martial arts institution we know of. The Bruce McCorry's Summer Program is designed to provide personalized training for your child in a safe, exciting and competitive environment. Unlike most summer programs which only offer martial arts training, Bruce McCorry's program goes a step further to include character development. Character development sessions involve activities such as field trips, art and crafts creation, story telling and games. The goal of such activities is to create a fun way for your child to realize his of her talents as well as interact with other children. It also builds on personal skills like self confidence, socialization and respect and manners. The program is designed to be all inclusive and fully engaging for your child.
Since our inception, we have been able to help countless children make positive character changes through our summer training program. The program focuses on helping your child build on both their physical and character strengths. The majority of the children who have trained at our academy have gone on to succeed in life. If you are looking for a summer martial arts program that will transform your child into a highly confident and outgoing child, Bruce McCorry's Summer Program is your best choice.   Enrollment is now open, please call today for more information, (978) 535-7878 

Friday, March 13, 2015

How Martial Arts Helps Prevent Bullying

How Martial Arts Helps Prevent Bullying
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Every parent hopes that their child will grow up responsible and in a safe environment. No one wishes to have their child bullied or even turn out to be the school bully. Although bullying has always been around, it's more prevalent today. Both parties are affected by this habit and efforts must be taken to eliminate it before it gets out of hand. The bullied suffers from emotional and mental problems including anxiety, insomnia, stress and lack of concentration. The bully on the other hand slowly becomes antisocial and enjoys abnormal activities such as  harassment, abuse or humiliation which if not controlled at an early age can be problematic in adulthood.

Martial arts to control bullying
Many parents are realizing the role martial arts can play in their children's lives. Studies show that martial arts when taught to children can help in getting rid of bullying. While most parents see it as a way for the bullied to defend themselves, martial arts can also help bullies drop their antisocial habits and learn to respect their peers.

Martial arts benefits to the bullied
Children with certain traits such as being timid or a bit different from others are the most probable target for bullies. Such children are known to be less assertive than their peers, a trait bullies take advantage of. Martial arts training is the perfect way to build the child's self confidence, respect for themselves and assertiveness. Bullies can be triggered by certain behaviors that are unique to the individual. Martial arts training can help the child easily identify specific behaviors which are likely to provoke the bully and avoid them. It also helps the child remain calm even during an instance of bullying. The child also learns self respect is the only way to get respected allowing them to slowly transform into the individual the bully respects rather than targets with their wrath. Eventually, martial arts will lift the child's self confidence knowing that they can influence others positively which is a trait of leadership. Finally, martial arts is a good way of treating anxiety and stress that comes as a result of bullying.

Martial arts benefits to bullies
The bully is dominated by a sense of dominance and want to assert this presumed power on their peers. They enjoy being the center of attention and will harass their victims if this attention isn't given. Martial arts can help get rid of these traits. First, martial arts helps the bully learn self respect and others. Second, through martial arts, the bully will learn self discipline and get rid of antisocial habits that have developed in the child. Finally, it provides a channel through which to get rid of negative energy which is usually unleashed on their victims.

Eliminate bullying among children through martial arts at Bruce McCorrys Academy
For well over 40 years Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy Peabody, Massachusetts has helped countless kids enjoy their childhood by preventing and getting bullying under control. The institution is open to both bullies and bullied children and provides martial arts programs that help them know better about the importance of getting rid of the vice. The children are taught by qualified instructors and the training is fun and fulfilling. If you have a child that's a victim of bullying, get them back on track by enrolling them in a martial arts program at Bruce McCorry's Academy today.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bruce McCorrys The Best Place to Learn Martial Arts

Bruce McCorrys Academy -The Best Place to Learn Martial Arts for All Ages

Interest in martial arts training can be traced back into the 1990s. Since then, learners of different ages, races and genders have been enrolling in martial arts training institutions in large numbers. The numbers continue to grow each year. Increased awareness about the benefits of martial arts is the main reason why so many people are interested in training. The increase in willing learners has also led to an increase in the number of training institutions. There's at least a couple of academies in the major cities and towns that surround us. With so many to choose from, selecting the best martial arts training institution forms the foundation of success. Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy is the most popular training institution conveniently located in the North Shore, Peabody, Massachusetts. 

A Look at The Academy

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy was founded in 1978 by Master Bruce McCorry alongside fellow masters. It's actually one of the oldest modern martial arts training institutions still operational today. Its success is based on the focus on tradition and innovation in martial arts training. For close to 50 years now, the institution has grown into one of the most recognized martial arts schools offering over 10 different martial arts forms. It also offers different types of programs suited for all people regardless of age or fitness level.

Training Programs: Each course follows an easy to follow syllabus. The programs are designed to be professional, easily adaptable and inclusive. We offer programs for children, adults and people with special needs. Children's programs include the AMP, After School Program and Summer Program that are now open for enrollment and offer transportation from schools to the academy. These are tailor made to ensure that the kids get necessary life skills while learning martial arts in a friendly, fun and safe environment. Adult programs involve training in different forms like MMA, Kung Fu, Yoga, Tai Chi and Kick boxing to name but a few. People with special needs aren't left out as the academy offers special programs tailor made with the individual's needs put first.

The Team: Our team includes highly trained and experienced instructors. Most of our instructors have decades of experience learning their respective arts. The team is lead by the academy's founder Master Bruce McCorry and Miss Sandra LaRosa and it's carefully selected to include only the best martial artists in the country. Our team also comprises support staff whose superb efforts ensure that our students train in a friendly and safe environment.

What's Provided: Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy is the most advanced and friendly campus in the State. Students are assured of maximum safety and provision of modern training facilities. It's also a center for building lifelong friendships. Our institution encourages student interaction with peers and instructors to build lasting bonds.

Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy's Legacy

With our anniversary approaching, we pride ourselves of an alumni that spans two generations. All our students have turned out more confident and attain different levels of success in their lives. Many have been able to deal with negative personal issues such as lack of self respect, anxiety, poor health and lack of self confidence by training with us. Enrollment for various martial programs is currently underway. Hurry now and book your place at Bruce McCorrys and make that positive change in your life through martial arts training.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

How Martial Arts Helps Adults to Reduce Anxiety

How Martial Arts Helps Adults to Reduce Anxiety 
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
Martial arts are no longer a mystery to the ordinary person thanks to the numerous martial arts movies produced. However, many people get the wrong impression about martial arts after watching these films. They believe that martial artists are a select group of people whose only motive is to cause chaos through violence. Nothing is further from the truth. Real martial artists train to bring calm to their lives. Let's take a look at the link between martial arts and anxiety.
Causes of worry

Worry and anxiety are part of everyday life. The causes of anxiety among adults range from simple harmless things to potentially life threatening situations. Some of these causes include the following:

Work is one of the major causes of anxiety among adults. The worry stems from an inner fear about whether they will be able to retain their job each day they are at their workplace.

The seemingly limited amount of time we have each day is another cause of anxiety among adults.We have so much to achieve during the day that the 24 hours we have doesn't seem enough. The situation is worsened by the fact that we are so busy to even consider managing time better to achieve more results.

The duties we have to take care of daily is another cause of worry.Everyone has duties to manage and if they seem too challenging, anxiety can result.

Low self esteem is another cause for anxiety.We all want to look better and healthier. As such, we worry a lot about what we can do to become more beautiful and avoid sickness.
Martial arts as an anxiety cure

You might wonder whether martial arts can really help alleviate anxiety among adults. Several studies have proven that martial arts can help cure anxiety among adults in the following ways:

Training in martial arts keeps the mind off worrying situations reducing the amount of anxiety you feel. 

Perfecting a martial art requires concentration and keeping the mind free from distractions.Applied to work environments, this can help you concentrate on doing your best at work and worrying less about your work results.

Martial arts helps to keep the body and mind calm.You get to appreciate and anticipate each moment as it comes. Applied in real life, you can be able to appreciate your time more and therefore manage it better.

Training in martial arts will help you build your self confidence and interact more with people.It builds your social skills allowing you to interact better with family, friends and colleagues.

Martial arts helps to promote physical and mental well being.The exercise it provides helps to reduce chances of contracting certain lifestyle diseases. It also boosts self confidence and by doing so, reduces anxiety about how you look. The coordinated movements and mental focus demanded when training also helps in developing mental health.

Train at Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy and eliminate anxiety
Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy Peabody, Massachusetts is the number one choice for many adults who want to keep every day anxiety under control. For over 40 years, we have helped our students live stress free lives through training them in a variety of martial arts. Our syllabuses are quite simple and are taught in a safe and serene environment by our highly qualified instructors. At Bruce McCorrys we understand that anxiety can affect anyone and that's why our programs have no age restrictions. Most of our students experience a change in their life where they are more calm even in stressing situations after just a few weeks of training. Welcome to Bruce McCorrys and train for a new, anxiety free you. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How Martial Arts Helps Kids with Autism, ADHD, ADD and Dyslexia

How Martial Arts Helps Kids with Autism, ADHD, ADD and Dyslexia
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Children have a special way of lighting up our world. Their laughter, energy and playful nature makes them a gift to any family. Kids are being diagnosed with serious health conditions more than ever before. Among this is autism. Autism or autistic spectrum is a general term that encompasses health conditions such as ADD, Dyslexia, ADHD and Aspergers syndrome. Autistic children are special in their own way with most having superior reasoning ability and sharp memory. However, these kids do have their share of health challenges which if properly managed, can see the child lead a normal life.

The problem with drugs
Physicians have always prescribed drugs as a way of treating autism and the other mentioned conditions. The problem here lies in the fact that we're dealing with children whose bodies might not handle the drugs side effects well. Is there a better alternative to drugs? Yes, there's an alternative which is actually safer.

Martial arts to treat ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia in kids
According to a 2010 study conducted in the Wisconsin University, children with a condition within the autistic spectrum can reverse the negative effects of their condition through martial arts training. Through martial arts, a child living with ADHD, Dyslexia or autism can lead a better life in the following ways:

It can lead to improved focus and concentration in hyperactive children. Most parents avoid enrolling their children in a martial arts class for fear that their child's condition will worsen. The truth is martial arts training has been found to help aggressive people become less aggressive.

Martial arts helps autistic children overcome their fear of socialization. It helps them improve on their communication and social skills as they interact with instructors and other students.

Hyperactive kids get a positive way to release their excess energy through martial arts. Most parents are frustrated by their hyperactive child's constant demand for attention. They usually don't know how to handle situations when their child suddenly becomes aggressive and inattentive. Martial arts will help to reverse this trait.

Martial arts promote cognitive development in children. Through training, children with dyslexia are able to overcome their cognitive challenges and develop normally.

Martial arts training focuses in repetition of specific moves until perfection is achieved. This makes martial arts a great way for children diagnosed with autism and Aspergers syndrome to exercise their love for systematically repeated movements and actions. Such children are known to enjoy repeating a certain action over and over even if it is discouraged by their guardians.

Autistic children usually have a problem processing complex ideas and will usually translate ideas literally. Through martial arts, the child can be able to visualize and process information fast as they act on the training instructions they are given.

Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy's training for autistic children
One of the best martial arts training institutions in the US, Bruce McCorrys Peabody, Massachusetts offers a number of martial arts programs. Through our training programs, we have helped many autistic children overcome challenges posed by their condition. We have friendly and highly qualified instructors who have mastered different martial art forms. 

At Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, we believe that every child has the right to live a normal life. That's why we offer martial art programs for autistic kids to make their lives better.  Enrollment is open.  Please call to schedule a free trial to see what our Academy is all about, Call now, (978) 535-7878