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How Martial Arts Helps Prevent Bullying

How Martial Arts Helps Prevent Bullying
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Every parent hopes that their child will grow up responsible and in a safe environment. No one wishes to have their child bullied or even turn out to be the school bully. Although bullying has always been around, it's more prevalent today. Both parties are affected by this habit and efforts must be taken to eliminate it before it gets out of hand. The bullied suffers from emotional and mental problems including anxiety, insomnia, stress and lack of concentration. The bully on the other hand slowly becomes antisocial and enjoys abnormal activities such as  harassment, abuse or humiliation which if not controlled at an early age can be problematic in adulthood.

Martial arts to control bullying
Many parents are realizing the role martial arts can play in their children's lives. Studies show that martial arts when taught to children can help in getting rid of bullying. While most parents see it as a way for the bullied to defend themselves, martial arts can also help bullies drop their antisocial habits and learn to respect their peers.

Martial arts benefits to the bullied
Children with certain traits such as being timid or a bit different from others are the most probable target for bullies. Such children are known to be less assertive than their peers, a trait bullies take advantage of. Martial arts training is the perfect way to build the child's self confidence, respect for themselves and assertiveness. Bullies can be triggered by certain behaviors that are unique to the individual. Martial arts training can help the child easily identify specific behaviors which are likely to provoke the bully and avoid them. It also helps the child remain calm even during an instance of bullying. The child also learns self respect is the only way to get respected allowing them to slowly transform into the individual the bully respects rather than targets with their wrath. Eventually, martial arts will lift the child's self confidence knowing that they can influence others positively which is a trait of leadership. Finally, martial arts is a good way of treating anxiety and stress that comes as a result of bullying.

Martial arts benefits to bullies
The bully is dominated by a sense of dominance and want to assert this presumed power on their peers. They enjoy being the center of attention and will harass their victims if this attention isn't given. Martial arts can help get rid of these traits. First, martial arts helps the bully learn self respect and others. Second, through martial arts, the bully will learn self discipline and get rid of antisocial habits that have developed in the child. Finally, it provides a channel through which to get rid of negative energy which is usually unleashed on their victims.

Eliminate bullying among children through martial arts at Bruce McCorrys Academy
For well over 40 years Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy Peabody, Massachusetts has helped countless kids enjoy their childhood by preventing and getting bullying under control. The institution is open to both bullies and bullied children and provides martial arts programs that help them know better about the importance of getting rid of the vice. The children are taught by qualified instructors and the training is fun and fulfilling. If you have a child that's a victim of bullying, get them back on track by enrolling them in a martial arts program at Bruce McCorry's Academy today.  

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