Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Ultimate After-School Martial Arts Program

The Ultimate After-School Martial Arts Program by Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 


After-School Martial Arts is a popular choice among children and parents nowadays, as more and more people are becoming aware of its numerous benefits. Once you have decided that your child’s after-school hours should be spent in a productive and fun way, learning martial arts, the next step is to find the best place to learn it. If you want for your child the best AMP which focuses on quality, safety, comfort and professionalism, it is time for you to visit Bruce McCorry’s Academy.

The Ultimate After-school Martial Arts Program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
AMP at Bruce McCorry’s Academy was born from the realization that after-school hours are perhaps the most suitable hours to learn martial arts. It is a time slot that does not clash with the school hours of children. It is the time when a kid needs some relief and fun after rigorous hours spent on studies. It is also the time when parents want their kids to be safe and looked-after, until they can return from work. AMP at Bruce McCorry’s was, thus, envisaged as a chance to make use of these hours in a safe, useful and enjoyable manner.

After School Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s: The Highlights
There are many factors which make the AMP at Bruce McCorry’s one of a kind. Here are some of the merits of the program:
  • AMP follows an organized and nationally recognized syllabus that imparts quality martial arts lessons to kids without overburdening them.
  • The course blends martial art lessons with fun activities, meditative sessions and grounding in the philosophy of martial arts. 
  • It is also a unique platform for the kids make new friendships with same-age peers and to widen their horizons by interacting with seniors and teachers.
  • Instead of spoon-feeding the children with moves and theories, AMP facilitates kids to explore the arts of their liking on their own, and emerge as self-confident, positive-thinking and organized personalities
  • Because the safety of the children and the comfort of the parents is a concern of Bruce McCorry’s Academy, we provide transportation from day school to Bruce McCorry’s CampusThis means that working parents no more have to face the difficulty of picking up and dropping children between the two campuses.

Choose the Best and Make a Change!
Surveys have shown how the after-school hours are conspicuous for their peaking crime rates and instances of violence against children. AMP is recommended also because it makes sure that kids remain safe and protected at hours in which they would be exposed to all kinds of dangers otherwise. Any after-school program can do this, but the uniqueness of Bruce McCorry’s AMP lies simply in the fact that neither you nor your child will ever regret the choice. You can be sure that he/she spends those hours learning things that are useful and refreshing. As far as kids are concerned, Bruce McCorry’s will be an experience that they will remember and cherish forever.

What Bruce McCorry’s AMP offers is a chance to experience a relevant, nationally recognized program in a never-before manner. The admissions are open right now and seats are filling up fast. Now is the time to make the choice! Don't give up this opportunity to learn in the acclaimed martial arts academy of Massachusetts! 


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Martial Arts to Combat Technology Fatigue

Martial Arts to Combat Technology Fatigue

Technology fatigue is a very recent term buzzing in news and articles. Even as early as the time when electronic media made its first appearance, theorists like Marshall McLuhan have spoken how media becomes an extension of humans. Today, technology has become the same thing: an extension, so integrated to human body and life, that we can't escape it. Or we think we can't.

Technology Fatigue and Its Impact
Today, around us, it is difficult to see a person who is not staring into some kind of screen. With all kinds of integrative technologies, the thing is that you can access your work and entertainment from anywhere, and any device. This means that all your life, 24X7, you are surrounded by technology. You constantly keep yourself busy checking emails, reading text messages, watching backlogs of videos, updating work, catching a few moments of music or answering calls. After a while, it can be very tiring.

This exactly can be termed technology fatigue. Technology consumes too much of your time, it preoccupies your eyes and ears more than it should be doing. Whether you are a student or a working adult, technology crams your mind with too much of an information overload than the brain can take at a time. All this leads to technology fatigue. And its impact and symptoms are not very reassuring.

Invariably, a person facing technology fatigue feels the following symptoms:
  • Feelings of exhaustion and being burned out
  • Unnecessary anxiety
  • Unbearable stress and depressed states of mind
  • A state in which you are always alert to technology and expecting something to happen
  • Inability to balance work with life, leading to broken relationships and broken homes
  • Health issues that spring from straining your body, eyes and ears
  • Obesity and other issues arising out of physical inactivity

Martial Arts: The Ultimate Way to Unplug Yourselves
All that description of technology fatigue may sound scary, but the good thing is that there are ways by which you can disconnect yourselves. The best option is martial arts.

Martial arts begins from the realization that hectic work and studying is the reality of modern life and can't be changed – either for adults or for kids. So the way out lies in learning to live with it. Therefore, martial arts... 
  • Teaches you how to de-stress, meditate, and gain control over your mental peace
  • Rejuvenates you physically and mentally after draining work hours
  • Engages you in a physically active and mentally free hours of training and meditation
  • Helps you to regain cordial behavior, liveliness and character, through which you can improve relations
  • Provides physical exercise and activity to improve health and fitness
  • Helps children to improve their studying through a refreshing break 

At professional martial art academies you get to learn not just the moves and kicks, but also the values that really form a martial art. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) is a perfect choice, where there are a number of options like children's programs and family programs where you can learn martial arts in your personal way. If your lifestyle involves too much of technology that you feel like disconnecting for a while, Bruce McCorry's is for you. Unplug yourselves from the hectic life for a few hours and learn to live life to the fullest with martial arts today!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Children and Cell Phones: Issues, Dangers and Alternatives

Children and Cell Phones: Issues, Dangers and Alternatives

Every age has its own metaphor. Faith for the Middle Ages, the human for the Renaissance age, machine for the industrial age were all determining symbols. If you ask what the metaphor of the modern age is, it has to be the cell phone. It is especially true for children and teenagers, because, after all, they are the generation that was born to the technological affluence. 

Like every other trend, as good as they are, they have there bad issues as well.

Cell Phone Issues and Children 
Parents are always anxious to control how their kids use cell phones, and this anxiety is not in vain: cell phones have proved to be the villain in many cases. 
  • Statistics show that middle school is the time when a child usually gets a cell phone. Out of the 84% of Americans who are mobile phone owners, the age range starts from 12.
  • Of the child users of cell phone, 65% take it to school.
  • According to a study, an average American schoolchild receives more than 2700 text message a month.
  • A quarter of this is sent and received during class hours.

From this, it is evident how cell phone usage can adversely affect studying itself. There are other negatives as well.
  • Even in after-school hours, most of the cell phone users sadly prefer to be entertained by phone than outdoor activities.
  • Constantly disturbing phone messages force kids to break off their attention from whatever else they have been doing.
  • Getting cell phones at young ages often lead the kids to dangerous friendships and acquaintances. It is a leading factor for the increasing teen crimes.
  • Cell phones also encourages virtual crimes like child pornography and cyber bullying.

Today, very few families spend time together. Children mostly don't socialize with same-age peers after school. Entertainments of human togetherness such as playing, talking and socializing have lost their value, and technology has taken the space.

De-Technologizing Lives: Martial Arts as an Alternative 
For these numerous problems aired here, if there is a one-time solution, that is martial arts. What your cell phone-crazy child needs is an alternative space, where they can have fun with others of their age. Something which they can enjoy without gluing themselves to a screen, something would compensate for the physical inactivity of their lives. Martial arts is all of this.

If a cell phone prevents them from studying, martial arts improves their study skills. A cell phone makes them inactive, while the latter makes them healthy and fit. Some unique programs actually offer more than this. For instance, the Martial Arts Program at Bruce McCorry's Academy offers an opportunity to share time with family as well, through family programs. Further, the After-school Program at the academy is a safe and comfortable space that protects children from dangers of after-school hours. Unique, specialized martial art programs like these, your children will engage themselves fully and enjoy their life. It will make their life meaningful. Say no to dehumanizing technologies and embrace martial arts instead! Think Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Meet Philip and His Martial Arts Journey

For Philip Oreto and his parents, the experience at Bruce McCorry’s has always been one of surprises. But the little surprises that the academy has given them have become the greatest molding forces in the life of Philip. Philip’s story is a testimony to the fact that being at the right place, in the right time, can change your life after all.

Philip and His Martial Arts Journey: The Beginning
Philip was just four, when his parents discovered that he might be having attention problems. At times, he appeared to be totally absorbed in something else, unaware of the world around him. At other times, he was active, vigorous, and inexhaustible. After a talk with the pediatrician, Philip’s parents came to know for the first time that martial arts are perhaps the right force he needed in his life. After a lot of reading and researching, and talking with numerous people with similar experiences, they were convinced that their child needs martial art. And thus began the journey of Philip.

Finding the Right Place…
Even after having made the right decision, things were not that easy for the dedicated parents who wanted the best for Philip. They wanted a place where Philip can interact with kids of his own age, but no places for preschoolers held classes at convenient hours. Most of the classes they came across were either scheduled on Saturdays, or in early hours of the afternoon. And being working parents, dropping off and picking up at these hours were impossible for Philip’s parents.

Quite surprisingly, they came to notice a big red sign which stood along the way they commuted every day. And it announced a Little Ninja Program that was scheduled for two times a week, that too at five PM. There was nothing better for Philip, and eventually what his parents called one of the best decisions they ever made for Philip.

At Bruce McCorry’s: Finding the Right Path and Moving Forward
The staff at Bruce McCorry’s Academy treated him with care, and always encouraged and nurtured him. The achievements of other kids itself became a positive force in the life of Philip, and he gradually attained focus and the right direction. It was another surprise, when they saw that, martial arts became the one thing young Philip enjoyed of the many activities he was engaged in.

After two years, at a time when Philip and his parents were almost unhappy that he would not be able to continue at Little Ninjas due to entering the regular school, the next big moment came. They discovered the Afterschool Martial Arts offered by the academy, conveniently with a transporting facility from his new school at Malden to the academy.

Today, at nine and a half years of age, Philip has achieved a red belt; he enjoys the tournaments, looks forward to weapon training. The overall atmosphere at the academy, and the individual care of the instructors and the love of his parents have made little Philip’s life. Today he hopes of being a trainer, something other children before him have achieved at Bruce McCorry’s. But above all, today he is a hard working young man, with many values in him, which Bruce McCorry’s Academy has taught him. Moving on with the hope of a new future, Philip is a source of encouragement to parents who want their kids to achieve the same.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New School Year Anxiety and Martial Arts

The New School Year Anxiety: How Martial Arts can Help Kids

School can be a happy place for your child only if she/he is comfortable at school. A new school year is just about to begin, and as parents you need to realize that if you have a child who does not look forward to the school reopening, the reasons might not be as simple as you think. New school year anxiety is a complex fact with many factors. 

New School Year, New Anxieties: What Makes School Difficult for your Child?
Among the many factors that contribute to the new school year anxiety among kids, the following can be considered the most prominent:

1. Stress and Studying: After two months of relaxing and idling away time, it is not easy for kids to come back to the routine of schooldays, especially with the heavy workload and accurate deadlines that the syllabus demands. Stress related to schoolwork is one factor for school year anxiety.

2. Competition and Rivalry: School may not be a happy place for your child if the atmosphere in his/her class is rife with competitive and rival spirit among children.

3. Bullying and Isolation: According to many studies, the primary reason why many children dread school is the bullying and isolation meted out to them by classmates or seniors. A major reason for anxiety, this can damage a child’s spirit and behavior if not taken care of properly.

4. Peer Pressure: Often, kids are forced to try out what they would otherwise would not, under the pressure of their classmates. This too is a reason for anxiety because studies show how after succumbing to peer pressure, many kids may feel guilty.

5. Insecurity: School itself can be a reason for insecurity for kids. School-going kids often feel insecure while commuting, in after school hours and even in spaces like classroom and transport. These are all contributive factors to dreading school.

Say No to Anxiety with Martial Arts…
Thankfully, none of these factors, listed out, are too difficult that they cannot be overcome at all. One most useful skill that can help your child to deal with school year anxiety is martial arts. How can martial arts help?

1. Martial arts training can improve study skills like memory, reasoning, punctuality and so on. This can come handy while dealing with workload and work stress.

2. Martial arts can teach kids the spirit of team work, compromise and mutual respect. This can help them to cope up with competition and rivalry in classroom.

3. Martial art instills self-worth, confidence and physical strength with which kids can resist bullying and peer pressure. It makes kids assertive and teaches them to say no when necessary.

4. Martial arts are the best self defense that can actually remove a child’s self-consciousness of insecurity. Good martial arts centers are also safe spaces for kids to spend their after-school hours and free days.

Say YES to Martial Arts! Say Yes to Bruce McCorry's After-School Martial Arts Program!

Martial art is much more than this:
it is fun, enjoyment, passion, health, fitness and much more. Professional martial arts under good instructors can actually redefine your kid’s life. Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) is a good example, since hundreds of kids who are former students at the academy testify how it changed their life forever. Make this school year the most memorable with the help of Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts After School Program - it is time to think different! The program is especially great for kids that have a hectic schooling schedule and need an invigorating after school activity that allows them to learn, recharge and prepare for school. Besides martial arts, the program blends in some fun activities that are best suited for kids. Transportation from school to the academy is also conveniently available.
Call today, enrollment is open and available spots are limited. (978) 535-7878

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Meet Ms Melissa MacFarlane from Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

A Blast from the Past: Meet Ms Melissa MacFarlane from 

Ms Melissa MacFarlane is a familiar presence at Bruce McCorry’s academy, an adept trainer who lends her able hands in taking forward the children’s lessons at the academy. Everyone knows Ms Melissa, but not everyone knows her illustrious past as a young martial artist, who won many laurels at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy. This story is about Ms Melissa, who has made Bruce McCorry’s proud with her achievements, the academy which in turn, made her nurture her inborn talent.

A Blast from the Past: The Story of Ms. Melissa

It was in 1997 that Ms Melissa first stepped into Bruce McCorry’s. Right from the beginning, she was a precocious learner of martial arts, proving her ability in whichever field she chose to practice. Her competency made Bruce McCorry’s choose her as the representative in many important tournaments, all of which she won with the ease of a professional martial artist, even at a very young age. At the academy, she also became the young vigorous leader of the Demo Team, something which the most efficient students achieve.

What she started as a young student, she did not quit in her later life. Through her high school years, and later when she went to college, and even after that as an adult, Melissa remained a constant presence and a motivating personality at Bruce McCorry’s Academy. As an adult martial artist, she found a great satisfaction in imparting the lessons of martial arts to youngsters and adults alike. Her expertise as a martial artist also became significant in starting the Afterschool Martial Art Program at Bruce McCorry’s. Today, the Afterschool Martial Arts (AMP) has grown into a course to which students from Massachusetts aspire to get into.

Fast Forward: From a Young Trainer to an Adept Artist
After a small break, Ms Melissa came back to Bruce McCorry’s with full force to be an inevitable presence in the faculty. Today, her profession is in the medical field and she's also established herself as an expert trainer at the academy. She enjoys the lessons she imparts, and loves each moment at the academy during her career in the medical field. She is a true, dedicated martial artist.

Martial art is something that often passes on from generation to generation. Today, her two children have made themselves at home at Bruce McCorry’s Academy, imbibing all the passion and dedication that their mother passed on to them. Just like her mother, Kiarra is already working hard toward achieving her Junior Black Belt, whereas little Lily has become a Little Ninja, enthusiastic about martial arts. Ms Melissa is proud of the institution which made her and is now shaping the life of her own children. And as for Bruce McCorry’s Academy, Melissa is a lucky presence, with whose help the children’s lessons have achieved great professionalism and fame.

Ms Melissa’s story is an inspiration of all those who want to make it large in the field of martial arts, and all those who want to see their children succeeding in their lives, achieving big dreams, and making their wishes come true, through martial arts. Perhaps, the story of Melissa can change your life, and make you think what you actually want for your kids. Make the choice today and make a difference!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Martial Arts for Autistic Kids

How Martial Arts Helps Kids with ADD/ADHD Autism and Dyslexia

A society with children is full of life. Besides assuring the society's continuity, kid's are a source of joy to families. Today, children are being diagnosed with previously rare conditions at an ever increasing rate. Conditions within the Autistic Spectrum are now becoming common. Diseases such as ADHD and dyslexia fall under this group. Although individuals with conditions such as autism are considered to have special abilities like sharp memory and greater reasoning capacity, these abilities are usually hidden away from the individual and might go unnoticed. In addition, children diagnosed with a condition under the autistic spectrum are also limited in a number of ways. Hope for a normal life for such children can only be achieved through proper care.

Medical interventions
Normally, children with Autism, ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia will undergo medical treatment to manage their condition. Psychotropic drugs are a common treatment regime. However, the effectiveness of such drugs is still under question, especially if the patient is a preschooler. These drugs are also known to have side effects which are usually severe on a little one's vulnerable body. But apart from drug, is there a more effective and safe alternative?

A Safer, Holistic and Effective Solution to Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia in Martial Arts
In 2010 a study was conducted in Wisconsin University to determine the effect of martial arts on children diagnosed with a condition within the autistic spectrum. The study revealed that martial arts can help autistic children overcome challenges posed by their condition. Training in a martial art can provide the following benefits to children with autism.

Martial arts helps to promote mental focus. It's especially effective for children who suffer from hyperactivity and attention deficiency disorders. Training helps the child learn to focus their brain on a single activity at once.

Children with autism and other disorders often find it difficult to socialize with their peers. Through martial arts, the child is taught socialization skills such as respect and courtesy. Interacting with instructors and other students also helps to boost self confidence.

Hyperactive kids often lack positive channels to release their energy. They seem too demanding and attention seeking. Through martial arts, the child learns how to channel and release his or her energy in a positive manner. The child learns to become passive and not seek too much attention towards them.

Learning fast is a problem dyslexic children have to grapple with daily. Martial arts provides a way to tune the brain to learn and understand new concepts fast. The child learns how to focus the brain to embrace new knowledge as well as memorize it.

Kids diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and autism have the tendency to be perfectionists. Perfection is often achieved through repetition of activities and a compulsion to arrange things in a specific order. Martial arts includes repetitive movements which the child will appreciate. However, as the child advances in martial arts training, they get to learn new movements. This helps them change their outlook towards achieving their goals. Rather than perform a task repetitively, he or she will discover that other simple activities can be done to achieve desired results.

Martial arts can also help autistic children learn to envision abstract ideas. Most of these kids have a problem dealing with the abstract. Their brain finds it easier to comprehend concrete ideas. However, it's still even hard for the child to comprehend these ideas fast. Through martial arts, the child's brain is taught how to think abstractly. When training, they can easily view an instance where they are applying their lessons. This goes a long way in developing the brain to imaging and become creative.

Martial Arts for Autistic Kids at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
As one of the leading martial arts training academy's in Massachusetts, Bruce McCorry's has a program for autistic children. Located in Peabody, MA the academy has helped many autistic kids overcome their challenges through martial arts training. Our instructors are the best in their respective martial arts fields. We provide a safe and friendly environment that's ideal for autistic children to learn and develop their full potential towards living a normal life. We invite you to call today and visit us, to see what Bruce McCorry's can do for your children.