Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Ultimate After-School Martial Arts Program

The Ultimate After-School Martial Arts Program by Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 


After-School Martial Arts is a popular choice among children and parents nowadays, as more and more people are becoming aware of its numerous benefits. Once you have decided that your child’s after-school hours should be spent in a productive and fun way, learning martial arts, the next step is to find the best place to learn it. If you want for your child the best AMP which focuses on quality, safety, comfort and professionalism, it is time for you to visit Bruce McCorry’s Academy.

The Ultimate After-school Martial Arts Program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
AMP at Bruce McCorry’s Academy was born from the realization that after-school hours are perhaps the most suitable hours to learn martial arts. It is a time slot that does not clash with the school hours of children. It is the time when a kid needs some relief and fun after rigorous hours spent on studies. It is also the time when parents want their kids to be safe and looked-after, until they can return from work. AMP at Bruce McCorry’s was, thus, envisaged as a chance to make use of these hours in a safe, useful and enjoyable manner.

After School Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s: The Highlights
There are many factors which make the AMP at Bruce McCorry’s one of a kind. Here are some of the merits of the program:
  • AMP follows an organized and nationally recognized syllabus that imparts quality martial arts lessons to kids without overburdening them.
  • The course blends martial art lessons with fun activities, meditative sessions and grounding in the philosophy of martial arts. 
  • It is also a unique platform for the kids make new friendships with same-age peers and to widen their horizons by interacting with seniors and teachers.
  • Instead of spoon-feeding the children with moves and theories, AMP facilitates kids to explore the arts of their liking on their own, and emerge as self-confident, positive-thinking and organized personalities
  • Because the safety of the children and the comfort of the parents is a concern of Bruce McCorry’s Academy, we provide transportation from day school to Bruce McCorry’s CampusThis means that working parents no more have to face the difficulty of picking up and dropping children between the two campuses.

Choose the Best and Make a Change!
Surveys have shown how the after-school hours are conspicuous for their peaking crime rates and instances of violence against children. AMP is recommended also because it makes sure that kids remain safe and protected at hours in which they would be exposed to all kinds of dangers otherwise. Any after-school program can do this, but the uniqueness of Bruce McCorry’s AMP lies simply in the fact that neither you nor your child will ever regret the choice. You can be sure that he/she spends those hours learning things that are useful and refreshing. As far as kids are concerned, Bruce McCorry’s will be an experience that they will remember and cherish forever.

What Bruce McCorry’s AMP offers is a chance to experience a relevant, nationally recognized program in a never-before manner. The admissions are open right now and seats are filling up fast. Now is the time to make the choice! Don't give up this opportunity to learn in the acclaimed martial arts academy of Massachusetts! 


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