Wednesday, September 2, 2015

10 Reasons Why Martial Arts are Beneficial to Children

We live in a society where violence is the norm: be it music, the playstation, television or Hollywood, kids live their innocent childhoods surrounded by violence in all its forms. The prominent image of martial arts that have come across through the movies have told us that it is a violent, blood-curdling sport. And therefore we think twice before introducing our kids to it. But the reality has nothing to do with these projected pictures. Actually, martial arts are extremely beneficial to kids –the only activity that has the potential to redefine their lives in all its senses.

10 Reasons Why Martial Arts is Beneficial to Children
Here are ten astounding reasons why you should introduce martial arts to children.

1. Discipline and Restraint: All martial arts are primarily concerned with self-discipline. Restraint that children learn through martial arts is important to their character formation. It will help them through their lives: in team work, jobs, handling relationships and parenting their kids.

2. Socializing: In the demanding modern world, you simply cannot live as an introvert. If your kid is not very social, martial art can help him/her. As they focus on pair and group activities, they help kids to forge bonds of friendship.

3. Physical Activity: Half the diseases of today’s world are due to lack of physical activity. Martial art is the best way to push your child off the couch and get him/her the much needed physical activity.

4. Goal-Oriented Training: The very structure of martial arts training that proceeds from belt to belt motivates children to set goals and strive to achieve them.

5. Self-Esteem: Martial arts reward your kids for their achievements through prizes, acclaim and above all self-satisfaction. This can truly boost their self esteem.

6. Respectful Behavior: Respect is a value that martial arts cultivate in your child. They learn to respect their instructors, opponents, and give space and thought to others. This is a beneficial thing to learn at a time when their personality is being shaped.

7. Mediating Conflicts: Instead of promoting violence, what martial arts actually teach children is to resolve their conflicts through peaceful negotiations. This is the magic that the underlying values of martial arts does to your children.

8. Learning to Listen: Martial arts teach your kids to give ears to what is being told. They listen to teachers, to opponents, to teammates. This, coupled with the focus-training involved in many arts, has been proved to be useful for children with attention deficiency.

9. Teamwork: Martial art celebrates individual achievements, but it also tells your children that success is not worth if not achieved together and if not shared with friends. It promotes team spirit and cooperation.

10. Learning to Live: Martial art will leave its touch on all aspect of your kid’s life. Studies, sports, activities, health, friendships, and relationship: you name it, and martial arts can redirect it positively. That exactly is what people call the miracle of martial arts: it teaches you to live positively and happily.
If your child is not yet into martial arts, there’s no time to waste. Many professional academies like Bruce McCorry’s have unique martial art programs that is an experience worth living. If you haven’t said yes, do so today!

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