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Kickboxing Classes Peabody- The Ultimate Fat Blasting Workout

Kickboxing Peabody- The Ultimate Fat Blasting, Muscle Toning, Stress Busting Workout
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Kickboxing is one of the most popular martial arts forms in the US. It incorporates fighting techniques from other martial arts forms such as Muay Thai, karate and boxing. One popular form is the cardio kickboxing. As the name suggests, the main focus of this form is training rather than combat. Participants will practice the moves involved when training for self defense. However, the goal isn’t to participate in any form of combat.One reason why people choose cardio kickboxing over other martial arts forms is its range of physical and mental health benefits. Some of the top benefits you can derive from training in this martial arts form include the following.

Reduced Body Fat
Training in this martial arts form is rigorous. The workout process involves a number of successive steps which include the following. First, you will undertake warm up cardio exercise which could include skipping rope, jogging and shadow boxing. This speeds up the heart rate and promotes blood circulation to different parts of the body. Second, you will perform calisthenic exercises which improves flexibility and strengthens the muscles. The third step involves more movement where you train punches, kicks, stances and balance. It can also involve sparring with a partner. Finally, you will perform cooling cardio exercise.
All these steps involve rigorous body movements which keep the heart racing. The movements also force the body to burn extra calories to meet its energy demands. The result is faster burning of body fat. In fact, research has shown that an hour of kickboxing training can burn upwards of 600-1000 calories.

Improved Muscle Tone
Kickboxing is considered a full body workout. If you take a look at professional kick boxers, you’ll notice that their bodies are primarily composed of lean muscle. The strain placed on the body’s muscles when training forces them to grow to accommodate future training demands. Unlike weight training which might focus on building and toning specific muscles, the full body workout provided by kickboxing training tones down all muscle groups evenly. The improved muscle tone is also great for keeping body fat levels in check. The reason for this is that muscles burn more calories than fat.

Stress Relief
Stress drains the body of an important chemical called dopamine. This chemical is often referred to as the ‘feel good hormone’. Studies show that cardio performed at least 30 minutes can elevate dopamine levels increasing the feeling of pleasure. However, the cardio should be intense such that it keeps the heart racing to have the best effects. Cardio kickboxing provides the best form of cardio exercise to improve dopamine levels in the brain. A single workout can last anything between 45 minutes to 2 hours. A couple of workouts each week will keep stress away for good.

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is one of the first institutions to introduce cardio kickboxing in the US. It was the first to introduce this martial arts form in Peabody, MA, back in 1978. Training is offered to people of all ages. The training is provided by fully qualified instructors and in a safe and serene environment. If you want to improve your physical and mental health through kickboxing join located at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy Peabody, Ma, and make it possible.

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