Saturday, February 27, 2016

Adult Kickboxing Classes Peabody

Kickboxing Classes for Adults at Bruce McCorry's – CARDIO at IT'S BEST!

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 26.6 million adults in the United States are heart patients, which comes up to 11.3% of the total adult population. The number of diagnosed heart diseases, cardiac deaths and cardiac risk factors is in a steady rise for the past few decades. Does it mean that Americans are forgetting to look after their heart in their race to follow its dreams and passions? Stats seem to be suggesting so.

Cardiac Health Maintenance: The Martial Art Answer
However you try, there's a limit to what you can do with your daily diet, because much of what is available in the market these days do not offer a healthy diet. This is especially so if you are a working/travelling person. The only way you can compensate is by working out. And that's where many of us fail. The boredom and tiresomeness of the gym is not exactly our best idea of spending an ideal weekend.

But what if you have something easier and more enjoyable coming to your rescue? You might change your priorities if you come to know the amazing effect that certain martial arts like kickboxing can have on your daily fitness and cardiac health.

Cardio Kickboxing: A Martial Art for Your Heart
Beginning as a minor Thai Martial Art in 1920s named Muay Thai, Kickboxing has an astounding history. It went through the hands of martial art experts from different parts of Asia with different areas of expertise, transforming itself in the process. It evolved into kickboxing, and a US martial art veteran named Frank Thiboutot shaped it into Cardio Kickboxing in 1992.

The unbelievable ability of cardio kickboxing to stabilize lipid levels, blood cholesterol and blood pressure was soon discovered, and doctors championed it as a panacea for obesity as well. It rejuvenates your heart by improving cardiovascular circulation. Kickboxing can actually replenish your body of the endorphin hormone. It is the inadequacy of this hormone that leads to chronic stress and depression. Because it has a role to play in de-stressing and bringing down blood pressure, cardio kickboxing has also been advised to those who reported high risk factors of stroke. Once these studies came out, kickboxing became the star of health-oriented martial arts. Three decades since 1990s have witnessed a kickboxing boom among martial art lovers and persons who are conscious of cardiac health.

Adult Kickboxing Classes at Bruce McCorry's Academy: A Step to Healthy Living
Bruce McCorry's Academy is the home of health-and-fitness oriented martial arts since its inception in 1978. We keep ourselves informed of the latest developments in martial arts scenario. With the Kickboxing boom, Bruce McCorry's envisioned and brought to life a professional Kickboxing center for adults and children, now popular as the home of Kickboxing Peabody. Adult kickboxing classes at the academy is a sought-after course and new members have the luxury of trying it for a super low price, plus free boxing gloves by signing up at

At Bruce McCorry's Kickboxing Peabody, you get to learn professional cardio kickboxing from true marital art experts. It is lighter than your usual workout, engaging and enjoyable, and more effective than any gym workouts. It is not just for cardiac health, but also for fitness, mental strength and self defense. At it's your first step to a healthy and fit living through cardio kickboxing. Say yes to your heart now!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Martial Arts for Super Kids

With Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts, Super Kids are No More a Myth!
Don't deny your young super kid a chance to be part of this experience!

A child is not just a bundle of joy, but from the moment they are born, they are also a bundle of dreams and hopes for their parents. As parents, today we know that a peaceful home atmosphere and careful parenting is necessary for every child's growth and success. But if you can add one more fillip to your child's development and success, it is never going to do any harm. And that one fillip your kid needs is martial arts. Martial arts for children give them everything they need to be a super kid in their own right. It is interesting to see the role that martial art can play in the development of a child in every stage in his/her life.

Beginning Martial Arts: The Power of Preschooler Age
The ideal time to start martial arts for children is 3-6 years. This is the time when the foundations of his/her physical features, mental development and character formation are stabilized. Preschool martial art doesn't push the child to something more than what he/she can handle. It is another light, play-like activity that blends mild martial art moves with games and enjoyment. But it is nevertheless efficient. It can make sure your child grow up as a healthy, fit young champion. It can also teach the basics of language, socializing skills, confidence and self-worth to your little super kid.

Martial Arts for Childhood: A Much-Needed Companion 
Martial arts during 6-13 years of age has a different set of preferences and benefits. What kids need in this age are a support and a companion for their school life. Martial arts makes them sharper, and improve their study skills. Martial art students have testified how the physical strength and athletic suppleness have helped them to excel in activities like sports, gym and dance. Martial art after school hours acts as a perfect refreshment. It also helps them to compose their mind, get rid of study stress and be confident.

Martial Arts for Teenagers
After 13 years, children enter another cruical phase in their lives. Teenage martial art is a solution to many issues that are common to the teen years. Martial arts give teenagers the much-needed emotional poise and stability. Problems like bullying and peer group pressure are much likely to strike them during teen years, but martial arts teach them to stand up to such challenges. It also helps to channelize the abounding energy of teenagers in positive and productive ways.

Martial Arts for Super Kids at Bruce McCorry's Academy
When it comes to your kids, you always need safe and reliable hands. For the past four decades, children are an essential part of Bruce McCorry's Academy's ventures. Our Little Ninjas program for preschoolers is now under a new website in addition to called, a new endeavor intended to bring the best of preschooler martial arts for our young little champions. For young karate kids during their school years, we have two unique courses – the After School and the Summer Programs – apart from the usual martial art lessons. Teenagers also find their experience at Bruce McCorry's an event which transforms their life's goals and directions. Don't deny your young super kid a chance to be part of this experience!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Preschool Martial Arts: The Little Ninjas Way

Little Ninjas Preschooler Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's

Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Not surprisingly, last year, the Think Insights project by Google revealed that there is a 25% rise in the googling of parenting-related topics. It shows that the new parents are concerned. What underlies the numerous queries is one single question: how can I bring up my child in the best way possible? Though this cannot be answered in one go, one hint is to focus at the right time in your child's development.

Overall Growth and Preschooler Age
The right time, when it comes to your child's growth, is the preschooler age. The ages from three to six are a vital time in anybody's life, because the foundations of personality are laid in this age. Physically, this is the time when motor coordination and brain development consolidates. Psychologically, this is the time when first language acquisition solidifies and character formation begins. Positive parenting in these three years will help to mold the personality of your child.

Can we limit positive parenting to providing the child with the basic comforts that he/she wants? Of course not, because the preschooler age demands the parents to do something actively for the bodily and mental growth of the child. Like martial arts.

Preschool Martial Arts: The Little Ninjas Way
Preschooler martial arts have been praised from time to time. And it is not without reason. More and more research is being done on the influence of martial art in the formative years. Under professional guidance, preschooler martial arts can play a significant role in each aspect of your child's personality formation. The Little Ninjas Program by Bruce McCorry's Academy is one such course, where your child receives the best possible care and guidance from instructors and helpers.

 With a light, yet efficient curriculum, the Little Ninja's Program facilitates the physical-mental development of your child without loading him/her with burdensome tasks. The course is designed by blending light martial arts with activities, engaging games and a lot of fun. Through simple and fun activities, it teaches children the basics of manners, values, socialization, language competence and confidence. It is noted that preschoolers who learn martial arts grow up as health conscious children, who are generally fit and resistant to usual diseases. Martial arts also teach young children how to protect themselves through self-defense.

What we have at Bruce McCorry's Academy is a course that gives prime importance to the safety, comfort and the overall growth of children. Because of that very reason, we take special interest in introducing martial arts in a risk-free and friendly manner. It is an often articulated worry that martial arts will expose children to violent and competitive behavior. This should never be a concern at a place like Bruce McCorry's where experts of child psychology and children's martial arts frame the courses for preschoolers. What children learn through martial arts at Little Ninjas is not mutual spite and violence, but courtesy, mutual respect and friendship. 

Little Ninjas Program also offers the technical best of preschool martial arts. Good infrastructure, safety equipments and safety measures mark out Little Ninjas. What we look forward to is a young new generation where every young champ gets the best out of martial arts. 

For convenience, we've built a new website for all of you to pass along to share with friends and family and spread the word. The little Ninja's Program can be found online at

To experience the best of Bruce McCorry's Little Ninjas Program, you can now opt for a free trial! Hurry now, and make your child a part of the 40-year-old legacy of the academy!  Only at

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Martial Arts Summer Workshops at Bruce McCorry's Academy

Martial Arts Summer Workshops at Bruce McCorry's Academy 

The moody winter and the laziness it brings about reminds us that sunny days are just about to arrive. Once again, it will be bright and shining, and the days will be lively. This year, summer is not just about fun and merriment, but it is also about fitness and energy. Working out in warm days may not be everybody’s first choice. That is exactly why you need the unique Bruce McCorry’s Summer Workshops which bring together useful martial arts with fun and activities. 

Martial Arts Summer Workshops: The Key to Fitness for Everyone

Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts offers unique martial art workshops every summer for children, adults and seniors. Your age and strength is no bar when it comes to martial art training.  Summer is the perfect time to flow some energy and liveliness through your veins.

Summer Martial Arts for Adults
In May 2015, the Immunobiology Department at Cambridge came up with the finding that our immunity system undergoes certain seasonal variations which reduces chances of ill health during summer. This means that the energy which we experience during summer is not just because of the sunshine! Though we work hard to maintain our beach bodies during winter, very few keep this up in summer. The summer workshops for adults help to maintain overall health and fitness, to tone down your body and to keep in shape during summer. It is the perfect way to utilize the energy and health that summer gifts to you.

Summer Workshops for Seniors
According to the same study, cardiac ill health, diabetic problems and arthritis touches their lowest during summer. For seniors, summer is therefore the right time to engage in workout and regain health and energy before another spell of ill health begins. Mild and easy-to-practice martial art sessions at Bruce McCorry’s summer workshops can work miracles for seniors.

Kids and Summer Martial Arts Workshops
Summer is also the apt time for children’s martial art. During school months, kids get to be physically active either at the playground or at gym. Summer, however, is a lazy spell which can do much damage to their health. It is noted that the Body Mass Index for kids reaches the highest during summer holidays. The Summer Program at Bruce McCorry’s for children is a solution to this. It is an engaging course that aims at channelizing the energy of your child to positive activities like martial arts, games and activities which can sharpen their brain and tone their body. Kids who fall in love with the summer program often choose to continue with martial arts in the after school program, once they realize how it helps them in studies and sports.

Get in Shape this Summer at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Workshops
It is quite easy to lose that toned body you flaunted during the winter beach parties. If you don’t want to lose that or if you want to be in shape for the first time, now is the moment to get ready for summer fitness. Bruce McCorry’s is the place to get the best of summer fitness for adults, seniors and kids. Enroll today to be a part of the workshops where you can enjoy with your friends and family!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Martial Arts as An Alternative for Boutique Gyms

Martial Arts as An Alternative for Boutique Gyms: The Bruce McCorry's Way!

 Give a boost to your fitness goals during this Arctic Blast!

This year, the winter trend in the fitness field seems to be boutique gyms. Traditional gyms have been giving way to boutique gyms for while now, and today they seem the final word to all our fitness problems. Its champions have already proclaimed them as a revolutionary change in the field of fitness. It is time to ask whether boutique gyms are really all that new as they claim to be.

Are Boutique Gyms the Final Word to Fitness?
When boutique gyms made their debut a few years ago, these smaller and luxurious versions of the traditional gym at once captured our fancy. These microgyms , with their combo of fitness and beauty, offered many things. Among these were

* Unique focus on a particular fitness method such as spin or yoga
* Blending of athletics, aerobics, martial arts etc
* Freedom to choose simpler and easy-to-do fitness schemes
* Smaller spaces to socialize and make friends
* Less training fees

However, it is interesting to see how martial art schools offered these very same options and much more all this while. 

 Bruce McCorry's: Martial Arts as a Better Alternative to Boutique Gyms
A good martial art school offers you all the merits of boutique gyms, and many other benefits in addition. A brief overview of the programs at Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA) will show how a good martial art school is definitely a more favorable option to boutique gyms.

* At martial art schools, you can focus on any one particular method, like Taekwondo or Tai Chi. Bruce McCorry's, being a place which offers around ten different arts, this choice is definitely yours. Unlike a boutique gym, you are not confined to train in the only one method that is offered.

* Martial art programs bring together strands from different fitness methods to offer a unique experience. For instance, Bruce McCorry's has programs like MMA which is a blend of different methods. Cardio Kickboxing, which fuses traditional kickboxing with aerobics-like cardiac workout is another example. Bruce McCorry's has a splendid new wing called Kickboxing Peabody, dedicated to kickboxing lovers alone.

* Among martial arts, there are a variety of arts that ranges from the toughest to the simplest. If you are a lover of challenging and tough martial arts, you can go for options like Xtreme Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's. The easy-to-practice arts include Tai Chi, Taekwondo and Yoga.

* A martial art school is also a friendly space for socializing and friendship. Good martial art schools make the experience livelier by bringing together many activities. Bruce McCorry's has a small cozy campus where you can choose to practice with your family and friends if you like. It is also a space for you to spend time with people of your age. Activities and programs for children, charity programs and awareness programs by the academy make it a lively and vibrant choice.

* Martial art schools give you a lot which a boutique gym can never give. Here, the focus falls equally on physical health, emotional benefits, self defense and confidence building. Fitness is only one part, but an important part of a school like Bruce McCorry's. 

This winter, martial arts is the best way to go for a fit and toned body that you can flaunt at your beach days out. Beach bodies are created in the winter. Choose Bruce McCorry's and give a boost to your fitness goals during this arctic blast!


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kicking the Winter Blues with Martial Arts

Kicking the Winter Blues with Martial Arts 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Few people look forward to winter. The short days and cold weather make you just want to stay at home. You'll want to abandon many of the activities which aren't compulsory such as going to work or school. This hasn't been made any easier by the increasing amount of snowfall experienced during recent seasons. Winter doesn't have to be dull and unexciting. You can engage in life enhancing activities such as marital arts and let winter drift by unnoticed.

Enrollment for martial arts training has been increasing exponentially over recent years. The same can be said about the number of new martial arts students quitting after a few weeks of training. One of the best seasons to enroll for martial arts is winter. Training keeps you warm and keeps the winter blues at bay. However, it's also one of the seasons when you won't feel like training. In order to prevent this, here's what you need to know.

Motivation and You
Motivation is that force that drives you to achieve something. You have two types of motivation. First, is intrinsic motivation. This can be described as internal motivation such as a passion for what you're doing. Second is extrinsic motivation. This is the external force that drives you to achieve something. For example, you might want to train martial arts to become better in self defense after moving into a rough neighborhood. The neighborhood acts as an extrinsic motivator.

Motivation Applied in Martial Arts
Most students drop out of martial arts classes before 100 days are over. There are many reasons why this is so including not being interested, having too many commitments and fear of failure. However, the leading cause is that these students lack motivation to learn and master the martial art of their choice. To truly master a martial art, you must strike a healthy balance between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. One form of motivation alone won't work. For example, if you're learning martial arts because your parents enrolled you into an academy, you'll train only to fulfill your parent's desires. You won't have the passion and drive to master the martial art. Without the passion, you'll find it difficult learning new moves and applying them.

One of the best ways to remain motivated is to set your personal martial arts training goals. You can use the SMART technique to set your goals. SMART is the acronym for Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time specific. Here's an example.

"I want to learn to throw a round kick" This is a vague goal which only qualifies as Achievable and Realistic. A better version would be: "I will be able to throw a high round kick by Tuesday next week" This version is more specific and focuses on what you will have to achieve within the days you've set for yourself.

Find the Martial Arts Academy that's Best for Your Goals
Emotions get the best of everyone. If you don't like something or someone, you'll do your best to avoid it. The same goes for the training institution you enroll in. If the environment isn't exciting for you, it's easy to find excuses why you shouldn't train there. Find the right academy and you've made the first important step to enjoying martial arts for life.

Enroll at Bruce McCorrys Academy for inspiring martial arts training Located in Peabody, MA.

Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy has been providing professional and inspiring martial arts training for over 4 decades. Regardless of your age, you'll receive training in an exciting environment and from highly qualified instructors. 

Join the academy today and stay motivated to KICK the winter blues.  Visit or Call today at (978) 535-7878...  

Bruce McCorry's is also home of . The North's Shore Premiere Cardio Kickboxing Programs since 1978!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Preventing Teen Dating Violence Through Martial Arts

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.

Preventing Teen Dating Violence Through Martial Arts 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Every teenage girl dreams of meeting her prince charming and having a healthy loving relationship. However, this isn't the case for a third of teenage girls in a relationship. According to a study conducted by the National Domestic Violence Hotline, a third of teenage girls in relationships are abused either physically or mentally by their partners. This study called Love is Respect was conducted on US teenagers. The study also found that women aged between 15 and 25 were most likely to be abused by their partners.

Years ago, violence within relationships was something most people heard about through media. It's unfortunate that today, it has become common within society and is quite evident in social settings including neighborhoods and peer groups. The study led the National Domestic Violence Hotline to consider taking several measures to curb this vice before it got out of hand. In February 2015 the organization decided to set the month of February as the Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.

As the name of the program suggests, its main objective is to increase awareness about dating violence among teenagers and find preventive measures against the vice. Some of the suggestions provided to stop the spread of teenage dating violence include:

- Talk to teachers in your school

- The school administration should discuss dating violence in their board meetings and seek solutions

- Talk to your peers about having a healthy dating relationship

To get more information about this program, you can visit

The Threat of Teen Dating Violence
In most instances of dating violence, the woman is often the victim. One reason is that many women might not have the physical strength to defend themselves from physical abuse by their partners. Many realize too late that the relationship isn't healthy and that they need to end it. Even so, the abuse leaves the victim traumatized both physically and mentally. Most relationship abuse victims often find it hard to get into a healthy and loving relationship later in life. Interestingly, many men who abuse their partners do so during the early stages of the relationship. For the victim, there's no chance that they will have the opportunity to know what a healthy and loving relationship means.

Martial Arts Training as a Preventive Measure
Identifying the negative aspects of an unhealthy relationship and ending it is one way of ensuring that you save yourself from relationship abuse. However, preventing the abuse is much easier. Martial arts training can mean the difference between being cornered and physically abused and being able to defend yourself. There are different forms of powerful martial arts you can learn including karate and kung fu. The good thing about martial arts training is that not only will you learn how to defend yourself, you'll also gain self confidence to decide what is right for you in your relationship and have your say.

Learn Martial Arts for Self Defense at Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy
Everyone should play a role in empowering victims of physical abuse. Since its inception, Bruce McCorrys Academy Peabody, MA has been at the forefront in helping abuse victims get their life back. If you've suffered abuse, only you can change the situation. Training at Bruce McCorrys Academy will not only enable you defend yourself, it will also change other people's views about you. You'll cease being the victim in other people's eyes. 

The martial arts training at Bruce McCorrys emphasizes on principles of self assertion, self confidence and resistance. Join Bruce McCorrys this February and become part of the revolution against teen dating violence.