Sunday, February 14, 2016

Martial Arts as An Alternative for Boutique Gyms

Martial Arts as An Alternative for Boutique Gyms: The Bruce McCorry's Way!

 Give a boost to your fitness goals during this Arctic Blast!

This year, the winter trend in the fitness field seems to be boutique gyms. Traditional gyms have been giving way to boutique gyms for while now, and today they seem the final word to all our fitness problems. Its champions have already proclaimed them as a revolutionary change in the field of fitness. It is time to ask whether boutique gyms are really all that new as they claim to be.

Are Boutique Gyms the Final Word to Fitness?
When boutique gyms made their debut a few years ago, these smaller and luxurious versions of the traditional gym at once captured our fancy. These microgyms , with their combo of fitness and beauty, offered many things. Among these were

* Unique focus on a particular fitness method such as spin or yoga
* Blending of athletics, aerobics, martial arts etc
* Freedom to choose simpler and easy-to-do fitness schemes
* Smaller spaces to socialize and make friends
* Less training fees

However, it is interesting to see how martial art schools offered these very same options and much more all this while. 

 Bruce McCorry's: Martial Arts as a Better Alternative to Boutique Gyms
A good martial art school offers you all the merits of boutique gyms, and many other benefits in addition. A brief overview of the programs at Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA) will show how a good martial art school is definitely a more favorable option to boutique gyms.

* At martial art schools, you can focus on any one particular method, like Taekwondo or Tai Chi. Bruce McCorry's, being a place which offers around ten different arts, this choice is definitely yours. Unlike a boutique gym, you are not confined to train in the only one method that is offered.

* Martial art programs bring together strands from different fitness methods to offer a unique experience. For instance, Bruce McCorry's has programs like MMA which is a blend of different methods. Cardio Kickboxing, which fuses traditional kickboxing with aerobics-like cardiac workout is another example. Bruce McCorry's has a splendid new wing called Kickboxing Peabody, dedicated to kickboxing lovers alone.

* Among martial arts, there are a variety of arts that ranges from the toughest to the simplest. If you are a lover of challenging and tough martial arts, you can go for options like Xtreme Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's. The easy-to-practice arts include Tai Chi, Taekwondo and Yoga.

* A martial art school is also a friendly space for socializing and friendship. Good martial art schools make the experience livelier by bringing together many activities. Bruce McCorry's has a small cozy campus where you can choose to practice with your family and friends if you like. It is also a space for you to spend time with people of your age. Activities and programs for children, charity programs and awareness programs by the academy make it a lively and vibrant choice.

* Martial art schools give you a lot which a boutique gym can never give. Here, the focus falls equally on physical health, emotional benefits, self defense and confidence building. Fitness is only one part, but an important part of a school like Bruce McCorry's. 

This winter, martial arts is the best way to go for a fit and toned body that you can flaunt at your beach days out. Beach bodies are created in the winter. Choose Bruce McCorry's and give a boost to your fitness goals during this arctic blast!


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