Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Motivation and Martial Arts

How to Stay Motivated in Your Martial Arts and Fitness Training

written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Motivation has become a keyword in any learning process because behavioral studies have begun pointing out that learners find it more and more difficult to sustain their interest in learning something. This is not very different for martial arts. It is unfortunate, because martial arts are one course that has innumerable benefits for your mind, body and your poise. In this context, what can we do to not lose the zest for martial arts?

What Gets you Going: Motivation and Martial Arts
In psychology, motivation is broadly of two kinds. Extrinsic motivation involves all those outer factors that make you take up something. The rewards, appreciation and the benefits you gain from something all fall in this category. Intrinsic motivation happens when you take up something because you have a passion, taste or aptitude for it. If you are interested in martial arts, and if it gives you all the physical and mental benefits, it means that martial art, for you, blends both the aspects. Then why is it that you lose the enthusiasm? There can only be two reasons – laziness, or the fear of failing in your goals.

Staying Motivated in Martial Arts Fitness Training
To stay motivated in martial arts is of extreme importance because you shouldn't let your fear of failure rob you off its numerous advantages. Here are some tips to not lose your passion for martial arts once you start it:

Have a Goal: If you are clear about the goal that you need to achieve through martial arts, you are not going to lose motivation. This can be health, fitness, confidence, self-defense training, mind healing or a successful career. Since martial arts offer you a myriad range of possible achievements, you can consult an expert instructor for help.

Be in an Engaging Course: In martial arts, your intrinsic passion is enough to get you going. But if you are in a course that encourages and motivates you with extrinsic motivation, it is going to be the best. So choose a program that will offer you a chance to explore martial arts in its full sense, with making all its best available to you.

Watch the Change: If you have a goal, you can keep a log of your achievements. Take a note of how much weight you lost, or how better you feel after each week. Such a log will prove to you that you are definitely not in the path of failure.

Focus in the Present and Visualize a Positive Future: A big de-motivating factor is when you think about the possible difficulties that lie ahead of you. All you have to do is concentrate on your present training and visualize the possible successes in future.

How to Stay Motivated – Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts and Fitness Training
Perhaps, one way to do this all is to choose a perfect martial art school that will walk with you in your journey. At Bruce McCorry's Academy you would find a group of veteran instructors who will help you to identify your goal, work toward it and gauge the progress. You will also find a sociable peer groups whose support and examples will further motivate you. This is your portal to get the best of martial arts without losing the passion. It is time to get inspired!  Visit today.    

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nutrition and Fitness a Martial Arts Way

The Importance of Nutrition and Fitness - A Martial Arts Way for the National Nutrition Month
 Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has declared March 2016 as the National Nutrition Month for United States. While nutrition is never a topic that is out of discussions, this sudden spurt of interest in nutrition points to the fact that the medical academia is becoming conscious of the need to popularize the crucial link between food, fitness and health. These three golden words which will catch your attention in the homepage of the academy tell you that to reach the goal of health, you have to take not just food but also fitness seriously. Martial arts, in this context, can be the convergence point which can bring health, fitness and diet together.

Martial Arts and Fitness: A Thought for the Nutrition Month
The role of nutrition in the different aspects of your life is undeniable. From growth and mental development in children to disease prevention and immunity in adults, nutrition is your entry point to doing anything: whether it is work, sports, studies or life at large. 

You achieve the right nutritional optimum when you consume proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrate and fat in a level of balanced equilibrium. It is worthy to think that whether this becomes possible in your day-to-day life when you often have to eat out, and junk food, for that matter. Martial arts can make a difference to you if this is your problem. It will burn off and redistribute the fat in your body by energizing the body and activating hormonal glands. It also helps to burn off the calories you accumulate from carbohydrates. These two elements which are most prone to be imbalanced in your body can be regulated through martial arts training. 

Secondly, martial art is also a way of life. It is not similar to the one-hour workout that you force yourself to attend. At a good martial arts school, the instructors will give you a healthy eating chart. Most often this includes positive and healthy eating habits and tips. Artificial supplements which seem to be a favorite of workout trainers and dieticians are not often advised. The traditional schema of each martial art, which prescribes a healthy, natural and non-flamboyant lifestyle, has a role in this.

Together, the dietary values and fitness techniques in martial arts can help you to achieve the nutrition equilibrium for a healthy life. It can also be your guide towards strength building and toning your body. In short, martial arts, combined with a good diet, is your quick and effective route to health and fitness.

Better Health, Better Fitness and Better Life at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
Bruce McCorry's Academy has become a reliable name when it comes to martial arts for health and fitness. If you are planning to get the best out of the nutrition month by eating right, Bruce McCorry's martial arts is your companion in your goal. The course frames in the academy address a wide range concerns among adults such as obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, cardiac health and stress where diet and fitness have a great role to play. Bruce McCorry's Academy also has martial arts lesson plans for children, which can improve their health in general and deal with specific issues like obesity, lack of energy, and lack of physical activity.

This nutrition month, martial art is your calling. Stay healthy with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Martial Arts for Recovery and Rehabilitation from Drug Issues

Martial Arts for Recovery and Rehabilitation from Drug Issues
written by:  Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

It has been one year since the Substance Abuse Ministry pointed out that the teenage drug abuse in Massachusetts has risen above the national average. It's not a very happy picture that you see if you look a closer look at the data of drug abuse among either teenagers or adults. But the positive news which we cannot afford to miss is that there is a larger number of drug abuse victims now willing to report their problems, seek help and desire to be rehabilitated. Can we think of a powerful and efficient way out of drug addiction? Perhaps, martial arts can fill this void.

Teenage Drug Addiction: How Martial Arts can Help
If we trace the roots of teenage drug addiction, we will see that teenagers themselves are not always to be blamed. Dysfunctional families, peer pressure, hazing and street violence are pointed out as the major triggers that push teenagers into drug addiction. Among girls, drug-induced sexual violence is also on a rise. All this points to the specific teenage mindset where there is an overabundance of energy and spirit, but no proper channels to vent them out. That's where martial arts can be of help. It can direct the attention of teenagers to positive and productive activities and give them the strength to stand up to family problems and classroom crises.

Adults and Drug Addiction: Martial Arts as a Way Out
Most of the adult drug abuse instances indicate a history of addiction that leads back to the teenage. However, adult drug abuse is more intensified because, over time, the user naturally develops a de-sensitivity to a particular drug, and becomes inclined to take more of it to get intoxicated. Cases of drug-induced violence are more calculated and more damaging in adult drug abuse. As in the case of teenagers, adults too can find martial arts a productive aid that will give them the mental strength to recover from addiction.

Recovery and Rehabilitation through Martial Arts
Martial art works wonders in the lives of those who want to recover from drug addiction.
* It gives them the will power and mental strength to stick on to their rehab resolution 

* By de-stressing and calming them, martial arts can help to deal with withdrawal symptoms 

* Martial arts training will put the excess physical energy to efficient use and prevent drug victims from resorting to drugs 

* Martial arts training can improve the release of hormones like endorphin and adrenalin which will rejuvenate the drug victims and will help them to stay off the addiction more easily 

* At a professional martial art institutions like Bruce McCorry's Academy, socializing and companionship gets a lot of importance. An encouraging companion group is the best medicine for recovery. 

* Educated and experienced martial arts instructors will guide you to the right martial arts that can physically and mentally soothe you. It's the best antidote to improve your mental strength.

The golden mantra to recover from any addiction is this: for a while if you fell into the habit of drugs, it does not mean that recovery is impossible. With the help of friends, family and a powerful companion like martial arts, you can definitely make a comeback. What matters is the resolution and the willingness to make a change. Once it is there, martial arts can lead you back to normal life once again. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Jedi Knight Martial Arts

Awaken the Jedi Knight within You through Martial Arts

written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Have you ever found yourselves admiring the Jedi Knights while watching Star Wars? Or simply being interested in the sleek moves and the glorious action that keeps you glued to the screen? Keeping aside your teenage dreams to be a Jedi Knight, it might suggest that you have an aptitude for martial arts in itself. Martial arts is the closest that you can get to in order to be a modern-day Jedi Knight. And if you really think about it, getting to be strong and swift like a Jedi Knight is only one among the many benefits that martial arts will bring to you.

The Martial Art Legacy in Star Wars: The Fact behind the Jedi Knight Fiction
If you are an ardent Star Wars fan, you might already know from trivia that the 2-millenium-old legacy of true martial arts had been a genuine inspiration in the characterization of Jedi Knights. If you watch close, there are three broad areas of martial arts that have inspired the action sequences of Jedi Knights. The part where lightsaber comes in, allies with the weaponry training in martial arts. Other than that, the striking and grappling combats are also frequently portrayed in Star Wars. You will get to learn the basics of these training methods if you choose to learn the fundamentals of martial arts. Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing, Karate and Taekwondo are some of those martial arts whose moves bear similarity to the striking combat style of Jedi Knights. Other martial arts like fending and judo are also influential.

The Martial Arts Jedi Knight in You: Can You Really Do It?
There's much more to martial arts than fulfilling your fandom fancies. Martial arts can definitely make you swift, sleek and strong like a Jedi Knight. But it will also bring to you a whole lot of surprise gifts. A healthy life, stronger physique, a confident attitude and a stress-free disposition are some reasons to study martial arts. 

The roots of most martial arts date back to a past of 3000 years. Having taken their birth among the warrior societies and saintly monasteries of Asia, they combine the spiritual depth of human soul and the confident strength of self-defense. This combination of having the ability to stand up for yourself and possessing the wisdom of when to do it is something martial arts alone can teach you.

Awaken Your Inner Jedi Knight with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
Your ideal martial art school should be able to give you professional instruction in the martial art of your choice, and maximum freedom to explore and enjoy what you learn. Before you chose a martial art, take a close look at the courses offered, the experience of the instructors and the reputation of the school itself.

That's why Bruce McCorry's Academy might strike you as a unique name among martial art schools. At the academy, you will encounter a constructive atmosphere where you can freely choose the art of your liking and choose to explore it under the guidance of experienced teachers. For forty years, Bruce McCorry's Academy has proved its strength and dedication in the field of martial arts. There's no better place where you can awaken the Jedi Knight within you.  The force is with you!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Martial Arts - NEVER about Violence

Martial Arts is not about violence, and never should be! 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Thanks to the popularity of Hollywood movies which have found their staple motif in martial arts, many people wrongly interpret martial arts as an inherently violent activity. Action movies might have relied again and again on martial arts to make their sequences appealing. But in reality, martial arts have nothing to do with violence. It is not about violence, and it should never be. It is time we understood the reality behind this seemingly violent mask of martial arts.

Martial Arts: A Peaceful and Non-Violent Way of Living
The swift physical movements and punches are the reason behind the popular image of martial arts as a violent act. If we take a look into history, we can see that these physical moves have their origins in the self-defense techniques practiced by warriors. Even at this point, these were defensive and not offensive in nature.

Over time, when the military importance declined in societies, we can see that every martial art passed through the hands of great spiritual masters and sages. This is true for almost all of the Asian martial arts. This spiritual dimension has strengthened the core philosophy of each martial art. 

Unlike their military origins, this spiritual heritage imbued martial arts with values of mutual respect, peaceful competition and companionship. The physical moves came to be practiced either for health-related reasons, or in friendly matches between learners. This is the heritage of martial arts we have inherited by the 21st century.

Children and Value Education - Martial Arts for Peaceful Living
If you still wonder whether martial arts will turn your kids into incessant fighters, you need to see what does martial arts actually teach children.
* It teaches them to be respectful and courteous not just to friends, but also to opponents
* It teaches them sportsmanship and the positive spirit of giving up to others
* Martial arts will give them opportunity to taste the joy of success, and will teach them to stand up in the face of failures

But this is not to say that martial arts do not teach how to fight. Martial arts make children stronger, and give them the strength and knowledge to fight an opponent. But it also teaches them whom to fight and in what circumstances. The values instilled by martial arts will give them the wisdom to use their strength only when they need to defend themselves. It is at this moment that the defensive and spiritual heritages of martial arts find their true purpose.

Take in the Best of Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's!
Only an institution which has taken in the spirit of martial arts in its right sense can teach your children the peaceful and non-violent values of martial arts. At Bruce McCorry's Academy, under expert instructors, you and your family can learn the best of non-violent martial arts. 

For four decades, Bruce McCorry's Academy has upheld that the ultimate aim of martial arts is to unite people and not to divide them. Hence we believe that no school dedicated to the true spirit of martial arts can promote violent and competitive behavior for the sake of profit. It is this positive spirit that has made the Academy the most popular when it comes to martial arts in Massachusetts. Now you too can be a part of the experience. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bruce McCorry's: A Legacy of Forty Years

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy: 
Walking with Time and Walking Ahead of Time

There was a time when martial arts meant to people the wisdom and wealth that the scholars and sages sacredly kept in their parchments. From that pedestal, today martial arts have become the fad that every institution tries to claim. Among the numerous martial art schools that claim to teach martial arts to their learners, very few have done justice to the past, present and future of martial arts and its genuine spirit. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy is one among those rare names.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy: A Legacy of Forty Years
Bruce McCorry's Academy, which is gearing up to celebrate its fortieth anniversary in two years' time, is one of the oldest and the grandest martial arts school in Massachusetts. Master Bruce McCorry's lifelong ardor for martial arts made him visualize a school to impart his passion to others much before martial arts education emerged as a commercial venture in Massachusetts. That's how the academy, which is dedicated itself to the promotion and development of martial arts, was born in 1978.

Walking with the Times: Four Decades of Achievements
In these four decades, the academy has earned many laurels. This owes to the effort of a bunch of energetic minds who always kept updated about the latest happenings in the world of martial arts.

* What was initially a venture of a few like-minded enthusiasts soon built up a strong core faculty comprising of instructors with years of experience

* In a few years, we were able to develop our academy to an easily accessible and popular martial art hub of the city

* With the increase in the number and popularity of martial arts, the academy selectively chose the most effective and useful martial arts and increased the number of courses offered. Today, the academy offers lessons in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, MMA, and XMA for all ages.

* When the amazing benefits of martial arts for children became the buzz in the martial art circles, the academy standardized the children's programs under two schemes which children can easily manage with their school schedules. Today the Afterschool Martial Arts Program and the Summer Program are the most sought-after courses at the academy.

* Since the learner's comfort is our primary aim, we have introduced a range of learner-friendly offers. Transportation facility for children, free trial for prospective students, free introduction to lessons, instant and hassle-free admission process are our specialties.

Walking Ahead of the Times: Our Programs for a Better Future
We have also introduced some future-oriented schemes and courses, which are in tune with the cutting-edge research that is taking place in martial arts and its health benefits:

* When it was discovered that martial arts can improve the quality of life for people with special needs, the academy has initiated a special needs program. It has already made a mark in the lives of many adults and children with special needs.

* The kickboxing course at the academy is now a special wing, Kickboxing Peabody, ( considering the huge impact that kickboxing has been proved to have in the lives of cardiac patients.

* With numerous studies coming out on the importance of preschool martial arts, the Little Ninjas preschooler program at the academy has been a very special wing of the academy with more facilities and recently, gained it's own website at (

* In tune with the latest developments in cancer research, Bruce McCorry's Academy has introduced programs in energy healing and meditation, which is practiced best along with martial arts like Tai Chi, which are beneficial for cancer fighters and survivors.

* We also conduct fundraisers and competitions for contributing to relevant causes

The Best for Everyone: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
In this journey, Bruce McCorry's has not only kept the true spirit of martial arts traditions alive, but it has also revised its courses from time to time and kept its pace with the latest studies. This means that today, the academy is able to offer a holistic set of programs that caters to everybody's needs and dreams. Preschoolers, children, teenagers, adults and seniors get customized lessons at the academy. The wide range of courses help you to achieve your dreams: a healthy life, a fit and toned body, a confident attitude or self-protection.

In realizing the dreams of hundreds of learners, we hope to make true our larger visions for the present and future of martial arts. To be a part of this great endeavor, and to take in the best of international martial arts, say yes to Bruce McCorry's Academy today – don't let this once-in-a-lifetime chance to slip out of your reach!  

Visit today at or call today 
for more information. 978. 535.7878

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Anger Management and Martial Arts

Too Angry to Enjoy Life? Martial Arts are for You!  
By Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

When gun violence filled the news columns again and again in the past few years, the one positive attempt taken by academics was to study the issue of anger. The studies that have come up on anger and anger management are not always positive or encouraging. But if you find that you get angry in a day at unreasonable circumstances, if you feel that your anger has started creeping into your personal and work life, do not scroll on without reading!

Anger Management: Where We Have Gone Wrong
Harvard Medical School shocked American mothers and fathers in 2012 when they revealed that a minimum of 6 million adolescents of the US are victims of what they called the impulsive explosive disorder. Three years later, the National Comorbidity Survey reported that among adults, this is as high as 22 million, out of which 3.7 million are gun owners as well.

This necessarily indicates that somewhere down the lane, we missed out something. One factor can be the heavily competitive scenario which demands you to come up with nothing less than the best to stay floated. We are brought to our boiling points, left without no real outlet, desensitized by the movies. All we can do is explode.

Why Do We Need to Cool Down?
Gun violence is the occasional but the most unfortunate turn which anger takes. Before it reaches there or worsens, it affects our daily lives in numerous ways. Uncontrollable bouts of anger are scientifically proven to lead to psychological complications such as depression, paranoia, violence and suicidal tendency. Socially, it weakens friendships and causes strain in relationships. Children brought up by too-angry parents suffer psychological symptoms similar to kids from dysfunctional families. We really need to cool down.

The Best Possible Solution: Anger Management and Martial Arts
Of all the benefits of martial arts, anger management is perhaps the most personally useful advantage for many of us. Many martial arts have origins in the doctrines of saints and sages who gave importance to emotion-control and denial. This has imbued their traditions with great possibilities for controlling anger.

Martial arts increase the release of endorphin, which is a major factor in stress control and euphoric experience. Practicing martial arts is a good way to release the excess energy and accumulated stress, which are major factors in uncontrollable anger. In a larger way, martial arts can show you the value of companionship, respect and social commitment. In Bruce McCorry's Academy, for instance, many former learners have reported improved relationship with their family, children and partners after taking up martial arts.

The best part of martial arts anger management is how it accommodates all ages. Right from childhood, the ability to manage anger can come useful. It would help children to experience a peaceful childhood and develop lifelong friendships. Teenage is the time when anger management comes most handy. Martial arts are the ultimate answer to all those pet-names we have devised for adult anger bouts: office rage, road rage, work rage. Bruce McCorry's Academy is a modular institution that helps learners to control anger and stress through martial arts. Seize this chance and build a better life for yourselves!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Martial Art is Here to Stay

Fitness Fads Come and Go, Martial Arts is Here to Stay 
By: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts, Peabody, MA

For our forefathers, life must have been quite easier, since they didn't have to worry too much about working out in the morning. For them, daily life provided enough physical activity that they didn't feel the need to work out. The moment we left behind those old ways of living, health and fitness found a place in our lists of worries, and fitness fads made their entry. How did this happen?

Fitness Fads: A Glance at History

It is said that the European enlightenment modernity of the 18th century is the moment when man became conscious of health as a state of being which needs to be taken care of. From early 19th century, we could see names in history that associated itself with fitness. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, the founding father of gymnastics, lived in the 19th century.

Since then onwards, the human health history has witnessed many fitness fads come and go. In America, the fitness trends, as we see them today start in the post-war economic boom of the 50s. The focus that war placed on fitness, the move to healthier suburbs and the rise in leisure must be the reasons. President Eisenhower's Youth Fitness Club is a memory of this moment. By the 60s, the feminine mystique was working at its best, and women too took to work out, hoping to be the ideal beauties that society wanted them to be.

The late 60s saw the emergence of health-oriented fitness methods. Devices like sauna pants and jiggle machine appear at this point. Jogging emerged as a popular interest in the 70s. Popular figures including President Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone actively promoted fitness, and 80s witnessed the fitness boom as we know it today. 

Fitness Fads Come and Go, Martial Art is Here to Stay

Since then, America has left no stone unturned in the fitness race. Everything including machines, alternative medicines, crazy diets and self-help groups have been tried and discarded. Sometime they revive in new forms, sometime they get obliterated forever. 

In this mad rush of fitness fads, the only constant presence have been martial arts. Asian home countries had thought about martial arts, though not necessarily as fitness, centuries before. Most of them made their way to the US during 19th and 20th centuries, but right from their commencement, martial arts had never gone out of fashion as a fitness mantra. 

There must be something about martial arts that makes it the only constant fitness technique over centuries. That the benefits of martial arts are not limited to fitness alone must be a reason. Also the fact that martial arts can be easily customized and taught to learners of any age group has increased its popularity. Once you take up martial art, it is a lifetime companion, monitoring your health, fitness, mental poise, immunity and confidence for you.

In the case of the US, the presence of some great martial art schools, with a legacy of decades, has definitely led to the popularity of martial arts. Bruce McCorry's Academy, which has dedicated 40 years of professional service to the promotion and popularization of martial arts in Massachusetts, belongs to those names. If you ever get a chance, never lose the opportunity to experience the fitness wealth of centuries-old martial art traditions! Experience what's here to stay, Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy!