Sunday, March 6, 2016

Anger Management and Martial Arts

Too Angry to Enjoy Life? Martial Arts are for You!  
By Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

When gun violence filled the news columns again and again in the past few years, the one positive attempt taken by academics was to study the issue of anger. The studies that have come up on anger and anger management are not always positive or encouraging. But if you find that you get angry in a day at unreasonable circumstances, if you feel that your anger has started creeping into your personal and work life, do not scroll on without reading!

Anger Management: Where We Have Gone Wrong
Harvard Medical School shocked American mothers and fathers in 2012 when they revealed that a minimum of 6 million adolescents of the US are victims of what they called the impulsive explosive disorder. Three years later, the National Comorbidity Survey reported that among adults, this is as high as 22 million, out of which 3.7 million are gun owners as well.

This necessarily indicates that somewhere down the lane, we missed out something. One factor can be the heavily competitive scenario which demands you to come up with nothing less than the best to stay floated. We are brought to our boiling points, left without no real outlet, desensitized by the movies. All we can do is explode.

Why Do We Need to Cool Down?
Gun violence is the occasional but the most unfortunate turn which anger takes. Before it reaches there or worsens, it affects our daily lives in numerous ways. Uncontrollable bouts of anger are scientifically proven to lead to psychological complications such as depression, paranoia, violence and suicidal tendency. Socially, it weakens friendships and causes strain in relationships. Children brought up by too-angry parents suffer psychological symptoms similar to kids from dysfunctional families. We really need to cool down.

The Best Possible Solution: Anger Management and Martial Arts
Of all the benefits of martial arts, anger management is perhaps the most personally useful advantage for many of us. Many martial arts have origins in the doctrines of saints and sages who gave importance to emotion-control and denial. This has imbued their traditions with great possibilities for controlling anger.

Martial arts increase the release of endorphin, which is a major factor in stress control and euphoric experience. Practicing martial arts is a good way to release the excess energy and accumulated stress, which are major factors in uncontrollable anger. In a larger way, martial arts can show you the value of companionship, respect and social commitment. In Bruce McCorry's Academy, for instance, many former learners have reported improved relationship with their family, children and partners after taking up martial arts.

The best part of martial arts anger management is how it accommodates all ages. Right from childhood, the ability to manage anger can come useful. It would help children to experience a peaceful childhood and develop lifelong friendships. Teenage is the time when anger management comes most handy. Martial arts are the ultimate answer to all those pet-names we have devised for adult anger bouts: office rage, road rage, work rage. Bruce McCorry's Academy is a modular institution that helps learners to control anger and stress through martial arts. Seize this chance and build a better life for yourselves!

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