Saturday, June 25, 2016

Preschool Martial Arts - After School Programs

Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Little Ninjas Program
A Must have programs for your Little One.

Enrollment is now open for the little ninjas program and after school programs. 
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We all know Martial Arts can be a brilliant sport for all to learn, for self protection and mind and body fitness. However, very few people consider a pre-school child learning Martial Arts, indeed some would say that it is impossible. But this is definitely true. With the Bruce McCorry's “Little Ninja” program, your pre-schooler can learn Martial Arts in a happy and safe environment. The Bruce McCorrys Academy is a Martial Arts school that has been open since the 1970's. It trains people of all ages to be competent and confident people especially in terms of self protection. They learn great Martial Arts skills as well as obtain great fitness as an added bonus. The Academy is renowned for the staff and teachers who have helped so many people learn the importance of Martial Arts over the past four decades, as well as help others socialize with each other in a safe space. But, what is pre-school Martial Arts and how can Bruce McCorrys Little Ninjas classes help your child develop into a happy and healthy child?

The Little Ninjas program ( is very popular fun and creative way to develop your child's basic motor senses and listening skills. The program has been created in a fun way that can help develop your child's reactions and interactions in their home and social life by concentrating on such things like focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness, and coordination. These are critical skills as it helps them develop into responsible human beings who are healthy, and know how to react in different situations... as any parent guide book will tell you. There's no discipline in this program as opposed to some Martial Arts classes, but the program will focus on positive re-enforcement for your child. This program will also prepare your children for the next level program, the “Children's Martial Arts” program which will further your little ninja's skills.

Bruce McCorrys Academy is dedicated to producing trained happy students who can deal with whatever life throws at them. A leader in the area, the school has hundreds of students come to them yearly, who are now more prepared for life on a much wider scale than they were before. Children who have participated in the 'Little Ninjas' program are better equipped individuals and know how to deal with life. We hope that if you are considering learning Martial Arts or, are considering sending your child to a Martial Arts School, then Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy will be the first choice on your list of options.

We also offer Transportation from the schools to the academy, for your convenience.
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Enrollment is now open for the little ninjas program and after school programs. Seats are limited. Call today. (978) 535-7878

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How Martial Arts Solves Kids Motivation

How Martial Arts Can Solve Motivation Issues for Kids 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

In our world, lots of people, mainly young kids and teens, have become addicted to technology. From social media websites to gaming apps, children have begun to embrace technology, and it's almost an everyday thing. For some parents and guardians, a child sitting in their room quietly playing a game could be a great time to relax, catch up on chores, or take a nap. Others, however, have begun to notice their children spending far too much time on their cellphone, computer games and social media websites (more than three or four hours at a time!).

Spending so much time playing video games can wreak havoc on a child's motivation. Homework? Eh, they'd rather play a game. Play a sport? They'd rather play a sports game app on their phone. This lack of motivation for real-world activities may have a big impact on their future development, and honestly, they may become too lazy and unhealthy to dedicate efforts to anything outside of gaming and social media websites. What could solve this lack-of-motivation issue? The answer may seem odd, but it's proven TRUE: Martial Arts!

Whether or not your child is quiet and reserved or, outgoing and spunky, martial arts caters to them all. Besides from teaching excellent self-defense, it also teaches young children great life lessons, such as self-discipline and control. This can prevent a video-game loving bright child from becoming too lazy for physical activities, and it can teach them extensive amounts of self-control and obedience. This can motivate children to control their time and energy into doing things on their own, such as the pile of homework that may have been sitting on their dresser all through spring break.

Martial Arts can also teach children self-confidence, and teach them about their weaknesses and strengths. Being able to move up in levels will promote self-confidence and motivation to improve to finally move up the belt ranks. This motivation might also leak into their lives at home, perhaps encouraging them to obtain better school grades or help around the house more often.

Along with self-confidence, children will, of course, become fit via the constant activity in martial arts.Becoming a better martial artist means that they have to constantly be active and practice at their sport, which would result in a quite fit child in return. It will also result in a child who is motivated to become more active and they would rather not be on the phone or video game, but instead, go outside for fresh air while they practice what they have learned in class. So, not only would they be enjoying themselves, they would also be having a blast being more active while staying healthy and fit.

Overall, a lot of kids are flooded with unhealthy amounts of games and technology each and every day, and as stated, martial arts is the key to helping them become more motivated to do new things, or things that they should already be doing. Martial arts teaches self-defense, discipline, obedience, and control; which can help greatly all-around... at school, sports and motivation to make something of their life. It helps them gain self-confidence, fitness, and motivation- all while having a blast

So, it's time to ditch the unhealthy cell phone, social media sites and gaming world and open up to Martial Arts - The healthy solution to getting your children MOTIVATED! 

It's great timing, Enrollment is now open for the little ninjas program and after school programs. Seats are limited. Call today. (978) 535-7878

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Martial Arts for Parents and Children

Why All Parents and their Children Should be Enrolled in Martial Arts

Martial arts is perhaps a sport around which the most number of myths have built on over years. Perhaps that is why many adults, especially parents, tend to hold often contradictory beliefs about martial arts. Some consider it a downright children’s sport in which adults have no role to play, while some call it too dangerous and destructive to send their children into. The reality is that both are myths which need to be busted, and we need to rethink martial arts for parents and children in potentially productive ways.

Martial Arts: Why Parents Should Say Yes to It
A word to all those parents who staunchly believe that martial art is a child’s affair: there is much in it for adults in general and parents in particular. Adults who learn martial arts have found in it a lifelong companion that would keep them healthy, fit, confident, strong and stress-free. This is particularly true for parents. Parents have much to gain from learning martial arts. It helps them to obtain the physical vibrancy and freedom from everyday worries – exactly what they need to make the most of the time they spend with their children. It teaches them the presence of mind to deal with everyday parenting situations. Best of all, martial arts can transform you to an ideal role model for your child – physically fit and emotionally poised mothers and fathers whom your kids can look up to.

Children and the Benefits of Martial Arts
If you think that martial arts are too dangerous or physically demanding for your child to take up, that too is a myth which has to be busted. In good schools, martial arts can be chosen in customized ways where the instructor will teach exactly what your child needs and he/she can take. It teaches not the vices of fighting or conflict, but the values of mutual courtesy, respect and trust. It teaches kids to work with others and take failures without crying over them. Additionally, martial arts can activate certain areas of the brain of children and give them intellectual skills that will help them to shine in academics. It is also a booster of athletic, kinetic and physical abilities of your champion.

Martial Arts Lessons for Parents and Children: A Bruce McCorry’s Way
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy, a martial arts school that stays ahead of time, has come up with effective martial art lessons for parents and children. This was a result of the realization that martial arts can be a splendid opportunity for parents and children to share time and space together and learn from each other. Martial art lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Academy are your golden ticket to be the part of some of the most amazing moments of your child’s life which you will cherish forever. Bruce McCorry’s has also options for children and adults to take lessons separately. So it doesn’t matter even if you cannot enroll, you can still ensure a seat for your child – a gift that your child will remember forever. Be a part of Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts to ensure a happy present and a successful future for you and your child!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Self Defense Classes for All Ages at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Self Defense Classes for All Ages at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

It isn't today or yesterday that feminists of our country started talking about a rape culture that is in growth. A term once used to describe the fearful ways in which violence against women was normalized in a society has taken appalling dimensions in our contemporary reality. We have grown into what can be called an assault culture, where not just rape, but all kinds of violence and assault are on the rise and are legitimized. Without belittling the women's question, it is evident that children, teens, seniors and all other disadvantaged sections of the society are not free from the clutches of assault.

Self Defense: A Motto for Our Times?
According to Worldwide Sexual Assault Stats, one-third of American women have experienced sexual abuse at least once. Bureau of Justice Statistics give a more gender-neutral insight. It pitches the number of men and women annually raped in our colleges at above 65000. places the number of child maltreatments between 4 to 7 every day. It was just five years back that Center for Disease Control maintained that around 4800 teenagers were victims of homicide.

The brief statistics above sketches a time when social spaces are getting riskier every day, and not many people have time for others. In such an age, the importance of self defense is more than what can be gauged. Because, everyone from the school going child to the senior in the safety of his/her home is in need of the art of defending themselves.

Martial Arts: The All-rounder Self Defense for the Entire Family
One self defense that can be easily picked up and effectively used by everyone in the family is martial arts. It is one of the most pliant of all self defense techniques that can adapt itself to the capabilities and aptitudes of those who learn them.

Martial arts builds physical strength, quick reflex response and confidence in its learners. Martial arts teaches you how to overpower assaulters and defend yourself in a professional and safe way. In the unofficial experiences and testimonials collected by martial arts experts, there is a considerable reduction in the number of abuse among women who have learnt martial arts. It teaches children and teenagers to fight back bullying and hazing. It also works for you by calming your agitated mind and giving you a calm composure in the face of emergencies.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: Self Defense in its Professional Best
Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA) is a martial art school with a history dating back to 1970s. We offer a wide range of martial art courses ranging across Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Taekwondo that would build on your inner strength and courage. Bruce McCorry's Academy has both intense and soft martial art courses which you can choose depending upon your temperament, interest and ability. The academy also has popular children's programs that focus on building their confidence and strength. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts, for children, is their primary course towards building a fearless and safe future. Adults and children can join individually, or as a family. 

Ensure your seat and safety today to experience self defense-oriented martial art lessons with a professional touch.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Perfect After School Program Peabody MA

Perfect After School Program - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 

Enrollment for September classes are open now. 
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We proudly offer Transportation from the Schools to the Academy.

16 years ago, Sandra Feldman, the former president of American Federation of Teachers pointed out that our education system needs to create more learning time for those kids who are actually in need of it. What she pointed to was the inadequacy of school education to meet the needs of children, or to provide enough time for their overall development. As an answer, the last two decades have witnessed the emergence of thousands of extended learning programs that let children learn at their own pace skills which are ignored by school curriculums. The most popular of these courses are after school programs, thanks to their convenient time slot and their many advantages.

Bruce McCorry’s After School Martial Arts: Extended Learning with a Difference
The hunt for an after school program that really makes a difference has led many parents to Bruce McCorry’s Academy. After School Martial Arts Program (AMP) was born out of the conviction that martial art, when taught at the afterschool hours, has many added benefits for the children. Here are some of the highlights of the Bruce McCorry’s course that makes it the perfect after school program for your child:

* AMP has the unique fusion of physically vibrant martial arts and mentally refreshing activities. It energizes your child after a tiring school day and helps to refresh his/her brain and body.

* AMP is a daily compensation for the lack of physical activities. Children who practice daily martial art develop enhanced immunity level and a strong, fit, healthy body. 

* There are many values ingrained to the structure of a course like AMP. Discipline, self-restraint, cooperation, friendship and trust are some of them. It is a holistic program for character formation.

* Confidence and courage are two core values of this course. AMP gives children the courage to present themselves before a crowd, defend their opinions, and stand up for their beliefs. 

* Unsurprisingly, AMP has helped kids to resist a number of challenges in their everyday lives such as peer pressure, stress from school work and bullying. It will also teach them how to face challenging situations in the years to come.

* Children at the AMP develop social skills as the Academy provides a socially alive campus where children can interact with their instructors, senior students, same-aged peers and younger children.

* Ultimately, afterschool martial arts help children to shine in all walks of their life. It is particularly beneficial for a better performance in academics, sports and athletics.

Martial Arts and More: Bruce McCorry’s AMP for Success
While most after school programs confine themselves to a single field, Bruce McCorry’s AMP is different. Martial art sessions are definitely the life of the program, however, it also blends in activities, exercises for personality development, lessons for self-improvement and playtime. With added offers like transport facility, it is the safest and the most secure space for your child to spend his/her afterschool hours.

Designed by veteran educators, AMP is a first-grade skill development course that has recognition all over United States. There is no doubt that this is a much eligible alternative to standard afterschool daycare. Only at Bruce McCorry's, www,

Make this one choice, which can define your child’s success in the days to come! 

Enrollment for September classes are open now. 
Please contact us promptly to guarantee seats.
(978) 535-7878

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Fitness for Children and Adults Peabody, MA

Summer Fitness Programs for Children and Adults at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Summer has been labelled the best time of the year more than once. It is good for you not just because of the holidays and the beach trips that await you. Summer is the season when human bodies remains the liveliest and metabolically the most active. This means that if you use the season well, it is the time when your body and mind shall be at its healthy best. But it has its flip side as well. If not spent wisely, summer with its lazy hours and holiday binge eating, can also give you the dreaded holiday weight gain that is irreversible. 

Summer Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's: Your License to Feel Good
This summer is special at Bruce McCorry's Academy as we are offering a wide range of seasonal martial art programs that are your key to enjoy your summer cuisine and celebrate your holidays without worries. With martial arts to take care of your body and mind, there's nothing to stop you from getting the best of the glory of the season.

Programs to Stay Fit and Lose Weight: Our summer martial arts courses include programs that would help you to get a toned body and lose weight three times faster than ordinary workouts. Fitness-oriented martial arts like taekwondo, karate and kickboxing are proven to burn around 700 to 800 calories in an hour and more. The only way to prevent holiday weight gain is not to break from physical activities during holiday season, and Bruce McCorry's summer programs help you to stay physically active easily. Martial arts in summer is your ticket to get a body that you can confidently flaunt these holidays.

Programs to Stay Happy and Feel Good: Summer martial arts have the highest feel-good quotient as they de-stress you and keep your mind calm throughout the year. It is a flawless way to get the best of the relaxed summer days. It helps you to rejuvenate your brain before you tackle your daily work once again. It is perfect for children to prepare their mind for a new academic term.

Programs to Feel Healthy and Stay Strong: Summer programs at Bruce McCorry's Academy are structured so as to help you track your long-term health goals. The combination of physical activities and mind healing will help you to absorb the healthiness of the season and reduce chances of summer illnesses in children. It is also helpful to lower lifestyle diseases and reduce the chances of stroke and cardiac arrest in adults.

Age is No Bar for Bruce McCorry's Summer Programs
Like every year, Bruce McCorry's Academy has put together a number of unique programs which are designed for both adults and children. Kickboxing Peabody,, the wing of the academy solely dedicated to cardio kickboxing, has an amazing fitness program for adults. Fitness-oriented courses are also offered in Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Tai Chi. The Academy has a unique summer workshop for children where they can learn martial arts as a part of a complete character development course, The Academy's most popular when it come to Martial Arts for Kids. Rich with activities, field trips, play hours and exercises, the summer workshop is the sought-after holiday destination for children.

Hurry now and enroll today to tap the healthiness and freshness of the season to your body and mind.  (978) 535-7878

Friday, June 3, 2016

Martial Arts Summer Workshops

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Summer Workshops
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Summer is uncritically accepted as the best months in a child's year. After all, it is the time when they are free from the burden of school – a time that can be productively used for playtime, reading, crafts and activities that will develop their potential and creativity. 

The Productive and Happy Summer: Is it a Myth? The question to be asked is, is summer really as glorious as it appears to children? Just take a look at these stats:

* Parents doubt whether summer is a productive time at all (Duffett et al in 2004)

* Children's body mass index shoots up two times than normal during summer, indicating summer weight gain (Hippel et al in 2007) 

* Learning loss is a challenge during summer, as children forget what they learned and lose the skills to learn (Downey et al in 2004)

* Though summer reading is celebrated, the fact is that summer reading loss is so high and cumulative that it cannot be caught up even during fall (Bright Hub Education)

* Both weather hazards and instances of violence are reported more during summer (CDS)

What these stats eventually show is not that summer is inherently an unproductive time. Without doubts, these are the months when children have enough time to do as they please. It has the potential to be productive. But the way children make use of it, sitting idly before television and video games, they are actually ruining some of the best months of their lives.

Rewriting the Myth - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Summer Workshops
One way to reclaim the productivity of summer months is through martial arts. Most martial art schools provide summer martial arts in the form of summer workshops. One of the most sought-after examples in Massachusetts is the summer martial arts workshops at Bruce McCorry's, Peabody MA.

The summer program is a celebrated academy attended by hundreds of children every year, and it offers much more than just martial arts. A peek into the functioning of Bruce McCorry's Summer Workshops can answer the challenges posed above:

* At Bruce McCorry's Summer Workshops, regular sessions of enjoyable and effective martial arts provide kids with enough physical activity. This keeps off summer weight gain.

* Both martial art sessions and the activities at the summer workshops are aimed to sharpen the skills of quick thinking, decision making, calculation and reasoning. Martial arts sharpen the learning skills and prevent learning loss.

* As the testimonials of parents prove, the Bruce McCorry's Summer Workshops is one place where they can safely leave their children, as we give primary importance to safety. Parents can be assured that their children enjoy their summer months safely and productively.

* Reading sessions, arts , craft and playtime make the summer camp a productive and creative alternative for your child's idle home summer

The summer martial arts workshops at Bruce McCorry's Academy is the right blend of customized martial arts, playtime, activities, field trips, reading sessions, arts and crafts and much more. Children often certify how the months at Bruce McCorry's Summer Workshops have given them the most cherished experiences of life. You can be assured that your little one will emerge out the summer program as confident, healthy, bright and happy, with a positive view of life. Ensure a seat for your child right now....please call for availability!  Only at   (978) 535-7878